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Yesterday I had new winter tires installed on my vehicle, I was charged for my spare to be changed over with one of my other tires and this was not requested, I told them I did not agree to this and they said it was on the work order and still charged me. They also were going to keep my old tires. I have never had tires changed over before and I assumed when getting winter tires they would put the summer tires inside the vehicle, all they said to me is I didn't ask to keep them, I believe it is their job to inform and ask the necessary questions they should also go through what they are doing when the vehicle is dropped off.
On another occasion I went in to have some bushings changed they told me what I needed so I ordered the parts and booked it in. And on the day they realised there was nothing wrong with the bushings. I knew there was something wrong with the vehicle as it clunked loudly on rough surfaces. They told me I would have to keep driving it till something happened. I drive on long a remote roads and was not happy with this so I immediately took it to Honda and within 30sec they diagnosed the problem, booked it in and fixed it. Canadian tire charged me for this and I was not happy to pay a fee when nothing was done and they failed to find the problem when it was a simple fix. I am seeking compensation for the spare tire being switched over and the fee they charged for the check they did on my vehicle and the unnecessary parts I purchased. I have to drive almost 2 hours to visit canadiantire so it is very inconvenient, there attitude is not good and neither is the professionalism. I would be happy with a store credit or cash refund.
I look forward too hearing from someone and getting the matter resolved asap.

Ryan Campbell

Oct 25, 2018

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