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On February 27, 2017 I had my truck in to Sherwood Park Canadian Tire Automotive Center for investigation of squealing noise coming from my brakes. Was told that I needed all of my brakes, rotors and drums replaced. Also was told that both the rear brake cylinders were leaking onto my rear drums and needed to be replaced as well. Within a week of getting my truck back, I was hearing intermittent squealing coming from my brakes again. I attributed this to just moisture or break in of new parts. The noise continued to come and go and finally I took my truck in to a mechanic to see what the cause was on April 26th. They found that the rear brake cylinders were leaking fluid onto my rear brake drums. They replaced both rear cylinders and cleaned out brake fluid from inside the drums. I went and pulled out my invoice from previous work at Sherwood Park Canadian Tire and confirmed that I had been charged the parts and labour in February for the rear cylinders. I brought this to the attention of the mechanic who showed me the significantly corroded cylinders he had removed from my truck and was told there was no way that there would be that much wear on two month old parts.
On April 28th, I returned to Sherwood Park Canadian tire to speak with the Automotive Center employees and was accompanied by a friend of mine. I approached the counter and produced the Canadian Tire invoice, the invoice from the auto shop that replaced my cylinders and the replaced cylinders. I explained the story to the man at the counter who then called over a mechanic who stated that the cylinders were probably defective and assured me that these were only two months old. He denied that the corrosion was excessive on the parts for the two months they had allegedly been on my truck. I asked what the likelihood of not one but two brand new cylinders failing at the same time in such a short period was and he provided no answer. He then took the cylinders into the managers office and returned a few minutes later stating that they would refund me the money for the parts only, no labour as he said I should have come back to them for the work. I explained that I did not know what was wrong until I found out at the other shop. He went back to the manager and returned stating again that they would only pay for the “defective” parts, no labour. I told him that that was not acceptable as I had been charged for both parts and labour by Sherwood Park Canadian Tire for a job that was arguably not done. He told me matter of factly that the job had been done and I should have come back to them. At this point my friend asked to talk to the manager as this was not a reasonable solution at which point a second mechanic who had come in from the shop told us that we should take the refund and leave before we got removed from the premises. My friend again asked to talk to the manager who came out of his office and stated that they had done the work and that was the end of it and that he didn’t appreciate our accusations. I told him that we weren’t mechanics but were going by the other shops determination and the fact that my truck brakes were no longer making the squealing noise after replacement of the rear cylinders. My friend asked to talk to his boss to which he replied that he was the boss. He again stated that that was the end of it, turned his back on us and went back into his office. Feeling frustrated, threatened and disrespected I felt no other option was left than to take the money for the parts. I asked that they do this to which one of the mechanics stated that that was off the table now. My friend told him that that was petty and wrong, the mechanic went back into the managers office, we heard laughing coming from inside then he returned and told the desk man to take us to customer service for the “defective” parts refund. They insisted that I leave the parts there if I wanted a refund. Customer service issued the refund onto my credit card and we left.
Summary of Issues
-nobody was willing to give me a credible explanation of the significant wear to the rear cylinders for such a short period of time.
-the manager did nothing but bulldog his way through the situation in a curt and disrespectful manner.
-nobody was willing to explain to me the likelihood of two allegedly brand new cylinders failing at the same time over such a short period of time. In retrospect there were symptoms within a week of the work being done.
-the mechanics and the manager were disrespectful and unwilling to discuss or bring logical resolution to the topic.
-I was left paying over $500 for a job that was not done by SP Canadian Tire that I was charged for.

Can be contacted at780-288-1148. I would like to speak with a respectful and reasonable person to bring about a proper resolution to these issues, please.

Aaron Jacejko

Apr 28, 2017

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