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Canadian Tire Gas Bar / higher price for gas

1 keele streetToronto, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I am a canadian tire customer. I shop at your stores and use your gas bar towards a two cent gas saving, as I have the advantage gas card. Over the last month I have been checking the price of your gas compared to other gas servers. I have been calm and patient with regard to what I uncovered. I do not know whose fault what I found, but hopefully it can be resolved for all customers like myself, who figure they are saving money by purchasing gas with your gas advantage card. We'll I feel that people are getting ripped off or you are gouging your customers. I don't want to get carried away with what I uncovered, so I will just give the facts of a couple of instances of what I am trying to get across. On sunday, September 21/2008, gas at your station was 118 per litre. I drove around in the area, no more than a mile to a mile and a half and found gas at Shell, plus other not so well know gas stations selling at 115.8 a litre. On Wednesday, September 24/2008 your gas was 116 a litre. Shell and several others were 113.9. I purchased gas from your company on that day and regret I did. I figure I was saving money by using my card, I guess not. I am better off paying cash for my gas or using their conpanys card. I do not know who monitors your companys competition gas prices, but whoever is should put a more respondsible effort into it. Presently as of yesterday I have no intention of using my gas advantage card or purchasing gas from your company until this issue is resolved. I feel like your company has been cheating me for the years that I used my card. Do you blame anyone from becoming angry after uncovering something like this. I still believe and many more of your customers would certainly agree that you match the lowest price of gas within a mile or two, and yours should be the same, or better still point something lower. Do you want more customers or do wish to contiue to lose them. Like I mentioned above I will not purchase gas from Canadian Tire until this issue is resolved. I would sooner drive the extra mile or so to know that for sure I am actually saving money on my gas purchases. Hopefully this issue can be dealt with quickly as I do not have anything personal against your company as a whole, but this kind of thing makes me think I am being robbed as a valued customer. I will await for a reply from, I guess one of your reps or spokesman on this matter. I truly hope it can, as I do not wish to expose it any more than what I have done. Try to have a wonderful day and I will wait to hear the outcome and hope the correction will be made.
Thanks so much for listening to my complaint.
We will talk soon.

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  • Wo
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    Well not defending any actions but just wanted to clarify one thing. This is how gas sales work in Alberta anyway: Lets say a tanker comes and fills the tank with gas meant to sell at 116.00 a litre as an example. The gas station must sell all of that gas at the 116.00 even if the new price is 110.00 litre now before they can put down the price. I just learned this recently from a professor so this might explain the discrepency.

  • La
      25th of Oct, 2008
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    I am in Oshawa and have not seen that much of a difference, but, i do know that the pumps are usually about .2 cents higher. (e.g. 99.9 while others 99, 7)
    I also have the gas card and wonder if it is in my best interest to have one. My car takes 45L from 1/4 full when i fill up. I fill up 3x a month.
    Save : 45 x .02= .90
    45 x .05 =2.25
    In order to save that 6.75 i must spend 500. each month. If i do not pay all of it off at the end of the month i will pay that much back in interest. I also shop a lot at the store.

    L. Wesley

  • Sa
      11th of Nov, 2008
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    Canadian Tire gas bar - pump read too high
    canadian tire gas bar
    bridge st
    niagara falls, ont

    I stood at the pump and pressed the lever and tried to put the tab down so it would pump itself. It didn't work, I tried again. This took no more than a few seconds and when I looked at the meter it read $11.47! I was certantly not even there long enought to pump that! Maybe $1.47. I called the police and they say that the vidio camer does not focus on the price and if the computer says so I have to pay! I know for a fact that if you look you can see I wasn't at the pump long enough to puimp that! Canadian tire, you have lost a customer for life.

  • Aq
      14th of Mar, 2010
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    Never heard of that happening before. All pumps, scales, meters etc are regulated by law and must be working correctly. I'm not sure who you complain to, but I would suspect that if you look hard enough, you could find out who calibrates that instrument and how to get your money back if it was defective.

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