Canadian Tire / customer service at returns counter

Brantford, ON, Canada

I was working in my car and needed parts. I had my dad pick them up for me in my name... He paid by debit card. The following day I took a few things back to

1st day

The store for my refund. With a receipt, the refused my money back because it was the same debit card. I explained nicely that a debt card is the same as cash and that their "instore" policy doesn't make sense. Even with a valid receipt you will only provide me an in store credit... I said what if I lost my debit card and had to get a new one, your telling me I can't get my money back... I said that should be against the law... I then ask for a copy of that policy, we don't have that sir, it's our store policy. She starting becoming rude with me and said if it's against the law call the cops... And walked away...

2nd day

So the following day I had my father meet me at canadian tire so I could get my money back... Well omg. The manager out of all people to disrespect my father & i. She was very rude to both my father and me. She said this was returned yesterday, even after explaining why the receipt was marked 3 times to her, she yelled at me father and he said "I wasn't here yesterday to return it", I finally said enough and looked and people were looking at us
Because she was yelling totally embarrassed I said why are you yellin, the manager said because I can,.... I told her nicely that I was getting her fired for that,. And I am also thinking about suing for the humiliation and embarrassment and breach of the policy
I'm a business owner in brantford and i've never been so disrespected in my life as I was today... Oh when I asked for her name she refused to give it to me

May 15, 2017

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