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Canadian Tire / horrible service - I will never shop there again!

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I went to a Canadian Tire in Vancouver, the one located on kingsways and across from the blockbuster. I was there to purchase a new door lock for one of our suites downstair. My boyfriend any I have gone to Canadian Tire before and we usually receive bad service, but this was the worst. We walked into the store and spotted an employee. We asked where we could find the door locks and he said he had no idea. Fair enough. We wandered around and were able to find the locks. Looked at a few and found one we liked, but it was behind a lock cabinet. We went to look for someone who would be able to unlock the cabinet and just a few rows down there was someone there. We asked if we could get some help and he said no it wasn't her department. Okay fair enough. She sent us to someone else, same thing "it wasn't her department" . she then sent us to someone else, same thing " it wasn't their department". I went to the customer service desk and they paged someone for me and told me to wait there. so we did... no one came. and again we went back and they paged again... no one came. At this point my bf was getting angry. Finally a lady came and said that she was in charge of the people on the floor and that she would be able to help us. Then my bf said to her that she needs to get better staff or train her staff in customer service. He said that this was ridiculous having to wait a good hour to get service. He went on to say that this was stupid and the employees and the company are the worse he has dealt with. The lady got really upset and started yelling back in defense and then... she told us to [censored] OFF... wow we were taken back... my bf yelled back and said that she needed to watch what she said... she said " you know what just [censored] OFF". we walked away and went up to the front to talk to a manager... and guess what we had to wait, she paged twice and no one came. We were angry and we just left it took us almost 2 hours before we could leave the store empty handed. Thanks Canadian Tire thank you for your customer service. I will never shop there again.

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  • Th
      4th of Jul, 2007
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    Principle learned here? Canada sucks.

  • Ca
      16th of Jul, 2007
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    BULL... Sorry but you either are completely lying, adding in stories, or have that store confused with another location.

    There is only 1 FEMALE MANAGER at that location and she is NO WHERE CLOSE to being that type to Swear like that.

    And the bit about staff not wanting to OPEN A SHOWCASE for your because it's not their department? BULL again! Everyone has keys. It's not a special department requirement.

  • Mi
      18th of Feb, 2008
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    Customers tend to make things up to ...
    a) get piety treatment
    b) get special attention
    c) believe that they will somehow have the employee in trouble
    d) they are simply lifeless

    By the way.

    Canadian Tire is welcome for their amazing customer service abilities and hopes that you never come back to shop there again as your ### and yelling must have made shopping irritating for other customers.

    Have a great Day.. thats what i would have said to your boyfriend...!!

  • Da
      9th of Mar, 2008
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    Agreed. This story sounds a little fishy to me. .

  • As
      28th of Apr, 2008
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    HaHa. That's why no one came to help you. They were probably talking about you in the back and laughing.

    By the way, I'm sure you're one of those people who "spend thousands of dollars a year here and I won't be ever shopping here again!" Well good for you. We'll be GLAD to escort you out and pray for those people at Home Depot where you're probably going next.

    Good Luck getting service anywhere if you act like that.

  • Ba
      7th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I will NEVER go back to ANY Canadian Tire Auto Center to service my cars anymore, NEVER, EVER.
    I bought a set of winter tires (Goodyear) at this Lasalle store and have them installed and I felt the vibrationg on the steering wheel. I went to Honda's dealership to check, and I was told that three out of four tires needed to redo balance, the other one (the right rear tire)"has wobble", not workable, have to be replaced. The mechanicians at Canadian Tire not only did bad job on balancing but also failed to notice the tire defect.
    There are some good reasons that the mechanicians at Canadian Tire are SOOOOO bad on both experiences and skills. First of all, many of them are trainees, they just started to learn to repair, and they learn their skills and making errors right on your car. Just like Canadian Tire's Commercial says "I will start with you!". Second, they work on many different cars, cars that made in different countries, different brands, different models, how can you expect them to know all the requirements and specifications of all cars? It is IMPOSSIBLE.
    So I went to the garage to claim my warranty repair and exchange. The employee who served me did not want to admit the problem at beginning, untill I showed him the service report from Honda. When I bought the new tires, they charged $11.96 +tax without informing me for inflating the tires with nitrogen gas. God knows what they really put in the tires. We all know that 78% of the air we breath is nitrogen. When they finished work on my CRV, they did not give me the original receipt back, which is the purchasing of the one set of tire and wheel, plus extended warranty, total $713.
    When I got home. I realized that they did not put my wheel lock key back to my glove compartment. Having no other choice I went back to the garage the next morning. The employee gave the key back to me without apologize, not even a "sorry", no surprise either. It seams that this kind of things is very normal to them.
    The same Canadian Tire garage, 6 years ago. I had my Honda Civic serviced there before winter coming. I requested a engine oil change and intallation of winter tires (already on wheels). The coming spring, when I want to change the four season tires back, I found out that they were still on my car, the mechanician at canadian tire did not install the winter tires on last autumn at all. I was driving the whole witer assuming had winter tires on my car. I know, I know, I did not pay attention. Because back then I trusted them. I thought they were professional. Believe me, they are not professional in any way.
    Do not risk your life, do not service your car at canadian tire.

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