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Canadian Tire Bedford Nova Scotia / customer service

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I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the treatment I received in your Canadian Tire store, 1595 Bedford Hwy, Bedford, Nova Scotia.

On November 10th, 2007 I took my vehicle for regular oil change, and I also asked that some of my car's electrical parts be checked. I had a problem with my break lights switch and one of the fuses was blowing. Technician replaced the fuse, bent bracket back so that brake lights would shut off. I paid $121.70 (invoice #209087) for this job with oil change included.

I was told by Steve Mackenzie, customer services representative, that break light switch for my car Ford Focus 2003 had to be ordered and it would be in store on Monday, November 12th. I asked for appointment for Monday, November 12th so that job could be finished and Mr. Mackenzie scheduled me for 13:30.

On Monday at 13:30 I showed up at the store after driving for 18 kilometers from my home. I postponed all my plans for that day so that I could bring my vehicle in, and to my dismay Mr. Mackenzie told me that they had actually forgotten to order part. "Oh, we can get it for you tomorrow" he said. No excuse, no apology for day and gas wasted to get to the store. Could not he call me before 13:30 to tell me not make trip to the store as the part was not there? Unbelievable disregard for my time and money wasted.

When I asked to talk to the Manager I was told that Manager was off and they sent shift supervisor to talk to me. I explained everything and I asked for the money (except for the oil change part) to be refunded to me so that I can go somewhere else to complete the job. Shift supervisor told me that he could give me only half of the money charged for the labour as technician actually "diagnosed" the problem (which they did not fix by the way). He obviously did not see my wasted day as a problem, either. I walked away and told him to keep the money, no problem.

Also, there was no apology from shift supervisor either, no explanation about forgetting to order the part. They could have at least call me to tell me not to make the trip to store!

Pretty sad.

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  • Sa
      6th of Jul, 2009
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    I totally agree, i bought a pressure cooker from same bedofrd store, when i went in bacause fusible vavle was defecive this rep there tells me we can do nothin, you have to call them, then another rep said we can orfer it, ordered it for me and i got it, that was my 1st experience where they brushed me off cuz they didnt wanna do their job, now i called today, clayton park store to order a regulator and the customer service lady said the same thing, they can do nothin, then when i said i got it ordered through the bedofrd branch last time, she put me on hold and ...never came back, when i called again i spoke to this rude cust care lady who said they couldnt find it on the system and they dotn order it for customers, no apologies, totally ignored the fact i was on hold for 22 mins and i had to hangup and call back, Canadian Tire Customer Service is a disgrace to customer service on the whole, they shd train their cust service reps better.

  • Ro
      25th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    when will u guys learn...canidian tire is the bigest rip off...

  • N3
      15th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I absolutely agree. That store has caused me nothing but trouble. Went there in 2009 because I was hearing a scratching noise every time I would hit the brakes. I was told by the technician that this noise was caused by my wheel barrings since those were worn out. So 240 bucks later I was about to drive off the parking lot when I heard the same noise again. So I turned around and walked right back in there. Then I was told that my rear brake pads were down so they needed to be repleaced including the rotors, but the wheel barrings had to be changed anyway---according to them... Anyway, so I got that done and another $299.99 later I finally got home. 3 Months later one of the brake pads just fell off and I went back. I was told that this was caused by a bad quality product and they would replace everything under warranty. 15 minutes later I get a phone call that they did not have the same rotors in stock and I had to pay another 75 bucks to get the next better one they had in stock. You would think that this should have done it but since that day I had my brakes (pads and rotors) done two more times so that totals 4 complete brake changes within two years and I'm a really careful driver so it's definitely not me riding them to hard or something. Then in november 2010 I had to get my rear pads changed again... who would have thought. Got that done the 2nd weeks of January 2011 I suddenly hear that oh too familiar noise again. So there I go back to the store telling them my problem and all they have to say is : I'm sorry but since the pads were replaced under warranty (not even two months ago) we can't do it again and you would also have to change your rotors so that would 299 after tax. I didn't do it and you know what they will never see my car ever again. This is nothing but ridiculous.

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