SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / owner was dishonest about his property and refused refund. rating is misjudged.

Korea (South)

Hi, i want to report the property Orange Hongdae guesthouse, confirmation number 2043.742.926 I suppose to stay there from 18 October to 27 October but I couldn't sleep at night due to the big noise of guests all night hours, the nearby construction site early day hours and the bad conditions in the room (room 3). It led to that i had to book another place (also via, confirmation number 2075.415.833) right as soon as the 20 October which caused me quick low budget unexpectedly. So i had to check out in Orange Hongdae guesthouse on 20 October. The owner Mr. KIM refused to refund me the money for the rest of nights I couldn't use at the guesthouse. He claimed it's non refundable regardless exception. When i claimed the window door in my room always makes noise as someone close the hall electronic door, he went to my room to check, he said he heard no noise when my friend in the same room confirmed about he heard the noise. But both of us just felt it's useless to explain with him when he chose his opinion!! Also first day when i checked in, when in a shower, i heard outside a big fight, a woman had come in the hall and shouted at him and both were shouting each other in Korean. I was scared. I've booked this guesthouse because of the location and it's rating. But after this incident, i don't trust the rating anymore!!! . Because it seems like the rating is from backpackers who don't really consider quietness and cleanliness as most of them came back to the guesthouse after midnight, some talked laugh on phone in the hall, some vomited in the toilet... My room was just opposite the hall door. For a terrible experience!!! So i had to check out before the experience made bad impact on my health (no good night sleep). I don't want to make a fuss about this incident but I think my conscience makes me to directly report to you, as you are their accommodation agency. I don't want to just post a negative review on the guesthouse as he would just come in and deny all. So talk directly to you probably more effective to protect other customers to fall in the same situation. He claimed i chose cheap price to stay in his guesthouse, so i could not be so sensitive about noise. But well, no one ever pay a small money to buy trouble. I mean if he was honest on the website and in his comments about his guesthouse, people have more chance to consider. This guesthouse is probably suitable for backpackers. And so the rating!!! I hope you step in and use your authority to talk reason with him. I have tried and failed. He just claimed my booking was non refundable, although heard my troubles.
Please help me to get refund and get him to be honest with his guesthouse photos on the website
Thanks a lot.

Oct 24, 2018

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