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Best Buy Canada / customer service (or lack there of)

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Best Buy Canada

I bought a DVD from Best Buy, tried to watch it at home and it started freezing. Took it back wanting to exchange it for a working copy... the girl there then tells me i can't exchange it because there is a scratch on it, and that my DVD player scratched it. I told her i play tons on DVD's on my player and just played 2 that morning and nothing happened to them...

The girl then tells me that i must of scratched it myself! I said i didn't she then went back to the DVD player,I said no she then says 'well then YOU scratched it' by that point i was boiling mad and yelling at her that i didn't scratch the [censored]g DVD we went back and forth with this stupid conversation for at least a couple of minutes... i told her all i wanted is what i payed for a working copy of he DVD scratching it is pointless.

The manager comes in I was yelling at that point and tells her to give me the DVD and she then trys to tell him it is scratched and i shouldn't get it... In the end i got the DVD. I just want to know what kind of customer service they are taught there.

Went there again today to exchange a DVD i got as a birthday gift (i stopped shopping there) stood 25 mins in line with only 2 people in front of me... manager came back and forth but never thought of helping when i asked she pointed to the line i was already standing in at that point (the second time after i got another DVD for 30 mins).

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  • Sc
      18th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Best buy employees are a waste of space on the best of days.
    Today i called the south common store, I followed the directions on the telephone and choose 5 (for DVD movies) after 30 rings the system sent me back to the choices menu, i then choose 7 to speak with customer service. It rang for 4 minutes, it rang so many times it disconnected. Where are all the employees.
    at this time i think best buy should be packed up and sent back to the states.
    well at least i wont have to sit in line like the previous guy.
    BBB = best buy blows

  • An
      26th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I tried to take advantage of the Best Buy Boxing Day Sale, which began at 8pm EST (5pm PST) on Dec. 24. When I finally got through the checkout, all my items were available. Great! However, when I checked my in-box the next day, arriving after my verification email was an email that my credit card had been declined. This was a shock, as I maintain a zero balance. I checked with the credit card company, and there was absolutely no problem with my card. When I tried changing method of payment as the email from bestbuy had suggested I do, my order could not be updated. I tried this at least 20 times.
    Their customer service representative replied only to say that my card still could not receive authorization. What a bunch of baloney. Has anyone else had this trouble with this company?

  • Wo
      31st of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I Urge you to read the contract and you will notice that best buy is actually stealing money from people. They will tell you you can cancel a contract before 30 days. They will not tell you you cannot cancel after 30 days. I had a problem with my blackberry cell phone and they would not exchange it. They tell me it a software problem although i have the latest software installed on the blackberry. I think this is the biggest money stealing plan and customers should really be careful reading the terms. My recommendation is NEVER BUY at best buy - you will get screwed.

  • Su
      25th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    You idiots need to stop blaming staff for lines at retail stores. It is clearly the fault of the company as far as higher management. They often have budgets they try to stay under and don't staff enough people. Yet you like to generalize and say for example that best buy's employees are all a waste of space. Grow up ###nut.

  • Ih
      30th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I purchased a laptop online from Best Buy. I had to call 5 times to confirm my information, not including the calls that I had to make to my bank and credit card company, who informed me that Best Buy never even attempted to put anything through on my card, so if it wasn't "working" it was the stores issue.

    When I receieved the laptop (finally) I had just been into a Staples store that day, and noticed the new models out for $50.00 more than the model I purchased from Best Buy.
    I decided to return it, and get a new model.

    When I called to return it, I was told I would receieve the paperwork via e-mail within a few hours. It never came.

    I called back the next day, they said they were simply backlogged, but if I didn't receive it by Friday, to call back.

    Well I never received it by Friday. I'm not stupid, I checked all my junk mail folders. The woman I reached said there was nothing she could do but pass it off to someone else, and I would have to wait an additional 2 days. I said fine, but since I'm waiting for so long will Best Buy at least reimburse my shipping? She said of course it would happen.

    I called back two days later, and they had no record for my call on Friday.

    I asked if I would be stuck with the product because I didn't return it within my 14 day window, and they said yes.

    Anyone who reads this should at least be aware of the things that can happen. I never yelled, screamed or swore into the phone at these people. I was more than reasonable the entire time, and I am now stuck with a product I recieved two confirmation numbers for saying that I could return, that mysteriously disappeared from Best Buys system.

    Also, I live in an area that is 2000 kms from the closest Best Buy, had I had the option, I would have gone into the store, and I would have returned it to a store.

  • Ca
      7th of Jan, 2010
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    Yes, BestBuy canada customer service is terrible. I am waiting close to two months
    for a Visa fefund on items returned. They sent me the wrong items and agreed to accept the
    returns, they phoned me and notified me they received the items back more than a month ago
    and would refund my purchase.
    Still no refund yet. I called customer service that many times it's simply a wast of time.
    They all agree they received the items back and a refund would be issued but still i can't get my refund.
    They also fail to reply to my emails regarding the credit for the returned items.
    There is no complaints department to call, no other avenues to follow, you have to simply take
    the loss and find a better place to shop.

  • Ve
      16th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    i ordered a lap top online and had it far so good. by then without even using it and not yet having internet service i reserved another one online for pickup and went to get it after recieving the confirmation stating that it was available for pickup.when i got to the counter i was greeted by a stone faced clerk who was very dry with me while joking with her co workers and being very polite to her supervisors.not a single please or and any other friendllness.she then told me after more than five minutes that they did not have to computer.the mamager then went off to the other side of the store with neither her nor the other employee telling me why.another manager came and asked me what the problem was with the one that i was returning.i then told the employee that i was going quickly to the bathroom.i had driven a good twenty five minute drive to get there and i really needeed to go and all there was to do was wait anyway because the manager had gone to over where the bathrooms were too.the employee dryly told me to stay there, no smile no arent i the one that is being put out here? i had told them that i had bell coming to install my internet service in one hour and that i had come specifically for my computer and needed it.the manager replied that all i needed to do was cancel sorry no nothing.i went to the bathroom anyway.when the manager returned she told me that all she could do was sell me another computer that was at least $100 more expensive and give me a $50 discount.the computer i had reserved had $150 off and that was the whole reason i had decided to drive over there in the first place.i told her that she should give me the deal i had paid for(you have to use your credit card to reserve)because to me it is up to them to pay for their is totally not cool for a customer to plan out an internet connection installation and go out of his way only to be told that there has been an error and offer me something that i would not even have bothered to go to the trouble for.on top of that she accused me of trying to take advantage and acted like she was doing me a favour by letting me return the other unused computer that i had bought less than a week before.she also acted like they had done me a favour by delivering it.that was only part of the agreement.i thought she was very out of line.i then went to my car and called the best buy call centre and the employee that i spoke to agreed fully that the store should be held responsible for the error abd compensate me with another equal deal but only they could do it so i gave up and went to future shop and bought another computer as fast as i could but the price was not nearly as good.

  • Ep
      29th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    There's just not enough space here to tell my full story.

    I tried to purchase from & had nothing but problems. Twice the card declined on 2 separate tries. They don't even have it automated, so you don't find out until hours later that it declined. Totally amateurish.

    While BB made attempts to sort of rectify the problem, I didn't know they never gave Scotia bank the authorization code so my funds could be released to me. 3 days later I had no money on cc & then I find out that Best Buy never even escalated the issue & still wouldn't provide the codes to Scotia. It's days later & still no word from their credit department. They just don't care at all. Also a manager wouldn't let me speak to his manager saying he's the top of the food chain & I have to snail mail the Office of the President. Any company that makes you snail mail is, in my books, a company that doesn't care about their customers. TERRIBLE service even though the reps were nice. I will NEVER purchase from their online site & this is the 2nd time now that Best Buy has swept an issue under the rug.

    Last time it was an issue with Future Shop.


  • Ca
      29th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes


    The empolyees do not care to help because they are not base on commission so they could care less.
    I had to go through 5 different employees to help us and none of them were great help.
    They were rude and dealt with the sitation in a unprofessional way. The store manager lack professionalism and knowlege.

    I would never purchase from BEST BUY anymore.

  • 10
      10th of Nov, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one that had a problem with best buy.Bought a dvd player for my kids with extended warranty & it's been nothing a but an issue!Customer service needs to go take a class on how to deal with people!!!Plus a manager won't even call me back.

  • Ep
      10th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    While head office did compensate me for all my issues when trying to buy a printer from their website, I had MORE problems when I started researching prices for memory.

    I called several times to get pricing & each time I got a different story finally figuring out that some of them were giving me notebook prices, not desktop prices.

    I also had to research how much memory is actually utilized on XP b/c one of their in-store [censor]s said XP only utilizes 2 GB & that's not true, it's anywhere between 3-3.5 GB. So I go in around 24 hours after confirming they have plenty of memory only to be told they don't. Not only that, the geek squad guy says 1 minute while he continues to type something into the computer & then yaps with his co-workers on how to spell different words all the time joking around while I'm standing there.

    Then besides giving me attitude like they know it all when they are pee wees, they have the nerve to tell me I shouldn't have called the computer dept. to find out prices, I should have asked them LOL (yes, I'm sure that's the image Best Buy wants to give to their customers. Don't trust anyone in the store, only call the Geek Squad)

    Then I find out that the 3 different guys I had spoken to on the phone didn't even tell me they had Kingston memory.

    I was furious. I did my job as a consumer & researched ahead of time. This should have been a 1-2-3 transaction.

    I went to the front to talk to a mgr. & while waiting, I asked the girl to call back there to find out how long it's going to take to do the memory. That's when one of [censor]S tells her he needs a key. Yes there's a key lock on the case, but it doesn't need it & they got me all scared & nervous, but then I thought to myself - the last PC store didn't need one, so why do they? Again complete [censor]S who don't know what they are doing. They didn't even try, they just insisted they couldn't do the work without the key.

    I also asked for the speed of the memory since I didn't know & they kept skirting the question first by saying it doesn't matter b/c that depends on my computer, then saying it doesn't say on the package, yet when the c/s girl ran the memory thru for me to pay, it came up right on the receipt.

    Finally the manager comes up to me & we speak & he gives me a bit of a discount, but something that takes 2 minutes to do (replace memory) ended up taking me over an hour AND all the stress I had to go through to actually complete the transaction.

    All I can say is DON'T trust the Geek Squad OR anyone who works at Best Buy. They are a bunch of kids who aren't trained at anything other than to have fun at work. That's my opinion based on years of using computers. Not only that, what is more dangerous is that they THINK they know what they are talking about. Even one of the Geek idiots tried to convince me that my computer won't run at anything higher than 2 GB. I argued back & sure enough, my computer is running a lot faster than it was with only 2 GB of memory in it before.

    While I think it's great to have fun at work, first & foremost knowing your job is THE most important thing besides great customer service.

    Unfortunately we here in Canada have little to no selection when it comes to buying computer hardware. We can order from Canada Computers, but we can't walk into tons of stores & find a good store where the guys know what they are doing, so most times we are stuck with Best Buy & Future Shop & we risk our lives & computer by trusting them.

    Always research first online with high quality computer forums.

  • Ax
      15th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Best Buy is the worst store out there for costumer service, i will start from the beginning, i bought a PlayStation 3 and a Dslr camera over $1500, and the lady was assisting me and forcing me to get a warranty she told me that if you take this warranty if you ps3 breaks down within two(2) years i can take it to best-buy and replace it in the store, but now its been more than 30 days and i went to best-buy i actually tried 3 bestbuys they all gave me head aches and got me so mad, when i went to exchange my ps3 because it broke down they told me no we cannot exchange it because it hasn't been one year yet you have to send it to Sony. I explained that the sales lady who sold me this stuff assisted me in getting the warranty and telling me that i can exchange it anytime but, the stupid costumer service and the dumb a** manager didn't even care now my PlayStation ps3 broke down, and i have to send it to Sony. From this day i am never going to Best buy store again worst costumer service in the world also never get the warranty from them it's nothing stick with products warranty, if they hassle you in getting warranty grab what you just bought and smash it in their brainless heads.

  • Ep
      16th of Dec, 2010
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    Write away to the office of the president.

    I think I had their number, but I think they change the number so customers can't track them down as time goes on.

    They should be taking back the defective unit no questions asked. What city do you live in?

  • Ax
      17th of Dec, 2010
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  • Mr
      24th of Dec, 2010
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    Wow, up until today, I normally ignore what they call "customer service and just pick what I want, and never let any of those lame employees or managers try and "help" me out. I grab what I am looking for, and pay for it. If they try to help I just tell them "I am fine..." and they leave me alone.

    Unfortunately, I managed to get a credit account with best buy today. Basically, I applied online, got approved, and got a confirmation number. No actual account number or credit limit information... just a confirmation that I was approved and a confirmation code to use as reference when calling their inquiry line.

    OK, so, I got it today for a reason... christmas shopping. Since it will take a few days to weeks to get the actual card, I called the inquiry number 1-800 number. The woman verified my information and told me the credit limit. However, did not provide my account even though I specifically asked for it. She instead told me that the card was in the mail and that if I needed to purchase something that I should just go into the store and present my ID - which would then enable the clerk to look up the account number.

    So far so good - cool, they are hooked up and they'll be able to get my account by entering my info from my ID. Excellent!

    She also asked if I wanted a credit increase since today was the only time I could ask for one - if I asked later, I would not be granted one until 6 months had passed. Interesting I said, ok, sure, let's see if I can get a higher credit limit why not. Cool, they gave me up to $3K limit .. up from $1600. Nice, that's some buying power right there.

    SO, ok... I go to Best Buy, spend a bit of time making sure that I find the right netbook for my wife for christmas. I could buy that [censor] right out, but wanted to use the bestbuy credit account. Anyways, so I decided on a netbook and asked one of the "computer" guys for the netbook - first thing he says is, let's see if we have it in stock... alright... goes around for a bit and finally finds one - the last one apparantly (that's never happend before when buying something... right...!)

    So I tell him I want a 2gb stick of memory as well, ok, he has to check with someone to make sure it will take that - first he tried to tell that I most likely need to buy another 1gb stick... I say no, I want a 2gb stick... I am sure it will take it. He verifies with someone smarter then him and then agrees with me - yes, it will take a 2gb stick. Great, get me one please.

    He gets it and then after a few mins of me waiting around for him to get the stuff together - he says ok, let me ring you up. Cool, I am almost out of here I think. Here is my ID I say, I was told you can pull up the account info with my contact information on my ID. He looks lost - "ahh.. what? ". Ok, I could give him a better explanation - I got an account today online, a bbuy credit account, I don;t have the account number for him to charge to, but the rep who I spoke with on the phone said he WOULD be able to pull up my account info when I am in the store purchasing something. ... he has no idea how that would work - I'll have to go to customer service he says. Ugh... fine, off I go.

    Customer Service - this is where everything goes to [censor].

    They don't know what I am talking about and call a "manager" ... he comes over and immediately says, what's the problem - what are you buying with your credit card? I tell him the same story I told the "computer" guy. He keeps shaking his head - and says, "we can't do that here.. that is between you and your credit card company or bank" ... ???? wtf? I say, ahm, no, it's a best buy account - a bbuy credit account, I don't have the account number and the rep says you can pull it up so I can make a purchase with it. He then says, ... "Oh" " I misunderstood, I mis heard that" then calls over another girl from somewhere else. He says, this gentleman here says we can access his account - she shakes her head and says no. I say yes, your rep says you can, she says no and he then agrees with the girl again. Jesus Christ I exclaim. "Ok sir, You are going to have to leave!" ...? ahm.. what?... why? "because you are using profanity and you swore at me." "when and what did I say??" "you said Jesus Christ and that is a profanity."

    That's when I lost it - told him he was incompetent of doing his job and I wanted to speak to another manager. No other manager is around and I need to leave he says. I told him I will take this up with head office since he can't do his job and "[censor]ing [censor], is this store [censor]"

    In the end, I used profanity and called him a bunch of names - for some reason he said "anytime buddy!" and I said how about right now outside... so he then says I am threatning him and he will call the police etc. told him to go ahead and he;s still a [censor] head etc. I asked for his card and told him he'd be hearing from me and left. He says merry christmas and I told him to go [censor] him self.

    And that was that.

    I am obviously cancelling my account and will never shop at blow buy again.

  • Ax
      25th of Dec, 2010
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    I know how you feel, all you want to do is wait for the [censored] employees and the especially the stupid head manager outside, get a baseball bat and beat them so they can't work for years.

  • Co
      21st of Jan, 2011
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    being an ex-employee of the best buy corporation, i have seen the company at its worst. the company shoots itself in the foot with the new employee training sessions which are a complete waste of time and money. they make up for the loss of money by overcharging their customers for "service plans" or "replacement plans" (which, if you haven't noticed by now, are a gimmick). as an ex-sales employee of one of the largest departments, we are drilled to not pressure the consumer. so in other words a no pressure sales environment for the employees and the customers, when in reality theres a ton of pressure to sell these so called "service plans". the sales people are non-commission and get nothing out of selling the plan, but the managers get pissed off when a service plan was not sold. for myself if the customer wants it they can have it but if i ask and they say no, then the answer is no. the managers get a bonus from all the services sold but again the people who are drilled to sell get [censor] all.

    i understand that this is a complaints page but if you happen to run into good enough customer service to want to tip, only tip the person helping you.


  • Ep
      5th of Feb, 2011
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    Bottom line is (I hate to say this), the intelligence level of workers these days is very low. They have no common sense & 5 different people tell you 5 different things.

    I always deal with managers b/c only once in a blue moon do I deal with a first level person who is smart & knows the actual rules of the company & trust me, when they are good, I sing their praises 10 fold.

    I thought maybe it was just b/c kids are young, but even people in their 20's & 30's are complete [censor]s & when I was 18, I don't believe I was ever this stupid.

  • He
      15th of Mar, 2011
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    I bought Mac laptop from Best buy which they price match up with Future shop which is really good, but on the flyers when you buy Mac laptop you can add MS office 2011 home & student for $99 but they reject it due to their policy, they cannot give customer 2 promos. My question is ? Does Price matching is a promo ? I don't think so ! I think Price matching is a all store policy and it's not a promo ! So they should give me that Promo. Am I right ?

  • Oz
      29th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    worst costumer service ever. i purchased insurance for my internet stick, i would be happier if i throw my money away. never going to purchase anything from best.. sorry worstbuy.

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