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I think this email to Best Buy explains it best:

To whom it may concern,

Let me first tell you that I freelance as a computer tech, and do data backup for my clients. This leads me to need at least 20 external hard drives a month. In the past I would get them off the Internet, J&R Music World, or B&H Photo.

About a month ago I noticed a good sale price on the WD 500GB My Book external drive on I decided to give the Best Buy on 86th and Lex. (store #835) a shot at my business.

What I was met with when I got there was EXCELLENT! The Department manager of the computer accessories department (I believe his name was Brian) and has team were GREAT! They were very busy, but were able to accommodate my needs in a timely fashion. I decided to look into your price guarantee so that I could continue to buy my hard drive from Best Buy on 86th (based on Brian and his teams performance). I continued to buy my drives there, Brian would great me with a smile (remembered my business) and his team and him took great care of me.

Now that leaves us with today. I came into the 86th st. store at approximately 6:45pm, and proceeded to grab a couple more WD 500GB My Book external drives. I found one of the salesmen that I have dealt with before, and told him of my price match (JR Music World Product Link: ) and he instructed me to the Check Out counter. I was told by the sales representative that the cashier would be able to change the price for me, and that if I had any problems to have them page Brian. This seemed like normal procedure, since the last time I was there my price was changed the same exact way. I was brought to the normal check out counter, where the salesmen told the cashier of my price match, and she proceeded to call someone to override the price and I was on my way. As I waited for the manager to over ride the price, she pleasantly asked me if I'd like to sign up for the Rewards Card, which I did. A complete and total different situation was experienced today.

Today... I get to the front of the check out counter, I then explained the situation, where the price match was from, and the conversation I had with the salesmen in Computer Accessories. She then alerted a young women on her cell phone that was standing a few feet away from her. As I would find out later this young lady was your store operations manager Atia. Atia told me that she was unable to change the price from the Check Out counter and that I would need to go to the Customer Service counter. Being as I was just in the store 3 days earlier buying another 3 hard drive and had the price changed at that very p.o.p. kiosk. I was a little confused as to why I now had to wait on the long Customer Service counter line (I had already waited on the 10 minute Check out line, at the salesman's request) to do what had been done for me at the Customer Service counter 3 days earlier. I have worked in retail on and off for over 15 years, and was just recently working as a department manager of a electronic retail store... I KNOW that that a manager such as Atia has the approval right to change such a price. I ask Atia if she would accompany me to the Customer Service counter, so that I don't wait on the line again just to have the same kind of issue I had at the Check Out line. She said, that she will not accompany me and that she can't do anything... "I MUST go to the Customer Service counter". I ask Atia if she would page Brian for me, she informed me that it was Brian's day off. I then asked to speak to a manager, she informed me that she was in fact a manager. I then asked her if I could speak to the SALES or STORE manager, she told me that she WAS the sales manager / store manager (I found out later that she was the operations manager, and that Adam and Moreen were the actual Sales Management team) I ask Atia if she had a business card, she refused. I asked for the cooperate phone number, she gave me the 888-bestbuy number. None of this built any trust that I wasn't just heading off to the Customer Service line for another hassle.

Be that as it may... I gave in and walked to the Customer Service counter, I proceeded to wait another 10 minutes to get to the service representative. She asked me for a print out of the price from JR Music, I explained that I had already been told that I could have the price by my sales representative, and sent to the service counter by Atia to get the price. She then explained that with no print out, she would not give me the price... then asked me to "step aside". I then ask the customer service representative if she could use one of the many Internet terminals that were behind her to validate the price, her reply was simply no. I asked if she could call JR Music world to validate the price, her response was again no. I then (getting rather frustrated by the situation) asked her to page Atia. She complied, moments later Atia arrives... I continue my discussion with her from before and asked why if she was the one who is needed to change the price, did I have to wait on two lines to do so. She tells me to "stop getting upset, your getting your price!" as though she was very upset about it, and she was doing me a favor by honoring your posted price guarantee. I'm my retail past it was very important to myself and my company that the customer feels as though you are nothing but happy to match a competitors price. As my reward card and credit card were processed, Atia and the customer service lady whispered between each other... and would seem to be having a negative conversation at my expense. I told Atia that I would be contacting corporate and that I was very disappointed with my shopping experience... she replied in a rather hostile way "Go ahead! Have a great day sir!"

To make a long story, longer... although I have had good experiences at your 86th st. location in the past, I'm not sure if (do to the circumstances) I can or will continue to shop there, or with the Best Buy company in general. It would have been disappointing enough for me to have had an experience such as this with a salesman or cashier, but with an upper management employee such as Atia to respond and conduct business in that matter with an obvious return customer such as myself (or with anyone for that matter) is very disappointing to say the least.

I then spent over an hour of the evening on the phone with a telephone customer service representative, with equally.. if not worse results. The phone call went like this, it started with a 30 minute wait to speak to a customer service representative by the name of Effe. I calmly explained the situation to Effe, and she told me that she was going to call the store to get Atia’s side of the story. I was then put on hold for another 20 minutes (these are not exaggerations, I would ask you to check the call log… and complaint recording for better reference) as Effe discussed the matter with Atia. When Effe returned her response was nothing short of offending. She proceeded to ask me “Did you eventually get the price match you were looking for?” I answered “Yes, of course… I just explained that to you” She replied “Well (laughs).. then what’s your problem?” I then explained to Effe that this was not an issue over the $40 discount on the drive, but an issue of the way I was treated, and the manner and time in which it took to get my Best Buy Price Guarantee honored. At the end of our phone conversation I told Effe that I do not feel that the situation had been resolved by her, and I would like to continue the conversation with a member of the regional management team, or someone from the corporate office.

A matter such as this should not be taken lightly, as if I can have an experience like this... one must wonder who else has this sort of experience. Unlike myself, I would assume that many do not have that patience to wait the 30 minutes it took for me to speak to someone in your complaint department, or to write an email such as this.

I hope that this letter winds up in the correct hands, as for if I don't get a response from a Best Buy representative that understand my concerns, is thankful for my continues business, and who can offer a resolution to this matter... I don't believe I will shop with your company an further.

Thank you in advance for your time, and quick reply,

- A.Y.


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    bubbles Jul 03, 2016
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    If you have BAD BAD credit don't shop here. Purchased a vehicle last summer, and have had NOTHING but TROUBLE with it. still needs work but who can afford the labor rates, Who do you trust? Senior citizens and people with bad credit beware.

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    laugher Jun 03, 2016
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    you are an idiot... best buy isn't responsible if you don't buy their warrenty... if its a 1 year warrenty and it expired, and the TV dies, you have to talk to manufacturer, not best buy... its their fault, not best buy

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  • Valerie Jun 03, 2016

    Best Buy knowingly sells this troubled brand, and when the LCD Main Board goes out 3 months after the Warranty is up, and Costs 450 dollars to Repair, They offer you nothing but a hassle. "Why Didn't You buy an extended warranty?" My 27 «Insignia lasted barely over the one Year, now it is trash, at least I know why they started a recycling program. I will never walk into their store again. Everything that is supposed to be black on the TV turned a bright Green, very annoying, The repair tech said this is common, that’s why when I went back to their Maple Grove Store to tell them about this calmly, they offered 10 % off a new Samsung, which is over 600, then they want money for an extended service plan, Screw it I'm still tapped from the TV I bought a Year ago, and why would I give them any more Business?

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  • Ka
    Karen Pulrang Feb 26, 2016

    I drove 1.5 hours to the Burlington, Wa. best buy store to complain about my new Vizeo tv. The sales reps. are all male, unhelpful & rude. The rep. refused to work with me, and told me I was 2 days over the return date and then walked away. I then called best buy headquarters in Ohio. The rep. was nice, but told me to call Vizeo. I did. The rep. at Vizeo made a feeble incomplete attempt to correct the problem over the phone, he then told me to drive another 3 hour round trip to bring the tv back in to best buy for diagnostics. This rep. did not bother to tell me that Vizeo has a 1 year warranty. I called best buy back the next day and asked for a supervisor, and She was wonderful. And even tho best buy won't do anything after 15 days (incl. shipping days), she informed me about the vizeo 1 year warranty. The supervisor then contacted vizeo for me first, then put me through to someone who knew what She was talking about. She walked me through the process over the phone and corrected the problem in 5 minutes. The two days of phone calls totaled over 2 full hours of waiting on the line, and being forced to listen to blaring static music in the background. I have been in the Burlington, Wa store before and have always been treated with disregard, disrespect, and no product knowledge. The are all male.
    I will never go in to another best buy store at any location, and will certainly never buy anything on line from them again. I will also use every opportunity to tell anyone I know to go anywhere but "best buy". It has been a nightmare.

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  • Ge
    GeekSquad1016 Oct 17, 2012

    What you needed was Tech support, not geek squad protection. geek squad protection covers hardware problems, drops, spills, accidental damages, and parts. it doesnt cover reinstalling the operating systems, or any software issues. and its not only best buy that stopped giving you the OS disc, its the manufactor. they dont open the boxs at all before they get into the consumers hand. They arent going to buy OS software and install it for free, when you got coverage for hardware. that doesnt make any sense.

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  • Sa
    sadman23 Sep 24, 2011

    I agree the BestBuy customer service is horrible and they are all liers. I bought a new laptop online last week, and when the laptop came the battery is damaged. It won't charge. So I called 800 customer number to try to get a new battery. First time I waited on line for about 30 minutes to get someone to resolve my issue, and then she put me in waiting for about 30 minutes before she came back and say they will ship me a replacement battery within 24 hours and give me an email. I thought it is fine as long as I got a replacement battery. However after 1 week I got no email, no battery, nothing. So I called in back again to check whether they have shipped out my battery yet. This time it cost me more than 2 hours. First no one seams to find my case and they kicked me around all departments like they are all trying to get rid of me, instead of solving my problem. Finally there comes a lady say that she found my case and will ship me a battery ASAP and give me an email when they shipped it. This time I seriously doubt about it. I don't believe they are going to ship anything to me, and they will never going to get me a replacement battery. But what can I do, they said they will. I hanged up. I know they will not send me a battery, but it seams like I can do nothing about it.

    Don't buy anything from Best Buy (Worst Service) ever. Run as far as you can.

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  • Na
    naomi Mar 30, 2011

    Military Members Beware

    I bought an I Phone in 2009 and had issues with it less then a year later. I was deploying to Afghanistan and thought it was a perfect time to get it sent in for repair. My husband took in the phone and picked up a refurbished one in the same month. It of course was not activated until I returned a year later when I returned. Three days after reactivating my service the phone stopped working. I returned to Best Buy and was told that because it was not returned within 30 days of receiving it there was nothing they could do. It did not matter that I was deployed and it was not activated until now. I spent all day at the store and on the phone to corporate. The store told me there was nothing they could do and corporate told me the store could replace my phone but they could not make them. So basically the store does not care about Military service members and the unique circumstances that are presented with their deployment service. I warn all Military members against purchasing anything from Best Buy.

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  • Te
    terry37 Mar 06, 2011

    I just bough a cannon camera 2 days ago and had great service . We went in tonight to get my daughter a camera and had a ba experience.I had questions about the camera we we where looking for and none where in stock.Having 13 year old girlknows what she wants and rep was not interested and said the camera we wanted and walked away.We stood there another 10 minutes nd a rep directed us to someone that could answer our questions.The problem is that the first rep didnt really seem to mind if we walked out .We go to best buy for all our electronic purchases and feel reps should be knowledged and courtious.I i have noticed the more i purchase there the less help i get.I have worked in custermor service for years and feel like im doing your working staff im doing them a favor.What would be nice if is that you get a thank you when you spend money when you check out.

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  • Ed
    edgar2010 Nov 18, 2010

    The people that come one this website and rant make a good laugh for myself and for fellow employees while we are working! I think most of the people on here cause 99 percent of the problems they have, either because of their attitude and/or hostility! Grow up people! All of you act like little kids whining because things didn't go exactly your way...THAT'S LIFE!! The people that get the best customer service are the people who are nice and treat us like people, with feelings, and not like "robots" that are here to serve your every need!!

    Also, another your homework before you buy expensive items that way when something does happen and you decided not to buy our "crappy warranty" you can't blame anyone but yourself. Also, policies are in place to keep our business running! No we can't return your defective tv without a warranty that you purchased 2 years ago, no we can't return/exchange broken items that you claim "came out of the box that way" when you purchased said broken item 6 months ago! If it really was broken out of the box why didn't you bring it back within a few days?? Or even within the return/exchange policy!!

    I'm sooo tired of hearing people complain when it's mostly because of their stupidity! Learn to be nice, polite, and read all of our policies and there wouldn't have to be a site like this one!

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    Irvin Oct 14, 2010
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    Verified customer

    We purchased a laptop computer along with their extended warranty. After 6 months the computer had a catastrophic failure. They tried to replace it with a cheaper model because the model we purchased was no longer available. After arguing for an hour we got at least an equal model. 6 months later that computer failed. We took it back to the famous geek squad. After 4 weeks we called in to check the progress. They lost the computer! Two weeks later they called and said the computer was ready to pick up. We picked up the computer and the operating system was wiped clean. We asked to have the operating system reinstalled. The geek squad refused unless we paid an additional $150 for a new copy of windows. We argued for three hours and refused to pay. They told us to go to the manufacturer or get the original disks. So much for their warranty???? Best Buy does not give the original disks with the computers anymore! I will never buy a thing from this store. Their business model stinks! Their Geek Squad is a joke! Their Customer Service is non-existent!

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  • So
    Sonna Oct 09, 2010

    Agree. Just had a bad experience. I live in a rural area and went about 100 miles to buy a computer. They told me they had to keep it 24 t0 48 hours to "program" it and load the Office on it that I purchased. Went back, 100 miles, 2 days later. Took it home and it would not work. Called the Geeks since I had been charge $19.99 for that privilege. I was told to take it back in for repair. Now, it's only 1 day old. Took it to another store, which is about 15 minutes closer. They said they fixed it and that the other store did not install my Office. They installed it. Got it home and it still did not work. After about ten minutes it would put the monitor to sleep and would not wake up. Called the Geeks again, was told to take it in. Took it back to the original store and wanted a refund, which took forever, and I will not go into all the details of that experience. Got it. Went back to the closer store to buy another one. They told me it would be ready in 2 hours. Went back. They said it wasn't ready, they were having issues with it and they may have to give me a new one. I hadn't even taken this one home yet. Had to make another trip the next day to pick it up. It works so far. Not an experience that warrants another visit there.
    These are stores in Franklin, Tennessee and Jackson, Tennessee, in case someone is reading these things that might care about these comments.

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    Call Collect Aug 06, 2010
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    Best Buy has been known for their poor customer service. I was Christmas shopping and needed help and there were at least 5 staff members chatting in a circle about drinking after work. My daughter approached them and asked for assistance and they ignored her. I approached them and rudly asked for some help and they relutanctly broke up their social gathering to help us. I now purchase all my stuff from WalMart or FutureShop.

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  • Ro
    ronald moon Jul 26, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I bought a laptop from you A couple of years with a three year extended warranty. I know I'm in your records. I used to buy a good amount of items from your store. I work next door from the store on South 40 Dr At Lowe's H.I. Never more! I had problems with my laptop. Took it in to your Geek Squad. They are a bunch of hacks ! My computer kind of worked when I brought it in. They had it over a week, Said it was user error. When I got it back they cleared it out, nothing worked, They told me I got it back the way it came in, (bull ###!), Forget my extended warranty that I paid an extra 150:00 dollars for, ### wanted to charge me 125:00 to reload every thing. Your punk manager was no help, he could care less about one upset customer. As I cussed him out, security didn't know what to do, they just watched till I left shouting at other customers that your company is a rip off. Working at Lowe's I know about customer service, You People must not! You people never tried to communicate with me or eves send me fliers ever since. Must have black listed me. I took my laptop to a friend of mine, I paid him 125:00 bucks. I have had no problems ever since. I am completely upset at Best Buy. I tell my friends to stay away from your store . I think you owe me a full refund for the extended warranty. I have never had such ### customer service from any store before this. I'm glad my JVC radio still works because I bought a extended warranty with it, If I had a problem with it your punk manager would have argued with me about it. I am over 50 so don't think I'm some punk trying to get one over on you. Look up your records and see how much money I dropped in your store, aint chump change. Also look at the last time I bought anything from your store, not since my laptop. I would like some satisfaction but you and your people don't care. I'm one person but I have kept friends from making my mistake & dealing with your company. I wasted money with you, I would rather flush money down the toilet than give it to any of your stores. Unsincerly Ronald B Moon.

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  • Za
    Zarana Mar 08, 2010

    i hate best buy.. bcoz of a horrible bad experience that I had today. I will be writing a separate review on the customer service to explain what exactly happened. Though the staff was decent, the store manager was very rude and was not ready to understand what I was trying to say.

    My friend bought a 46 inch samsung LED tv from Best Buy (located off of Plano and 75) on March 6th 2010. We got a good deal for 1299$ but unfortunately the tv did not fit in his car. It was time for the store to close so we decided to come back the next day to pick the tv. We payed for the tv and legally the tv was sold to us. The next day when we go to pick the tv, the customer care guys make us wait for an hour or so and then tell us that the tv was not tagged properly and so they sold it off to another customer. How can they sell, an already sold tv to someone else.

    When we talked to the store manager (Brain), he was very rude and told us, all he could do was, pay us 25$ for the truck that we had rented to pick the tv. I have decided never to buy anything again from this store.

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  • Wr
    wrongedperson101 Mar 01, 2010

    Well, well Best Buy... hhhhhmmmmm.
    Here we are and there you are in Brighton Michigan.
    I was a loyal customer. I have purchased many items in your store. I want to write here my complaint but looking at all the complaints here it would be dumb of me to do so. You would think Coporate would learn by the meaning that the cusotmer is always right. You are losing your cusotmer base not only because of the times but because your company is in bad shape from the top to the bottom. If you want to see just how bad your company is just go into your Brighton Michigan store where the employees are just out of order, little babies who want there bubba. I have seen a thriving store become a worm store. After spending many, many thousands of dollars in your stores I nor my family members will not set foot in any of your stores anywhere in the world. You see Mr. Best I'm a corporate executive for a large successful customer based business. Without customers we'd be nothing as you are becoming nothing. Yes we felt the down turn but quickly rebounded by doing the right things for the customer. Sure I could complain here what your employees did to my wife and I but I will not take a cheap shot at a business that's already going down the drain.. You see Best Buy we have God and you well I won't waste my breathe. I will read soon that Best Buy will be out of business. All you had to do is grow up.

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  • Ch
    christine ikiraw Dec 31, 2009

    On December 15, 2009 I order a gas range online from Best Buy. The AGREED AND CONFIRMED delivery date for this range was January 2, 2010. Thus, I set up an appliance installation via the number on Best Buy Website [protected]) for January 4, 2010.

    Now this morning I received an email from Best Buy saying my range is going to be delivered on January 16, 2010. This is 2 weeks from the date I had AGREED upon! In addition, I had to reschedule my appliance installation date.

    Not only is this UNACCEPTABLE, when I called customer service this morning, they informed me it is because the web site appliance delivery calendar is not 'real time'. While that sounds like the normal thing to say to a customer to give them the run-around and as an excuse, please also realize that the original delivery date was 3 weeks away from the order date - that the web site CLAIMED to be an actual available delivery date!! And if the 'system' is not done in 'real time', why is it up online as if it's the official one? So inconveniencing customers by delaying their delivery by 2 weeks is a normal procedure for the Best Buy Company?

    And when I called customer service and explained of how I don't understand why I had to reschedule the installation when the delay is NOT caused by me, the customer service representative went ahead and forwarded me to the main line.
    To top it off, I cannot even get a date for installation. Somebody has to call me back to set up a date.

    Best Buy, REAL NICE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I will make sure to inform as many people as I can of such terrible experience so that they do not have to go through the same thing I did.

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  • Tr
    truetalk Dec 24, 2009

    I think since people at best buy are not on comission they are just not customer friendly. They make absolutely no effort to help...and are almost always just plain RUDE...
    Terrible customer at two best buy locations...ancaster and stoney Creek.
    On both occasions when the staff jsut refused to help...saying they did nt know where something was and just walked away.
    In fact once tha staff said they would get someone to log him in and when that someone came by to log him in he just started serving someone else while I stood there for 20 mins...and left fuming as I could nt wait anymore.
    Why do I keep going back??...coz someone presented me with a gift card that I have to use!!!

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  • Po
    polzapp Dec 18, 2009

    This was my experience!!!

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing to inform your organization, Best Buy, of my severe disappointment in your service department and personnel working at one of your stores here in Kansas City. I would think an organization of your size would make every attempt to make a customer happy and satisfied, but I can see, here at this store, that is not the case.

    My name is John P. Zappa and I am currently mobilized in the United States Army. I purchased a Toshiba A305 Laptop at Best Buy, #1483 on June 06, 2009. As you know, using a laptop is a great way and sometimes the only way to stay in touch and chat with family while being mobilized. I have included copies of the original receipts for your reference.

    I also purchased the Geek Squad Standard Performance Protection and the Web Root AV Antispyware Protection to ensure my new laptop was protected. I was completely satisfied with my purchase and was anxious to get home to start transferring data from my old laptop. I did not have Internet at that time and I did not know how long it would be before I did get Internet service at my residence.

    I finally received Internet service at my home on the 29th of November, 2009 from ATT. My laptop sat in my home up until that day, turned on 6-8 times the entire 5 months. As always, I had to update my computer after it had sat for 5 months. On the final upload, which was Internet Explorer 7, I left the computer on because it was taking so long to finish.

    On December the 3rd, when I awoke, I turned the computer on and it would not load windows. I made every attempt to figure out the problem, but to my dismay, I could not figure it out. I finally broke down and called the store where I bought the laptop from and spoke with the Geek Squad and they advised me to bring it in.
    On the morning of the 3rd, I drove to the Best Buy, #1483, in Kansas City, a 40 mile round trip, to explain my situation to the Geek Squad and inform them of what has transpired. He immediately informed me that I would need to do a Data Backup if I wanted to save the information on my computer. He also stated that it appeared that my hard drive had crashed. He then informed me that it would cost an additional 172.00 dollars for the Data Transfer. I was definitely upset and I did not think this was right for me to have to pay to retrieve my data when it was the product that failed which I purchased from this organization. Nonetheless, I paid the money and left me laptop to be repaired.

    On the 4th of December, I received an automated phone call from Best Buy telling me my computer was ready for pickup. I received another call the very next day. On the 5th of December, I went to Best Buy, #1483, and went straight to the Geek Squad desk and informed them of who I was and that I was there to pick up my laptop. The employee immediately retrieved my laptop and stated it was ready to go. I asked the young man what was the problem and he stated that the Data Transfer was completed. I informed him that I knew that, but what was wrong with my laptop? He stated that it appeared that it had not been repaired and that only the Data Transfer had been completed. I then started up the laptop and he did the exact same thing it did prior to me bringing it in. Needless to say I was very upset.

    Another gentleman saw my frustration and asked me what was the problem. I informed him that I was unhappy with this service and that it had already cost me an additional 172.00 dollars. He stated that even though they could replace the hard drive, then I would not have an operating system. I asked why and the young man stated that if it had to be sent off to Toshiba, then all they would do is replace the hard drive and that would be it. That would mean that I would lose the operating system already on there that it came loaded with. By this time, I was extremely upset. Here are my complaints:

    1. I paid for this Black Tie Warranty which really does nothing the customer.
    2. I had to pay an additional $ 172.00 for a Data Transfer through no fault of my own.
    3. I was notified that my laptop was ready, when in fact it was not.
    4. I was then informed that the new hard drive would not have an operating system and that I would have to contact Toshiba myself to get the recovery disks.
    5. I wasted almost an hour of my day waiting for the members of the Geek Squad to figure who was doing what.
    6. Once they figured it out, they replaced my hard drive right in front of me by taking one off the shelf in the store and turning the laptop upside down, no protective cloth, no gloves on the hands to protect static electric damage, nothing.
    7. Once they replaced the hard drive, they still could not determine the problem, because it did not have an operating system on it.
    8. They could see all my data, but not the operating system. I was then informed I would have to contact Toshiba directly to get the recovery disks. That cost me another $ 25.00, and it still did not let me know if that was the problem.

    By this time, I was so furious, agitated and aggravated by the additional cost, I could barely see straight. I paid over a $1000.00 dollars for the laptop, Black Tie Warranty and to have all the excess programs removed from my new laptop. Through no fault of my own, the hard drive, I believe, crashed and now it has cost me an additional $ 197.00, not to mention my time and energy in going back and forth attempting to get this fixed.
    I am disappointed and extremely frustrated that an organization such as Best Buy would treat customers this way. I feel that the employees at this store, #1483, were incompetent, irresponsible and very rude and disrespectful.

    I went to another Best Buy store, #1501, once I received the restoration disks from Toshiba. I spoke to the manager, Jason, along with a Geek Squad Representative, Nick, about the issues I am having. I informed them I was completely dissatisfied with this process and all the additional costs. They have informed me that they will do whatever is possible to get my laptop repaired.

    If I do not get my laptop repaired, back to factory condition, without any additional costs, I will never shop at Best Buy again and I will let all of my peers know, along with the United States Army and Better Business Bureau, that this organization does not care about its customers. This has been a terrible experience for me and I have a $ 1200.00 laptop that does me no good without an operating system. What I would like from Best Buy is my additional cost returned, ($ 197.00), or a new laptop of my choice that costs the same as all the money I have put into this one.

    I doubt this letter will do any good. I have seen others on the Internet that has had similar experiences with Best Buy. I would only hope that this letter would serve as a guide for others to never shop at your store.
    I will wait to hear from the Best Buy store, #1501, and see if they repair my laptop to my satisfaction. But to me, after this experience, this laptop has been tainted. I would like it replaced. I intend on sending this letter to this organization, the United States Army and the Better Business Bureau just so you know. I hope that in the future, your organization learns how to treat its customers.

    John P. Zappa

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  • Rd
    r dean wise Nov 29, 2009

    i have no problem with their problem is i purchased a bose lifestyle 28 sound has always sold for 1999.99.i purchased mine on 9-29-09 i was at the same store on 11- 28-09. they had it on sale for 1699.99. iam sorry but that is one heck of a sale.

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  • Best Buy's Performance Service Plan - Refrigerator repair

    I contacted Best Buy on a Thursday about my freezer. I had noticed that my ice cubes were no longer ice cubes... but just water. When I saw that I checked the fridge. It was not working either.

    I called Best Buy Geek Squad. I spoke to a woman, it took several minutes for her to find my 5 year Performance service plan or even my purchase in general of the refigerator.

    She asked me several times if I was sure that I had even bought the product from Best Buy. Upon finding it, she told me that I could pick a time between 8 to noon or noon to 5 on Monday. I expressed my concern that I do have a job and have to work during both those times. With hesitation, I made the appointment for 3pm. I rearranged my schedule and got off work early, loosing money, to be home at the time they might be there. 4:30pm on Monday came around... and they had not showed. I contacted Best Buy Geek Squad and was told after having trouble finding my purchase once again, that they have no evidence of a service call or a work order for our family. I reassured them that I had my original receipt and service performance plan and was waiting for them to show up. He told me that all he could do was to create a new work order for us and he would put it as "emergency" status. Meaning that someone would be out ASAP... What the hell? ASAP? We called on Thursday?!!! ASAP would have been coming out Friday morning to fix the problem. He assures us that they will call us Tuesday to schedule a time and the technician will be out on Wednesday...

    We are not a wealthy family and every penny counts. We purchased a product and a service plan that lasts an additional 5 years on top of the manufacturer's warranty JUST IN CASE something like this happens. We have lost all our food not only in the freezer but in the refrigerator portion as well.We are out a couple hundred dollars in food and don't have the cash to be spending on more just so it can go bad again. I am frustrated with Best Buy with the initial appointment and the runaround they have given us just to get them out here. Our family has eaten out since Thursday and it's Monday. Not only is it more unhealthy for us to eat out but it is drastically more expensive for us to do so. AND WE STILL HAVE 2 MORE DAYS OF IT!!! It is more than frustrating.

    When I initially called Best Buy they say "this call is monitored and recorded for quality assurance." Why can't they find my call??? I have given them the time and the day and the number and the address and the model number...etc. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?

    Grass Valley/Auburn CA
    Barbara and Jessica

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  • Bl
    blarblar Sep 15, 2009

    You're dumb. Stuff happens... Noob

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  • Bn
    bnmiller2 Jun 19, 2009

    I had a good screwing from Best Buy 3 years ago on a laptop I bought there. It keep shutting down (blue screen of death). It was only a little over a year old and I bought the extended warranty. They said it was a software problem and the warranty would not cover that. They reformated it reinstalled from the recovery disks to the tune of a little over $100. Three days later it did the same thing with the same error message. I called Toshiba and they said to take to Best Buy and have them ship it back to them. They fixed it in less than a week and sent it directly back to me. Problem was a bad motherboard. Did Best Buy refund my money for their wrong diagnostics? No. I have not set foot back in a Best Buy store since. I have also taken a course on fixing computers and do my own repairs. Best Buy is the last place on earth I would shop or have repairs done. Cover your rear and hold your wallet very tightly if you take your computer there for repair.


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  • As
    ass Apr 14, 2009

    Beest Buy is a great place. I shope there all the time and have absolutely no complaints whatsoever. The service is outstanding and the employees are knowledgeable. You people all seem to be trying to get over on Best Buy. If you don't like them or their service then do not shop there. It really is that simple. You are not forced to spend your money there, go where you are happy. You people seem pretty ###ing retarted to me for complaining. What good is it going to do you? Read the fine print. Is it their fault you ###ed up your computer watching porn? I do not believe so! Is it their fault your trying to get an extra copy of video editing software? No! So stop the ###ing complaining and move on with your lives. ###ing cheap idiots!

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  • Di
    Director of Operations Feb 20, 2009

    Best Buy better turn around their cutomer service soon or they will be out of Business. I was considering buying some Best Buy stock.
    I bought a computer from them Its been two weeks after the Geeker Squids attempted to install the computer. I still am not online nor does my printer work.
    These complaints have me worried. I should of read them before the purchase.

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  • Ma
    mary Feb 19, 2009


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  • Ra
    Rajneesh Gupta Dec 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a terrible experience with their customer support too...
    I ordered a laptop online and received their mail for pick up. I went there and they could not find it. They had me wait for 1.5 hrs and finally said, laptop is unavailable, I have to cancel my order and reorder it.
    Frustating as it was, I ordered it again. I got email about pick up again but this time I wanted to confirm it on phone before I drive 15 minutes...I kept dialling the CR 5 times without a response...I have never seen such a bad service

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  • Jo
    jonrumm Nov 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Terrible Best Buy Customer Service

    Re: Conf Nr. BBY01270637001251
    Case Nr . [protected]

    On November 5, 2008, I ordered a LG Steam Washer 4.5 Cu. Ft Red. @ . They delivered the washing machine on November 10, 2008. The machine was licking trough the front door, so I called them again and have the machine replaced. On November 13, 2008 they came and pick up the machine but NO other one. I ask them to bring me another one but they said It is not possible because they have to clear the credit card first and then I have to call and place another order. Now the credit card will clear in 2- 4 days and another order. Then 1 more week to get the new machine delivered. I called best trying to speck with a supervisor for 2 HOURS and no result. appliance reps transfer my call to Geek Squard and back again, and than back again. When I got tired and ask for a supervisor I got disconnected, every time and I tried for aprox 2 hours I got disconnected . How is this possible??? Terrible customer service @ appliances and I prefer to wash by hand than to go trough this again…

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  • An
    Angela Jul 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After several attempt to purchase a working MAC we received an unfriendly group of employees. It seems that buy a working MAC and speaking to the Geek Squad was nothing short of troublesome for these people. My husband purchase the computer and paid the Geek squad to do all the downloads. After the two hour wait period they gave him he returns. The first computer they tried the hard drive crashed. The second computer they tried and sent home with us did not work. Gas prices are way to high to drive 35 minutes back and forth to best buy four times. My husband returned the computer and walked away. Since we were not going back to an apple store for a while he asked me to see if I could get anything out of them. I go in and after interrupting three associates talking, I get David who politely helps me. However, he was a bit cocky. I am a financial professional but was treated politely but with the "dumb women" attitude. Apparently, boobs and nice looks renders "no brains" to David. After requesting all items purchased be downloaded and telling the Geeks what I wanted my computer to do and how it should perform I was on my way. The lovely blue eyed young man tells me two hours before it will be complete. Wonder...I shop around the area and return. *ss asked me how told me two hours because it takes much longer than that. Well, I do have eyes and could see the computer still in the same place. NO one had touched it. Eric promised he would work on it asap but it would take three or more hours. I drive the 35 minutes back home and wait for the call. Amazingly Eric whom I thought was a dick turned out to be the only intellegent person in Best Buy. Once we arrived the starts showing me what he did. We were interrupted four times by Jim who did not apologize or say excuse me for a second. Apparently a computer went missing after someone produced the documents to pick it up. Eric tries to continue. Interrupted again by three more people. Then I was told that I need to back away from the computer area and stand in an area that I could not see what Eric was trying to show me. I lost it... I told BEN that I would not move. I am here to pick my computer that I have spent hours waiting for and hours the other day wasted a couple of days before. He tells me he will have to stand with me. Of course I say fine stand with me or not but if I move it will be to get my $2500 back. The economy is going to tell and I must be an idiot for spending that kind of money but the have to be beyond stupid to let me husband walk away the other day and almost lose me. I just brought the computer home and was searching corporate to complain to. I have yet to take the computer out of the box. After the behavior I am thinking of driving two hours to the Apple Store and telling Best Buy to get lost. Apple should really reconsider putting their products in a store with such poor service.

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  • Pa
    patti Jul 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree!
    Today I was on line at 1-888- bestbuy.. WhAT a joke. Constant waiting 15-20 minutes (can you believe it?) and then repeated pickup-hangups to start all over again another 15 minutes and then told to calll-back! Operator-woman said their was no one available in any department that could talk to me. THAT is hard to believe.
    Originally, over two weeks ago, I purchased a refrigerator for an apartment that I am moving into this weekend!
    I was supposed to have that refrigerator delivered AFTER WORK tomorrow Friday July 11, 2008. I told them that the MOST I could take off from work was 1 hr early (no lunch ) with very late afternoon/evening delivery. I told them I could not purchase unless delivery was set-up after work. They agreed for delivery betwen 4-8. That was perfect!
    NOW? Today (thursday) in the late afternoon, I was left a phone message that delivery would be tomorrow MORNING between 10 and 12 noon!! This is a new aPARTMENT AND THERE IS NO ONE THERE TO ACCEPT DELIVERY AND i CANNOT TAKE OFF WORK AND BE DOCKED!
    SO? Now what? I am angry and worried. I cannot get through to anyone at the store. Delivery service says it's not their problem. If I am not there.. they will need to reschedule over a week later!
    NO REFRIGERATOR for a week? I am contemplating going elsewhere and getting REAL service! What a darn runaround. No customer service of ANY KIND. hOW CAN i HANDLE THIS WITH MY MOVERS AND ALL COMING late tomorrow and Saturday. . I cannot go elsewhere since there is no time left!
    This stinks and I am very upset! They do not keep their word and have terrible phone service/customer service.. does NOT exist!
    K Bermel!

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  • Sh
    Sheila Oliver Feb 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    1st phone call with CLERK, Andy... Called to get warranty work scheduled on an LG Washing machine & LG Dishwasher. Talked with Andy and he had a high degree of professional excellence that showed a sincere interest in customers and the solution to their problems.

    2:00 pm.

    Received phone call from repair company and they did not get warranty work from Best Buy for the LG Washing machine, it would cost $85.00 for service.

    3:30 pm.

    Telephone call to Best Buy and after getting transferred to the warranty department, the phone rang for 10 minutes and Best Buy disconnected the call.

    4:00 pm 2nd phone call with 1st CLERK...

    • No warranty shows up for the washing machine.
    • Talked with a clerk (no name) and she said a refrigerator came up, but I had not purchased one. Warranty was not
    passed on with earlier repair request because of error with my last name as my first. Went into the store one year ago.
    because a purchase could not be found and the manager found the same problem, he called customer service.

    • I expressed concern that I still had to make a correction for Best Buy error. Meanwhile, the clerk cuts me off and asks
    questions that she wants answers to without regard to the information I was giving to her. She began to talk over me.
    while I was talking without any respect. The name change took about 20 minutes. I asked to speak with a supervisor.

    3rd phone call transferred to CUSTOMER RELATIONS (JODI)...

    • Again, I expressed my frustration after being on the phone for hours “off and on” since the morning. She began to talk
    over me and I asked if that what a Best Buy policy? I asked her to repeat the complaint and she got upset and said she wrote everything down.

    Her “GAME “started when I asked for a supervisor and she repeated:

    CLERK: “Are you going to let me speak?”
    Click, hold (not allowing customer response).

    CLERK: “Are you going to let me speak?”
    Click, hold (not allowing customer response).

    CLERK: “Are you going to let me speak?”
    Click, hold (not allowing customer response).
    I couldn’t finish a sentence, maybe one word each time, since I attempted to tell her she did speak and I wanted to talk with a supervisor.

    Then... she starts the same “GAME” over again.

    CLERK: “Do you want to speak with a supervisor?”
    Click, hold (not allowing customer response).

    CLERK: “Do you want to speak with a supervisor?”
    Click, hold (not allowing customer response).
    I told her that I answered the question when I asked to speak with a supervisor.

    After her ranting rage of “question and click” she put me on hold for about 10 minutes until a Customer Service Supervisor, John came on and said he knew everything and would follow-up. I asked if she told him about her rage she just had with me. He said, that she did not tell him anything about what she did in the conversation, although he made sure I knew her correct name. He was silent most of the time and after I responded, he would merely sit on the phone with no morale. At the end of the phone call, he gave the reference #[protected]. John verbally did not show any empathy or genuine respect in dealing with subordinates and unacceptable tolerance levels of behavior.

    I told him I needed a new refrigerator/wall oven and he continued to handle the situation with antagonism and hostility without showing trust or a mutual understanding of what I had experienced half the day with Best Buy employees. The Customer Service Supervisor did not accept or tactfully admit to mistakes and errors of the last two employees. I will not buy products or promote any constructive criticism for Best Buy. I told him, “no wonder Best Buy sales have gone down dramatically with the low level diplomacy for CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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  • Jo
    john simpson Jan 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    There seems to be a major problem with Best Buys staff especially some so called managers. just before New Year ( the 30th of Dec in fact) we visited Best Buy in Georgetown, Texas to get a new HD TV for my wife's father who is over 70. My wife's brother also came along to add support . Our step dad had done lots of research and found a TV,,,40" Samsung that was exactly what he wanted. He had found it advertised on special at Fry,s so we rang Best Buy to get their feedback on matching the price as we had also seen similar ones in their catalogue. The sales assistant we spoke to on the phone assured us they could match the price and take another 10% off as per their advertising...all sounded off we went ..driving for an hour to get the deal. Once at the store a sales assistant was very helpful and did some checking...all was going well..we had the TV that we were looking for and then things went downhill. Once at the checkout with money in hand a manager was called over an began to tell my wifes father that he could not sell him the TV...Comments that included "I can refuse anyone service", I won't make any money", Have you ever been in business? were both condescending and demeaning of this elderly gentleman who had done his homework and believed the sales assistant. This so called manager had no customer relations skills and as we commented later would have been shown the door if he worked for us and treated customers with such distain.

    He told us we could drive to Roundrock and check another Best Buy Store out there...Incidently we had been in the store for over 90 minutes checking out the details and getting them to give us the Price Match that is very clear in the Best Buy Catalogues,.

    We ended up leaving and commenting about misleading your no avail with this young and arrogant manager.
    We then drove to Fry,s in Austin and purchased the TV for $1399, which was 139.90 more than we were lead to believe Best Buy would sell it to us for.

    There is a principal here that involves how managers treat the public, the upholding of advertised policies and lastly the treatment of a retired and elderly gentleman who had nothing but good intentions. I hope best buy can rectify this situation and not just ignore the problem.

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