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I purchased a 42" LG Plasma tv from best buy approximately 10 months ago. I have been a regular customer for many years and I am pretty sure that is over now.

3 Months ago my TV made a pop sound and the screen went away. I called in to Best Buy repair and opened a repair ticket (Job code 5916582).

I was told the earliest the tech could come to my home was approximately a month away (May 11th). I was told the Technician would call before he arrived and given a 6 hour window.

The day of the 11th the technician did in fact call me, however instead of coming out to my home he asked me a few questions, told me that he knew what it was and would "have to order a part" the technicians name was Norman.

He asked me for all of the model and serial number information off of my TV... even called me back once for additional information and then informed me that it would take 3 to 7 days for the part to arrive, at which point I would receive a return call from "routing" to set up a technician to install the part.

Two weeks later I had still not received a call back so I placed a call into best buy. I spoke with a routing rep named Gary on 5/25 and he told me that he was calling the tech and to please hold.

After being on hold for 10 minutes he informed me that the tech was checking his truck for the part and I would recieve a call back from him that day with an update.

Of course that day came and went with no return call from Gary. So once again I called in this time asking for a supervisor.

A supervisor named Sean listened to my situation and then said he would place me on hold to contact the tech and routing to determine what my situation was. After sever times being placed on hold Sean came back to inform me that he could not get a hold of the tech.

He said he emailed him and left him a voice message. He went on to say that he needed to give the tech 48 hours to respond per policy. If I had not heard back from him or the tech in 48 hours I should call him back. He then gave me his internal extension.

So 48 hours goes by and still I have not heard from Sean/Best Buy or the Tech.

I call back in and ask to be put through to sean, I am informed that he is not in... they can however route me to a different supervisor.

I am routed to Kyle I again explain my situation. Kyle apologizes but then goes on to tell me he doesn't show any parts ever being ordered... further he tells me the best he can do is re-schedule a tech to come out and gives me a date sever weeks out!

I inform him that is not acceptable. He then places me on hold and calls routing. Comes back and tells me he can have a tech at my house Sat the 2nd of June (today). Well here I sit and the tech has still not called or showed up.

Working towards three months of calling for repair on my Best Buy purchased LG HD TV and I have yet to see any Tech, I apparently do not have my part on order yet and I am no closer to watching the HD TV I purchased from BEST BUY.

I have spent on average several thousand dollars a year at Best Buy and was a loyal customer but that is now over.


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Jun 03, 2016 8:19 am

I bought some software at Best Buy. But when I got home, I realized that the version I bought required a higher system number than I had on my computer. In other words, it was not compatible with my computer. No problem. My fault for not checking carefully. The receipt said no returns on opened software, but I figured I would call the store to ask anyways. The young lady I spoke with gave me some garbage story about it being "against federal copyright laws to take back open software", but then she said she would check with a manager. About a 3 minute wait on hold, she came back and told me the manager said he would allow us to switch to some other software as long as we carried the computer in question into the store to prove the system mismatch.

So two days later (snowstorm on day 1), I went back to the Best Buy store (in Springfield, Oregon) with computer in hand. After searching a long time for another Mac compatible software (with the correct system requirement this time), I went to the exchange counter. I told my story and told them what the girl had promised on the phone two days prior. The guy at the return counter, Roman, asked for the name of the young lady, which unfortunately I did not have. He called around and nobody would admit to ever speaking to me or giving me that offer. The floor manager (Cindy) also refused to honor what I had been told on the phone. Basically their point was that they did not believe employee would ever agree to those special terms and I was just trying to scam them.

End result: I felt insulted and will not go back. I understand their terms BUT they should stand behind what their employees say on the telephone.

Secondly, they should stop giving the garbage excuse about "federal copyright law" prohibiting them from accepting software returns. I heard this lame excuse/lie from both Cindy and Roman on that same day. I can only wonder if Borders book stores are breaking "federal copyright law" every time they accept a book return?... I wonder why the federal government does not arrest the CEO of Borders?!?

Best Buy should just stop insulting their customers and admit they do not accept software returns for their own business/profit reasons. There is no federal law preventing them from doing so.

Oct 08, 2008 12:58 pm

Geek came out on 9 - 6 - 08 says not enough water going through water line to make ice maker to fill up so it makes a piece of ice once in the blue moon. They sugest we put in new line directly to fridge this is told to my husband. I decide to unhook the line and check for my self, there is a steady stream of water so i did not replace the line. I called to have them come back out of course that takes another week. I was there this time and same geek came out. He did not agree with me as i figure 10 - 1 - 08. Says he would order the new ice maker and controls that control the warter, be in on 10 - 6 - 08. I called to check on part 10 - 8 - 08 they dont even show that he came out on 10 - 1 or that any parts have been order. They will reseach it 3to5 days and call me back. So im waiting and i will never buy from them again.

Jul 08, 2011 1:00 pm

My TV delivery was late with no phone call, to tell me they would be 2 hours late.

Jun 28, 2010 1:58 pm


Dec 07, 2009 3:33 pm

Will not fix my TV under extended warranty, They tell me they only fix it once and thats it.

Nov 16, 2013 1:57 am
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I am disgusted with best buy. I asked for corporate and they never want to transfer me. I am done with them. I had this remote starter and car alarm issue for a year now. I asked the rep does the deal of the day remote starter work with my car. And I said I need an alarm with it. I finally get the items after a month. Like how do u mail half my order to my current address and the other half to my previous address. Had to wait one month to install cause they were booked. Then get there and they said it won't work for my car. I had to drive a a half hour to go to the best but that I bought it from and they switched it to another one that would work with my car and drive back another half hour to have the best buy closer to me install it. I had issues all year been there about 5 times before they finally took it out and ordered another system it's cold out now and I have no starter no alarm. And all cause shipped my order to MN when my address is listed on my receipt That shows PA. They promised me gift card for $20 for my trouble and said they would send another out. Then they said it's not available and cancelled the order. I called again and I shouldn't have to pay a single dime for the crap I went through. The rep said I will send a $60 gift card and issue a credit for the money I paid the store ($71) for the alarm part only. I have the other pieces that they had in the store. I've been on the phone with then for an hour each time I call. Called them 5 times about this since early oct. It's a month and a half and I haven't gotten anything. I'm the mom of 2 special needs children and with early arthritis. I kind of need the starter to start my car before I go anywhere and got the alarm since my car was broken into once. Mind u some kids in the neighborhood threw pebbles at my car and cracked the windshield and a dent on the hood. would think that the alarm would go off. Nope. Customer service is nasty. Y promise gift cards for my troubles and not give me the item I need or credit my credit card back because the item is no longer available... Plus ever since they touched my car now I don't hear my blinkers like before and my rear windshield wiper stopped working and my headlights blew out 3 times within a year . The (original) second car key doesn't work it may need a new battery but I rarely used it and the one I use all the time works. Maybe that's all just coincidence or maybe they screwed that up too. Next time I buy a car I'm going buy one pre installed. And pay the extra money cause this is ridiculous now.

Aug 30, 2008 9:58 am

Should you choose to purchase any product from Best Buy, please be aware that this company DOES NOT honor their extended warranties. Do not waste any of your money on them!
In March 2006, I purchased a RCA 50 inch DLP TV from Best Buy, along with their extended warranty. I was told it covered lifetime lamp changes. Now, I am being told after Best Buy has changed the lamp 3 times, and never charged me, that the warranty only covered one lamp change. Just one? Funny that now as the warranty comes close to being over, it only covers one. Lemon coverage, you say? Best Buy laughs in the face of Lemon Coverage! This TV was sent out for repairs just two months after purchasing it! I was told at the time that I could not return it for another model or store credit, but since I took the extended warranty, that "although I might be slightly inconvenienced", at least it was covered for three years.
Today I was told by the a rep claiming to be the "highest up person" that I could speak to regarding this so called extended warranty that I could not have our conversation recorded for quality assurance, and that Best Buy does "NOT CONSIDER" customer requests to be relevant. Her words, not mine. I was told that I could write a letter to a post office box. This is not aceptable to me nor should it be to anyone else considering paying $2000.00 + for a DLP TV from Best Buy.
Lamps, unfortunately are an intergral part of DLP televisions, so buyer beware, you can purchase your TV today, have to send it out less than two months later, as I did, have best buy come in to your home to replace your lamps 3 more times after, as I did, need a fourth replacement, as I do, and find out that the warranty no longer covers lamp replacements, as I am finding out today...

Jan 22, 2009 2:14 pm

12/12/2008 – Washing machine fails during washing cycle. The washing machine is covered until April 2009 under an extended warranty plan.
12/15/2008 – Placed call to 888-Best Buy to notify them of issue. An appointment was set up on 12/18 for a service group to come out and inspect the machine.
12/16/2008 – Call received from service group who indicated the 12/18 date was no good for them because they do not make calls in our area on that day. A new appt was set-up for 12/19.
12/19/2008 – ASAP Appliance Service group visits our home, inspects washer, and indicates the control panel is “fried”. He does not have the part with him, and he will need to order it.
12/23/2008 – Called 888-Best Buy to get an update on the replacement part. Customer service rep indicates the part has been ordered, but they cannot give an estimated delivery date. We asked to speak with the CSR’s boss in order to escalate the issue. Spoke with a supervisor named Amanda who called the service group on our behalf to get an update. She also assured us the part was on order, but could not give us a deliver date. We asked for the contact information for ASAP so we could speak with them directly. Called ASAP and spoke with Tina. Tina told us that the part had only been ordered that day because the field tech didn’t turn in his order until Monday (12/22) (the service appt on 12/19 was a Friday). I asked if they could expedite the part and have it sent over night. Tina told us the Parts Manager was in charge of that, and she couldn’t do anything. I asked to speak with the Parts Manager, and she informed me that he doesn’t take calls from customers. Called 888-Best Buy again, and after explaining issue to CSR, I asked to be reconnected to Amanda who had given me her ID number. The number she had given me did not connect, but I was connected to a Kim who was also a supervisor. Spoke with Kim at length about the issue, and our expectations of having the part expedited. Kim called ASAP, and then confirmed since the part had been ordered, she could not change the method of shipping. The only thing she could do was order the part again, but said they wouldn’t do that because 2 parts would show up when only 1 was needed. Exasperrated, we ended the call with every assurance that the part would come and the appliance would repaired by Jan 2.
1/2/2009 – Spoke with Tina at ASAP again to get status on part. She indicated that our part had not shown up, and that all other parts that they ordered on 12/22 and 12/23 had shown up. We were left with the impression our part had not been ordered. Called 888-Best Buy and went through the story with their CSR and asked to speak to a supervisor. This time we spoke with a Scott, who could not explain why they part had not been ordered, or when we might get the unit repaired. We decided to involve the store at this point, and went to the Gunbarrel location where we purchased the washing machine and extended warranty. We met with Matt (Appliance Supervisor) and explained the whole story. I asked if he could just call the 888 number with me and listen to the ‘run-around’ we were getting. He offered to call them, and call me back – he could not believe we were not getting the help needed. Matt did call me back within 10 minutes of me leaving the store and told me he had requested the washer be ‘junked out’ meaning that they would just replace the washing machine with a new one. He told me their process was to issue a return authorization number (RA#) and that we should get that within 3 – 5 business days. When we got that number, we were to return to the store to pick out our new unit.
1/11/2009 – After waiting nine days, we went back to the store to see Matt. He was surprised that we had no reply. In fact, we had not received any contact from Best Buy during this period. He offered to again contact their 888 group and put in a store-level ‘urgen’ request for the RA number. This was on a Sunday, and he asked that we wait at least until Wednesday for the return call.
1/14/2009 – Wed. Received a call from Best Buy indicating they were calling to update us on our claim, but that their computer systems were down, and they could not update us.
1/15/2009 – Thursday. No other updates, so I called the store again to talk to Matt, but he was not in. I did speak with another manager named Zach Turner. I explained to him the whole story, and concluded that our last update was their systems were down. At one point, I asked Zach did I have an legal options, and he promised that if I said that phrase again, he would have to hang up and would not be able to speak me again. I just told him I felt like I was out of options, and that in addition to not having a working washing machine for more than a month, we were also spending $40-45/week at the laundrymat. He took my information and offered to call the corporate group again. Zach did call back, and said the replacement group wanted to send another service group out to verify the unit could not be repaired. I asked when this would happened, and he said by the end of the day Friday. Zach also mentioned that he would let his GM know about this issue. I asked who that was, and he said Joe. Zach also offered that the next time we come in the store, he could give us a gift card for our troubles. He was apologetic (actually, all Best Buy contacts have been professional, polite and apologetic during our mini-saga).
1/16/2009 – Friday – having no update, I called 888 Best Buy to try to find out what we were to do. Spoke with the CSR who was nice, but could not tell us much and asked to speak to a supervisor. Ended up speaking with Ricky who indicated he was a supervisor at the Corporate level. Ricky reviewed our log and then informed me that when the replacement request was submitted on Jan 2, it was done incorrectly, so the ‘system’ had kicked it out. He told us that he would enter it in correctly and make sure it went through this time. I could not believe what I was being told, and so I asked Ricky how in the world did Best Buy now expect me to believe anything they told me. For a month, we had been given one story then another, and all of them end up being not true. Promises and commitments are made, but no follow-up is done.
1/17/2009 – Saturday – no update, no calls from Best Buy or service group. I went to the store again. Found Matt, and again replayed the whole thing. Matt could not believe we did not have an RA number by now. He took 15 minutes to call and see what could be done, but his update was no better. We were to wait for the service group to contact us, and since we had involved the 888 number, there was nothing else they could do at the store level. They have a process, and nothing can be done until we get our RA number. I suggested that they give us a loaner machine, bring ours back to the store and wait for the RA number themselves – we are desperate at this point. Matt could not agree to anything like that, so I asked if we could talk to the GM – Joe, and Matt brought him over. Finally, we were talking to the General Manager, Joe Y.. Joe listened carefully to our whole story. He apologized, and took our information, excused himself in order to call someone. When he returned, he gave us an update that he had asked for management support to intervene on our behalf, and he promised we would get a call back today, but that the process of getting an RA would take up 2 business days to complete. I summarized our frustration with Joe the best I could. That evening, I received a call from Loretta who introduced herself as part of the Best Buy management team. She indicated she would personally follow up with the replacement center on our behalf until the issue was resolved.
1/18/2009 – No update
1/19/2009 – No update
1/20/2009 – Loretta called today and indicated she had followed up with the service group about the part in question. Since the part was not available, she indicated that we would be receiving an RA# within 24 hours for a replacement washing machine.
1/21/2009 – 24 hours have elapsed without any word from Loretta or Best Buy. We continue to wait.
1/22/2009 – No answer from Best Buy, called 888 number again, spoke with Tiffany in customer service who elevated the call to supervisor named Chase. Told Chase whole story and that we were expecting a return call & RA number from Loretta. He said he didn’t see why we would get an RA number when the part had been ordered. He called the service center who said they did not have the part, but they were expecting it any day. Once the part was received they would call us to set-up an appointment. This is the same story we started hearing back on 12/23/08.

Jun 06, 2008 5:34 am

I purchased a 32in. Insignia television from Best Buy in L.A. late Dec. of last year. It stopped working and was reported as such late April, 2008. As of June 5th after countless phone calls the television is still down. Right now they know that the part needed will not be available until late July, but must wait before offering to replace the set for another 2 weeks. 2 months to fix a television!

Do not buy from Best Buy, they do not stand by their televisions and will waste your time rather than replace or fix defective products.

Sep 24, 2009 3:45 pm

Purchased a projection television last February. The screen is displaying the hours of bulb usage is running low. Called best buy to see what I needed. Informed me that the bulb will cost $453.00 & Needs to be professionally installed @$200.00 & This has to be done every 3000 hours of usage. I feel I am being taken advantage of, by either best buy or the manufacturer of these bulbs and machines.

I would have never purchased this had I known.

Jun 14, 2011 5:26 pm

I bought a service plan for my computer at the time of purchase from Best Buy. When my computer crashed I took it in to the service center in Gilbert Arizona. I was notified a week later that they would be unable to fix it and they needed to send it to the service center in Chino California. After several weeks it came back, but the computer was still dead.They sent it out again to Chino Ca, this time with the boot disks. They supposedly replaced everything on the computer and sent it back again. Completely dead.

The Best Buy service center said that they sent it out to Chino Ca. again and this time they sent out an email to the technician and told them to junk it out so that I could finally get another computer after two and 1/2 months. They said they would take care of it this time. I just spoke to the store and they have gutted the computer for Third time and replaced everything again and supposedly and it will be here in a week. The Chino Ca. service center refuses to junk it out. Why would I ever want it back again. It is a lemon. They say it has to go into the service center in Chino Ca. four times before they will do anything. That is a minimum of 3 1/2 months if it is sent in back to back.

The Best Buy Service Center is a rip off. Do not spend your money here. Don't bother to leave a message for the Geek Squad. They are running with minimum staff and they will never call you back, ever. I will tell you that this service center is completely incompetent. After 2 1/2 months I still do not have a computer or see any end to this ordeal. This was a work computer. I had to buy another computer just to stay in buisness.


Here's my comments that I posted on yahoo mail page today. This happened over a year ago, and it still [email protected]@@es me off--

Best Buy sucks. The last time I went to one of their stores, I bought a computer and was on my way out the door when I was stopped by an employee. Aparently, the person who sold me the computer didn't charge me for "optional extras" (software which was still on the box. Aparently, they are/were charging the customers for this without him/her knowing about it) so I had to wait around for almost an hour and half before they got their [email protected]@t straight. While I was their waiting, I expressed my displeasure of having to wait (my wife was late for work that day too) for over an hour for something that I already paid for. I even told them I didn't want the "extra software" and that I needed to get going. They basicly told me to shut up and just deal with the wait. They were very rude! I hope Best Buy gose under. The company does not value their customers, and their employees (who's jobs are obviously on the line) had bad attitudes. HAVE FUN GOING DOWN, BEST BUY. I won't miss you...

From the other responses on yahoo, it seems like no one is happy with BESY BUY!

Dec 08, 2011 7:05 pm


My name is Jorge Abadia, I have an issue regarding my Black Tie protection for my mobile phone.

Phone #: [protected]

Acct Name: Margarita Abadia

1.I bought 2 HTC Hero's from BestBuy in Duluth GA on 02/05/2010. Purchased Black Tie protection for both phones.
2.One HTC Hero, my wife's, was repaired/exchanged in January of 2011, with a new HTC Evo and new Black Tie protection purchased.
3.From February of 2011 to August 2011, I paid Black Tie protection for the new HTC Evo and BOTH Hero's. In August, I called 800-Geek Squad, and requested that they cancel the protection for the Hero that was no longer in use. They did and credited me the last 6 months, which I appreciate.
5.I did not become aware of this until I took in my HTC Hero in for repair on Sunday, November 6th. I called on Monday, November 7th, and was told by a Black Tie Mobile agent that it was canceled in error, and that it would take 7-10 business days to reinstate.
6.I waited until Monday, November 21st to call for a followup, with the case # I was given. The agent was unable to locate the case, but notes indicated the reinstatement of my Black Tie protection was still "pending". I called again on Wednesday, November 23rd, and was told the same.
7.On Friday, November 25th, I called yet again, and was told the same "pending" status by an agent. I found this answer unsatisfactory, and was transferred to a supervisor, who then told me that the department that handled my issue was an entirely separate department, and that they were "backed up" 30 days. I found this answer even less satisfactory, and after requesting rather forcefully, was transferred to Corporate Customer Care, which is based right in Minneapolis, I was told.
8.I spoke to Joseph Helnicki(I believe) in CCC, who agreed with me that my entire ordeal was unacceptable, and agreed to take charge of this issue, and assured me of a contact within 24-48 hours with at least an update. He also offered to send me a gift card of $75 for my troubles thus far, which we both agreed was of little consequence unless my issue with the Black Tie protection was resolved to my satisfaction.
9.I waited until Thursday, December 1st, with no call from Joseph, and after over 45 minutes in various departments, spoke to another CCC agent, who was able to do nothing more for me than to send me to Joseph's voicemail.
10.Today, again, after waiting patiently another week, I placed a call to customer service. A Black Tie agent named Britney, who was pleasant enough, had me wait on hold while she communicated with a "supervisor" regarding my issue. After MORE THAN AN HOUR on the phone, all she was able to offer me was that my complaint would be forwarded again. While I was waiting for her to transfer me to CCC, the phone call dropped
11.I called again, FINALLY got to CCC, where a gentleman who's name I didn't write down initially took a very defensive tone - his first question to me was "well, are you willing to pay for the back months of service if we reinstate your coverage?" - finally told me that he would have to "partner" with Joseph on this, which for him apparently meant sending me to Joseph's voicemail AGAIN.

Now, I have tried to be patient, but at this point I am left with no other impression than Best Buy is PURPOSELY dragging their feet on this issue in order to not have replace my phone in the hopes that I will simply give in and buy a phone instead of having it replaced, a conclusion only strengthened by that fact that in my store visits for this issue as well as on the phone it's been brought up more than once that my account is elligible for an upgrade. I am aware of this, and I can assure you that the $600+ that I will spend on my three phones will NOT be spent at BestBuy if this issue is not resolved for me within the next 3 business days.

I apologize for taking a somewhat threatening tone, but I feel the actions and frankly attitudes of many of the reps that I have spoken with leave me with little choice. I am a loyal customer who buys most of his electronics from BestBuy precisely because I believed until this incident that your customer service was superior. However, that faith has been lost, and I have no problem taking my money elsewhere.

Please do not take this as an empty email. I will continue pursuing this until it is resolved to my satisfaction and will pursue every avenue at my disposal to do so.


Jorge Abadia

Oct 24, 2011 11:49 pm

It all started took. My phone to get riperd ..there. was. Along line.been their 25 minutes. Then is finally my turn. And alady. Walks in and the man said. Ill. Be with. You in just. One sec.whether manager starts attending this lady. That just came in. ..I was pissed I went to find some help this Guy. Helped me and awas. On my. Way home. .My phone will. Background two weeks. I came to pick. It up every thing. Was fine. Until. I left the store. Got home found. Out my SD. Card is not their. I go back to getit and they said there's nothing they can't do

Jul 08, 2011 3:58 pm

They are the absolute WORST in service! I've had my computer with them since 6.2.11 and it is now 7.8.11! Still dont have it back, technicians are horrible, supervisors dont exsist, and staff dont know a thing! This is now the second computer I purchased with them that doesnt work. (Fortunately I purchased insurance for it this time around) TAKE MY a little more and buy direct! This store sucks!

Jun 26, 2011 4:35 pm

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to complain about the poor service and very bad attitude as well as lack of customer service performance of the Geek Squad personnel at the Best Buy Golf Mill Store located at 9530 Greenwood, Niles, IL.

Three weeks ago I had taken my computer which I had purchased at Best Buy originally to the Geek Squad for advise and was told to absolutely get it repaired because it was a top of the line computer and not buy a new one as I intended.

After the lack of communication on their part on what the operating disk for the computer was and several useless trips where individuals did not know what the operating disk was, I was advised to contact HP for a operating disk copy. Unfortunately, when I contacted HP, I was told the real truth that the computer was obsolete and that an operating disk was not available contrary to the Geek Squad guy (as indicated earlier) who originally took my order and said I should absolutely not buy a new computer and that my computer was top of the line. Unfortunately, this individual's remarks resulted in my repairing rather than buying a computer and reminded me of going to the service area at your local gas station in the old days and being ripped up for service costs rather than being at the reputable Best Buy Store that I was accustomed to in the past. As a result of this misleading information, I spent over $500 on repairs and software which I did not ultimately desire had I know that the computer was obsolete and would have bought a new computer with those funds.

To make things worst, the Geek Squad guys configured my memory wrong where I now had 250 gigs rather than 500 gigs as well as not updating the computer with the printer disk and back-up disk.

When, I took my computer back this Friday to get this corrected and load my printer disk and back-up disk (which the Geek Squad guys had also conveniently forgot to do despite me asking them to do originally as indicated), it was discovered that the mother board had gone bad and that I would have to spend another $300 to fix. Please note that the computer was working fine and powering up before I brought it to the store ironically enough.

Needless to say, I have decided to throw out the computer and take the loss of $500 spent originally.

When I asked Dan, the last kid (and I mean kid) who helped me at the store if he could give me a credit for past services considering my experience and loyalty to Best Buy, he coldly said he could not help me . Dan seemed like a cold fish with not even an apology for the lack of poor service and advise. Ultimately, I will never use your service again nor shop at Best Buy in the future due to this experience despite the fact that I have been a loyal customer of your store for the past 20 years spending probably over $50, 000 plus as evidenced by my Best Buy Silver Premium Card and wife Selma's Best Buy Card.


Dzafer Kulenovic

Apr 21, 2011 10:24 pm

We have had nothing but trouble with a dishwasher order that started in March 2011. I will spare everyone the details on the 10 times it took to get installation scheduled by the salesperson who didn't seem to know what he was doing. The troubles really began on April 6th when the store claimed we had no installation appointment for the 8th. Once we got that worked out, the installer came out, spent 4 hours, charged us an extra $75 and made a trip to the hardware store because he didn't have the part he needed (why did I buy an installation kit)? The dishwasher leaked when run the first time. It took 5+ calls and 7 days to get someone out there. The first Geek Squad appointment (since when does the GS correct installation errors? Never, apparently, although that is where the store sent us) -was made for a WEdnesday at 2pm. My husband took off work, went home, only to find out they had come at noon as they supposedly had an "any time" appointment. Huh - glad we knew that. Also glad he tried so hard to call our cell phones. Friday, we get a call from a guy 5 hours away who has received the service ticket. He states they are having trouble with their new call center. Really? I hadn't noticed. He actually did help and got a local GS guy out within an hour. Poor GS guy walks in and says "installation, huh? nothing i can do about that". So, call number 542 is made to the store. The original installer comes back out on Saturday, only because I demanded it, and guess what - the motor has burned out because it's been 5 days and the machine couldn't be turned off in the interim. Installer takes it with him, Best Buy promises a new machine, but wait - the old one hasn't been checked into the warehouse yet. Promise a call on Monday. Fast forward to Wednesday. No call, so I go to the store and demand refund of all money paid to date. Assistant manager promises me that general manager will work on it and they will call me by 3pm. 3 pm - I call the store. GM is in a meeting and will call me back. 4:40 - I call the store and they transfer me to appliances, after i asked them not to and the guy in appliances asks me to call back because "he is new, can't help me, and doens't know how to transfer a call back." yes, I am not making this up, folks. I finally said "can no one go to the meeting and get the GM out?". Oh yeah, that is a possibility, apparently. But, not so soon - GM can't really come talk to me, but will call me back (yeah, right, heard that one before.) it's now 5:20 and I'm waiting for my call. If I have to go to the store tomorrow to get this resolved, it will not be pretty. Thankfully I don't have to drive 75 miles like others, but still - there is absolutely no respect for my time. I will join those class action suits - just tell me how and where. I have spent thousands over the past 4 years in appliances and cameras and will never set foot in Best Buy again if this is how they treat their customers.

Dec 17, 2010 6:57 pm

I bought a LG washing machine and dryer from Best Buy and the washing machine has been nothing but trouble. The purchase came from the Athens, GA store. They have only one company that can service this product and it is at their convenice. The first appt. we were stood up. The 2nd and 3rd was on their time fram. Finally with know one showing up after 3 weeks. I had to get ugly and they finally got another company to come out. The first guy is lucky that I was not here and it was my husband. He did not know jack. The second guy knew more, he had to order a part. Then a third guy had to come and put it in. This was the first of Oct. and now it will not run again. I called the tech dept. and was nice with Paul that I spoke with because it was not his fault. BUT I plainly ask that he not wast my time and send the first company out because of what they had done at the beginning. Well guess who was to come this morning, yes your right, then they called and said that it would be between 3 and 7. Now this is the 3rd time that I have taken off work for this piece of crap and they don't care. I will never ever buy a appliance from Best Buy again, the service sucks. Everyone else should be careful also. I spent a lot of money for something I wish I could leave on their front door.



If you do choose to go to BEST BUY to buy computer, do not pay for the Geeksquad to tune up and computer. I bought two computers at BEST BUY this week. The salesperson kept emphasizing that the Window 7 needs update software which could take 2 hours or more to get the computer ready to use. He further pursuaded that it was a good idea to pay extra $30 to have them create recovery disks because Microsoft makes it difficult to reinstall when computer has problem with product key, etc.

After I took computers home, I found no recovery disks in the box. I called BEST BUY and got $30 back. As I used the computer further, I found that I paid $69 for each computer for BEST BUY to install Webroot software and that was it. The control panel shows only Webroot antivirus was installed on the day of purchase, and no other Windows updates. It is a unethical business practice to cheat consumbers for something that they didn't do.

I am hoping their extended warranty works, not like the experience I had so far!

Jun 28, 2010 2:23 pm

Thanks for the extremely informative post

Mar 15, 2010 9:17 pm

I can relate to these warranty issues. I had a Dell mini 9 and the battery began to leak acid; unfortunately i was only aware of this after the mother board had been soaked. I went to best buy geek squad and they agreed that the battery had leaked however they said they still needed to snd it in for repair/replacement. 2 weeks later i get a call saying that there is liquid damage to the lap top and that I am responsible for the damage and would have to pay $1200 in repairs for a $400 lap top.

Being a very careful person, I take care of everything that I have. I was so convinced by their explanation that I doubted myself and blamed my girlfriend for spilling something on it, even though I knew at the time it was battery acid. We had a big arguement and she was very upset at the end of it.

Looking back I realise that the liquid was not sticky, sugary nor sweet; it had caused corrosion on the battery contacts. I felt terrible for blaming my girl friend and ended up forking out $100 for dinner. Best buy are horrible people and cause great socio-economic problems. Somebody please do something about this. I am $400 out of pocket and many others are $1000s out of pocket.

This fraud must stop

Jun 03, 2016 8:19 am

It's actually not federal copyright law. I worked at Circuit City and we fed this same line to everyone too. It's just the company policy and you'll find the same policy in any store you go to. Walmart, target, best buy, etc etc. But when you tell people it's federal copyright law, they are less argumentative.

But here's the thing. I'm not saying that it's right (in my Circuit City, we probably would have worked with you), but a return policy is a convenience. The store doesn't have to take back anything.

Dec 24, 2009 7:56 am

Best Buy warranty doesn't mean anything. We bought a 60" Sony TV that will not last a yr. The TV was $4500, warranty was over $400, and the extra's was $2300. This is a defected TV! Down 5 times in 3 1/2 yrs. Sony, Best Buy and the warranty dept. could care less. The warranty is up this april. Now we have this BIG 60" TV that is defected, and BEST BUY knew this when they sold it. BEST BUY, SONY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS! And lets not forget the warranty-THIS MEANS NOTHING. The same as going to a casino and giving the money away!

Aug 08, 2009 7:23 pm

I am not sure that Mr. Sutton's posting his name, address and telephone number in this thread or anywhere online is a smart thing to do.

He should reconsider removing this information from the view of predators.

Apr 13, 2009 4:59 pm

I purchased a radio for my suv there in the summer of 2005. I also added to it the PSP (Protection Service Plan) for and extra $50.00. In 2007 that radio quit work so I took it back and the Installers tested it and agreed it was bad. Best Buy at first did not want to exchange it under the plan as they did not sell it anymore. After arguing with the CS Rep, I got the manager who after 10 minutes of conversation finally agreed to exchange it for another like unit.

Well here it is 2 years later and that one has gone out. So I took it back and had it check and the unit was bad. This time the Best Buy rep said they could fix it and I had to talk to the geek squad. Now that was a bit odd as they fix computers. Well they have to send it off to some other location (The location is not disclosed nor do they have access to speak with anyone there, neither does the customers). This was on the 6th of March and now its the 13rd of April and my unit is not back. No one including corporate can tell me the status on me radio. If you buy from them be prepared to be treated as a bad customer not a valued one.

No Radio for a month and counting. Avoid them and you will do better if you go to a local stero shop.

Apr 04, 2009 9:30 pm

I took my daughter's laptop to BestBuy to be repaired. I was told diagnostic would be 3 days, after 5 days and no contact, I went to the store and was told they are still doing diagnostic. Another 5 days and I'm told they need to do a new O/S and it would be $129 would I authorize it, I said yes and was told it would be a few days. Now another 5 days go by and no call I show up again to the store only to be asked if I was there to authorized the repairs or pick it up. I was shocked since I authorized repairs 5 days ago, and then the tech told me that they would need my discs to reboot the laptop. why am I going to pay them $129 to reload discs that are in my house. (Something they did not tell me when I authorized repairs). I took my laptop home unrepaired and was asked to sign a receipt to take it back. Highly aggitated I didn't read the paper, only to find out when I got home that I signed a form stating repairs were done to my satisfaction. What repairs, they didn't do anything but keep my laptop for 3 weeks a laptop I bought there. I am so disgusted with BestBuy and the Geek Squad I will not purchase anything there nor will I tell anyone to use them.

Mar 10, 2009 1:39 pm

I forgot to add we had just purchased nov 18th it is now mar 10th and its been month and a half this hasnt worked.

Mar 10, 2009 1:37 pm

I am in the same situation in the middle of second month.I have had 6 scheduled appts with no show and no call.I called corporate today and will supposedly hear back tomorrow, well see.I talked to several supervisors and once again someone will supposedly be here today.Im not holding my breathe!If anyone has any helpful info on my options please let me know.Thanks

Feb 20, 2009 4:03 pm

I bought a 50 Magnavox TV from Best Buy in Summerlin Nevada in March of 2006. Within the first week the TV picture developed blotches and the TV began to overheat. I called Best Buy and they told me to contact the manufacturer to get it repaired. When I called Magnavox, they just told me to unplug the set for 20 minutes every time it overheats and the screen becomes blotchy. After multiple calls to Best Buy in attempts to have someone look at the TV, and never being able to get a repairman to come out, I hired my own private TV repairman. He looked at the innerworkings of the TV and found that it had extensive repairs that were done incorrectly and said it would cost me over $1000 dollars to repair. I told him no. I called back Best Buy and explained what the repairman had found. Best Buy said they do not do repairs in house and would not resell a repaired product as new. They suggested the TV came from the manufacturer that way and I needed to call them. I did call Magnavox who told me they don't sell remanufactured products to Best Buy, and that if the TV had been repaired, it was done by Best Buy in house and then sold to me as new.
I called Best Buy 3 days ago as I have not gotten my problem resolved yet in 3 years, and confronted them about the same repair issue that was brought to my attention by an indipendent repairman and the manufacturer. The representative from Best Buy Corporate put me on hold for 10 minutes to speak to his manager and when he came back on the phone with me stated "there is nothing we will do for you." I am out over $2000 dollars for this TV which does not work anymore. I have contacted the BBB and Consumer Affairs and filed complaints.
I have found so many complaints against Best Buy that I have learned after giving them $2000 dollars and getting a TV that never worked, not to EVER deal with this company again and I hope they go bankrupt!

Dec 03, 2008 8:36 pm

I have had an awful experience with Best Buy. I had purchased a HP Pavilion Media Center TV m8100n Desktop PC back in August of 2007. After 6 months, the hard drive failed, and I had to take the computer into a Best Buy for repair. They essentially told me it was the fault of the manufacturer, and had to send it out. After 4 weeks, they had it, but it was completely blank. I then had to send away to HP for backup disks. After installing the OS, I took the machine home, grateful that I had a computer again. 6 months went by, and I noticed that my disk was almost maxed out. Surprised I looked at the system settings, and learned that my 500GB hard disk was only 60 GB. I called customer service, and after being on the phone for 2 hours, they informed me that there would be no consideration, because they had their service records that indicated they DID place the 500gb hard drive. This is one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had. Not only did Best Buy sell a faulty system, but after installing the wrong part they refuse to make good. Unbelievable!

Nov 29, 2008 5:47 pm

I had such a great morning today [11/29/2008]. My oldest brother had bought a HP laptop from Best Buy, and its USB port was faulty. His internet connection was made throught the USB port, and he used it mainly for his roofing company, sending and checking e-mails, so he needed internet connection.

My brother brought his computer to the Geek Squad in the Best Buy where he had bought it, and they send that his warranty would cover it because it was barely three months old, and away it was sent to Geek Squad headquarters somewhere in California.

My brother got a phone call a few days ago, and was told that he had "Excessive wear and tear on his laptop, which would cost him $799 out of his own pocket to fix". He has somewhat of a bad temper, so my dad and I went with him down to the store today to see what was going on.

We spent forever on the phone, with different customer service reps, finally to be told that it was under HP's warranty for a year, and should have been sent there, no charge. The store manager, general manager, and all of the Geek Squad staff at the Colorado Springs, CO store on Powers were very disrespectful, unprofessional, and rude. None of them wanted to help us at all, and were very snotty when it came to simply ask for a pen to write something down while on the phone with the 888BESTBUY number.

Well, now we just have to wait for Geek Squad to send it back, call HP and send it out there. I'm just waiting to see how long it's going to take for Best Buy to give him the laptop back.


Nov 12, 2008 2:47 pm

i have had the worst experiences with best buy and their warranty and “THE NO LEMON POLICY”. I will not discuss in here. However I am interested if anyone is willing to start a class action lawsuit.

Nov 03, 2008 7:49 pm

Is there a major problem with Best Buy or are they just taking advantage of this situation? At the near end of September I called Best Buy since there was problem in the washing machine and so they sent a technician (Geek Squad) to see the problem at October 6. They ordered the parts which were need to fix the washing machine and informed me by saying that they will call back to me when they have received the parts. So my family has been waiting to receive the call but there is no word from them what so ever. I then called the company over and over again for about 2 or 3 times a day which then caused the technicians to eventually come and see the problem over again (about 2 times). The second time a technician came to fix the problem but he told us that the part he ordered was the right part but the company sent him the wrong one and he said he will come back as soon as possible to get the machine working again. Again and again I have called and did the same thing as I did before, calling 2 or three times a day but there was no sign of anyone from the Geek Squad. Then at Halloween I called them, as usual, to schedule a repair as they replied to me saying that they will replace my washing machine with a new one, although I have not asked them to replace my washing machine. They said they will call to give me an authorization code to replace the washing machine and then again there was no call back from them. The next day I called the companies supervisor and he told me he will give me the authorization code within 2 business days so I told him that I will call back on Monday (11/3). I called them today (11/3) and they told me to call after 2 hours to receive the authorization code. Then again no word from them. I then called again, waited another hour and spoke to the supervisor on Best Buy. She said she will get the Geek Squad to fix my washing machine when they told me that they will replace it for me. So I have to conclude that Best Buy is taking advantage of this situation and wasting time with me. My family cannot do anything because they are all waiting for someone to fix it. I am wasting a lot of money on laundry in the (laundry stores?). At first we just wanted a simple fixing of the washing machine but since Best Buy has given us the idea of getting a replacement of the washing machine, we want that. And also we want the money that we spent on the laundry store back.

Oct 29, 2008 9:23 am

I worked at Best Buy in the customer service department and I would never, ever buy anything not "name brand" that cost a significant amount of money. I once saw a customer return 3, yes THREE store brand stereo head units in one day. Same with Insignia DVD players. I saw two of those come back in one day from the same customer.

Oct 24, 2008 7:03 pm

A systemic cult of hubris perculates down from management to the last bottom feeding worm at Best Buy.
The best advice you will ever receive is avoid Best Buy like a plague. Nothing but infuriating bad faith lurks within those stores. If you have a problem with anything you purchase there, save time and simply throw it away. You will never be allowed to speak to a manager, and the employees are well trained in the art of stonewalling. I predict that Best Buy will soon fail anyway---good riddance.

Lance Cross

Oct 17, 2008 3:25 pm

I would like to share the horrible experience I currently have with Best Buy. I purchased a laptop computer in the amount of 450 dollars for my daughter on Aug 3rd. This was intended for her to use in her first year of college. On Sept 24 the laptop just stopped working. I took it to the store on Sept 25 where it remains with the Geek Squad to this day Oct 17. I was advised the delay in getting this repaired was due to many parts had to be ordered to repair this item. I advised Best Buy I wanted a replacement laptop since I only had it less than 2 months and it was an inferior product. Meanwhile my daughter is in school without the use of a laptop. They refused to provide a loaner and advised that if I out of desperation do purchase another one and return it within 14 days I will have to pay a 15 percent restocking fee. I feel this is so unjust and I feel taken advantage of. Paying 450.00 was a real sacrifice for me and to have it just taken from me with an inferior product in return is certainly not good customer service. I will not give up because this is absolutely a matter of principle and good faith. Will fight this with all I have. no. 00505-[protected]

Oct 10, 2008 8:49 pm

i would like to let all of you know I did finally get resolution. i googled every corporate persons email i could find and sent them the same letter as above and i have a new tv 32 minutes later with a phone call from someone very important.
i went and exchanged my broke tv which of course i had to bring there and bring home my new one. but it is done thank god! good luck

Sep 19, 2008 12:18 pm

I purchased a 42" Panasonic TV & 4 years service plan with it. My tv doesn't work and I called for service on 8/5/08. The technician re schedule the first visit on the 15, they re schedule for the 26 and days later the tech came and ordered a "part" that was going o take 3 days via UPS delivery, but it never came 25 days later they tell me that my part was schedule to come in two weeks from now, but I alraedy waited a month. I 've called Best Buy over 40 times and every time I ask for a suppervisor, but every time someone else tell me something different. I placed a request for replacement twice and it takes 5 days before they make a desission, but the first one took me 15 days with no respont, the second one took me 5 days and they are telling me that I have to wait. Now they're telling me it have to be approve by the manufacture, but why? what's the service plan for?. This is taking months to be resorve. Plese think before You buy from this company. It's a waste of time and if you need to speak to the best buy Gigsquad be ready to spend one hour each time you call. I learned my lesson.

Aug 26, 2008 11:45 am

I purchased a digital camera only to find out 3 months later it stopped working. I brought it to the Best Buy store, because I had purchased a Service Plan. Its been over a month so I called to find out the status, only to find out that it was put on "Warranty Exchange" meaning the store needed to replace it. I went to the store (of course they put me on hold forever over the phone and no one was available) and they told me there was nothing in their system for my camera to be replaced. So there I was, stuck, waisting my time. I asked to speak to the manager, who was rude, not professional at all, and I don't even want to start talking about him because I will get all worked up again. Bottom line is he said to the rep who was helping me "she's not getting a new camera". Day 2 - I spent all day back and forth on phone calls trying to figure out what's going to happen and they have no answer for me. They want to blame their system "not being updated yet" to the fact that they just don't want to replace my camera. I don't know what to do anymore and it is so fustrating. I'm never dealing with Best Buy again. EVER!


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