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restocking fee

Bought the Sony DSC-T300 Digital Camera from Best Buy upon recommendation from the sales associate. When I got home we took pictures. After we downloaded the images into the computer we discovered the images were grainy and "softer". Looking for a way to turn off this feature off I discovered review boards slamming the camera on its image quality and inability to turn off noise reduction. So since the camera had poor image quality I took it back to best Buy to exchange it for a different model. This is when I found out that I would be required to pay a $60 restocking fee because I expected my $400 camera to take quality pictures. After talking to the Customer Service associate the manager and the customer service line at the National level I am out my $60. I was offered a $30 gift card so that we could "split the responsibility". I have never complained to Best Buy in the in the 10 years I have loyally purchased items from them. the first time I have a problem they screw me. They just lost a customer that has spent $10000+ dollars over the last 4-5 years for a $60 restocking fee. Restocking fees were created for the type of people that will buy a dress leave the tag on it, wear ir to a wedding and then return it on monday. Not for people who were duped by a salesperson into buying a camera that they weren't even looking at to begin with.

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    Frank Campagna Sep 25, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I purchased Sony headset MDRWO8L from Target on June 4, 2008. After the second month (August time frame) I began to get static and then electrical shock from the right ear portion of the headset. I went back to target the first week of September because by then the headset was completely unusable. The target representative said I had to deal with Sony directly. I did and they told me they would send me a UPS return label and I could send it back to Sony repair for replacement. After doing that I received from Sony an Email which says I owe them $11.92 for the repaired headset because I am over the warranty by 10 days. The head set cost $9.99 new why would I go to the trouble to have to pay $11.92 for a head set that was found to be defective. Yes I am over the warranty by some 10 days but give me a break - is their headset only good for 90 days exactly? Good faith would be to replace it and not holding the customer to the day he called the repair center when the date was only some 10 days over the warranty.

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    Frank Campagna Sep 25, 2008
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    Verified customer

    This is my entry and I agree with it - I have been wronged by Sony and its product.

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credit card

In November & December of 2007 I ordered merchandise online from Best I found better merchandise @ a...

failure to deliver promised $200 gift certificate

As an incentive to switch to triple play Verizon FiOs, Verizon flaunted a $200 Gift Certificate from Best Buy. It was communicated when I had installation in the month of January 2008, the 22d of which month I received a confirmation letter for the package. On February 1 I received a letter specifically discussing the Gift Card. I registered on the Internet for it on February 8.

The representatives initially told me it would come within two weeks. When it did not, they said it would come any day because it is stated in writing that the period is 2-4 weeks. After 4 weeks had passed, I called again and the rep said in reality it will take longer. I had not been told this before, certainly by not the offer. I have called twice since then. One rep told me no longer than six weeks. It is now March 21, six weeks, 42 days. The card has not even been mailed, they tell me! Disgusting! And one of the reps was frank in telling me it will be mailed by the slowest, cheapest means. Others have lied to me and said they would do what it takes to expedite it.

I am particularly disgusted because I wanted to replace a broken portable CD player before my trip to Mexico, leaving the morning of March 27. It looks virtually impossible for it to arrive by March 26. I do not particularly want anything else from Best Buy.

I recall when Verizon three times did not show up when I made appointments to switch to DSL from cable when I lived in Manhattan years ago, so I gave up. In the suburbs, I thought perhaps they had improved themselves over the years, and they did show up to do the FiOs installation, amazing. However, they have screwed up royally on their gift agreement, or perhaps they just hope people will forget about it over time and not think of complaining.

I have no customer loyalty to Verizon. What kind of company cannot even mail a scrap of paper!

I want the $200 Gift Card overnighted immediately!

tv set antenna fitting!

I purchased a new HD 26" Insignia TV Model NS-LTDVD26 in Oct 2007 and just now had to try connecting the Cable Company's input cable to the antenna fitting on the set. The TV set will not take standard size connecting screw type fittings. I tried several antennas with standard fittings in addition to the cable company's fitting and none would fit the antenna fitting on the set. Does Insignia require a special type fitting for connection to its' antenna or is there some type of adapter? If I call the cable company out to make the connection (I just reduced my cable service to a minimum and returned their cable box) they will charge an added $50 for the service call. A home solution is preferable.

trash computers!

I purchased a Gateway MX6956 computer on 11/28/2006 from Best Buy #302 Skokie, ILL. The unit worked without any problems until August 2007 when the Sprint Mobile Broadband PCMCIA card failed to power up. However, the same PCMCIA card as well as the Sprint Mobile Broadband service do work in my Toshiba notebook computer. I worked with Sprint Technical Support and Gateway Technical Support and it was determined that the computer would have to be returned to the Best Buy Store for service. I returned the computer to the store three different times for service. After each time I returned the computer it was out of service for 3-4 weeks, I was then informed that the computer was ready to be picked up and no trouble was found. However each time I returned to the store to pick up my computer I brought the Sprint PCMCIA card with me and had the personnel at Best Buy test the computer with the card, it failed each time. The card will not power up which was verified by the support staff at the Best Buy store . Each time they sent the computer out again for service after verifying that in fact there was a problem. Each time the computer was returned to me, the only service performed was that the operating system was reinstalled.

After receiving no satisfaction from Best Buy I contacted Gateway. The computer has been sent to the Gateway Service Center in LaVergne, Tn seven different times for service of the same problem, PCMCIA card slot will not power up. It is then returned to me as No Trouble Found, No Failure Claim Description Provided, even though I had spoke to Gateway Technical Support on the phone and provided a description of the problem prior to sending the computer in. It was determined by the phone support personnel through their troubleshooting procedures that the computer would have to be returned for service. The telephone support personnel had determined that the mother board would need to be replaced.

It was returned to me after the seventh time for service from Gateway and the computer continued to fail. I called Gateway and spoke to David, Employee GWNR107 and was told there was nothing else they could do to resolve the problem.They do not know what is wrong and cannot repair the computer. It was just my tough luck and I should not bother them anymore. Needless to say I was astonished at the poor quality of service provided by a representative of Gateway and asked to speak to a manager. I was then connected to Tiffany who refused to provide me with an employee ID. The conversation began very pleasantly and I was happy that I was finally going to get this problem resolved. After I had explained what had transpired, the tone of the conversation changed. I was informed that in the four months since I have been attempting to get this computer repaired that the warranty no longer covered the notebook. She told me that I did not have an extended warranty and that there was nothing Gateway was going to do, they are unable to determine what the failure is and I should just forget about the problem and not bother them anymore. End of conversation.

I believe that I have been more than patient in dealing with an arguably incompetent organization, Gateway. I now want a complete refund of the price I had paid in order that I may purchase a new computer of any other brand but Gateway. This was my first Gateway computer and most definitely will be the last. I will be able to provide documentation of the three service tickets from Best Buy and the seven different service tickets from Gateway, as well as sales receipts, upon request. I want to add that I am composing this email on my Toshiba Satellite notebook computer using the Sprint Mobile Broadband service PCMCIA card to connect to the network. The same PCMCIA card and service that will not work on the Gateway computer.

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    The Customer Jan 19, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I want to add that I have read other consumers complaints about Gateway and have found a pattern in the service department procedures at Gateway. Gateway continues to have the customer with a defective computer under warranty send the unit for service multiple times in which no service is performed and the computer is returned to the customer in the same condition it was sent. After several months the warranty finally expires and Gateway is now in a position to refuse to accept the computer at all, as the warranty no longer applies.

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    The Customer Apr 06, 2008
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    I had read that purchasing the Best Buy extended warranty was not really necessary. If the product you had purchased was going to fail it would most likely do so within the first year when the manufactures warranty was still in effect.

    Wrong, the Gateway laptop computer I purchased did fail within 8 months of purchase. However Best Buy continues to have you return the product to their service department where no service is performed. After they are certain that the warranty no longer applies, they tell you to get lost. You did not buy an extended warranty and there is nothing else we are going to do.

    What a terrible organization, Best Buy.

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don't buy lexmark printers nor shop at best buy!

Hello everyone. I want to let you all know that I purchased a Lexmark printer @ Best Buy just over 2 year...

poor appliance repair time

Anyone considering purchasing Best Buy's "extended repair" plans on an appliance - BEWARE! You will likely be without the use of your appliance 2-3 weeks. this has been my experience twice. It takes usually a week to have a "repair specialist" come and look at the item needing repair. From that, parts are ordered. They will not even schedule the followup repair UNTIL the parts are in. When the parts are in, they will schedule the repair. They will claim about 2 days from the date the parts are in. I have been without a working washing machine (talk about inconvenience!) since 12/18/07. It is now 1/2/08 and I am told that they expect the parts to be in 1/5/08, but will not schedule repair until all parts are in. On 1/8/08, it will be 3 weeks with no washer. Try that for convenience not to mention the money you spend going to the laundromat doing your laundry! For the $150 we spent on the extended warranty, we would be better off calling our local appliance repair and I can bet (based on previous experience) we would have had it fixed within a few days. Save yourself the time and hassle - just pay for a repair when it happens!!! Also - expect to wait on the phone for an extended period of time before getting to speak to someone. First time I called was in excess of 15 minutes - and that was in late evening. I am very dissatisfied with the experiences I have had when I have had to be without my washer or dryer. Also - that says a lot about Whirlpool's quality - repairs on appliances (both washer and dryer) and they are less than 5 years old.

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    Jeelani Jan 16, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The same for me... I waited over a week before the part arrived. Tried to schedule and they will only schedule a day (not time) for repair. I have to take off work the the ENTIRE DAY???

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  • Md
    M Deter Jan 30, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same experiences, I am going to print a letter to the store manager of my local Best Buy about my ridiculous ongoing battle to get them to fix my 3 yr old HDTV. The original complaint was relatively minor (transparent gray bars moving around and coming and going...) So far, it has been about six calls, two visits with two different technicians, six weeks of time, and now my TV will not even turn on after they replaced the main board with what was apparently a badly rebuilt one. This is with a valid 4 yr service agreement. I think I will never get it fixed satisfactorily, especially since I have to take my own time off work (whole days) to fit around THEIR schedule. (Why do they care more about their employees than they do about their customers???)

    If you ask me, Best Buy only loves you until the sale is made. Then, you're on your own.

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    jeff Apr 20, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's called good business to not schedule the repair until the parts are in. Best Buy is not a repair store, they do not keep every part of every device on hand; the parts are ordered from the manufacturer. If the technician scheduled the repair for a week later and the part was not yet in from the washer's manufacturer then you would be on here ### about Best Buy not keeping their appointment. What you explained was a reasonable amount of time for a RETAIL STORE to order a specific part and get your machine fixed. You need to take a deep breath and think the situation through before you start posting complaint on the internet. If only these employees could do the same about you.

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  • I totally agree with the customers that purchased the extended warranty only to be inconvenenced. I am currently experencing the same problem with BEST BUY and it would have been better for me to turn this into the company direct than deal with BEST BUY. I have also been without my washer for weeks now for a part that should have been taken care of within a week. I made a phone call to the manufacture that offered to get me service taken care of sooner... so what is the problem BEST BUY?? they seem to be so busy and the techs are booked out for days... maybe they need to hire more people to handle the service for their customers! and lets not mention the amount of money we have spent doing our laudry elsewhere! If they can't provide the proper service for the amount they charge for their extended warranty then maybe they need to get out of that business and concentrate on sales only. I would have been much better off saving the $300 I spent on the warranty and just called my home warranty and within 48 hours someone would have been at my house.

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awful service, poor quality and dishonest!

Like many others on this board I am having an awful time with Samsung. We purchased a Samsung RS2555SL side-by-side unit in 2005. Last Sunday it quit cooling and we lost all the food in it. A call to Samsung on Monday said that the unit was still under warranty for the cooling system (5 years) and they gave me the phone number of the local repair agency and sent them a FAX. A technician came out and confirmed that the compressor was bad but that he didn't have a unit as Samsung parts are never stocked locally (unlike domestic brands). He said he could have it overnighted. I called the repair place the next day and they said that the compressor was ordered and that they would call me back later that day. I of course did not receive a call and no one answers their phone now (last three days). I have called Samsung six times and they have magically been able to contact the agency twice but not in the last two days. The Repair agency has told Samsung that they need technical advice because they don't know how to put the compressor in (the technician never told me that). So, I have heard that they have the compressor, have ordered the compressor, did not have the compressor and finally did not know how to put in in either directly from the agency or from Samsung. I asked Samsung if we could get someone else to fix it and they said they could not initiate another service request for 7 days! (meaning next Monday). I finally called Samsung's "Executive Customer Support" group and was told that they would investigate things but that it might take several days. They did not explain how they would contact the repair agency since they have not answered their phones for two days.

Out of desperation I called Best Buy repair. They said that since I did not buy an extended repair contract with them they could do nothing. I explained that the unit was still under Samsung warranty but I guess I was using words that were too big as they still said no help. They told me to call the store where I bought it. I did so and the manager essentially told me to take a hike since I didn't have an extended warranty even though I tried again, in vain, to explain that it was still under warranty. Finally I called Best Buy corporate and they told me the same thing. I have spent thousands of dollars with them over the years for computers, TVs, etc and they have essentially told me that they don't care.

WARNING! Never buy a Samsung refrigerator!

WARNING! Never shop at Best Buy!

  • Ke
    Kenny Huynh May 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have same problem

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  • An
    anthony holland Aug 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    WOW! this problem just happen to me. i've been waiting since june 25, 2008. still refrig not working. food went bad twice. service rep said refrig was fixed. NO WAY. HE DID NOT FIX IT. why a five year warr if they are not going to honor it. about to lose my family over this refrig

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horrible service

I ordered a digital camera from for around $240. After 1 week, I checked UPS tracking system and...

restocking fee is a scam!

I was interested in a portable GPS for my car. I am familiar with GPSs and know that sometimes it takes a...

impossible customer service

Don't buy anything at Best Buy on line. Their return policy is awful. You have one month to return a defective part and it takes up to two weeks to get an authorization number. Plus, calling them is horrendous. I've spent so much time on hold, my phone battery has worn down. Avoid BB at all costs.

  • De
    Denise Woodward Dec 03, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My 11 year old son saw the commerical that three mothers were in a van ready to run over the Mascot of the Burger king. In his own words from my sons mouth this give kids a bad image about their mothers if they are made at them they will run them over. My son thinks that you should put more thought in your commercials then the thought of killing. As a mother I know there are more then this one commercial. On TV.

    Burger King Commercials

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best buy warranty fraud!

Last Dec. 8, 2006 I brought a 19 in HP laptop through Best Buy in Rockford, Illinois on the internet. It wa...

fradulent billing practice

This company has repeatedly billed me incorrectly. What started out to be a 3,000 purchase will end up costing me more than 7,000 after i'm finished paying them in full. They have submitted incorrect information to the credit bureau which has essentially damaged my credit. I plan to take this to the highest level of the consumer affairs bureau.

  • Ki
    King Aug 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with these complaints about hsbc (Best Buy). Everytime I call about a mistake on my account it takes about 40-45 minutes to correct the problem. I can never get anyone on the phone that is competent to understand the simple mistake. But it doesn't stop there I would see the same mistake every month. I have to call every weekend to correct the problem. I can never get an answer from anyone. When I send in a payment my balance never equals. I ask the person on the phone about the balance and no one can give me an answer. So I can't calculate how much extra monies I had to pay because there are too many incompetent people that work in this company. I got so mad that I decided to cancel my Best Buy credit card because I just didn't want to deal with this company anymore. The worst company to deal with.

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  • Fr
    Freggym Nov 16, 2009

    Hello, I agree and how did you resolve it. I cannot get a live person and they are trying to bill me more than what I owe. MS

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bad customer service

As written to their corporate headquarters:

I just recently had a less than positive experience with a floor manager by the name of Aaron in Store #358, 611 Marks St. in Henderson, Nevada. I tried to replace a Camcorder for my 65 year old mother who had purchased it with a 4 yr extended warranty. The model of camera she purchased, Sony DCR-TRV-22, suffered a CCD chip factory recall and the symptoms related to the recall were consistent with the problem her camera was experiencing. When I tried to explain why we were wanting to exchange the camera for a different brand of the same value, Aaron refused to help. He only insisted that he can sell me another camera while I waited for 6 weeks for the service department to determine whether the camera can be repaired. I told him it was a defective part that Sony recalled and was not repairable. That my mother wished to have a different brand of camera of the same value. Aaron did not look at the receipt of purchase or look at the 4 year plan. He did not ask to see any of the documents I had in my hand. He only told me to stand in line at the service department to have the camera repaired and he'd sell me another camera.

I explained that it was unnacceptable. I told him that it wasn't completely out of the ordinary for Best Buy to honor the request I was making as it was done in the past by another member of my family at a location in Southern California. In that particular instance, the customer was escorted by the floor manager to the camera department where he helped the customer locate another brand of camera of equal value. Aaron's response was, "Well, take it to that store then." I told him that his response was rude and unprofessional and a return policy should be honored. Aaron refused.

This entire conversation took place in the front of the store. I was noticeably unhappy with the outcome. The greeters, who check receipts at the entrance were in earshot during the conversation and with a condescending tone and a smirk told me to have a nice day while I was on my way out. I turned to them and instructed them that not only is it unprofessional to address a customer to have a nice day when they can see that the customer is obviously upset but it is rude to say it when they didn't mean it and as if it were funny that the customer were unhappy. One of the greeters then stepped into my personal space as if to try to intimidate me and told me I had to lower my voice. I told the greeter, as I was leaving the store, that his behavior was going to be included in my report to corporate. Then I heard him say again, mockingly, "Have a nice day." (I don't need to go into how really angry that last comment made me. I'm sure you can put yourself in my place and just imagine.)

Normally, I do not bother writing corporate offices when I have a bad experience in a business. I just simply never shop there again and, when the topic comes up, tell everyone I know my experience and encourage them not to do business there. But the behavior of these employees and the attitude of the floor manager at this particular location incited me so much, that I felt compelled to write you hoping that someone can investigate this type of unprofessional behavior. I'm sure that this is not what your corporation or any corporation expects from their employees who represent their business at the public level.

Sony Corporation has agreed to replace the camera at no expense. Their support service was exemplary and I have already informed them as much.

It's too bad that my experience at Best Buy was so sour that I will probably never walk into that store ever again. And will be very hesitant to shop at Best Buy even if it were a different location.

  • Mi
    Miguel Correa Mar 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello there,
    I strongly agree with what you just said. I've worked there and I've seen how rude Aaron and the people in LP were to some of the customers who went into the store for help or just a simple question. Corporate does need to do something about it.

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  • Ma
    marleymini Jun 09, 2009

    Get a life. Stop posting this post everywhere. You are just trying to take advantage of Best Buy. There are policies to be followed, and the manager was clearly trying to follow them. Sorry that your family took advantage of another Best Buy and got away with it. Next time you walk into a store, read the manuals and your warranty information before. It clearly states that Best Buy has to ship there products before being able to declare it defective for you to get a new one. The managers are trained to know all this stuff, and if they could have found a solution for you i'm sure they would have. Obviously there was only one solution, and that was for you to purchase a new camera until you were able to get yours returned. I disagree with you 100% and i'm glad that you were not able to get away with your scam at this store.

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best buy deceptive and unfair trade practices

I went to the Best Buy on Nov 2nd, 2007, located at 4601 E. Colonial Drive, Orlando Fl, 32803 to look at satellite radios for me and my wife. There were 8 different radios to choose from. The one we liked had a sign that says "Sirius Stiletto 2 Live Personal Radio V", price $49.99.

I found a sales associate and I asked to buy the $49.99 radio, the sales associate told me that the radio was $329.99, and that the $49.99 price was for the vehicle kit that the radio was sitting in. When I asked where the price was located for the radio we wanted to buy, he replied "I have to go print that up."

I asked to speak to the manager and explained how this was very confusing to me. The manager Mike refused to sell me the radio at the $49.99 price, saying that there was nothing wrong with the sign or how it was displayed. He then told me the plan-o-gram was set this way by the corporate office, this is the lay out of how the merchandise should be signed and displayed. I find it very odd that there would be no price for a $329 item, but there would be one for the $49 item. I asked him if he was going to change this sign tomorrow, which he replied he would not change any signage unless instructed to do so by the corporate office.

He then explained that the model number in small text above the price clearly explains that this is for the "SLV2". There are no boxes and/or imprinting on the radio or car kit that a consumer can see that would allow them to know that the car kit was the "SLV2". When asked how the consumer was suppose to be able to distinguish between the two the two different products, the sales associate told me that I was suppose to ask for the price. To me that make it illogical to even print price signs. I was then told that this was not the type or store you just walk in, grab what you want and go store by the Service Manager. I assume he is trying to tell me the customer needs to be lead around and directed to the correct product for them. If this is true, why would they have CD's and DVD's at this store? You can see how a consumer can get easily confused when even the manager is telling me this.

So the store has NO price displayed for this radio except for the one that says "Sirius Stiletto 2 Live Personal Radio V". There is only a display of the radio, no price 'in their opinion', and there are no boxes of radios for me to read more information on, or get a model number from. As a consumer it would seem to me that the model number would be 'Stiletto 2'.The manager directed me to call their 1-888-BESTBUY since I did not like his answer.

I called and spoke with Vanessa on Nov 2nd at 10:30pm and explained the issue. I then emailed her the (4) photographs I took to show the display. She said she feels that the sign is very deceiving, but all she could do is to give me a $100 gift card "IF" I bought the radio. She lastly said that it seems that the sign was suppose to read "Sirius Stiletto 2 Live Personal Radio Vehicle Kit". She also said I should be able to tell the difference by looking at the box in the store, because it would have a model number on it, this would distinguish it from the vehicle kit. But remember 'this is NOT just a walk in, grab what you want and go store' as the manager previously told us. So there are NO boxes with information for me to read. This is very misleading to the consumer so far about the process a consumer should know when shopping in Best Buy. I have not yet had a similar experience at any other store in my life.

I then asked to speak to her manager at the call center. I got to talk to Mitch at 10:45pm on the same day. He also agreed that the sign is "very misleading". These are their words that the sign is very misleading not mine. So you can see why I am now getting frustrated that even Best Buy customer service feels these signs are misleading. They said they stand by the fact that the model number displayed makes the description irrelevant. I was told it make NO difference what any other text is printed on the sign. Mitch then told me it was easy for him to look up the model number on his computer and see that the "SLV2" was not the radio as displayed; it was in fact the vehicle kit. I asked him if this means I should bring a computer with me when shopping at Best Buy, just incase I need to make sure they printed their signs correctly. He just replied no.

I have photographs showing exactly what I saw on Nov 2nd and how other radios did not have this problem; even the sign below the radio in question says very clearly that the radio has a car kit included with the price. Why should I assume that the radio I am looking at is not the same deal? I did email the corporate office these photos and they agreed it was misleading, but they said the sign was not incorrect totally, just that the sign did not have the full description.

I site Florida State Statute 501.204 subsection (1) which states: Unfair methods of competition, unconscionable acts or practices, and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of any trade or commerce are hereby declared unlawful.

I believe I have found the correct statue but I may be incorrect, the retailer and their corporate office refuses to help me and stands by their claim that they may print anything on the sign, which may be untrue, as long as they have the model number correct.

I traveled to another Best Buy located at 845 N Alafaya Trail, Orlando Fl 32828 where the display is exactly the same, except the sign and price for the radio was completely different, furthermore there was now no price for the vehicle kit.

And lastly why would there be a different plan-o-gram for price signage as these stores are just miles apart.

  • Bb
    BBY Nov 07, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It depends on what band the store is. There are 6 different "types" of stores and each has it's own planogram style. With a little research on your part, which all consumer's should do. You would have been able to match model to model. Consumer's should really do a little research before making purchases, or trust the sales person, which in this case he was not given a chance to explain the different products. If you would have seen the non portable players at 99 or more but a portable one for 49.99, that would make a light go off in my head.

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  • Be
    Best Buy are theives May 11, 2009

    Yes - this is a ### organization - Best Buy. They ripped me off on a computer I bought there - that was broken - and then refused return. I asked them repeatedly to produce paperwork, wording denying my return - and they couldn't provide any.

    They were rude, unethical, grossly unprofessional, and totally inept - from the manager to the guy at the door. This is Best Buy Ocoee.

    I contacted the corporate office - and they were just as inept. After 5 emails back and forth - they could not produce any wording also - but have done nothing to appease my situation.

    Basically - long story short - is that Best Buy stole from me.

    I will never set foot in one of their stores again -- and recommend anyone else NOT buy from them.

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extended warranty on samsung 42 & plasma tv!

On April 13, 2003 I ordered a plasma TV with a four year extended warranty from the Best Buy Store in Cleveland, Ohio. I was on a six month travel order with the Department of Defense. I was assured that it would not be a problem when I received the unit as I was planning a renovation when I returned home to San Diego, CA. The clerk told me the dates did not matter. The TV was delivered September 13, 2003 and the Best Buy installers attached it to my wall hiding all the wires on Sept 17.

There were a couple other problems such as I did not get the wall mount I paid for. I paid for an articulating wall mount and ended up with a flush mount as an even exchange. The store manager here in San Diego told me that I had to go back to Cleveland store for remedy, which I knew was a lie. The next thing that happened was that I bought a garbage disposal and a dishwasher as the first step in the renovation. I have a witness where their installer wanted to take my copper plumbing and replace it with plastic. I stopped shopping with Best Buy after that point. Back to the TV...

The TV operated fine until Sept 4, 2007 then TV suddenly went out. Although I thought I still had a few more days left on the warranty Best Buy informed me that the warranty had started 5 months before I received it, April 13, 2003. Best Buy refunded me $41.62 as a proration on the extended warranty. I found out from Samsung that the TV was manufactured in Korea 17 days after Best Buy said the warranty started. Samsung also showed that their 24 month warranty started from the date I received it, Sept 13, 2007. Samsung also shows Sept 13, 2003 as the date of purchase. Best Buy did not return my calls.

I went to small claims court November 1, 2007. The judge claimed that Best Buy cannot start a warranty on a product made in Korea before it's date of Manufacture. The judge ruled that I am entitled to costs of Best Buy repair service visit of $100 and have the TV fixed or replaced.

Best Buy are the only people that I speak to that cannot understand why. Even the judge spent most of the time explaining it to them. I am worried what they will do next.

Beware people!

it turned out to be a nightmare

Sony Vio and Best Buy.

I bought a Sony laptop Model VGN-FZ140E on August-31st 07 from Best Buy. It turned out to be a nightmare.

I noticed the day I bought it, it crashed about 4 times the same day, and I was departing for the Philippines on the 2nd Of September so I had to take it with me on this trip. While I was gone it crashed about every third time I turned it on, it would go through all the start up and when it was ready to use it would crash.

The error message was Blue Screen Error. I looked at the error log on the Laptop and noticed it had crashed 30 times from April ' September, before I bough it. Yes I bought it new in the box. After talking to Sony tech support ha, I reinstalled it back to factory condition and the first time it started it crashed. After I returned to the US on the 17th October I called the Sony Tech support again and they told me to take it back to Best Buy, they gave me a number for the return but I tried to explain that the problem existed before I bought it and I just wanted it replaced, they told me to use the number and they will otherwise Best Buy to replace it. I went to best buy the same day and they would not replace it even after explain I was out of the country and the Manager told me it makes no difference if I did not return it in 14 days it would have to be sent back to Sony. 'Talk about compassion' the manger was rude and not interested in looking at the history log or my Passport, in fact he told me to have a nice day and walked away. I have never been treated so badly by a shop before. I don't ever plan on buying anything from Best Buy again and I spent over $5,000 last year alone. Is this what they call loyalty? Now I have no laptop for 4 to 6 weeks! GREAT JOB SONY and Best Buy need to look at get some staff that can talk to customers.

i will never trust their services again!

Best Buy

On 3/25/07 we purchased a 42" Plasma Hewlett-Packard HDTV. On 08/10/07, we started to get 2 lines running vertically in the middle of the TV. And YES I do keep extremely detailed notes of everything and for this - I am glad I did.

8/12/07 ' Called 888-Best-Buy and s/w Amy who said she would refer the issue to New England Television Services @ [protected] and they would be calling WITHIN 3 days with a day/time for services.

8/16/07 ' Called 888-Best-Buy ' s/w Theresa @ 3:34PM, explained NO one called us and the phone # provide was not correct. She said the information would be forwarded to Best Buy's 'Specialized Team' and that NO notes were made of the prior call.

8/18/07 ' Still NO calls received from ANYONE regarding the television. Called 888-Best-Buy yet again and s/w Pat, who said that because the TV was still under HP's warrantee ' we needed to go through them first. Call was transferred to BOB @ HP. Bob tried to troubleshoot and then said a part would need to be ordered and that once it came in, I'd be called for service and that I should receive a call back within 7-10 days. Was given case ref# [protected]

8/30/07 ' Once again ' no return call. Called HP, s/w Martina who told me that it was ME who was suppose to call and set up the appointment?? And because I didn't call back, the trouble ticket was closed out! She opened another trouble ticket and said that a part had to be ordered and it would be delivered on 9/10 and that we WILL be receiving a call from the service tech WHO will be picking up the package from Fed Ex. We were to be contacted 1-3 days prior to the technician coming to fix the television. Was given a tracking # CSO-KQB795-01.

9/13/07 ' No call yet again ' called HP, s/w Julio who said the part was on backorder and had no idea when it would come in but it would be sent once it arrives. Had my name and email incorrect on file even though it was spelled several times when calling in.

Called our local Best Buy and s/w Brian, TV Manager who said to call 888-BEST-BUY

Once again ' called 888-BEST-BUY ' s/w Pat again who said someone from the service center would call within 2-3 days to schedule service.

9/14/07 ' Received a call from Best Buy to let us know they set up service with New England Television and we should be receiving a call from them for service.

9/17/07 ' Part to fix television was delivered at Fed Ex but no one pick it up

9/19/07 ' NO CALLS FROM ANYONE! Called HP ' spent 25 mins on and off of hold and s/w Sabrina. Explained the part is at Fed Ex ' need to know if/when someone is picking it up and when we can expect the TV to be fixed. Was told that she needed to place a note at the tech facility that it needs to be picked up and she was going to contact her supervisor and would call back. Called back at the end of her shift saying she never was able to get in contact w/her Supervisor and that she'd call back on 9/20/07 with information.

9/20/07 ' Called HP, s/w Jorge @ 10:15am. He said the computer system was updating and he was unable to bring up the information/account. Explained we last s/w Sabrina who was suppose to call back and he said he'd follow-up once he was able to log on to the system and call us back. NO RETURN CALL RECEIVED!

9/21/07 ' Called HP again, s/w Jorge again, said system is still down, still can't pull up any info. Asked to s/w a Manager, Supervisor or General Manager ' said this was not possible and that once everything was back up, he's call back.

Called 888-BEST-BUY ' talked w/ Davis who provided New England TV phone # [protected]. Said he talked w/ a tech @ New England TV and that he will fax the info over??? This was suppose to be done on 9/13!!!! New England is suppose to call us back.

Called Wyomissing Best Buy store where the TV was purchased and s/w Michelle who said she was the ONLY manager available. She said she'd be contacting 888-BEST-BUY to figure out what is going on and will call back.

Called Best Buy Corporate [protected] ' asked for Complaints dept ' s/w Cathleen in complaints who I explained everything to and she put me on hold while she contacted in-home repair. S/w in-home repair who assured me that someone would be contacting me from New England TV shortly. Person was non-helpful and could not tell me anything other then what we've been told from the very beginning. Cathleen from the Complaints dept issued a complaint ' case # ' and said if no one calls within 24 hours, call her back @ [protected]

Received CB from Michelle, Wyomissing Best Buy Manager who said if we didn't hear back from anyone by Monday to call back and she'll see what else she can do.

9/25/07 ' NO CALLS FROM ANYONE! Called Best Buy Corporate [protected]:37am)' s/w Cathleen again, said she was going to call another department to see if she can get us a replacement model and will call back.

Received CB from Cathleen ' said they are going to put a request in for a new television b/c they have not had a response from New England Television. We should be hearing from In-home installation within 3-5 business days. If no calls, will contact Complaints back again.

10/2/07 ' 5 business days later ' no calls from ANYONE! Called corporate, [protected] ' reached VM for Cathleen, LVM asking for a return call to follow-up on the case.

10/3/07 ' Called Corporate - [protected] x60485 ' still reaching VM for Cathleen.

Called Corporate - [protected] ' asked for the complaints dept again. Transferred and s/w Jenny who told me she could see my case # and there was also a second case # and that she would have to check to see if the replacement was approved. She put me on hold, came back and of course it was not approved yet. She said she'd have to call in-home installations again and see if she could learn anything further. Put me on hold, came back saying In-home did approve it on 9/26 and the store should have received the approval authorization. She needs to search for the confirmation # to take to the store but she needs to find the confirmation #. Said she will call back ' would not provide her extension - case #. She called back in about 5 mins, gave me the approval code and said we should take the TV, case #, receipt, warentee back to the the store for the exchage. Also received a call from someone in in-home installation giving the same approval code.

10/8/07 - Go to Best Buy and are told they no longer sell this TV (which we only purchased 6 months ago!) and we'd have to pick a new TV. We looked, found two and of course they didn't have either in stock. We picked one that was $100 cheaper - go to exchange the TV and they tell us we basically will eat the $100 difference b/c they do exchanges feature to feature, not money to money BUT if we wanted one more expensive, we'd have to pay that difference! PLUS our extended warentee we paid for will cover the new tv BUT is post-dated back to the original date of purchase of the 1st tv??? Now - who ripped who off?? I will NEVER - EVER buy anything else from Best Buy ever again. I have an office I have to fully furnish and will NEVER trust their services again.

read the back of your receipt!

Best Buy

Do you always read the BACK of your receipt? I can't say that I ever do, as I assume they are advertising. Best Buy's policy to no refunds or exchanges after 30 days. I was at 35 days, the product was still shrink wrapped, so it was clear it had never been opened. The manager said he was unable to over-ride policy and said I should call customer service. I was on hold for 20 minutes, only to be told the exact same thing- no exceptions.

Were talking over $350 dollars! After buying thousands from that store over the years, all of which they had on file and couldn't care less.

Never again.

  • No
    norobin Jul 07, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same thing just happened to me today. One of Best Buy's worthless remote control "cones" that were supposed to enable us to change the channel from another room...didn't work.

    Their installation guy came out and installed our new TV, the remote control cones, etc. and they didn't work. He said he'd come back and try to work with them again. In the mean time, I decided to go another route and took the "cones" back today.

    "You mean you won't take them back, even though they don't WORK?"
    "And it doesn't make any difference if we purchased this, along with $2000 worth of TV?"

    She just kept saying, "Right." So I finally said, "Well, I'll tell you something I'M RIGHT about, and that is that Best Buy just lost a good customer."

    And I turned around and walked out, stopping two customers on my way out and telling them to be very careful about their purchases.

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hung up each time I call the store!

Best Buy, on South Hayes Street, in Pentagon City, Arlington, VA.

I called the store three times to find out if they had a specific computer product. Each time, I pushed the number for the computer department. Each time, someone picked up the phone and then hung up. When I called Customer Service at the store and described the problem, the person who answered said, "that don't got nothing to do with me."

I asked for a manager. After 15 minutes on hold, I hung up.

  • Mr
    Mr Snuggle Aug 31, 2009

    terrible customer service is plaguing the USA and the world and it starts with under paid unhappy employees giving you attitude because its the only perk they get. The pay is nonsense and these kinds of jobs are not what kids grow up wanting to be. They all know it and sadly so do we. But somehow we shamelessly continue expecting some kind of decent service like the ads show us. We can call them out much more than we do and demand they are held accountable for their actions by being a little more cunning. I mean how hard is it to outsmart a bored pissed out best buy clerk anyway, its like taking candy from a baby. Voice recognition is a skill we all have and be sure to use it next time some wanker gives you ### on the phone. If they do it in person go straight to the manager and kick up a fuss like they haven't seen before and that pillock will be kissing your feet before you leave because he knows he can only find another job just as crap and doesn't want the hassle over pissing you off.

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