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BB&T / bb&t will rob you blind with fees!

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I too have been charged numerous overdraft fees by BB&T. Even though I have a credit card for overdraft protection, I was charged $70 dollars in overdraft fees for $7 dollars worth of purchases, and they said that the reason that they did not pull money from my credit card to cover it was because they can only pull money in $100 increments and I only had $96 available for my balance. So... my question is why can they not pull less than $100 dollars?

Also, they will deduct purchases made immediately from your account, however, deposits are TOTALLY different. IF you deposit a check before the designated time each day, it is not credited until after midnight. If you miss the designated time, it is not deposited until the FOLLOWING business day after midnight. Even when I deposited a check to cover the overdraft fees and bring my balance out of the red, I was charged yet another overdraft fee for an automatic payment that cleared after my check was deposited but before BB&T actually put it into my account. Do not bank with them.

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  • Le
      6th of Sep, 2008
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    Your situation is very familiar to me. This bank, like most, caters to the wealthy. I have no idea why they get so much business from the average, middle class person who relies on that $35 to live.

  • Br
      5th of Mar, 2010
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    I just went from those crooks to Wachovia. We have taken four accounts from them so far, and I intend to spread the word widely. They now say that they cant do anything about it. Everybody makes mistakes. They count on them to make excessive profits. That is exactly why the system is set up that way. Think about it. They want you to overdraft and they love it. The do not want, in any way, what is best for you. And they are getting to be the worst. What I mean by that is that my guy at Wachovia said that he can fix those kinds of problems in most cases. That is what people want.

    My neighbor just overdrafted seven times. She was moving into a new place and having to short sale her condo due to financial difficulties. She had several on time extra expenses like Progress Energy and those types of deposits. BB&T only gave her back credit for one of the seven overdrafts. What a bunch of ###s! The girl works at Verizon and is struggling for every penny at this moment, and they are there to put the screwing to their customers at the worst time. What business partners they are, huh. I told her I would give her the referral fee if she went to Wachovia plus an extra fifty bux bonus. Screw BB&T just like they did her. They will be losing a lot of accounts, and will not be around in the future to benifit from the recover when customers start to prosper and their deposits start to grow. Wachovia will be making the spread on my money. They are offering a 10% bonus after 12 months on the first 3000. So, after a year I get a 300 dollar bonus. Do yourself a favor and go to a bank that is better in terms of technology - you get same day deposit up to 8pm at the teller at Wachovia and deposit check imaging. You get infinitely better customer relationship management by a person who is much, much, much more competent. Did I stress that they are much more competent. All you have to do is look around in BBT then go to Wachovia and do the same. You will understand what I mean. And, last but not least, if you want to make more than 1% on your money - run to Wachovia. They are going to beat the crap out of BB&T this year.

    Incidientally, I would short BBT stock and buy Wells Fargo if I were doing a pairs stock trade as this is inevitably going to translate into poor stock performance for BBT when others start to act on this news.

  • Ri
      22nd of Jul, 2010
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    I agree that BB&T are robbing people of hard earned money. I had $313.00 in the bank and BB&T arranged my checks that came in for payment so that five checks bounced even though I had money in the bank to cover all but one transaction. I had two items to come into the bank, BB&T charged me an overdraft fee of $70.00 even though I had the 313.00 in the bank, which left a balance of $170.00. How can you be charged an overdraft fee, when after being charged the fee, you still have a balance of $170.00? Also, this caused every transaction that came in to bounce. I tried to talk to them and they said that they could not do anything about it.

    They have robbed me and stolen my money!

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