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10:42 am EST

Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) Safe deposit box of the deceased client of truist bank (sunday, 12/11/2022)

My name is Svetlana V Kravit

I am the only heir and the holder of the last will of my deceased husband Carl R Kravit and keys to his safe deposit box that is located at Truist bank, address TRUIST bank 1999 South Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828. Now we, Carl and I, were divorced sometime ago, but remained as friends and I stayed with him until his death in August of 2022 helping him around the house and hospitalization. For the record Carl and I have an active joint account in that Truist Bank branch.

Along with me, Svetlana V Kravit, and three other witnesses, Carl R Kravit visited the bank in August of 2021 wishing to add my name to his safe deposit box contract, but a bank representative said that there is no bank associate available to do it at this time. Due to the progressing illness of my husband, we could not stay and wait and left. After that we never again had a chance to stop at the bank.

After making five (5) visits to this bank in December of 2022 trying to get access to my late husband's safe deposit box, I eventually talked with the bank manager Peter Morand who informed me that I must get a letter from Orange County administration. No other information that would help me accessing the safe deposit box Mr. Morand provided to me.

I decided that I need to seek a legal advice and visited a lawyer who suggested that I stop at the Orange County District Court. I went there to obtain clarification on the procedure and documents to open a petition to open my late husband's safe deposit box. Along with the petition there is a list of documents needed to be provided for the future hearing. I have all of the listed documents but the contract for the safe deposit box between my late husband and SunTrust Bank which is now known as Truist. I am having great difficulty finding my late husband's papers.

Now I have two opinions where the contract might be either the bank never physically gave the contract's papers to Carl R Kravit in his hands or the contract's papers are now inside his safe deposit box which the bank refuses to open.

I would like to request to take a look inside of the Carl R Kravit's safe deposit box to check for them. I understand that with a pass of time the box would be opened nonetheless and since I am the only lawfully remaining heir to everything that belongs to Carl R Kravit, please, keep me informed about it.

Desired outcome: Have the Carl R Kravit's safe deposit box get opened and return everything inside it to Svetlana V Kravit

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10:00 am EST

Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) Not transferring any amount from last week in my account


From last friday, my client did payment and your bank person tell us that amount left last friday. Today is friday and its been 1 week and we didn't get any payment. Your service is worst service I have ever seen. From last 2 days your bank person is not giving reply as well. Please look into it and give proper service. Issue is in bank which is located in florida city. Our client is Medstarsoft Holding Inc. Please look into it.

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9:54 am EST

Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) Former. Sun trust. Not. Allow. Me open. My. Deceased. Ex. Safe. Deposit. Box open my. Ex

My. Name. Is. Svetlana. Kravit. [protected]. Email. [protected]

Please. Note

Truist. Management. / … N Alafaya branch at. . Orlando. Fl 32825. Manager. Peter. Miranda

Not allow. Me. Open. Safe. Deposit. Box. Of. My. Deseaded. Ex. Husband. Carl. R. Kravit

I have. My ex. Last. Will to my. Name. And key. For. Safe. Box.

I was. Went 5. Times! In that. Branch.

Workers. There. Tellers. Not. Help me. Not. Tell me. I need. Go To. Clerk Of. Court. Eventually. I. Contact. Lawyer.

And. Lawyer. Advice me. Stop at. Court room 355 and get. Petition. To open. Safe. Box …. But. To. start. Petition. I. Have list. Of. Documents. I. Must. Provide. And I should d. Have. Contract. Between. Carl. Kravit. And. Truist ….. for. Truist. Safe. Deposit. Box ?

I beilive. Truist. That. Branch. Will not Not. Helping. Branch. Will not. Provide. To me. With. Any. Exuses. Seems. Bank. Want. If time. Passing. And. After. Open. Safe. Deposit. Box. Without. My. Knowledge.

I would. Like ask for yr. Cooperation.

Not. Let. Bank. Have. Private. Things. For. Their. Self. If. Bank. Will open. My. Ex. Safe. Deposit. Box Evryghing. What. Inside. Of. My. Ex. Carl. Kravit. It’s. Belong. To. Me. Svetlana. Kravit. And. Only. Heir. And. His. Last will Ecequtor. Only. One. ……..

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10:28 am EST

Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) duplicate credit card charge

november 23 2022 ron carols charged three times for $31.96 I have had two pending since then went into branch in Knightdale nc and showed them receipt for $31.96 so it is now dec7 2022 7 calls many hang up with ask to speak to a supervisor last one (shakira) bbt would have taken this off next day ron carlos has done there part I have been loyal customer for over 40 years I expect better sevice thank you carol lee phone number [protected] account number [protected] address 5311 robbins drive Raleigh nc 27610 This just bad service

Desired outcome: resolve this issues

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5:55 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) Wire transfer

I had a wire transfer made today at my Truist branch. I was concerned about it not showing up in my account so i called customer service. After transferring me to three different people I was told that the wire transfer for $16,000 was initiated but never sent.

Needless to say, i am livid that this could even happen and will have to go to the branch tomorrow and make sure the it gets sent, This was very important to me to get the funds to my daughter's account today.

I am considering changing banks.

Desired outcome: No fee for the wire transfer an apology from a senior bank officer.

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taken care of on phone

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5:34 pm EST
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Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) Online banking payments

Ernest Slaybaugh

4045 Guinevere Dr

Pensacola, Fl 32514

Email: [protected]

Phone: [protected]

On the 2nd I entered a payment for $3200 to Goldman-Sachs GM credit account. A day or two later I received an email stating that they had to send a check instead. It would arrive by the 16th as the amount was to large for direct payment.

After the 16thg I didn't see any movement in either my Truist or GM card accounts. I then contacterd online banking, and was told maybe the check by Truist got lost in the mail and recommended to have a stop payment. After a day or two my GM account was credited for 3200 dollars. There was still movement on my Truist.

On November 28th, I then called online banking again with a three way call with Goldman-Sachs. I was told that the stop payment would be cancelled.

The next day the original credit on my GM account was reversed.

For this to drag on for 26 days is unsatisfactory. Basically I was told by a truist agent that your 2nd party (Physer?) handling the transactions set a large amount that requires Truist to go the check mailing method. But no one could tell me what the amount was. My next call to online banking led to a supervisor saying that it was a result of Goldman=Sachs not Truist. In a subsequent call to Goldman-Sachs agent said they had no large amount restriction.

Desired outcome: I want to know if your 2nd party payer really does or not have any large amount restrictions and if so what that amount is.Also, should I go back to mailing checks since I am not sure I can depend on your online banking.

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11:57 am EST

Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) Credit card

My current card expires today and I never received the new one. I talked to Lawrence on Friday of last week. He told me that a replacement would be sent overnight. Never received. Called Monday morning. Unfortunately did not get a name but was told it would arrive that day. Never did. Called later in the day. Talked to Kelly. Was given a UPS tracking number. Did not work. Called back and talked to La Day (not sure of spelling). Was told that it would not ship until later in the day to arrive Tuesday. Filed a complaint about the service. Checked the UPS tracking and it is scheduled for delivery on Wednesday.

I can not stress how disappointed and frustrated I am with the service I have received. Have been with BB&T for over 10 years. Since the merge with SunTrust service has fallen. All local banks have closed. On line customer support is awful. Makes me wonder why I stay

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2:05 pm EST
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Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) Online banking

There was fraudulent activity on my account. I was forced to open a second account so I could close out my original. In the process my original account became overdrafted. I spoke with a representative and it was agreed I would pay it back weekly. Woke up today 11-28 to find that truist had transferred the remaining balance owed from my 2nd account to my original account without authorization. I’m doing so that has made 4 or 5 of my autopay bills to be returned for NSF. The bank needs to return my money and refund me all of the fees associated with the transactions they caused to be returned. This violated our original agreement for one and second they never had permission to access my account or transfer any funds.

Desired outcome: Put the money back in my account and refund me all negative transactions that they caused.

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9:33 am EST

Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) discharged from forbearance

In July of 2022 I had completed my forbearance due to Covid, all paperwork was signed and filed. I was told it would take 30-45 days to review and file. I have consistently called every month for the last 5 months for updates NO ONE seems to have a straight answer as to why my paperwork has not been completed and discharged from forbearance.

I have been paying normal mortgage payment, The forbearance should be closed out and it is not. I have been given the run around. Still no answered. I have asked for this to be elevated and I get same response that there is nothing they can do to help the process. I ask for managers asst. They refuse to let me talk directly to a manager and say an email will be sent on my behalf, with results in NO HELP!

Desired outcome: I want my forbearance completed I am tired of worrying every month that my home is still no secured. I did my part where is your support ???????

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10:16 am EST

Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) Zelle scam, Truist didn’t know how to handle

11/13/2022 I was trying to sell something on Facebook person contacted me about purchase. Only wanted to pay through Zelle. I never used Zelle before but since it was through my bank I thought it was safe. Person sent me the money but I got a Zelle email saying it was being held because my account wasn’t authorized as a business. I needed to send $300 for the authorization. I sent the money and within mins I realized it was scam. I called Truist immediately and they told me to call Zelle. Called Zelle and they told me only Truist could cancel the transaction. Callled Truist back. They told me they couldn’t do anything but it I called back Monday morning someone would be able to cancel the transaction. Called Monday morning and Truist told me it should have been handled the day prior and there wasn’t anything they could do. Filed a claim and they immediately denied it as it was a Zelle. I am angry because we have talked to about 8 Truist employees and have received different stories each time including one person telling us “guess this was a lesson learned”. They could have canceled the transaction immediately when I called on 11/13 but the people I was talking to didn’t know the procedure.

I have been a customer of National Penn/BB&T/Truist for 20 years. This is the first time I have requested their help and this is how they treat their customer.

Desired outcome: Want my money back as Truist failed in training their employees on the correct action to be taken in this situation.

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11:39 am EST

Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) Wire fraud

On June 24, 2022 my online business account was compromised. I logged into my online business account and noticed a transfer of funds from my personal savings account to my business account. At the same time I saw an unauthorized wire transfer being made from my business account to in the amount of $14,500. I immediately called Truist to alert them to what was happening and that I did not approve/authorize this wire transfer. I was transferred to several different departments and finally transferred to a representative in the wire dept. only to be told that there was nothing he could do. He advised me to contact the fraud department the following morning. I did that and was given a case number (C-[protected]) and was told to file a report with my local police dept. and call them back with the case number (S2214294 Fayette Cty GA Sherrif Dept). Over several weeks I would call to get an update. On July 19,2022 I called to check the status and was told that I was in the wrong fraud dept. I should have been directed to the wire fraud dept. I wasted 3 weeks in the wrong dept. Everyone that I have spoken to in the wire fraud dept. said that the person who I initially spoke to should have just recalled the transaction. Now 5 months later I still have no resolution. The only communication received is if I call Truist to check the status of my case. At the end of the day my business is at risk and my personal finances have been disrupted because your associates failed to do their jobs. I have been a SunTrust customer for years. My situation could have been resolved if someone cared enough to do their job and recall an unauthorized transaction that I saw happening on my online account. I am frustrated and disappointed in the way that I have been treated with this bank, but more disappointed in the lack of knowledge your associates have on simple procedures. $14500 is a lot of money for a small business to lose.

Desired outcome: My desired outcome would be for Truist to restore my business bank account with the funds ($14,500) taken without my authorization. Then train your people on how to resolve issues immediately.

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6:49 pm EST
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Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) Refused to set up a simple checking account

Tried setting up a simple checking with this bank. They refused to allow me to set up the checking account on the grounds that one of my two photo ID's (they require two) didn't have an expiration date on it. My DC driver's license is usually all I need at most banks, that and my social security card.

It seemed a little bit discrimination, nevertheless it was very off putting. The lady seemed to be put off by the fact I was unemployed too. I go to school right now, but I still have money that I receive from grants and loans that I need a bank account for.

At any rate, I have never had a bank choose not to take my money, it was strange, and I felt like their reasoning behind not setting my bank account was more about my color and my employment status than my identification.

I am white in a predominately black/brown city, Washington DC.

Desired outcome: END ALL RACISM!!!!!!!

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6:42 pm EST
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Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) Checking account

TRUIST BANK, which "inherited" my checking account from BBT, has been violating clients' rights for a long time. This is not my first complaint, and they refused to negotiate with anyone to solve the past one. The issue now is that TRUIST BANK IS REFUSING TO RESPECT MY LEGAL RIGHT OF CLOSING MY ACCOUNT. They got in touch once, forced by the complaint I filed with BBB and CFPB (in the transition from BBT, they eliminated ALL METHODS of written communication, which I know to be illegal, since I have hyperacusis and do not use the phone – I am protected by the American Disabilities Act). They were disrespectful, borderline xenophobic and racist, and demanded “my full attention and compliance”. This is hard to believe - how can a bank be allowed to function here when it simply violates ALL their clients' rights? Therefore, my first question to you is whether you can make them follow the law and close my account. It’s a two-minute procedure: no automatic payments, no associated cards, and the minimum balance to keep the maintenance fee as they stall. My second question is what will happen if I just transfer all the funds, leaving it with $5 only. In one month, the account will be delinquent (maintenance fee). They will try to collect. Doesn't that configure EXTORTION? If so, how are things done in the US? In the other countries I lived in, that's when you file a report with the POLICE, because it is a crime. I know that this is not how it works here. It is also a misdemeanor to refuse to allow a client to close their account. I don't know what to do, and I got in touch with other customers. They report the same issues, and they are all trying to close their accounts.


Dr. Marilia Coutinho

Desired outcome: Shut down my account

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10:33 am EST
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Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) Lack of service

I have been a customer of SunBank, then SunTrust and now Truist for over 45 years. Since the pandemic and now the merger of Suntrust with BB&T, it just seems the service has gotten worse, either people do not want to work or don't know how to do their jobs. I set up a trust account back on June 22, 2022 and everything was fine; received all my statements under the trust. Then on September 8, 2022 received a letter requesting more info on the trust within 45 days, so I went to the bank on 9/12,22 and provided the same info which was initially asked for. Then on October 24, 2022, I received a letter with check enclosed stating that they had not received the necessary info requested and that they were closing my account. I went back to the bank a week later only to be told that I needed to set up an appointment as they only had two people working that day. I gave them my name and number and waited for someone to call me. Three days later, they called and said I could come in on Monday at 2 pm. In the meantime, I went to another bank who have accommodated me quickly and efficiently. Also I am nearly 70 years old with adequate accounts, so feel that they should offer free checks, but do not. Something needs to change!

Desired outcome: Would like the bank to wake up and serve its long-time customers better.

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10:24 am EST
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Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) Blocked account since 10-11-22 and your bank has never sent me anything to justify that?

On October 11th 2022 I made a large deposit with a bank check from a business account at another bank I use,

The money was to pay suppliers on a 1.2-million-dollar construction project nearing completion.

The branch manager at your Doylestown Pa. emailed me in response to my asking if the funds could be made available a little sooner.

He checked with the area manager and told me she approved the funds and that I could wire the money to suppliers. I went to your Warminster, Pa. branch and when they went to wire the money my account had been blocked by your bank?

I asked my branch manager why and he had no answers. I called your customer service department and after 3 consecutive calls totaling 2 hours and 5 minutes on hold finally someone answers and also could not tell me why my account was blocked. So frustrated, I left messages for your Ceo.

Bill Rogers has never returned my calls.

How does this align with your Taking care to make things better mission statement?

It has now been approximately 36 days and not one response from anyone at Truist bank explaining why you blocked my account. The Federal Reserve who told me 5-11 days holding funds is considered reasonable but beyond that it is completely unreasonable to block my account for 36 days without any explanation in writing.

Since your bank has refused to respond to me, I filed a complaint with your regulator, The North Carolina Banking commission.

They responded quickly confirming they will investigate your handling of my account.

My lawyer will have legal papers served on your bank shortly.

I have contacted the Charlotte Observers reporters to investigate this.

I have emailed Fox News and filed a complaint with the North Carolina area agency on aging. I am over 60 and there are state and federal laws that protect me from financial abuse such as yours.

I have requested the News and Observer newspaper based in North Carolina to investigate Truist. The next 3 largest newspapers in North Carolina are being contacted today as well as The Wall Street Journal.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business bureau and saw that in the last 3 years, over 3700 complaints have been filed against Truist bank.

Apparently, thousands of Truist customers were not treated with the care you say you have for your customers.

As a result of your outrageous delay of my funds, my partner has incurred additional cost of living out of state waiting to complete the project. This delay has also delayed the profit on this job. Those costs will be part of the lawsuit to be compensated for those extra costs.

Until a Truist bank check is in my hand, I will continue to file claims and reports everywhere. I am asking my federal congress person and both federal senators to investigate your unethical banking practices. Additionally, I am writing to both the congressional and Senate banking committees to investigate your bank.

I am sharing my horrible experience with everyone I know and do business with to never trust Truist bank.

A promise to hand me a bank check will not be trusted or believed obviously.

Jonathan Greenwood



Desired outcome: hand me a bank check for the entire amount of the account in my account with the balance over 150k,

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12:45 am EST

Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) Excessive Service Fees/Bad customer service

I had an personal and business account with SunTrust before the merge with BB&T Bank then became Truist. My business account was getting charged $12 service for 7 months for no reason. Had to go into the branch location 2208 E Fowler Ave Tampa, Fl three different occasion to get this issue resolved. I asked for my business account to be close because I was tired of all these hidden fees. Was told the close would be closed till I found out the account was still open after I request it to be closed. They transferred my money to my personal account meanwhile the business was getting charged again then overdraft. Progress Anitche bank teller was horrible telling me to shut up, I was going to close my personal too. Branch Manger had to get involved literally Progress was arguing with me. Branch Manger Ralph solved my problem, but I'm highly disappointed in Truist.

Desired outcome: I would been happy if they recredit the $84 back for all those service charges, but I ended closing my business. They need to better train their employees better Lying and arguing with customers is very unprofessional.

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10:15 am EST
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Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) Unauthorized withdrawal for account that was closed in 2019

Back in 2019 I had a personal load with, then BB&T. It was for $15000/$16000. In November of 2019, I called BB&T and ask them for the payoff or the amount due to close the account. I paid $14897. So, fast forward to September of 2022, I received a call from the collections department at Truist stating I was due to make a payment of $388 on a personal loan. I stated to them that I didn't currently have a loan and that any loan form the past was paid off in 2019. Well, as of 11/8/2022, Truist has went into my saving account and took $423.14 stating it was for payment of a personal loan. I NEVER AUTHORIED A PAYMENT TO BE TAKEN FROM ANY OF MY ACCOUNTS! plus the account has been closed since 2019. Now I can't get anyone to take care of this issue and at least look into my issue. I have asked several times I've talked to someone in the loan department and/or the collections department to look into my issues and all I get is it shows a personal loan and that the $14897 paid back in 2019 was just payment.

Desired outcome: I want my money returned to the account is was taken from....$423.14

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12:46 am EST

Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) Excessive overdraft fees

Truist has charged me excessive overdraft fees. Instead of declining the purchase or notifying me that my account was overdrawn, I was charged 11 overdraft fees in 3 days, 6 on one day. When I asked if the fees could be diminished or waived I was refused.

I have a business checking account so I cannot opt out of overdraft fees. I paid $396 in overdraft fees this month.

Once before, when my account was overdrawn I was charged $36 overdraft fees for multiple purchases of .35. Each .35 purchase was charged a $36 overdraft fee.

Desired outcome: I would like to have the fees a refund.

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10:39 am EST
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Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) New account hold possible fraud

Opened new acct 11/1/22 at branch called for assistance with mobile app 11/2/22 was told acct placed on hold for possible fraudulent ck deposited transferred to fraud department was told to wait for ck to post to make a claim so I would not be held responsible was told to call back 11/ 7/22 made claim sent back to fraud department said hold would remain until check was returned called back on 11/8/22 check on progress was told takes 7 to 10 business days called back 11/9/22 was told account was closed by analyst I have never spoken to. I had not even set this account up done anything when I asked if I could speak to someone was told NO I did not have a chioce I asked about my money that I deposited to open a checking and savings was told they would have to put in request for it would take 24 to 48 hours. Is this how you treat customers? Obviously a mistake was made somewhere now I do not know what to do?

Jeanne Taylor

Desired outcome: Admit mistake was made and fix my account

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8:53 pm EST

Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) Results of bank's handling of my checking account after a successful fraud attempt.

In August 2022 someone withdrew $1,100 from from my account.

After numerous phone calls sometimes daily and 5 visits to my local branch and many times getting notices of my account being overdrawn today November 8, 2022 I was told that have 2 active checking accounts. The old checking account and debit card were closed but the old checking account was reactivated. The new debit card was attached to the new checking account however all new deposits were made to the old checking account. This was completely unbelivabile. Today I got a notice that my mortgage payment had been declined. This was the last straw. I spent over an hour with a bank rep she finally transferred me to a mortgage rep she then to a fraud rep and she transferred all my funds to the new account. After being a Sun Trust now Truist customer since 1985 I think I deserve better.

Desired outcome: I'd appreciate a response.

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Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) In-depth Review

Overview: Truist Bank, formerly known as BB&T Bank, is a well-established financial institution with a rich history and a wide range of services. With a strong presence in the banking industry, Truist Bank offers a comprehensive suite of products and solutions to meet the needs of individuals and businesses.

Financial Stability: Truist Bank boasts a solid financial stability and performance. The bank's assets, liabilities, and capital adequacy are carefully managed, ensuring a secure and reliable banking experience for customers. Additionally, Truist Bank holds favorable credit ratings and maintains strong financial indicators, further reinforcing its stability in the market.

Branch Network: Truist Bank has an extensive branch network that spans across various regions, providing convenient access to banking services. With branches strategically located, customers can easily find a branch nearby to fulfill their banking needs. The bank's ATM network is also well-developed, offering widespread accessibility for cash withdrawals and other transactions.

Online and Mobile Banking: Truist Bank's online banking platform is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing customers to manage their accounts with ease. The interface is designed for seamless navigation, enabling users to perform tasks such as bill payment, fund transfers, and account management effortlessly. The bank's mobile banking app further enhances convenience, offering a range of functionalities for banking on the go.

Customer Service: Truist Bank prioritizes customer service and strives to deliver exceptional support. Customers can reach out to the bank through various channels, including phone, email, and live chat, ensuring prompt assistance. The bank's response times are commendable, and customer issues are resolved efficiently. High levels of customer satisfaction and positive feedback reflect the bank's commitment to providing excellent service.

Products and Services: Truist Bank offers a comprehensive range of products and services to cater to diverse financial needs. From checking accounts to savings accounts, loans, and credit cards, customers can find suitable options. The bank's interest rates and fees are competitive, ensuring value for money. Additionally, Truist Bank provides additional services such as investment options, insurance, and wealth management, offering comprehensive financial solutions.

Security and Privacy: Truist Bank prioritizes the security and privacy of customer information. The bank implements robust security measures, including encryption protocols and authentication methods, to safeguard sensitive data. Privacy policies and data protection practices are carefully adhered to, ensuring customer information remains confidential and secure.

Community Involvement: Truist Bank actively engages in community initiatives and philanthropy, demonstrating its commitment to social responsibility. The bank's corporate social responsibility efforts and sustainability practices contribute to the betterment of society. Truist Bank also forms partnerships with local organizations and supports community development programs, making a positive impact on the communities it serves.

Accessibility and Inclusivity: Truist Bank strives to be accessible and inclusive to all individuals. The bank offers accessibility features for individuals with disabilities, ensuring equal access to banking services. Accommodations for non-English speakers are also provided, promoting inclusivity. Truist Bank is committed to fostering diversity within its workforce and customer base, creating an inclusive environment for all.

Overall Rating and Conclusion: Truist Bank, formerly BB&T Bank, is a reputable financial institution that excels in various aspects. With a strong financial stability, extensive branch network, user-friendly online and mobile banking platforms, excellent customer service, and a wide range of products and services, Truist Bank is a reliable choice for individuals and businesses. The bank's commitment to security, community involvement, accessibility, and inclusivity further enhances its appeal. Overall, Truist Bank receives a high rating for its comprehensive offerings and customer-centric approach, making it a recommended choice for potential customers.

How to file a complaint about Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank)?

1. Log in or create an account: Ensure you are logged into your account. If you do not have an account, please register by providing the required information in the sign-up form.

2. Navigating to the complaint form: Once logged in, locate the 'File a Complaint' button situated at the top right corner of the website and click on it to access the complaint form.

3. Writing the title: In the 'Complaint Title' field, briefly summarize the main issue you have encountered with Truist Bank. Make it concise yet descriptive enough to convey the essence of your complaint.

4. Detailing the experience: In the complaint description, provide a detailed account of your experience with Truist Bank. Mention specific key areas such as customer service interactions, problems with account access, unexpected fees or charges, issues with loan or mortgage applications, delays in transactions, or any other relevant incidents. Include details of any transactions, clearly stating dates, amounts, and the nature of the transaction. Describe the issue in detail, including what you expected to happen versus what actually occurred. If you attempted to resolve the issue with the bank, outline the steps you took and the responses you received. Explain how this issue has personally affected you, whether it's financial loss, stress, or inconvenience.

5. Attaching supporting documents: Attach any relevant documents that support your complaint, such as correspondence with the bank, statements, or receipts. Be cautious not to include sensitive personal information like social security numbers or full account numbers that could compromise your security.

6. Filling optional fields: Use the 'Claimed Loss' field to quantify any financial losses you have incurred as a result of the issue with Truist Bank. In the 'Desired Outcome' field, clearly state the resolution you are seeking, whether it's a refund, apology, or any other specific action from the bank.

7. Review before submission: Carefully review your complaint for clarity, accuracy, and completeness. Ensure that all the information provided is correct and that your narrative is easy to understand.

8. Submission process: After reviewing your complaint, click the 'Submit' button to officially file your complaint on

9. Post-Submission Actions: Stay active on to monitor any updates or responses to your complaint. Check your account regularly to see if the company has responded or if other users have commented on your complaint.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank)

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Is Truist Bank a legitimate financial institution?

Yes, Truist Bank is a legitimate financial institution, formed by the merger of BB&T and SunTrust Banks.

Can I trust Truist Bank with my financial information and deposits?

Truist Bank, like all reputable banks, is expected to follow stringent data security measures and federal regulations to safeguard your information and deposits.

Are the banking services provided by Truist Bank reliable?

As a major financial institution, Truist Bank provides a broad range of reliable banking services.

Has Truist Bank ever been involved in a scam?

While scams can target customers of any bank, it's crucial to use official channels when interacting with Truist Bank to avoid potential scams.

How responsive is Truist Bank's customer service?

Customer reviews and the bank's commitment to service can provide insight into the responsiveness of their customer service.

Are the charges and fees for Truist Bank's services fair and transparent?

Charges and fees should be outlined clearly by the bank. Make sure to review these details when opening an account or using their services.

Are Truist Bank's online and mobile banking platforms secure?

Truist Bank should employ secure technology for its online and mobile banking platforms, ensuring the safe transaction and personal data protection.

Does Truist Bank have a positive reputation in the banking industry?

You can assess the bank's reputation by looking at reviews, ratings, and commentary in the banking industry.

Does Truist Bank handle transactions and transfers efficiently?

As a reputable bank, Truist Bank should provide efficient and reliable transaction and transfer services.

Is Truist Bank FDIC insured?

Yes, Truist Bank is a member of the FDIC, which means deposits are insured up to the maximum amount allowed by law.

Does Truist Bank offer competitive interest rates on its accounts?

Interest rates vary and should be compared with other banks to ensure competitiveness.

Are there any hidden charges when using Truist Bank's services?

All charges should be transparently disclosed by the bank. Make sure to read all terms and conditions or consult with a bank representative.

Are Truist Bank's financial products, like loans and credit cards, reliable?

Truist Bank offers a variety of financial products which, as part of their service, should be reliable. Always read the terms before signing up for any financial product.

How easy is it to open an account with Truist Bank?

Opening an account should be a straightforward process, with guidance available from bank representatives if needed.

Has Truist Bank been involved in any controversies or lawsuits?

It's advisable to research recent news articles or reports for the latest information about the bank's involvement in any controversies or lawsuits.

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