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holds placed on deposits and fees incurred

I travel often on business and my primary client makes regular deposits into my business account. So often...

online banking customer service

My mortgage account was locked by YOU because someone other than me was attempting to log in. I called customer service to unlock account and was refused because I didn't provide address associated with account on 1st try - I explained that I have moved 4 times in past 5 years and provided 5 different addresses!
Was told that I would have to DRIVE from my home in NJ to Florida to meet with someone in person!
Are you Kidding me!!!
My account was hacked, then YOU lock me out, than tell me to drive 1500 miles.
This is a mortgage account !!!
You can call me to CORRECT this situation and apologize for your inept customer service.
Chris Trick

[Resolved] bb&t return fees

I have been with Bb&t for years.. And it's getting out crazy.. I get return fee so much on my account it'...

Grifton Banks

[Resolved] return fees

I am having the same problem as everyone else. I check my account online religiously. Paid a bill and they charged me a returned item fee. Even though my account showed I had available cash. I am opted out of overdraft protection. They only refunded one fee and I'm still left with $72 in fees.
I was not informed about this fee and when they explain it makes absolutely no sense at all.
What steps do I take to get my money back??


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

[Resolved] checking account

I had a 3-day weekend trip planned with my girlfriend, in which I planned to propose. The Friday before the trip, I deposited a $2000 check that my terminally ill father gave me. The teller explained to me that because of the amount there would be a 48-hour hold on the funds. I was ok with that. I woke up the following Saturday morning to overdraft charges on my BB&T checking account. When I logged into the banking site, I found that they had somehow doubled the hold placed on a single deposit. This threw my checking account into overdraft. I called BB&T customer service who said that they couldn't help me and I should visit the branch where the deposit was made. That branch is closed on Saturdays. I visited a different branch with no luck. Not only did I have to cancel our weekend plans, I don't even have money for food until everything is resolved. Not only am I planning to close my BB&T accounts but I will build an entire web site dedicated to telling my story. I will make it my life's mission to prevent as many customers as possible from banking with BB&T. Good bye BB&T!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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[Resolved] hold and overdraft fees on my checking account

BBT kept re-ordering my debits/credits to charge excessive fees. This happened multiple times. When i went...

[Resolved] fraudulent bank services

I've had multiple upon multiple times of BB&T posting my largest charge first so then my smallest charge...

overdraft fees

I have been a BB&T customer for several years and have had overdrafts here and there, but I received 3 overdraft fees due to the way BB&T posts and pends activities specifically, between 10/12-10/15.
I contacted customer care about this, several times today. The first time I called, there was a wait of over 30 minutes and I did not wait on the line. My second call, same wait time but I requested a call back. The agent that called back talked as if she was reading a script, didn't listen to my questions, but made a point to tell me about the overdraft refund policy. When I asked for a supervisor, she told me that they would tell me the same thing. I then told her that I asked to speak to a supervisor, I did not what she thought they would tell me. She put me on hold for several minutes then I was mysteriously disconnected. I called back a third time, there was a wait time of 41 minutes, I requested a call back and the young lady that I spoke to was at least apologetic for my inconvenience and her peer's inadequate customer service and filed a complaint on my behalf about my situation, but politely told me that the bank's system won't allow her to bypass the overdraft policy (no more than 1 refund in a 2 year period). I understand the policy completely but, if I am looking at my balance and trusting the accuracy of the available balance, why then on Monday are items shuffled for the bank's convenience? In the end, my balance is -$115, mind you, the 3 overdraft fees equal $108. These pendings were strategically posted so BB&T could profit from the overdraft fees.
This is the same practice that 5/3 Bank did to me years ago and I was part of a (successful) Class Action lawsuit because of it! I am going to reach out to the same attorney that litigated that action to find out about options available to me and I'm sure others.

XXXX & XXXXX, LLP class action attorneys are investigating similar overdraft fee claims from customers of XXXXX Bank who have been assessed overdraft fees. If you or someone you know has a XXXX Bank checking account and has been assessed overdraft fees contact us our class action attorneys would like to gather additional information about your transactions.

[Resolved] checking account hold and fees

My husband used my card before I could let him know that my deposit was not yet in. When I went to make my...

[Resolved] overdraft charges

The available balances online do not correspond to the actual balances of my account, I have only been a...

[Resolved] overdraft fees for service I didn’t request

I requested that they cover Overdraft protection for CHECKS ONLY. They kept allowing me to overdraft (even...

[Resolved] checking/disregard to customers

I have been a BB&T client since it was switched over from National Penn. I cash all payroll checks as well as an insurance check I recieve from my father passing. I have been cashing and depositing this very same check every month for few years now. When my payments increased another branch put notations on my account to not place holds on my check because this was what I was living off of and paying my bills and such with. Today i went into my normal branch to a teller I've gone to many times and she stated there would be a 2 day hold. I have a car payment and other bills due as well as a vacation booked this week . So I told her no, I have been cashing this same exact check over a year with no issues and that there was a notation on my account. She checked the account and stated she couldn't find it. At this point I told her she as well as every other teller in this branch has been cashing this exact check without a hold every single month at the same time for over a year. She said she was going to talk to a manger and disappeared for a good 10 minutes. The bank was very full at this point with not enough tellers to care for clients. She came back and in front of the other 7 or 8 people waiting had asked why I received this check and what is was for to which I had to get into details about my father dying and it being an insurance/ inheirtance payout. I was clearly emotionally distraught and felt after such a long time no questions needed to be asked, this check clears every month, I've never bounced a check or over drawn my account there was absolutely no reason for how she was acting. The manager came out and in front of everyone explained to me about how people get scammed for months on end and later owe all this money for checks that weren't valid. AGAIN This is a check I receive from my father passing. A legitimate insurance company. They made it look like I was doing something wrong by asking this hold not be placed since its never been before and it was the same check I've always cashed. I felt humilated. After all this they took the hold off cashed the check which i just deposit anyways and took my phone number for the regular branch manager to call when she was back. NO ONE should be treated like that ever.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

[Resolved] overdraft fees

Bbt is liken to a bunch of buzzards siting in a tree waiting for an honest man to make a mistake and when he does they pick his bones dry.they take all his money so his account is negative then charge him $36.00 because he doesnt have any money in his checking account.these fees are outrageous and unfair and trying to talk to anyone is collected millions in these fees in 2017.they dispense these fees without mercy or understanding..i hope they are sued and loose.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Sa
    Sandra Abruzzo Sep 05, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is so very true. How do they get away with this scam is beyond me. But I am contacting a lawyer

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savings account/transfers

I have been banking with BB&T since before with Susquehanna Bank. I have never been very happy with...

[Resolved] overdraft fees

I never realized until today how many overdraft fees I've been billed by BB&T. It's been time I've overdrafted my checking account and immediately transferred over the money from my saving to checking and I was still billed a $36 fee ! They don't give a 12 or 24 hour grace period like other bank or prepaid debit card vendors do. My husband and I have already canceled our cards will be withdrawing our money and finding a new bank Saturday. It's ridiculous. Then when you ask them to reimburse you they say no. I'm over hem and I'll never recommend BB&T again.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

[Resolved] Overdraft Charges

I am desperately seeking help on an overdraft matter regarding our checking account with BB&T and have tried...

customer billing and credit reporting

Around 9 November 2016 I contacted BB&T to arrange for deferments on two vehicle loans. Seeing that I had to stop working to take care of my wife 24 hours a day after she was seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident and there was no way I would put her in a nursing to wake up everyday not knowing who she was, how she got there or who all the strange people were. After receiving a TBI from 3 skull fractures and other injuries she needed to be in a surrounding that would best aid her recovery. I contacted the bank because I had to have time to get my finances in order and come up with a plan that would keep everyone paid and not ruin my credit. I figured if I bought a few months so to speak I could refinance my house around April of 2017 and borrow against the 100, 000 in equity and that would keep my credit score of nearly 780 intact and provide the best care for her. Anyway, the deferment was approved on 16 November 2016, exactly 31 days after my one vehicle loan had been due for payment. It never even entered my mind that they would report it as a late payment seeing as it was approved to be deferred, WRONG.. Seeing that I was sort of busy about 24 hours a day taking care of my wife and children I waited until January 4th 2017 to go online and check my statements. Both vehicles showed the next payment due as January 15th and 23rd. At that point in time I paid $700 on one and $420 on the other leaving a small amount to pay at the end of the month when I received my military retirement. Around 4 February I again went on line and when I looked at the right side of the statements it said I was already over 40 days late and it did not show what had happened to the money I already paid. It did show under the amount paid year to date, but not were it went and not why it wasnt credited to January like it should have been. After numerous calls to BB&T and with no one being able to explain or care to figure it out, I finally had to complain to the better business bureau and consumer affairs. After a brief wait, over 3 months, I finally received an explanation from BB&T that the information on the right side of my statements was wrong and the payment had been applied to December. At this point every month had already been turned in as a missed payment and even with being provided inaccurate information and being told why it was so important that it not be on my credit report they did nothing. To stop the continuous hits on my credit I attempted to redo the loans thru BB&T at their suggestion and after about 2 weeks had passed was told it was denied because my income was too low?? Thats why we were doing it in the first place. When I asked why I was told it was handled by a different department... So once again I had to resort to asking for the second deferment for the months of May and June 2017. After making sure all the payments due up and including April 2017 had been paid, the deferment was once again approved. At that point when I had been told by their employee that I needed to pay $240 on one of the vehicles to complete Aprils payment that the remaining $400 from the money I sent in would be applied to the July bill, only to have the July statement have all kinds of conflicting amounts due and showed I still owed payments on the months I deferred. So once again due the their error I was right back in the same spot as before and still receiving statements that had conflicting information. And yes BB&T told the Better Business Burea back in April that they were diligently working on fixing the issue. Not only did they turn in the months of October through December 2016 as late payments, they likewise turned in the entire year of 2017 as late even though they caused every bit of it. Due to 14 missed payments they turned in after I contacted them to make sure I did not end up with any, my attempt to refinance my home was denied because my credit score had dropped to under 600. Since that time they have gone back and removed the months of Oct thru December 2016 as late on both vehicles and they have removed May & June 2017 but have done absolutely nothing about the fact they totally destroyed my credit and made it impossible for me to get any type of loan to keep other bills paid and take care of my family. The executives at BB&T couldnt care less about what harm they caused and have done absolutely nothing to correct what they did and to this day I still have inaccurate information on my statements. So please feel free to spread this information across any public forum out there and to show exactly how poor of a choice using BB&T to finance anything would be I will attach the exact statements I received from them. Seeing as they dont feel any obligation to help with the financial harm and stress they caused my family at a time we were already dealing with a wife and mother that woke up everyday for over 4 months not knowing she was in her own home all I can say is I feel obligated to ensure that anyone considering using this company to finance anything better think twice.

Seeing as all my statements are in pdf form I will gladly send them to anyone that wants them. [protected]


Elden Ray Gillespie

customer billing and credit reporting

[Resolved] gap coverage on our totaled car

My son totaled our 2009 Mercury Mariner in August 2017. When we filed the claim Regional Acceptance and BB&T...


On wednesday my account had $50.55 opening, I debit posted for $20, they charged me $36 overdraft fee, they wrote in explanations that there were 2 items pending, one for $8.97 and one for $35.23, which caused insufficient funds to cover the $20 charge of -13.65. Assuming they intend to pay the other two items without an overdraft fee, I have no issue, I was not feeling well and I made a mistake. However this is not what happened. On thursday they posted the two pending items, and charged an overdraft fee of $36 for each of them, total of $121. They contend that the $56 they charged for the $20 + ovd fee left my account in the minus and there were no funds to cover the other two. But, there were funds to cover the $20, pending should not be deducted from your account in order to ovd posted. These is so wrong, the logical is incorrect, there were funds to cover two of the items. They were also very rude and condescending, they acted as if I am an imbecile. I am 62 years old, have had checking and savings since I was a teenager, and this is not how things are done. They contend that your account must cover the total of all items pending and posted daily or every item is subject to an overdraft fee, it is the total not each individual item. This makes no since. They said I should read the fine print! Of all things! Logic, reason, and the way it has always been should prevail. Just because I am older and walk with a cane, does not mean I am stupid, I have three college degrees, one graduate, and I still work fulltime, I am not in error they are!! They are unreasonable, illogical, stupid, and arrogant! I took every penny out of my accounts immediately, I want my $72 back, and I do not want any further issues from them which I am sure there will be. The play dirty and underhanded!

  • Zi
    zina shaw Sep 06, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having the same issue with bbt. I deposited money to clear a negative balance and had no pending actions showing on my account and then magically everything is pending and I have three overdraft charges bbt is a big scam

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[Resolved] overdraft fees

[ Please add me to the lawsuit] Below is my first message to them. Hurting terribly over Bb&t Overdraft...