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Bank Of America / worst customer service

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I have never been to a bank that is worse than Bank of America. Everything about this bank is bad. I am not the only one complaining about them I have done my research and have got to know that there are many people who think the same about this bank. I have never had any problem with any other bank but this one from day one I have had a tough time dealing with. The customer service here is the worst. It is the crappiest service you can get as a customer. You can never get respect here for them respect is like something out of this world. I wish I never had an account with them. They are terrible. Every time I think about this bank I regret it. Bank of America is by far the worst bank I have ever come across. Please stay away from this bank you will lose your patience dealing with them. I give this bank a -100 for customer service and overall too.

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  • Ja
      11th of Dec, 2008
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    Several Complaints here.. I have just had it with this bank. They treat their customers like second-rate citzens even after we bailed them out with OUR tax dollars.

    First, I had to fly out to Las Vegas because my Uncle became ill. While I was there he found out that he had terminal cancer and had a short time to live. He asked me to take care of some things because all of his family is from Michigan. He had a notary come to the hospital and filled out a General Power of Attorney and a Medical Power of attorney so that I could access his accounts and safety deposit box. I arrived at the bank and the manager denied me stating IT HAD TO BE ON THEIR FORM. I called the notary and she said that it was a legal document and they had to honor it. She even payed a visit to the bank manager and they still refused. We got the bank form but by that time; my uncle passed. I will now have to go back to Nevada several times over a VERY small estate that will cost more to settle than what he had. In the mean time; THEY FROZE MY BANK ACCOUNT!!! and put a FRAUD ALLERT ON IT!!! They had no compassion or care! It took over an hour to get it straightened out.

    I arrived back in Michigan and needed a few bank statements to reconciile my Dad's account. I waited 30 minutes at their Telegraph location and finally spoke to someone who told me we would be charged. I was NEVER charged when it was Laselle. All of the kind tellers we had when it was Laselle were now gone. I was upset and left. I went to their Michigan Ave location and waited 40 minutes. Today, I went in to find out why I have not received my current statement and was told "Check with your local post office". I walked out and decided to file a complaint via email. I was now emailed back twice stating that all complaints must be sent via the US POST OFFICE only... so I stopped here... I hope they do not have any other policies or procedures when I go to withdraw all of our accounts. I feel more than an appology is necessary at this point.

  • Da
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    We are casting a documentary about unfair bank policies. Looking for stories with complaints about banks. If you are cast we will pay you. If interested contact for more information. Casting needs to be concluded by May 1st, 2009.

  • Ne
      6th of Jun, 2009
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    The entire country will celebrate when this Supreme FRAUD of a bank goes Chapter 11. NEVER bail this [censored]bank out! Put their CEO in a dark hole for the rest of his life.
    The problems and headaches with bank of america are so many, so enormous, I have lost count. The worst of all, is their incessant process to block my card leaving me with no access to my own funds. They have done this incessantly and in the worse moments. Try having that done to you when you are 9, 000 miles away in another country, have arrived late at night, and can't withdrawn your money to pay your hotel bill and have nowhere you can go, no local currencies or cash to make a call, for taxi, for anything because the bank has blocked access for you to your own money. Not only is it embarrassing, but it has caused so many delays and losses in business as well. In asia I was once stuck to sleep on a dangerous train station because B of A had blocked my card to access my money so I could not get to my hotel, or pay the hotel bill which is charged in advance in some countries! I was basically like a homeless person, while I had thousands stuck in my own account with no access to it. On another occasion I had over $11, 000 in payments to make for a business meeting in a hotel when B of A blocked my card. Hotels will not take payments until the day of a meeting which makes it more complex to cover incidents like this and payments are often far greater than my credit card limits so I pay with my checking card (or, tried to). I was unable to process any payment, and was stranded without a room to stay in (the hotel wouldn't give me my booked room since they were unable to process the payment) and the hotel security harassed me for two days over a weekend to pay the huge charges - which I could not get access to because the bank had blocked my card. All because of B of A! It doesn't matter how many verifications and statements you issue to this bank that you will travel and not to block the card. They will still do this and there is no stop to their incessant harassment. Everyone hates Bank of America. I hope they go bankrupt and their CEO will get some incurable disease and suffer for years before he croaks, [censored]g [censored]bank!

    B of A has put me in many dangerous and complicated situations by blocking my card, leaving me stranded. Their [censored]g CEO should be executed or jailed for life.

  • Ad
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    I totally agree. I received a government refund check in the mail that was drawn on Bank of America, but I did not cash it right away. Today, I needed the monies, so I stopped at Bank of America at 3821 Minnesota Avenue, Washington DC 20019 to cash the check. The teller asked me if I had an account with Bank of American and I told her no. She asked me if I would like to open an account today, I told her thanks, but no thanks due to other reasons. Well, she was very nice until she found out that I did not have an account with. BOA. She directed me to sign the check and put my right thumb print in the middle of the check. Well, I did that but she claimed that it was not good enough and that I should do it again. So, I did and she proceeded to hold the check up to the window while saying very insulting smart remarks. I tried to explain to her that the ink irritates my skin due to medical issues, but she just started to over talk and talk down on me. She thrused some change into the small window drawer along with an envelope (did not bother to tell me that she place an empty envelope in the window). Well, due to her very nasty rude and abrupt attitude, I thought she just put the monies in the envelope, so I took the change up that she threw into the window and proceeded to walk away. She called me back and stated that she did not put my monies in the envelope. I explained to her that most banks put your monies into the envelope prior to placing it in the window for the customer. Wow, she really went off then. She stated that she did not put the monies in the envelope because she wanted me to count it before leaving the window. I tell you, this teller was absolutely rude. I thought to myself, I see why I never opened an account with Bank of America because that teller was just plain old out rude. Then she had the nerves to tell me to have a blessed day. Wow, what a hypocrite. BANK OF AMERICA, YOU REALLY NEED TO TRAIN YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES. ANYWAY, YOU WOULD THINK THEY WOULD AT LEAST HAVE MANNERS DEALING WITH THE PUBLIC, LET ALONE A SENIOR CITIZEN.


    Dissatisfied Customer

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