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Bank America / identity theft!

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Keeping in mind, I am a Victim of aggravated identity theft and Corporate Fraud, a 12 year old Santa Barbara Medicare Home Care Agency.

California DOJ said in 2004, DOJ-Bill Canepa, Public Inquiry Unit #3133, letter stating, "I can promise pervasive fraud scams, dispute between Buyer & Seller which originated as a private dispute may become a matter of broad public interest and thus warrant the Attorney's Generals intervention under State’s consumer protection laws. DOJ states, "You may wish to report actionable criminal activity to the county district attorney where corporation is located."

The California Secretary of State, Legal Department, Attorney, Kori Tomlin validating in 2004, "Victim of Corporate Fraud," Corporation #1852546, "You need to obtain a court Judgment, arbitration award, or criminal restitution order for corporate fraud."

California Department of Insurance, regarding: Mutual of Omaha Insurance, Rose Hardy File # RUS-5919322 states, "Your formal husband has taken a vulnerable way of insuring you, they are group accidental death insurance policies. If you think death threats are implied contact local law enforcement." (I found 15+ accidental death policies on my life).

The US Department Health Human Services (DHHS), Medicare Appeal PPRB, Attorney, Suzanne Cochran said, "You need counsel to resolve issues of Fraud, cruel treatment, Denial of equal protection, constitutional rights, human rights violations, and criminal actions by anyone.

November 2004, SunTrust Bank, Identity Theft Investigator, Johanna Figueroedo, in Orlando, Florida. Suntrust letter state, " We agreed that there was possible fraud and/or Identity Theft situation with the following creditors: MBNA, SunTrust Bank, Citibank, Capital One Bank, American Express.

Famous Beverly Hills Divorce Attorney, Neal Hersh resigned stating, I needed a Forensic Accountant to find out when my Santa Barbara taxes were amended, who benefited, find out why my social security number does not show, deal with former husband 's mismanagement of corporate funds and tax problems created by former husband.

In September 2002, Bank America called me and told me while I was in California for divorce hearing someone had stolen my ATM Debit card number and made a ATM DEBIT counterfeit card to purchase gasoline at an California gas station and purchased a couple of computers on line. Bank America instructed me to go to local South Carolina branch and get another ATM Debit card.

Then in 2003, unlawfully levying my Bank America account over $100,000 by using former husband's staged Santa Barbara office lease lawsuit against my California corporation holding me personally liable or by making another counterfeit debit card to get back any divorce money I received from property investments. He was successful in stealing corporation and selling it so I did not receive a penny.

In August 2003, I had a North Carolina and South Carolina Bank America account. The Bank America, South Carolina Branch Manager Wayne Sigmond said, "Stephani there are some evil and cruel people in this world but I think Bank America can help you." My credit report was looking better and said several times on different accounts ex-Husband's Responsibility. Then two weeks later, the Branch Manager Wayne Sigmond called me and said "Stephani if you want your life back and this thing to go away, you best pull the Bank America FRAUD AFFIDAVIT." So I said okay, out of fear and not understanding all the fraud schemes against me and my corporation. Then, my credit report changed over night and got worse.

At the same time, in 2003 I discovered counterfeit SunTrust Credit Cards when I have never owned a SunTrust Credit card.

My perpetrator's were able to commit aggravated identity theft when I was court ordered by Santa Barbara Divorce Judge Anderle to give former husband's Attorney copies of my [protected] Bank America, SunTrust Bank and Lighthouse Community Bank statements and front and back of all canceled checks. They had complete history of every account I owned and all the information to take over my life including credit cards by closing and opening up new accounts to ruin my 800 credit score. They have been successful denying me any type of credit since 2003 when I canceled my two credit cards due to aggravated identity theft. Prior to divorce I was worth millions and had perfect credit with over 800 credit score. After husband fraudulently got exclusive management and control of my corporation on May 29, 2001 I had 28+ FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS on October 10, 2001 credit report.

At Santa Barbara Bank and Trust I owned a MBNA credit Card. I discovered a fraudulent 2001 SBBT MBNA bank statement with two withdrawals totaling $5,000 in cash from SunTrust Bank. The SBBT MBNA and counterfeit SunTrust MBNA has same payment mailing address P.O. Box 15019, Wilmington, DE. I have a SunTrust credit card paper that refers to Debt Consolidation, a insurance benefit for monthly debt payment instead of Involuntary termination, involuntary hospitalization, disability or accidental death.

This is terror in 2007, I have new aggravated identity theft on my credit report using the same counterfeit MBNA, SunTrust credit card being purchased by another lender Bank America. SunTrust Bank had agreed it was identity theft/fraud in 2004 and in 2006 SunTrust Bank had agreed to remove the SunTrust name from all three credit agencies.

SunTrust told me in 2006 they had no legal rights to the fraudulent SunTrust MBNA credit cards because they sold the credit card accounts to MBNA in 2000. MBNA had all ownership rights in those accounts, and subsequently sold them to FIA card services, which you know is a Bank of America subsidiary.

I have a fraudulent 2006 Chase credit card on credit report that was paid 100% with Bank America checks. I only had one Chase credit card that I got in October 2001 and used it only to pay Hersh and Mannis Law Firm for an Santa Barbara Exparte Hearing for management and control in November 2001 for $10,300. I have a record it was 100% paid off in February 2003 using Bank America checks.

I had an American Express Corporate Card, I used to pay Hersh and Mannis $25,000 for another exparte hearing for management and control on February 25, 2002. I had over $400,000 in Chicago Title trust from funds from sell of rental property but I was told account from frozen until Divorce settlement February 20, 2002 which was rescheduled till July 16, 2002 due to Divorce Attorney Neal Hersh resigning after a year due to legal abuse and fraud scams. Trial lasted till August 20, 2002 when I was finally able to pay American Express when AX debit my Bank America account $30,000+. AX said since I had kept my word and paid them anytime I wanted a new American Express card they would honor it. Now, this is cruel on credit report it looks like it went into collections as if I do not pay my bills that has added to ruining my credit.

Can someone assist me...

Thank you.

Stephani Johnson.

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  • El
      26th of Sep, 2007
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    My story is also nightmare. The problem is that all of these credit card accounts have been securitized and sold over and over again. MBNA is the worst offender and MBNA did not sell the account to FIA Card Services. FIA is servicer for the securitized MBNA Trust, which is sold to investors (MBNA is now Bank of America). Get a letter out to the Securities and Exchange Commission - Department of Enforcement and cc your state attorney general. The other banks operate the same way. You do not
    Your written synopsis is scaterred and not cohesive. Get an attorney and then contact me - I will have my attorney speak with him or her.
    email [email protected]

  • Pe
      29th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I closed my SunTrust checking account in 2002. In May of 2006, my credit score took a sudden nose-dive. All three credit bureaus began reporting a $30 delinquency on a SunTrust PLC used for overdraft protection on my former checking account 4 years after it was closed!!! SunTrust's database is clearly compromised.

  • Br
      5th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree 100% Telatron continues to steal the employees commisions.Sorry you didn't take enough calls, you didn't sell enough products, you didn;t have enought money on the kind of call then when you are close they change your call routes. We are nevr given what we earn as a ca;; center vendor but they can't manage there own bills hecl payroll checks have bounced like crazy the last 2 weeks telatrons owners steal from the prople they expect to be loyal and support them!

  • Ma
      14th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I feel your pain. Sounds like an inside job but im sure it was not. Only thing I can adsive is if you want to have good protection never do anything online.
    See when you activate credit cards for online access brings your account to the internet and bring you great amount of risk.. make sure your home computer is not infective and avoid using other peoples machines

  • Wu
      14th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Mi credit card with them havé been stolen for 345000, 00USD when my limit is only 200000.00$! That is 145000.00 over! Find The mistake! N'y The way, i never used The card since i recevez it (2years) !

  • An
      6th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    contest the charges in probate ... It may take a longtime to settle the dispute .. However if the advancement came after she was deemed unable to make decisions for herself or postmortum... Stand upon the principle
    and see it through. Best of circumstances to you and yours

  • Ch
      14th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am currently a Bank of America checking account customer. Four days ago, I received a generic, little white postcard from them advising that the address change on my account had been completed. What?????? I didn't make any address change. I went to the bank Monday a.m. and they advised that there appears to be fraudulent activity on the account. Upon closer review, it was determined that the new "fraud" address, four hours from my current home was used to open a new Bank of America checking AND savings account online. Debit cards were sent to the "fraud" address. By Monday a.m., the thieves had stolen over $10, 500 all under the "watchful of the bank". Three ATM transactions in one day were made at the same teller for $500 each. They went to another teller and made four withdrawls for another $900. They then went to Publix and made a $2, 200 and a $2, 300 purchase. Went on a shopping spree to numerous stores and made multiple "teller assisted telephone transfers" for $9500. All this on an account that has maybe five transactions in two months. I contacted the BOA fraud dept. and followed all their instructions. I contacted Chex systems, not realizing that this was tarnishing my name and going to make it difficult if not impossible for me to write checks in the future. As of today, the money has not been credited back to my account. None of my other outside accounts were affected. It appears that this is isolated to Bank of America. I am very interested to know how many breaches of security have occurred in this manner. There is no reason all this activity did not raise a red flag. If I use any of my credit cards in an unusual manner, my credit card companies make a quick call to me to make sure it is really me. If anyone knows of a pending class action regarding Bank of America's security breaches and deficiencies, please post information here. Thank you. What a nightmare!!

  • Cr
      16th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Bank of America uses Telatron in Erie, Pa to manage its credit card accounts. Many of the people that they hire to manage your credit card accounts, which contain personal and sensitive information, are criminals. Some of the employess have felony charges for grand theft larceny, identity theft, felony drug possession etc. just to name a few. If you don't believe this is true ask Bank of America to have Telatron to provide a criminal history of its employees. You might be very surprised.

  • Jw
      22nd of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes
    Bank America - told paper work is always missing
    wayne peaslee
    282 dennison lane
    United States
    Phone: 5087643228

    bank America has stalled for three years to do anything with a modification.Then they sent my mortgage to another company greentree who does not do work in mass. and then they tell me that i do not qualify even though i have had a pay cut in half. the whole thin g is a scam the banks got all they money to help the public then make excuses why not to help anybody and give out big bonuses to higher mgt. then people in the banks tell me that i have to miss payments runnin my credit before they will do anything. the government could care less about the little guy. they just care about the people or companies who give them money for there pockets.

  • Fr
      11th of Jun, 2007
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    Bank Of America - Identity theft
    United States

    Bank of America does not give a darn about the consumer. My mother in law passed away in December of 06. Ran a credit report and there was 16,000 advancement and bill is now up to 20,000 bill that was not hers. She is clearly part of identity theft. It took 4 months to get a copy of the checks clearly not her signature but all wonderful BOA says is just pay us 7,500 and all will be paid up. How in the world does BOA give someone making $600 month ss a 16,000 advancement. Don’t they have any common sense this may be an identity theft. So all they do is put it in collections let it accumulate interest.

    What is my next step. This bill is not hers and should not be part of her estate.

    Frank Camarda

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