Avis Rent A Car System / Avis Budget Group / rental car deceptive free upgrade

After waiting in line at Victoria, BC Canada's airport for 25 minutes, I was offered an upgrade for my reservation. I told the lady I was not interested if there was an additional fee. She told me she would not charge me because I waited in line for so long. Once all the paperwork was ready I signed in about 6 different places and went on my way. Once I received my invoice I realized I was charged an extra 20$ per day for the upgrade. After talking to the manager Steven Grewal he talked to the lady and she denied my statement of "not if there is an extra fee" and said I was totally aware of the extra fee. While I should have read the finer details, I did rely on the words of this kind lady for the free upgrade and while signing away on a detailed page it did not occur to me. ( my bad). I would warn others and perhaps the industry watch dogs that this can be an easy ply for car rental companies. After 15 or 20 years as a fast break member ( some years over 100 days) I am moving on to another source for my rental needs.

Nov 18, 2017

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