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First Car Rental reviews & complaints

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First Car Rental - Repayment of repair cost

Rented a car in j-burg for 3 weeks and added a tyre and glass insurance. Had a tire explosion. Contacted this company and they told me to have the tire changed and they would repay me. Did so and...

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Sep 04, 2015
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

First Car Rental - Cheated by First Car Rental

First Car Rental, the car rental company more dishonest and band of thieves that you can find. We hired with them twice during last August in our trip to South Africa. On both occasions we have...

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First Car Rental - Being Ripped Off for Additional Fuel

Rented a small Polo Vivo 1.4L for 24hrs on Dec 11th. Wife used it for 191kms, filled up and returned it filled up to OR Tambo Airport on Dec 12th. I had to leave a R3000 deposit on my credit card (should have been R2950 according to our booking with you). I was subsequently charged an additional R167 for 13L of fuel, ostensibly as the cars have a problem with "airlocks" when being refuelled (they should have breather tubes which overcome this) and we didnt quite fill the car up. They have charged me over the fuel price per liter at that date, despite advertising there is no refueling charge. However, more significantly the car could not have used the 10.6 L we put in plus the 13.02 L that First claimed they refuelled the car with; a total of 24L used / 191kms returning a consumption of a staggering 12L / 100kms which just is impossible for a 1.4L engine (rated at 5.3L/100km by VW). First Hire sent me through the refuelling log written in pen (no computer readout), so unless the car had a significant fuel leak which it did not, I have deduced that skulduggery is at work and someone isn't telling the truth. Either the fuel wasn't added into the tank, or it was used to refuel another vehicle out at their depot, or pumped into a container. The volume is correct as the pump readings at the start and end of the operator's shift add up to the amount of fuel dispensed during the shift. Another clincher is that the car only has a 45L tank, so that means that we returned the vehicle only 2/3rds full for them to be able to add another 13L, with or without an airlock ( 13L required to fill ie 13/45 = +- 29%) . I sent through a complaint to First, which was dismissed out of hand by their Customer Services Manager (?) Ransom Hunguka, who merely repeated their claim of airlocks and the fact that they have placed a notice on the back of the rear mirror hanger to the effect that Customers should not refill their rental cars on return (contradictory to your advice) as they will be charged accordingly. A captured audience, no less, with no control over the amount of fuel they are being charged for, or where it actually goes. A beautiful opportunity for massive graft?