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avis frankfurt - rental damages scam!!

**Links to all docs and pictures are at the end of the message**

Had to go to Germany for a business trip. Since AVIS/Budget is a trusted U.S. company name, and my company has a contract with them, I went with them. The guy at the counter was not particularly friendly and, although I had reserved an automatic, he told me they only had one car left and that it was a manual. It was an "upgrade" so I didn't complain. The car was a black Renault Megane. I rented a car from the 4/25/2011 - 5/5/2011. When I did the initial inspection, I couldn't find anything wrong with the car.

I turned the car in on the morning of May 5th, as the contract stated. I thought it seemed extremely strange that the attendant who I turned the car in to walked straight to the back left of the car and pointed to a tiny ding on the wheel well. It was so small I couldn't see it. I actually thought he was messing with me, until he handed me a paper and asked to sign it acknowledging the "dent". I told him I don't see a dent. He pulled me over to where he was and said "You have to look at how the light reflects from this spot". There was a tiny flaw, no bigger than a 10 font letter "o". I mean SO SMALL that you need to get 2 inches from it to see the distortion of the light reflecting. He said he was writing it down, but not to worry about it, wasn't going to get charged for anything. He never gave me a receipt or anything. I will admit that there were a lot of things I could have done to better protect myself in this situation, but I trusted AVIS and their reps... that was a HUGE mistake.

When I got back to the U.S. I saw a charge of over $1700 on my credit card. I called AVIS and they informed me that since it's a franchise in Europe, there was nothing they could do about it but send an email. They couldn't even get me a receipt or tell me what had been charged!! AVIS stated that I should get a call back in 24 hours. 3 days later I called them: "Still investigating". 4 more days: "No new information, still investigating". I finally got a letter in the mail from AVIS that said something about over 1050 EUR of damage and that I didn't have to do anything, as they simply charged my card. Gee, thanks for taking care of that for me AVIS... with NO AUTHORIZATION. he back of the letter had 4 pictures on it. One of which was a huge scratch and dent on a zebra striped background that was NOT what they tried to show me when I returned it. What they showed me was a pin-sized dimple in the paint, what they put on the picture was a scratch that wasn't on the car... I've read on this site another person that got a "photo with a scratch on a zebra striped background". If you are reading this and have the same photo, reply immediately so we can fry these guys for fraud and extortion.

I'm currently in the process of disputing it with AMEX and AVIS, but haven't heard anything in a week or so.
Pic of Scratch: http://legendarywou.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/scratch.jpeg
Letter (Personal info Blacked out) - http://legendarywou.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Letter-Front-anon.jpeg

avis frankfurt - rental damages scam!!

Avis Frankfurt Airport
  • Ta
    tac1956 Aug 20, 2011

    I also rented a car from Avis Frankfurt and they are trying to say that I caused damage to the back rear bumper of a Volvo V60. The pick up spot was dim and spacing tight. The drop off point was very bright. 3 Avis agents inspected the car with one going directly to the rear pax bumper. You had to put your face right up to it to see the so called damage. The pictures that were 1st sent to me they had to outline in chalk so you could see the bumper was slightly pulled away. No dents or creases were on the picture. They also supplied another picture of the car from the back but looking at the drivers side, not the damage side. A few days later I got an email from the Avis International desk with the cost break down and additional pictures. This was all in German and the additional pictures now showed the bumper to be really pulled away from the car to exaggerate the damage. They want 1050 EUROS to fix. What a scam!!! they got going. I think a nice Class Action lawsuit is in order, anyone else agree? I this the people at Avis Germany are lining their pockets with the money of people who they know will be too far away to fight. Avis Headquarters should look into and audit the books of these sites. I'm sure they will find the same car getting "FIXED" over and over again. I think the stockholders should sit up and take a good look at the scam that is happening

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  • Ed
    edsealing Aug 30, 2011

    Ironically, they wanted exactly 1050 euro for my damage as well. I think the figure has something to do with credit cards and insurance. The problem is, when you convert it to dollars, it comes out to >$1500. Even if you did have a tiny scratch on the bumper, $1500 is outrageous. You can replace both bumpers, the windshield, and the hood for that much. This is assuming you aren't the 10th person they have attempted to charge for the same microscopic damage.
    Make sure you fight them on it. If just one person lets it happen, then it makes it worth their time!

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my worst rental car experience ever!

My worst rental car experience EVER!

On June 23, 2010 my husband and I rented a car from Avis, located on 3729 US Highway 1 and Harrison St. in Princeton. We were taking our daughter to summer camp.
Just a few minutes after we got in the car, a Chevy Impala, we got a message on the dashboard “Engine Disable”. Right away, we called Avis. Since it was only 7:00 am, we were only able to talk with the Emergency assistant, who was helping us trying to find the closest location to get technical assistant. While we were driving and talking on the phone with AVIS, the car started to lose power and we moved to the shoulder just in time. The car stopped totally and we could not restarted.
After a few tries, the car restarted, and we were now heading to Basking Ridge to fix the car or hopefully to get a new car. By now, it was 8:15 am. When we got to the Avis location, the technician tried to fix the computerized program. He took the car to try and got stopped in the middle of the road unable to go. As it happened to us, a few tries later it restarted.
By 9:00 am or so we got a new car and were finally on our way.

On July 16, 2010 we rented another car from the same location. We were going to pick up our daughter from camp early next morning. I picked the car up at 7:30 pm and parked it across from Avis, where they ask you to move it once you have rented it. Later at night, when my husband returned from work we went to get the car together. We noticed that the gas tank wasn´t 8/8 full as it stated on the contract, but only 7/8. Since we left at 6:00 am the next morning we did not call and thought we would tell them when we returned the car (wrong, of course). We also noticed that there was a water tonic bottle in the trunk, but we left it there. It wasn´t ours.
When we returned the keys the morning of July 19, 2010 they checked the car and told us that there were two scratches on one side of the car. We did not have any incident with the car and we never noticed any scratches.

I had to fill out a form for Avis and I declined any responsibility. The person at the office laughed at me and said I could not decline the responsibility and added something else on the paper.

I told her that the same as they did not notice a water tonic bottle in the trunk of the car and they left the gas tank not as indicated on the contract, I did not feel I could assume the responsibility of a scratch that we didn´t think we were responsible for.

The staff at this location were rude, disrespectful, unprofessional and were never clear with the information provided to us.

Later that day, my husband called the Avis location on Harrison St. to find out more about what I had told him. The person who answered the phone said that there was a scratch on the car and could we say that it was there when the car was taken out. When he said that we had not looked at the car when we took it but nor had Avis checked the gas tank or the back for bottles, she repeated what she had said and when he repeated what he had said, in a truly non-confrontational manner (truly), and she hung up rather than deal with it. When he called back, she put him on hold immediately and never picked up.

He called Avis and described the events, they apologized and said to speak to the manager at the Princeton Avis and that all was noted.

He works in client service and called the next day not just to complain about how he was handled but to let the manager know what had happened and that that person should not be dealing with clients (she hung up on!). So when he spoke to the manager the next day she simply defended the woman who hung up on him and said that he was yelling at her (he absolutely was not). That was it.

Not sure where it will end but we are expecting a letter saying we owe money to pay for the car.

  • Ki
    King1970 May 23, 2011

    did you decline their insurance beacuse your policy covers you for rental car ??? I'm sure you did...so just file a claim with your insurance after all, that's why you have insurance right ?

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negligence and dishonesty

Had a car reserved two months in advance with them. Showed up and they had NO CARS...talked to a girl online...


Two weeks ago, on our trip to Europe, we rented a car from Avis at the Munich airport. Upon receiving the car, the paperwork showed no damage. The cars are picked up a fair distance from the desk in a poorly-lit multistory garage. There is no attendant at the location you pick up the car. We walked around the car and it looked fine. We returned it back a week later and within 15-seconds of us stopping, the lady who received the car identified a chip on the windshield. The chip is the size of tip of a ball-point pen. How do I know? The letter identifying the damage has several pictures attached and is using a ball-point pen to point to the damage. The repair charge is 750 Euros. My complaint is two-fold: 1) as a driver, I would definitely notice a rock hitting my windshield especially if it causes a damage. I had no rock hitting any part of the car. Further, the speed with which the attendant zoomed on the tiny chip on the windshield leads me to believe, she knew it was there. 2) let's assume for the moment that the damage occurred while the car was in my possession. 750 Euros for damage of this extent is excessive beyond belief. My conclusion is that not only Avis will not repair it, they will keep it ready for the next customer to hit them with the same "damage".


Avis Car Rental
  • Rr
    rrp6909 Sep 17, 2012

    Just had a similar thing happen to me by AVIS at Munich airport. Brought the car back and agent immediately zero'd in on a very faint scratch in the paint along the back rear panel. Just received a letter they're charging me 850 euro for repairs. Consequently, the agent at the time of the rental, informed me there was some damage to the car (scratches). I'd bet the prior driver(s) was charged for repairs that were never made. Any ideas on recourse? I had a flight to catch after dropping the rental off - couldn't hang around to take the car for repair appraisal.

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  • Ji
    Jim D Las Vegas Nov 21, 2012

    I have a feeling this AVIS makes a lot of $$$ doing this! I had the same thing happen. About 2 days after renting the car, I noticed a small scrape and dent (about the size of a bb) that appeared to be a door nick caused by someone else. At first, I thought it was a mud splatter and wiped it off only to find the nick. It was already rusted over. Upon returning the car, the guy went right to the "damage" (with-in seconds!) and said it's 900 Euros (about $1100 USD) He said my card would be hit for the 900 Euros and that an actual estimate would be mailed to me. What I got was a letter from AVIS stating the repairs are estimated at 900 Euros and that when the repair is done, I'd receive an invoice with exact repairs. Since I purchased (via Carrentals.com) a policy, I thought as soon as the invoice arrives I'd send it to the insurance carrier for reimbursement. The insurance carrier requires a repair invoice from Avis in order to pay the reimbursement. I called from the United States and was told by the clerk that they ;have 30 days to repair and send me an invoice. I pointed out it had already been well over 30 days. No invoice... I called again, same story. Again, no invoice. The AVIS website (Avis.de) has a link asking for an invoice. Still, no invoice. I thought I had 90 days from the billing date to dispute, however reviewing the matter, I found it was only 60 days. I just returned from the post office after mailing a dispute, just in time. Also, they billed me $10 euros for fuel, although the tank was filled about a mile from the terminal! Since I got what I thought to be a excellent price on the rental, I feel this company is using overly high "repairs" as a way to increase revenue. My wife's car her in the U.S. just had a major accident, requiring a new door and extensive repairs, costing over $3, 000. Based upon what Avis charges, the cost would have been over $30K in Germany. As a side note, I saw the same make and model as my Avis rental on sale, new, for about 20, 000 euros. My repair, for a small nick, billed at 900 euros. Seems like an excellent way to increase revenue! By the way, see the photo. The damage is the small area with-in the large marked area! (two photos)

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  • Sh
    Sheeba Anchan Jan 12, 2013

    I had a similar thing happen to me at Avis Munich airport two days go. The agent found a scratch underneath the bumper! It's like he knew it was there. These catches are not visible on the outside. Wonder how many previous renters have paid for it, because it sure didn't happen when we were using it. The staff were not interested, and we had to rush or the flight. How do we dispute and claim the money back? Any suggestions would be helpful.

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  • Cr
    cryogenus Mar 04, 2013

    I have just been scammed in a similar fashion. I rented a Citroen c5 that had 3950 one on the clock. At collection the form base no listed damage but I noticed a paint chip on the rear bumper, took a photo and returned to the desk. The agent initialled the documents and added a mark showing this damage. On return a lady then found a graze on the windsreen and the front grill Chrome trim displaced. Neither of these were apparent and both were very minor. Immediately an invoice with 900 euros charge was generated _ this being the full excess. I believe this is a scam and someone should be brought to book over it. Would be interested to know if anyone else has been charged for this same damage

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representatives have refused to adjust the bill

With the holiday’s approaching I want to share my experience. Although my car rental was related to an auto accident Avis Budget Car Rental, Llc. Requested my bankcard for a minimal deposit until the insurance could be verified. Having failed to either contact us to verify information provided on the claim, or bill the insurance company properly four months later a charge of over $400. Was applied toward the bankcard using the same authorization number from the date in which the deposit was made.

After contacting Avis Budget Car Rental, LLC., customer service department about the matter, I was made aware that not only did Budget fail to handle billing correctly, but they overcharged by a whopping 5 days.

The representative kindly adjusted the bill, which zeroed the balance out, right? Not so, I was reimbursed by the insurance company as expected, but another four months later this past October, Avis Budget’s 5 day overcharge was re-applied to the bankcard using the very same authorization number. Although Avis Budget has a contract with my auto insurance carrier in eight months not one of their representatives attempted to contact us to verify the information on insurance claim.

Adding insult to injury although the overcharge had been previously adjusted, and the date of the rental’s return is verifiable Avis Budget Car Rental, Llc. Representatives have refused to re-adjust the bill, or forward the matter to their corporate office for resolve.

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overcharged for rented a car via hotwire

Has this happened to anyone else? I’m seriously considering looking at filing a class action. I rented a car from Avis through Hotwire, and when I went to the counter, the agent kept trying to “up sell” me on everything but I said no. When she was going through the options, she either showed me on the form how much the insurance would be and I said no that’s ok, and then she gave me the form to initial.

I asked her why it said $105 instead of the $52 that I paid through Hotwire and she said they didn’t know how much I paid through Hotwire but that was the Avis charge in their system and that I would only have to pay what I paid Hotwire. Well, when I went back a few days later to return the car, I saw they’d charged me this same $105. I couldn’t figure out why, and so I disputed the charge.

They took off a $15 charge for going over the time – the manager said even though I brought it back at the contract time, I picked it up an hour early so they should have adjusted my return time, so he waived that fee. But I was talking about the whole thing, not $15. The manager shows me where I had allegedly agreed to insurance at a cost of more than I paid for the car – $90. (I realized that this $90 plus the $15 equals the $105 initial payment I saw, which makes the initial $15 “late” charge also suspect, unless they knew somehow I’d bring it back “late.”)

I explained that the agent either circled that herself when she was showing me the options or circled it after I signed because I have never in my life purchased insurance for a car rental since I have my own. We had just gotten a rental car the other day and also declined the insurance. I did notice that Enterprise (the rental company we got a car from a few days prior) also tried to up sell us on options and even asked what my deductible is, like he was trying to scare me into buying the insurance. I’m thinking this must happen a lot.

avis are thieves

These guys are a serious bunch of thieves. I was hit from behind and the evidence they have at hand is quiet clear to whose fault the accident was. However, at the time of the accident, AVIS collected information from the third party to the accident and somehow managed to pay the third party out even though she was at fault. Now they expect me to pay the insurance excess. I personally suspect either some sort of internal fraud to favor certain people or simply staff fraud who make a commission from paying out wrong claims. (BRIBERY at its best i guess)... complaining doesnt help, because obviously they dont care about customer service. Personally, i think its because we continue to support these thieves and they make enough business. i wish someone would investigate these guys. or perhaps publicize these acts to a point where they start feeling the pinch... I will as of this point never support these clowns again.

rental car mechanical problem

I rented a Nissan Altima for a 4.5 hour long trip. The vehicle started making a dreadfully loud noise the day before the trip ended. On the way home, I contacted Avis because the car had eaten 1/4 tank of gasoline in 43 miles. I explained that I had to keep stopping, and it didn't seem dangerous enough to contact the emergency roadside number. When I returned the car 45 minutes late, I was charged a late fee, and I had paid 75.00 total on gasoline. The car should have been able to do the entire trip on one tank of gas. The representative ended up charging me more than the amount I was scheduled to pay, after presenting a coupon initially at pick up. I saw this complaint site and felt discouraged. I called Avis, who submitted the complaint but I didn't think I would obtain resolution, after it was already charged to my credit card. A week later, the company sent me a letter to inform me of a fair refund, and I will continue using the company for that reason.

cheated by them

Heads up when you rent a car from Avis, I just had a bad experience and was overcharged by $110.00

I had to do an upgrade because they didnt have a mid-size available as requested through Hotwire, but 5 dollars a day turners into 7 a day after all taxes and I was also tricked into getting a vehicle protection that I specifically declined. Contract was never explained to me and customer service was the worst I have ever came across. Car was nice and clean, however stay away or triple check all new charges and contract, this Avis is located at Atlanta Int airport.

  • Er
    ErikaO May 26, 2014

    We are a U.S.expatriate family so we have been using AVIS for years in the UK and US.

    Over our families SPring Break we rented from AVIS at Frankfurt Airport. We drove to Saas-Fee and parked the vehicle in the garage for the week since it is a carless village. We then drove it back to the airport and parked it. The man working at the AVIS desk in the garage waved us off without checking the car.

    We however had looked over the vehicle and it was in perfect condition. Later we were charge 1500 Euros for imaginary damage that absolutely wasn't there. We now realize looking back it was a scam because they purposely waved us away without inspection. AVIS says we can get a lawyer!!

    Seriously !! How much would that cost ?!?! You can read about the other Avis Frankfurt scams on Trip Advisor.

    I will be posting on all travel sites and blogs to let everyone know that AVIS has an office that will scam families and take money from hard working teachers and government servants.

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falsely accused for damage to vehicle

I recently had to make use of an Avis rental vehicle when my vehicle went in for damage repairs. My insurance company made the arrangements and the vehicle was delivered to Ger-Matic Panelbeaters in Silverton.

I used the vehicle for a week and on the 31st March and I notified the call centre that they must pick up the vehicle between 16:00 and 16:30 at the same premises it was delivered to. I arrived at Ger-Matic at 16:00 after which the receptionist called the CSIR branch to notify them that I was there and that they can come and collect the rented vehicle.

I took delivery of my own vehicle and moved my personal belongings to my own vehicle. I then inspected the vehicle inside and out to make sure everything was in order which it was. I waited for their driver until 16:45 and then handed the keys to the receptionist at Ger-Matic. At 17:10 I received a call from a lady at Avis informing me that tere was damage to the rented vehicle. I was shocked by this allegation as I knew that I have inspected the vehicle before I left and there was nothing wrong with it. My questions: Why were they not there when I picked up my vehicle? & Their logo 'we try harder' to do what!!!?

  • Er
    ErikaO May 26, 2014

    We are a U.S.expatriate family so we have been using AVIS for years in the UK and US.

    Over our families SPring Break we rented from AVIS at Frankfurt Airport. We drove to Saas-Fee and parked the vehicle in the garage for the week since it is a carless village. We then drove it back to the airport and parked it. The man working at the AVIS desk in the garage waved us off without checking the car.

    We however had looked over the vehicle and it was in perfect condition. Later we were charge 1500 Euros for imaginary damage that absolutely wasn't there. We now realize looking back it was a scam because they purposely waved us away without inspection. AVIS says we can get a lawyer!!

    Seriously !! How much would that cost ?!?! You can read about the other Avis Frankfurt scams on Trip Advisor.

    I will be posting on all travel sites and blogs to let everyone know that AVIS has an office that will scam families and take money from hard working teachers and government servants.

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I paid in full the car rental before I arrived to the international airport in Miami, they offered to me a...

overcharging credit card

I rented a car from Avis through Priceline and prepaid. The agreement was for $124.82 total. I returned the vehicle early and did not contract for any additional expenses. Yet when I returned the car I was charged an additional $326.15 without any explanation on the reciept. My rental rate on priceline was $22.00 per day and on the contract at pickup it showed a rate of $21.74 per day. Yet my retrun reciept suddenly charged me a rate of $83.99 per day plus additonal fees, a so called concession recovery fee, plus taxes, which was never a part of either the contract nor the agreement through Priceline. The local manager has no explanation, but says this is the computer systems of Avis national. As a result all I can say not only are they thieves committing criminal acts, but obviously organized criminals to boot!!!

car rental miscellaneous charges

I happened to rent a car for the New years from Avis Rental Services at Bernardo Center Drive, San Diego, CA...

horrible experience

This was the worst experience ever! No wonder that Avis is the underdog and will most likely go out of business soon. I hear that they have so many lawsuits against them. Avis teaches their associates to cheat customers into signing the rental agreement, and charge outragous prices on upgrades, insurance and gps and roadside. People, you must read your contracts and don't sign if you don't understand. Keep all your papers to know what daily rates are and weekly rates. DO NOT RENT FROM AVIS AS THEY ARE TAUGHT TO SCAM CUSTOMERS TO SIGN THE AGREEMENT. Then you cannot dispute charges. The managers want the agents to sell because they make commissions. So therefore you are gonna get suckered. Unless you like paying high bills I would stay away from Avis.

  • We
    weiweilinjg Jan 06, 2011

    Yes they cheat customer, They charged me 70$/day in additional for a FREE UPGRADE. Refused to refund

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customer service

The "lady" named christina at this location called me being and talked to me very rude!!! Saying I would have to pay for some drink that spilled in a small part of the back carpet and that it would range from 50 to 100 and that she would not give me the name of the company cleaning it, and that it wasnt up to me to choose how to clean it because it was my fault that it was like that, and she simply said I have no time to be wasted with you and hung up the phone with out letting me talk!!! Never been treated so rude by someone in avis like this chiristina

  • Ve
    veronica navarro Dec 27, 2010

    yes i tried cleaning it and i take the consequences for the charge.because it is my fault.but what REALLY bother me was the girl's attitude..instead of just saying "hi we are going to have to charge you for the cleaning" she was = " THE CAR STINKS AND YOU ARE RESPONSABLE for it.. i wonder if you would do this to UR own car! then when i questioned about the price she was raicing her voice at me, and that is really got me upset!, also she hung up the phone on me when i asked her the name of the cleaning company..its not about what happend with the car, IS THE WAY you say things...theres other ways to say what you want to say without being rude about it

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over charged

I rented a car in santodomingo airport in domincan republic. It was booked on line with confirmation number etc. But was over charged $40 more than final price confirmed in intenerary. They told me contact their corporate office in parsippany newjersey or virginia address they gave me later. All 3 avis rep s were of no help. Im now disputing with my credit card. I seen other complaints on boards but now I face it first hand. Dont rent international with avis check the message boards of complaints theyre fraud with suspicious activity I seen with otheres with similar problems as me

claims I returned the car to another destination

On June 24, 2010, I rented a vehicle in Baltimore, MD for one day. At the time that I picked up the rental...

assult and horrible customer service

I went to return my vehicle on Nov. 12 and the customer service representative said my total was different then on my copy of the rental agreement. When I asked why he said it was because of the insurance I declined. Apparently instead of removing it from the agreement like I asked when I rented the car he added it to the agreement. When I told him I wouldn't pay for it he assaulted me twice and proceeded to yell and scream at me that I was a crook and a lair in front of customers and other employees. When I asked to speak to a manager or corporate he refused to give me a number to call or his name.

  • Ti
    tired of forced downloads.. Nov 16, 2010

    If you were assualted why did you not call the rcmp?, , , Just see a lawyer, and sue them, , , they will contact you at that point, and the employee will be terminated most likely..

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  • Am
    amlalone Mar 25, 2011

    Assualted? wow strong words and accusations. Surely if other customers witnessed this you called the police immediately?

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stay away

As I generally have had positive experiences with Avis worldwide, I have recently decided to rent one of their cars in Brasilia, Brazil (Reservation #32664714US5). I was surprised when I was handed a very worn-out and noisy jalopy (c. 60, 000 mi old!) at a very high rate (approximately US$ 50+/day). Disgracefully, there was no other vehicle available at that very "low" rate. I wonder if the Avis Headquarters keeps an eye on their overseas branches/franchises. Also, I wonder why there is no complaints/positive feedback section within Avis's main website...

improper charges

I recently completed a reservation for a rental with Avis, Rental Agreement #[protected], I made the reservation through the Avis.com online reservation system in North America for a location in France, Geneva Airport ( GGV ) I had a confirmed rate of approx $339.30 CAD determined by the exchange rate. The web site showed that Liability Insurance was approximately $14.81 CAD per day or $10.87 Euro's.

On the day of the rental September 13th 2010 I requested Liability Insurance from the agent, and she quoted me a price of $29.22 Euro's per day, I told her this couldn't be correct as the web site showed $14.81 CAD and pointed it out to her, she just shrugged and said the computer shows its $29.22 Euro's, and I could take it or leave it. I talked with her for over 30 minutes to make sure she had not added anything on to the rental increasing the cost to $29.22 Euro's, I specifically didn't want LDW ( collision insurance) from the rental company as they have a $1, 000 Euro deductible, and my Visa credit card covers LDW with no deductible. Visa told me specifically not to take the collision damage waiver from the car rental company as it would invalidate my Visa coverage. The agent insisted I was only purchasing liability Insurance and showed me the English translation of the French contract, it showed Liability Suppression for $29.22 Euro's and nothing else. This was a difference of approximately $365 CAD, at this point I didn't have any choice but to accept as I needed the rental car to continue my vacation, I felt I would have to sort it out when I returned. The agent gave me the French copy to sign and I was on my way.

On my return home I spoke with Avis customer service a number of times, I explained everything in detail, and requested the contract be adjusted according to the price quoted on their web site. They looked at the contract and informed me I was charged for 3 separate insurance options:
CDW 13.25
LLI 10.87
TPI 5.10
Total 29.22

They refused my refund request and sent me a copy of the French agreement I had signed, saying I had accepted the optional coverage, I disputed this further saying the agent assured me no other insurance was added and after reading the English translation, how could I possibly know they were combined under LLI. In North America each individual item is listed as accepted or declined.
I thought I was signing for LLI only, and the agent assured me that's all there was.

Therefore I feel the agent misled me, she appeared to understand English with no problem and at no time told me I was signing for two other optional services.

I also feel it is unethical or even illegal to provide a English translation which is different then the original French version and use that as a basis for obtaining a signature

Not only did I incur an extra charge of $365 CAD, but by adding the collision insurance I was now liable for the first $1, 000 Euro's in damages.

I should be refunded the two insurances I did not sign for, CDW and TPI a total of $263.37 EUR with tax.

I ahve attached copies of both the French and English agreements

improper charges
improper charges

Avis Car Rental France

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