SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Trs / amazon/trs scam

OH, United States

I made a purchase at I accidently selected a closed bank accout that I had configured on Amazons site. Amazon shipped the item before the check was posted. The bank of coarse denied the check because the account was closed. There was no communication from Amazon or TRS that there was a problem. I found out a week later when I tried to write a check and it was refused. I contacted Telecheck and found out what I had done then emediatly contacted Amazon to fix the mess. Several email later Amazon said they could do nothing to fix this and I would have to work with the collections agency that contract with TRS which affiliated with Telecheck. I called Telecheck and they show checks on that closed account a approved.

Do not trust to communicate with you when there is a payment problem. They will sic their dogs from TRS on you and kill your ability to write checks


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