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4:13 am EDT
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CABOOTS Uncomfortable shoes

My experience with Caboots was bad and I can't recommend them. Ordered a pair of shoes and delivery took way too long, and when my shoes finally arrived I was very happy. But unfortunately shoes were uncomfortable and too tight, when I wore them I felt pain. So I contacted Caboots and asked for a refund and they replied rudely that it was impossible because I have already used the shoes. Well, that was not my fault that these shoes were so poorly made!
No matter what I tried I wasn't able to change their mind and had to give up. I'm disappointed with my order and Caboots service.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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10:18 pm EDT

CABOOTS Avoid at any cost guys

In my humble personal opinion, Joey at Caboots, the self proclaimed “prodigal boot maker” (what bogus arrogance with all the great reputable Texas bookmakers like Dave Wheeler, Dave Little, Tex Robbins, Mr. Morado, M L Leddy etc etc), is one on of the most untrustworthy, passive-aggressive individuals I have dealt with in many years. You can't trust what he says or writes. Once you give him your money he does what he wants to when he wants to and he apparently does not care about customer satisfaction and/or his his business reputation. You will probably be better off avoiding Champion Attitude (what a joke name under the circumstances I have unfortunately endured) and going to a local boot maker. It may cost you ~20% more but you will benefit based upon fit quality and professional service. If not, good luck.

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El P, US
May 08, 2012 1:12 pm EDT
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This customer, Dr Frank Battaglia, received the exact pair he ordered. However still returned them, This was due to lack of being provided appropriate measurements. He had previously ordered from us and had submitted a calf measurement which was saved in his file. When he ordered a second pair we made them according to those specifications as we were not notified of any change or new specs. When he received them he called with a profane attitude and became verbally abusive, he did not dispute quality or other specs -just that they were too big in the tops. He was abusive and disparaged all El Pasoans a whole. We provided for return shipping and altered the boots and corrected them for no extra charge well within a reasonable time frame for top quality hand made boots. He had his staff calling and emailing on a daily basis even though we gave them an update and shipped when told. This customer has also posted this exact complaint on various websites under various email I'd and different names.

8:05 pm EDT

CABOOTS Absolutely the worst business experience I've ever had

I had a horrible experience with CA Boots. Ordered 2 pairs of boots and they never could ship a pair that fit. They shipped 6 or 7 pairs, always too short. Total incompetence. Even after getting a true boot measurement from another local boot store in Austin and sending it to them, they couldn't get the boots that I had ordered right.

All this began when I attended one of their shows to buy boots. I met Joey who sold me the boots. He had a chance to measure my feet at the show. He chose not to. Instead, he just had me try on a couple of pairs they had at the show to determine the size. No telling how many people had tried these boots on and how stretched they were.

Bottom line: They still owe me 2 pairs of boots. Although he has said he would 'settle up', I've never received one penny. They owe me over $1000. This has been going on for over 2 years.

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Curtis Carter
, US
Feb 21, 2022 3:38 am EST

Joey you old horse thief! Seems like some of these people are pretty passed at CABOOTS. Well from my experience with Joey Sanchez it's been all good. Made me 4 pairs of exotics back in 2005 and they're still beautiful! Wearing well! Last pair were Alligator at a discount for a car salesman in California. I flew to El Paso in 2005 and met Joey and family at his factory. We've been friends ever since. As for me he's like my barber, you don't change them because they know your head, well Joey knows my feet! Total satisfaction from me!

Curtis Carter

, US
Jul 27, 2016 3:07 am EDT

Need boots? DON"T use CA Boots. Horrendous experience! Joey Sanchez agreed to make me a new pair of custom boots to replace a pair that had been damaged. Per his request I sent new measurements, pictures, and payment in full. After several months of not receiving my boots and no response from CA Boots I contacted the BBB and only then did I receive a stock pair of boots. They were not made from my measurements, they were inches off in both length and width. When I contacted Joey he told me that I should try putting them on with a plastic bag on my foot. After several attempts I got an RMA number and returned the boots. Currently, CA Boots still has my money and I have no boots and Joey will not respond.

Amherst, US
Dec 05, 2011 7:52 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Caboots boots fit a lot better than any mass market boot I've tried (and I've tried 'em all.) The key to getting a good fit is going with your traditional shoe size. If you wear a 10 in a traditional (non athletic) shoe, you'll wear a 10 in caboots. First rate construction you can't get from the major brands.

Kennedale, US
Oct 29, 2011 4:57 am EDT

How ungrateful you sound-Are you kidding me?CABOOTS is a hand crafted AMERICAN made custom boot company... You tried on boots to size...did not pay extra for made to measure, I'm guessing- because 2 pair of custom boots for $1000 is a GREAT bargain(! I've paid over $1000 per pair!)-
they continued to make you 6-7 pairs over a period of 2 years and your COMPLAINING?
-That sounds like awesome customer service! You sound like one of those people that just can NOT be satisfied! Wow. People like you are what ruins American companies! Based on this ...knowing they'll continue to work with a customer time and time again to try to get things right is the kind of company that I'm looking for! Thanks!


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