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Beware of! What you think you are buying from them may will be brokered to other outside internet companies. When this happens all does is immediately bill your credit card and hands over the new vendor’s contact information to you. You are left holding the bag on whether you will get the product you ordered and/or on time from this unsolicited vendor.
Recently I purchase a Wii game from Amazon. Prior to committing to the order I was told this item would be shipped to me within two days. Once the order was placed and my credit card charged I was told that a new company go4green now had the order and if I had any question to contact them. had taken the money and washed it hands of any responsibility of providing delivery of this product.
Two weeks later, after not receiving the order, Amazon offered this same product at half the cost and again with a delivery promise of two days. When I contact Amazon’s customer service I was told “too bad” this order is out of our hands and to contact the new vendor. The new vendor was now Apparently go4green had sold my order to
In the end I have spent twice the amount of money if I had just gone and bought the product at a local electronics store and the Christmas present will not be delivered until next year.
The bottom line is that you are probably better off going directly to the end supplier versus using as a middle man with no function other than to take your money.

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  •   Aug 05, 2008

    On April 27, 2008, I purchased the Motorola

    HomeSight security system from Once the order was placed I

    was told that I would be receiving the security system from Axsecure.

    I really didn't think that much of the notice because I believe I have

    received other items from other sellers on Amazon's site anyway and so

    far I had no complaints.

    Doing business with Axsecure was a HUGE

    mistake. I received the security system 3 days later and was shocked.

    I thought this was great. WRONG! I opened the box to find NO receipt

    for the security system and ONE confusing page on how to install the

    software and what to do if the installation failed. In the meantime, I

    am looking at the system and I find one piece that I am unable to

    figure out what it is for. There was nothing to tell me what each

    piece was, how to use them, or which plug went to which item. This is

    the first time I have dealt with anything like this.

    I have to

    say at this point, I am wondering if I paid for a refurbished security

    system and not a brand new one, which is what I paid for.


    decided I wanted to return the system, so I tried to get information on

    Axsecure. The only information was an email address. I sent an email,

    but there was no telling how long it would take to reply and I wanted

    to get the system in the mail ASAP. I called to ask how to

    return the system. I figured that since I placed my order at, they had some responsibility in helping me get a refund.


    seems hires people all over the world to be customer service

    representatives. I went threw language barrier after language

    barrier. I had to repeat myself so many times that in the end I hung

    up on the first 2 representatives. I kept asking for a supervisor, but

    all the representatives would do was ignore my request for a

    supervisor. I finally called a third time and told the representative

    that I was not going to give her my information and that I wanted a

    supervisor. At first I was told there were NO supervisors. When I

    told her that not 5 minutes before, I was told there were supervisors

    there, she then told me they were ALL busy. I told her I would wait.


    2 minutes the representative came back on the phone line and told me

    the supervisors were still busy. I said, I'd wait. Around 5 minutes

    went by and the representative came back on the phone line and said

    that the supervisors were still busy. I told her that, I was still

    going to wait if it took all night because I had nothing to do anyway.

    In less then 1 minute I had a supervisor. What a waste of time. He

    cared nothing about my problem. He kept saying it was not Amazon's

    responsibility and that I needed to contact Axsecure. I ended the phone

    call letting the supervisor know that I was filing a complaint with my

    State Attorney General's office.

    I immediately went online and

    filed my complaint with the Attorney General's office. While finishing

    up with my complaint, I got an email from Axsecure. I received this

    reply in bold, black letters:

    sorry no returns on open items they have a tech support # its a great system

    Had I been informed that there would be NO returning this item when I was ordering it, I WOULD NOT HAVE PLACED THE ORDER.


    called back and I was now more than furious. I finally got

    someone that understood English. I told her that it was against the

    law to sell something WITHOUT informing the customer of a NO RETURN

    POLICY. I told her I got an email from Axsecure stating they do not

    have a return policy. She told me I was correct. Suddenly, I was

    receiving customer service. She was extremely nice. At this point I

    didn't trust her either. This representative asked me to hold while

    she did some research. Amazon has a guaranty for satisfaction. She

    was going to file a claim and issue me a refund.

    I asked what to

    do with the security system and I was told that I could either keep it

    or send it back but was never given an address to send it to.

    I placed a call to Motorola Homesmart and told the representative that the Homesmart system was a piece of junk. To my surprise he agreed. On top of that he told me that the system I purchased was OBSOLETE! Not only is it obsolete but if someone has purchased this item and needs a new CD, they are NO LONGER available and the consumer is out of money. Now I know why Amazon told me I could keep it if I wanted to.


    the past I have rarely had problems with, but this time was

    a real learning experience. You have to beware of ordering things that

    are being sold by other companies. Before you place an order, call

    them or email them and find out what the RETURN POLICY is. You also have to worry about whether or not you are getting an obsolete item. If Amazon doesn't know or

    can't tell you how to find it on their web site (I was given

    misinformation), DON'T place the order.


    received a couple of emails from telling me how to check the

    sellers return policy, but guess what? The information I received was

    worth nothing because what I was told to do, couldn't be done.

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  • Ac
      May 05, 2010

    It's true.

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