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Do not trust these people

Criminal organization. They sold me a non-working computer, knowing full well it didn't work in advance. I ordered it with a warranty. The warranty was magically backordered indefinitely. When I got that email a day before I received it, I already anticipated I'd been defrauded. Do not trust these people. Stay away! Go to newegg for computers or electronics. It's wonderful that they didn't swindle a few reviewers on here for products worth 10 dollars, but I'm down 400.

This company is obviously in the business of ripping off their customers

I ordered a product from this firm. Upon receiving it I found to be defective. I contacted the firm to arrange return and replacement of the product. They do not accept returns without a repair/return document from the manufacturer. Upon contacting the manufacturer I was informed that the cost to return/repair/replace the product would exceed the purchase price, not including the cost of shipment to and from the manufacturer.

This company is obviously in the business of ripping off their customers. I would discourage anyone from making a purchase from them.

Bait & Switch / FRAUD

It looked like a GREAT deal. for only $29.95, you can be a PLATINUM Member at's online website to buy all kinds of items at discounted prices. One of the "Benefits" of being a "Platinum" member is the ability to get in on the "Outrageous Offers" these are usually 4 items that they offer Platinum members on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-4 PM PDT. They only offer a small amount at these super low prices, usually 2-5 units and you have to be one of the "lucky" few who logs in to the website at just the right time. I have tried almost every Tuesday and Thursday for the past month since purchasing this membership, and I have never gotten any of the "Outrageous Offers" (usually about 85-95% off). Ttoday they had a 4GB Sylania MP3 Player, for only $4.99 for 3 lucky members. I had never gotten to the screen with the special price before. It said I could buy 1 at the low price, then it took me to a page where you have to type in a special code (so they know you are a real person) to go on to your checkout cart and finish the purchase. The codes only work "some" of the time, and when they did, my cart was always EMPTY when I got to it. I searched the item number again, and again it still said I could buy one at the special price. I did this 5-6 times with an EMPTY shopping cart every time. After about 20 minutes, I made a worthless call to 'Customer Service"(that was a joke and waste of my time), When I tried to buy the item one more time, I was given the opportunity to buy the item at the "regular" price of $19.95. As the "Outrageous Offer" had expired. The Customer Service Rep, was worthless, first off he didn't know or understand their special Platinum Program or how it even worked. It's only on every email I get from them and on every page of their website. I asked to speak to a manager and was told that they are NEVER available to answer phone calls. he then offered to cancel my membership. I again asked for a Manager and was promptly hung up on. What GREAT customer service they have. I then wrote a 1 page letter to their Customer Service Department at the email address provided on their CONTACTS page, only to get my letter rejected by their email server. I also had provided PDF screenshots of all of the pages, showing the offer, showing that I had won, the special page where you type in the word (this page doesn't appear if you are not one of the lucky winners) and then a screen shot of my empty cart. I double checked their TERMS of this program and found that I followed every rule and should have gotten my item for $4.99 instead of $19.95. I call this BAIT AND SWITCH, or FRAUD, you name it... DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on a Platinum Mambership at it isn't worth it. You are also supposed to get FREE shipping on your first 5 orders from the company, that is if it doesn't weigh anything. I bought a Telephone system, that weighed 6 pounds, but had to pay shipping since it was over their max weight limit. When the phone system arrived (A NEW Panasonic DECT 6.0 Cordless System) it had no headphone jack for my headset. I checked and this was not detailed on their website anywhere. This is important to a lot of people, especially someone who is disabled like me and really needs to use a headset when talking on the telephone. Anyway, I called their Customer Service immediately after getting the item and realizing the missing jacks. I was told that I would be emailed a return shipping label and granted a refund upon receipt of the item back. GREAT, but a week later and still no email or label. so I called them again, to be told that the other person hadn't done their job or even started the return process. The new guy told me he would "do me a favor" and do the job right. An hour later and the email and label arrived. A week later and still no refund YET!. So buyer beware and hope this helps someone NOT get ripped off by and the horrible Customer Service and Bait & Switch sales tactics.

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    MDPCElaw Aug 19, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Meiselman, Denlea, Packman, Carton & Eberz P.C. is a law firm experienced in class action litigation. The firm investigates potential false advertising claims. If you purchased this service/product or have a similar issue, and would like to discuss your legal options, please contact:

    [email protected]
    Meiselman, Denlea, Packman, Carton & Eberz P.C.
    Attorneys at Law
    1311 Mamaroneck Avenue
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    (914) 517-5000
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Total scam

I came across an offer for a refurbished ds that I was interested in. When I tried to buy it I found i needed to purchase a trial membership for $1 had difficulty so I called them and was told that membership was unavailable that I had to buy the $39.95 membership so foolishly I did. Then I couldn't put the item in my cart. Was told I had to wait for it to pop up on the screen on certain days and try to by it. I asked for my membership to be canceled and was denied. So I spent hours trying to catch the item com up during the scheduled time. Never happened. Called the next day requesting a refund and after much discusion was told a special request would be submitted and that I would be contacted within 48 hours. Surprise no contact. Telephoned again demanding an explanation and refund and was pretty much told "TOUGH LUCK". They claim to disclose their everything clearly but it is confusing and they know it.They may be able to get away with this legally but moraly they lose. P.S. should you want to purchase this membership for the 5 free shipping offers go to free shipping .com for about 12 dollars a month you get up to 500 dollars of free shipping rebates a year from many retailers icluding this one and they really do pay. I use it .

Terrible Service

I attempted to purchase an MSI Wind All-In-One desktop PC from they beat the competition's price by about 70 dollars. I had never ordered from before so I was a little nervous. Apparently I should have gone with my gut. I placed the order on 11/3/2010 everything went fine, they called a few hours later to confirm all of the billing information (I thought it was odd since none of the other online retailers I have ordered from have done this before, but also thought it was kind of nice that they verified everything.) So I went about business as usual. A business week later I hadn't received any tracking information or updates so I contacted there customer service via email. They responded to me the next day and said that the order had been canceled, due to the item being out of stock...I was shocked. I checked the site again and it showed up as In Stock...I was a little confused so I called there customer service. She confirmed that the order had indeed been canceled due to the item being out of stock. I told her that on there site that it showed up as in stock. She found it and said yes it was in stock now. She then asked if I'd like to place the order...due to the fact that they never told me that the original order was canceled to begin with I pissed at there communication skills to me the customer and decided to pay a little extra from and get the item from there. At least I know that they will send me the order quickly it's worth the extra cash. I will never order from eCost again.

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SCAM Refurbished sold as new...

So I bought what was supposed to be a NEW Jawbone Icon headset. I have attached a picture from the website.

The headset I got was a Jawbone, but it had NO original packaging or the fitting kit that they come with. The fitting kit features 7 ear-buds that make the thing stay in your ear comfortably and without it the headset is useless.

The headset was scratched and the manual was used. I have attempted to contact them numerous times and gotten no response via email and nowhere with the phone support people.


Now listen closely...I read most of your complaints. You don't have to put up with this garbage. Contact the company once or twice via email and then initiate a charge-back at your bank. Tell you bank they were supposed to refund you and haven't.

Ecost will more than likely eat the chargeback. I wouldn't even send the item back until they paid for a waybill from Fedex or UPS and sent it to you.

Don't play games with these people. Just own them using my instructions above.

SCAM Refurbished sold as new...

Avoid these guys like the worst communicable disease known to man

I bought a Plantronics Bluetooth headset from eCost. It was advertised as new, and it looked like a good deal. When I received it, it was not in its original packaging. It was in a little bubble envelope, with only 1 ear bud (instead of a set), with a power cord that had been rewound, and with incomplete documentation. In fact, their effort at providing a user guide was only a few pages on a photocopied sheet of paper. After calling the manufacturer and verifying they never send out product in this condition, and there was no such thing as an OEM for this product, I realized I had been taken advantage of. I called eCost, and they were extremely customer unfriendly. I told them it wasn't in as-new condition, I verified with the manufacturer this wasn't new, and what was missing. Only after I insisted multiple times for a return did she say to email the details and someone would get back to me within 3 business days. No one did. I emailed again. Nothing.

Fortunately, credit card companies have a dispute process, which I did. What happened? Vintage eCost. They only credited part of the transaction, which my credit card company told me they weren't supposed to do.
Avoid these guys like the worst communicable disease known to man. Unless you enjoy receiving products advertised as new that isn't.

$39.95 platinum membership

3/10/09 I purchased the platinum membership, which is worthless.
Total scam as other people here report. The desireable items are never available for sale at the advertised prices.

I tried to cancel the membership a month after purchasing. They would not let me cancel and issue a refund.

Now during Feb, 2010 I have contacted them 3 times to cancel membership so that it is not renewed on 3/10/10. Each time I get the runaround by the customer service person and it's not cancelled.

Latest contact is 3/8/10, CS rep. said he couldn't cancel it and it's best for me to call on 3/10/10, the day it renews.

This is a total scam and they should be shut down for it.

However, I have purchased a number of small electronics from them and all have been delivered in good condition and work well.

But, you can buy the same recertified stuff from other web vendors for less money and usually free shipping.

Hugely frustrating

eCost is a deceptive company. Purchased a refurbished LCD tv/DVD player (my first mistake) back in Oct 08. It arrive a week later - not bad. Opened it up, plugged it in - it was dead on arrival.

Screen did nothing and there was no DVD mechanism in the space where it was supposed to be - just hollow.

I called the same day and asked to return it. eCost said no returns, no money back, maybe an exchange (which never happened) or factory repair. My only choice was factory repair. They gave me Akai's factory info - I was responsible to do all the contacting and if I had a problem - to call eCost. Well, long story short - Akai was impossible to deal with - "fixed" the TV but the DVD still didn't work. eCost is unable to help - not their problem. Hugely frustrating.

Just search the internet and you'll find how many thousand others have had the same rotten experience.

  • Tr
    Truthteller9000 Feb 12, 2010

    "Reconditioned defective returns will be accepted for exchange or repair, at our discretion, within 14 days from the shipment date. No refunds or credit will be granted after 14 days, the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty apply. Please contact the manufacturer directly. These products have been previously sold and returned, reconditioned by an Authorized Service Dealer and repackaged for selling purposes."

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Platinum Premium Membership Plan

On 12/07/2009 12:15PM EST I ordered what I believed to be the 30-day Platinum Premium Membership, which allows you to decide if you want to be a member. According to the Trial Membership terms and conditions, if you don't cancel before the 30 days is up, will bill you for the $39.95 annual plan fee.

Well, 2.5 hours later I realized the Platinum Premium Membership was a scam by reviewing the so-called non-existant too good to be true deals. I sent [protected] an email to immediately cancel this order and refund my credit card any fees charged.'s reply was your request is denied, no refunds as per our terms and conditions.

Today, I learned from my credit card company, violated its trial terms and conditions and charged me the full $39.95 fee immediately instead of waiting after the 30th day from 12/07/2009.

My credit card company will be investigating and will chargeback the $39.95 fee. I have a copy of the terms and conditions, which make clear the fact that the first 30 days are a trial membership, subject to a $1.00 charge. After 30 days, if you don't cancel, they will bill you $39.95, and $39.95 each year thereafter. Platinum Membership is a SCAM!!

Do Not Fall Victim to Their INCREDIBLE Bargains because they are simply a classic bait and switch tactic.

I am informing the Federal Trade Commission- Internet Frauds Unit, New York State Attorney General- Internet Frauds Unit, and Nassau County District Attorney Racketts Unit of this scam.

You will not get any bargains and the 5 package free shipping at 10 lbs. or less is a value worth no more than $20, if you ever want to do business with this disreputable merchant again that will not issue a refund 2.5 hours later, after you realize you were SCAMMED!


  • Ya
    yankeefan920 Dec 10, 2009

    I feel dumb...I just ordered the premium...god I hate myself.

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  • Qu
    quick2live Nov 27, 2010

    Tell me about it, I read the terms and thought, wow I can 1 kinect for 29 dollars...I had no idea that by stating 1 per person they were saying 1 person will get a kinect for 29 dollars. I saw the outrageous link come up, clicked on it and wham, nothing. So I found out 1000 people are platinum members according to CS for Makes it seem like you have a chance, well when I saw the outrageous link come up, it was 4:22 est and after the kinect sold is said it sold at 1:20 pst which would've been 4:20 est. My point is even when I saw the outrageous link come up for the first time, I was already two minutes late and I was refreshing my page every second. It makes me think like stock, ecost has some inside trading going. Anyway, just like yankeefan 920, I now also feel like an [censor]. But I love myself.

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Frustrating online shopping experience

I have NEVER had a more MISERABLE and FRUSTRATING online shopping experience in the 12 years I have been shopping with internet retailers. On March 9, 2009 I ordered a Westinghouse 26" LCD TV from I THOUGHT it was an AMAZING deal so I also bought the Square Trade Extended Warranty as well. When I got the TV and went to set it up I disvovered that it had NO base with it for the TV to sit on. The screws for the base were in the bag with the remote control and the booklet, but NO BASE. I immediately called the Customer Service number. It took several days, a few emails and 2 more phone calls but I received a base in the mail, FINALLY. I was thrilled, I took it out of the box and discovered it was the WRONG BASE and could NOT be used! Once again I called and was once again told they would forward my complaint on to a resolution Specialist. 4 days later I get an email stating that I needed to return the ENTIRE TV and repurchase another one. WHAT THE HECK???? ALL I NEEDED was a BASE for my TV. Today was the LAST STRAW for me. I was placed on hold for 15 minutes and then I spoke with someone who CLAIMED to be a supervisor who talked to me like I was a criminal or something. She REFUSED to help me, and told me that I would have to do it THEIR way or NO WAY and I would be stuck with a TV that is balancing on my dresser without a base stand. I simply can NOT afford to pay for another TV and shipping and allow to hold onto over $600 of my hard earned money while I wait to be refunded for the TV without the stand. I have spoken to customer service reps on 5 seperate occassions and each time I was treated as if I had done something wrong. I have worked in Customer Service for many years and if I EVER talked to a customer the way I have been talked to I would have been fired immediately. Apparently they do NOT CARE about their customers OR the crappy products they are selling to consumers!!! This has been a NIGHTMARE, and I intend to blog about this on EVERY, SINGLE consumer rip off and complaint site I can find. I am BEYOND IRATE at this point, and STILL almost a month WITHOUT A RESOLUTION!!!

fishy practice

Went to place an order where the billing and shipping addresses were different. The billing name and addre...


I just got burned by the ecost scamwagon!! Ordered a 23" samsung monitor and payed through paypal. Monitor showed up packed like crap with the base smacking around inside. I shouldn't have even bothered opening it but I did. The monitor had no cables, no warranty info, and was wrapped in a sheet of thin foam. After taking the foam off I noticed the monitor had fine scratches all around the bezel and had a completely different stand than was pictured on the site. It is basically a different model than what they have pictured. I called thinking oh man they are going to want to hear about this. Boy was I wrong. They initially were acting as though I was out of line for asking for an RA#. Then they told me they would issue an RA# only if I took pictures of the monitor and scratches. UNBELIEVABLE!!! You send me a damaged item that isn't even what I ordered and now I have to send you pictures of the dam thing. Get bent!! Steer clear of this crap company. The negative reviews I'm finding after the fact make me feel like an idiot for ever doing business with them.

  • Cl
    C-LO-171 Aug 11, 2009

    These guys are a bunch of SCAM ARTISTS! I was stupid enough to pay $40 for their "premium" service. IT'S BULL!!! The "outrageous offers" they put on their ads are BOGUS!! I hope they get shut down. DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!

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  • Br
    BrianC Sep 29, 2009

    It is a SCAM!!! These people are terrible retailers. Their service sucks and if you order a back ordered item, they will pend your payment for 3 weeks and then cancel your order without notice. All while telling you they will be getting new stock. AVOID THEM!!!

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  • Ma
    markmartin6sc Jan 15, 2010

    I bought a camera at on the 6th of Dec 09, I was suppose to be a Nikon Coolpix S60, but sent me a different camera, which they sent me around the 19th- yes I know christmas will make shipment slow... Anyways, I called them and told them they shipped me the wrong camera, and please send me the correct one ASAP, for my son coming to visit for Christmas. They told me to get in contact with some other department that handles returns, well after about a 30 minute wait on the phone, the return department was very snotty with me, and acted like I was telling a story? Anyways, they wanted me to email them a few pics of the camera, and then let them know what kind of camera it is... I did that, 4 days later 23 of Dec 09, I got an email from eCost sending me information that a return lable will be mailed to me. Okay, first thing I said to myself: wow, they are slow, and how am I suppose to get this camera back and the new one that I ordered before my son leaves around New Years day? Well, make the story short. I mailed it back on the 27th of Dec 09, and never heard back from them. Today (15 Jan 10) Paypal sent me a email: it say- my money has be refunded to the amount from eCost...? What company. I will never do any sort of busniess with them. I am soo pissed, they never wrote to me, and never said we are sorry, or anything...Well thanks you bunch of worthless idiots, have a nice day, and I will spread the word, PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM eCOST-----

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Resolved scam!

Company is a complete scam! They advertise these incredible bargains but you have to join their Premium Platinum Club to get these deals. I even read the Terms and Conditions which clearly shows (look at the attached photo) a trial membership for 30 days. But no, they charge you immediately and THEN you discover than none, NONE of the items in their advertisement are available at the price they teased you with. NOTHING IS AVAILABLE AT THAT AWESOME PRICE! I immediately called to cancel this bogus club membership only to be told that it is impossible and that they will continue to charge my card $39.95 every year whether I want it or not!

This is a huge scam, I cannot believe they haven't been put out of business by someone in authority.

DO NOT BUY anything from!!!


  • Sc
    scotth00001 Jul 29, 2009

    If you order from this place, then you need your head examined.
    I ordered a bluetooth mouse and bluetooth adapter on 7/18/09. I received the mouse on 7/22/09, but not the adapter. I called e-cost and they informed me that the adapter was backordered so they canceled it. I convinced them to send me a different adapter at over twice the price. I received the order confirmation e-mail on 7/22/09 for the replacement adapter. Today, 7/29/09, I called and talked to Ryan in “customer service” and they didn't have the adapter in stock at this warehouse so it was canceled. I asked to return the mouse, and Ryan says "we only accept returns if the item doesn't work". Let's see, how does the mouse work if there is no adapter. Ryan says, "I can order you a different adapter, or get the same adapter from another warehouse, but the price will be higher."
    Their sales tactics are deceptive and fraudulent. Even if an item is not in stock, their website shows that it is in stock. Even if their customer service rep tells you that an item is in stock and you place the order when them, the item probably isn’t in stock. I’ll be contacting the Iowa Attorney Generals office about my order.

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Resolved Annual Platinum fee scam

Beware of the $39.95 platinum fee as it does not get you the special deals on Tuesday and Thursday.
Also the platinum prices you can find everyday at NEWEGG.COM and TIGERDIRECT.COM
And after you find all this out and request a refund..they will say NO..
One example is on 03/05/09 I was online for 2 hours looking at the special $69.00 OUTRAGIOUS OFFER they advertised that day and never seen it.. After I got home..found out is supposedly ended at 3:10 pm pst time.
I was on at that time and seen it at $289.99 that whole time for several hours around it.
Just letting you know.

  • Je
    JerryB Apr 24, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I paid $1 for a months trial to ecosts Platinum Club. When I called customer service to ask some questions, I was told that the product deals included in the emails they send, are gone before they send the email. I was unaware they would charge my card $39.95 after 30 days. When I called on the 31st, after seeing the charge, they refused to take it off and refused to give me a number for a customer service manager, only offering to transfer me to their supervisor and letting me know they would tell me the same thing. The will not give out a number for those in charge, that can make decisions, because they get so many complaints. They company brings in, in excess of $100, 000 a year and they refuse t0 help customers with complaints, due to their strict policy. I will tell everyone I know about their customer service and avoid them like the plague. The lost at least hundreds of dollars in sales by refusing to refund a charge gained by deceptive business practices.

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  • Cw
    cwugnow Jul 10, 2009

    i was taken for 39.95 platinum member fee i didnt even authorive i called ecost was told that i would recieve a refund in 24- 72 hrs.that was on 6-22-09 . today i called just wanting to be a platinum member i mean i atleast want something for that money !well they act like thet have no idea ??? im on there run around again!! wow 3 calls to them today 3 different spin offs!! these people should not be a part of ant type of bussines!this ecost is a scam for junk refurbished returns bought in lot and passed on to hard working people who dont deserve this stay away youll be sorry! ill let you know if i ever get this resolved???? martin ecost-evil-no communication

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  • Da
    DanielGa Feb 15, 2010

    I was mislead by the ECOST email promotion to become a platinum member. I did not get any benefit from that. After I got the promotion email, I resisted for the membership on 1/20/09. After registered, eCost charged me $39.95. I even did not get any email or order number (I fund the order from my account). It is difficult for me to cancel the order. This is intentionally cheating. I emailed back on 1/27/09 to cancel my membership and I got a email back mentioned that "issues have been forwarded to the appropriate department" with a confirmation number of "KMM1073950I15977L0KM". After that I did not get any information and did not get the refund until 01/20/10 I got another $39.95 charge. I am very angry about this company. I filed a complain through BBB. The company still refused to refund the $39.95 fee (01/20/09). ECOSt is very bad company. ECOSt never refund your money once they get it.

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Hot sheet bait and switch!

I made a order from "Hot sheet" for an Photosmart D7460 InkJet Print part # HP CC247A#B1H for $67.98. The Web site said that they had 4 in stock. After I placed the order I received an email saying "We have encountered a problem in processing your order #E8134963. This issue has made it necessary to CANCEL the item(s) listed below. We apologize for this inconvenience. No charges will be or have been processed to your credit card for these CANCELED item(s).


When I called to find out why they said that they were out of stock. I checked the website and they had the item for sale for $143.99 in stock. I called them and told them the problem and they said it was out of stock. I called back and was told they had them in stock and would I like to order one for $143.99. I then asked if I could have the item at the ad price they said NO. As I understand it this is "Bait and Switch" they are a total rip off!!!

No refund!

I Purchased 0n Feb.1,2008 a Brand new Soyo 42” LCD HD TV. From I received it on Feb. 5th. And it didn't work from the moment we plugged it in. Called to exchange and to obtain a return authorization number. They told me they wouldn't take it back and to call the manufacturer SOYO direct for a repair or replacement I told them I did not want a repair or replacement but my money back after all I did buy it from them brand new.

They told me their return policy states. Return Policy for TV’s 42” or greater if defective you must contact manufacture. For replacement or repair does not accept return merchandise for exchange or repairs. No refunds or credit will be granted after purchase from The manufactures warranty applies. Please contact the manufacturer directly.

One Feb.5th I did call SOYO tech support after they had stepped me thru a bunch of checks they decided there was nothing else they could do. And if I wanted my money back I would have to contact

SOYO told me that they would not refund me any money because I bought the TV from but would repair the TV so I told them that I did not want it repaired as it never worked right out of the box. And they said if I wanted money back I would have to contact Well again I called and told them the story again only this time to someone else at by the name of (Kathy)she told me the same thing, call SOYO for a refund I told her that they said that I had to contact With that she put me on hold and said a supervisor would call me back. I waited another day when finally a Mr. Gill calls me and gives me the same B.S. that everyone else at gave me call SOYO for a refund authorization number again I told him I wanted my money back and with that he starts to recite his return policy NO REFUNDS NO RETURNS manufactures warranty only applies.

Well by this time I got so disgusted that I called SOYO for a return authorization number so I could return it to them for what ever.

So Buyers beware when dealing with

A. Bruno
Bloomingdale, Ill.

  • Ar
    arbywhite Mar 24, 2008

    Don't buy from these crooks. They shipped me the wrong product twice. They make you rebuy the item and then take a month to send you the return package. On top of that they still have not given me a credit back on my credit card. So far 3 months and they still won't give me my money back.

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  • Ma
    Matt C Jul 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    They sell refurb items that almost always have problems.
    Bought a laptop. It came with two dead pixels and another part of the screen with a part that doesn't display anything.
    They will not accept a return. Customer service was not helpful at all and will not accommodate any situation.

    I also bought a plantronics bluetooth headset.
    Something is wrong with it as it has a lot of static and very poor quality.
    They will not accept it either.

    Lesson learned is to never buy from a company that will not let you return their faulty merchandise.
    No wonder their prices are so low.

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  • Pa
    Patrick O Sep 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Atleast you got the product your ordered! I got the wrong monitor from them!!

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Dishonest sales and scam tactics!

Ecost advertised a Samsung 58" 1080p plasma TV for 2,519. Called to confirm US warranty, new, etc. Had them...

Scam and cheating!

Returned defective merchandise on October 10, 2007 and have not received refund as of December 19, 2007. Reason of their internal company refund policy. E-cost furnished return DHL lable to me and I have returned merchandise vis DHL. But, DHL lost return package. They will not refund until DHL settle the lost merchandise. As a customer, I have nothing to do with DHL, I have performed all parts as requested by

I'll recommend do not purchase any product from the e-cost.

  • Ta
    Tammy Bush Jan 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In november I ordered to digital cameras for my daughters from ecost.they were $60 each they arrived timely and in great condition I did not take out and see if they worked. kids opened them up x-mas morning neither one worked I immediatley called the day after x-mas for a refund. They told me I could only get a refund on one because it was already 30 days old. and they gave me a referral # and said for the second one I had to order a new one before I could get a refferal # and packing lables from DHL. So I did cost me another $60, the lables were suppose to be here in 7-10 days. never came I called back the 2nd week of january they said they would send the lables right out, 3-5 days. well it is just about the first of febuary and I sill have the cameras no lables and no response from the company!!Dissatisfied

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