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Dealfind. CA / Expired vouchers and no refund

Jul 06, 2014

I won’t recommend anyone to buy vouchers from the website I received expired vouchers and tried to change them, but the seller didn’t reply. I tried to reach him on weekends, but no one replied. I tried after that as well, but they again ignored me. I checked...

Dealfind / Vouchers not valid, no refund

Jun 06, 2014

I purchased 3 items, two housecleaning with LNS and the other for a massage. Totally, $120.00. The two housecleaning vouchers which never expire, nor could the company be found to cash in the voucher. The spa said they never got the money from DealFind, therefore they can not even honor... / website and Calabogie Lodge Resort partnership for unfair business practice

Dec 20, 2013

I bought a voucher from website for Calabogie Lodge Resort. In the voucher they say that we should attend an "orientation and tour of the resort". I am used to participate in such activity, as I was in many other holidays where a guide present s the resort and attraction...

Dealfind / Teambuy - Ghassan Halazon / Refuse to refund money

Oct 03, 2013

I purchased a deal for 2 vouchers for an hour of Waverunners at a downtown Toronto location. Within a month I tried to make an appointment to use my vouchers but was told the owner of the waverunner company they had closed the Toronto office. I notified Dealfind/Teambuy of the Waverunner...

Dealfind / Refund Denied

Aug 15, 2013

My husband John Snesar purchased a Voucher from Dealfind which was for the purchase of pizza from Ah Beetz New York Pizza.. The voucher clearly states, "The amount paid for this voucher ($19.00) never expires." We went to buy a pizza over a year later (we had purchased one earlier and had...

Dealfind / Unredeemable voucher

Jul 18, 2013

Purchased 4 $40 vouchers from for canvases at The vouchers have no expiry date, so a year later I tried to use the vouchers, but the company seems to have vanished. Contacted to let them know & to request a refund, but they will only give me a $5...

Dealfind / Extremely Poor Service/Scam

Jun 20, 2013

I had purchased a voucher for Deerfoot Napa Autopro for $39 from Dealfind. It was for a car detail, inspection, and oil change. There was no expiry date so I didn't book my appointment right away. When I went to book my appointment, I found that the business was no longer there! I...

Dealfind / no refunds

May 23, 2013

I am writing to you to let you know of a situation that has occurred between Dealfind and myself. About a year ago I purchased a deal at a salon for a manicure and pedicure. This deal had no expiry date. Last week I was able to make an appointment to get the services done. When I got there...

Dealfind / Requesting Refund as Business Closed

Jan 30, 2013

I have been unable to contact anyone in person. This is my second e-mail. Both responses from Dealfind appear to be their static response. I do not believe that they even looked at my situation and simply flat out denied any possible refund. Their Terms and Conditions changed December 9...

Dealfind / Never received our purchases


I ordered 2 Pairs of Gold Plated Swarovski Elements Earrings (Order #[protected]) as well as a Pair of Heat Shield Gloves (Order #[protected]) through on October 18th. The item was supposed to be delivered 3-6 weeks after the deal closed (Oct. 21st) but even 9 weeks later... / Congrats, Dealfind... you lost ANOTHER customer


I bought some hanging tomato planters from Dealfind through Track Your Deal (a separate website offering the actual product), and I got scammed!! I placed the order, and when entering my credit card info, I clicked the button for "use billing address for shipping", but somewhere between...

Dealfind / Holmes Window Cleaning Voucher


I bought a voucher for Window Cleaning thru Dealfind. The company offering the deal was Holmes Window & Total Home Cleaning. They claimed to be a $225.00 value for $89.00 for 25 windows inside and 25 outside. There was no expiry. I bought the deal in October thinking I would use it in... / Their customer service promise is a bunch of b.s.


I learned from experience that you must check out the company (ratings, legitimacy etc) BEFORE you buy the voucher. Their refund policy is if you used it, you can't get a refund. So if you use the voucher and realize that the deal was a bad deal or you didn't get what you... - Canada / No response while claiming refund for unused deal voucher


Hi, I purchased dealfind voucher for through - canada. I purchased it on 1st March 2012 12:57 PM. Deal subject was "($7 for a 3 Month Fitness Membership to from the Hills ($39 Value))." Later on I found that it was just an ordinary online... / Think twice before launching a deal with DealFind


I am an owner and operator of a small business and decided that I would give DealFind a try. Definitely a waste of my time. The consultant was pushy and unprofessional. She said that she had 'suggestions' for my deal, but really she was telling me what my deal was going to be. I...

Dealfind / Ripped Off!!!


I recently purchased two bracelets from Dealfind, one with black crystal beads and the other with red crystal beads. The black crystal bracelet came with 7 crystals but the red crystal bracelet only came with 5 crystals. Dealfind and Shirin Diamond Center advertises 7 crystal beads for all...

Dealfind / scam

Ho has several locations, however, their main corporate office is in Canada. No doubt in a foreign country to avoid litigation by businesses and consumers. After purchasing a DealFind Voucher over a month ago, I have attempted to use my voucher for over 8 days. I have called the...

Dealfind / Vouchers


Dealfind is one of the worst deal sites for customers. I have dealt with other sites liek Groupon, however, Dealfind is the worst in customer service - they never take customer side and will do everything not to return customer's money. In 2011 I bougt vouchers for my mother and... / I am prepared to dispute the transaction and report these companies to someone if I do not receive the refund or the product


I purchased the flying shark by widget love. I bought it as a Christmas present and submitted my voucher on Dec 3. I didn't need it until Jan 6, so I thought I had plenty of time. After 2.5 weeks of waiting, I called widget love and left a message. They never returned my call. I...

Dealfind / NO REFUND


Bought this "deal" where someone was supposed to come to my home. After 2 weeks of calling the office and never being able to leave a message because their voicemail was full, I was finally able to leave a message. Waited another 2 weeks and noone ever called me back. Contacted Dealfind... / I openly advocate for all merchants to stay away from this marketing method


I am glad so many merchants with past bad experience are raising their votes against Dealfind and other sites like them (Groupon, LivingSocial). I am a merchant myself, running a medical spa. I am receiving daily deals from many group-buy sites, but Dealfind deals are most shocking. When I see... / If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is


I also ran a deal with dealfind. It was an absolutely terrible idea and they went ahead and ran an ad I didn't approve, using a logo they created instead of my own and photos they did not have the rights to use. I hadn't even signed off on a contract or agreed on many of the... / I will never use them again


For small business owners, BEWARE!!! Dealfind, Living Social, etc. are NOT on our sides. They are 100% on the customer sides, because the customers are the one who give them money. I have seen and heard a lot of small business owners complained how Dealfind is taking advantage and screwing...

Dealfind. Cmo / Mis-advertising


Unfortunately, this business is undertaking some unethical and dishonest business practices to promote their deal coupons. This is causing a lot of people to ask a lot of questions about the coupons that they are selling, for purposes of clarification, but the answers are not clear either... / Avoid dealing with this ppl


I am a merchant and ran a deal for my cleaning business, I have lost out huge and might have to close my doors, I was pressured by dealfind sales staff to run a deal not remotely close to the area where we service, they promised repeat clients and all the clients received where just...

Dealfind / Scam False Advertising Illegal


My girlfriend and I bought car detailing deals from Dealfind in April and was planning to use them in the summer of this year (now). First of all I was weary of the deal because I have never heard of the company but dealfind did a good job of creating a fake advertisement, etc for it so I...

Dealfind / Not a very good experience beware!


I was on the internet looking to do a review on dealfind from a buisness aspect of it. The economy has affect our buiness this winter. Things have been slow so I found myself turning to dealfind hoping this would help. Man was I wrong. It started with a contract with dealfind where we... / Beware of deals that seem to good to be true


I was on the internet looking to do a review on dealfind from a buisness aspect. The economy has effect our buiness this winter. Things have been slow so I found myself turning to dealfind hoping this would help. It started with a contract with dealfind where we would offer 6 laser hair... / unauthorized visa charge


On October 7th, I bought a gift certificate from this site which offered me $25 for $60 off at a local restaurant. As I was going for dinner later that evening I thought it was fitting to purchase. Approx. 2 hrs after my purchase I received an email notifying me that this deal could no...