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I was a member with Anytime Fitness for 4 years. They took their money out of my bank account every month on time until Nov 2009. They did not take their money for Nov and when I called no one answered or returned my calls. In the Dec, ABC FINANCIAL decided to take 478 dollars out of my bank account. When I finally got a hold of them, then claimed that I owe them that much because of tanning thur out the year. Funny, I paid for unlimited tan. Right then and there, I told them to cancel my account there and That I would no longer go to Anytime fitness anymore. They messed up not me. They didnt even offer me a discount to cont. being a memeber there. So a couple months go by with no problems. Then like a week ago, I noticed that ABC went back into my account and took another 178 dollars. When I called again, then claim that I never canceled my account and that they will not give back my money. Didnt know companies could do this. NOw i dont know what to do. I am so mad

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  • Mi
      16th of Feb, 2010

    They been charging me twice a month for my membership since june 2009 and evn charged me a late fee plus june and july after they charged twice those months...Here and anywhere we go thats stealing...I wonder if we can report this anywhere or put some charges on them..

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  • Al
      22nd of Apr, 2010

    We regret to hear that your experiences with ABC Financial Services were anything but satisfactory. All consumer concerns are taken very seriously and we would like the opportunity to review your situations and satisfy your needs.

    Should you have additional comments you would care to discuss, please email [protected]

    Alex Mena
    Consumer Relations
    ABC Financial Services, INC.

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  • Gr
      25th of May, 2010

    Oh please Alex. Don't even start. I canceled my membership to Anytime Fitness BEFORE you were the billing company!!! Yet, you still charged my account. Then your uber-rude customer servicelessness person told me I had to give 30 days notice. No problem, I had done that already. She didn't listen and immediately threatened collections on me if I refused to pay. That's NOT customer service at all, now is it? hmmmm?

    Here is what you do to [censor]ic companies like this. You go to your bank, file a dispute to the charge. Tell them you gave no permission and/or rescinded permission for the company to withdraw funds from your account. That's what I did. Next step, file a complaint with the BBB and your states attorney general's office. Document all phone calls, names, times, etc. Inform them that if they keep calling you, you will file a complaint with the FTC against them for violations of the FDCPA, which I am sure ABC has MUCH experience with.

    Here's the nice part for me, 3 years later...THREE YEARS, I get a call because they want to update my billing information. I was a bit confused and told the lady that I had canceled the membership years ago and lived in a different state. Come to find out, somehow, without me even being in the state, being over 6 hours away, my membership card was used, you know, the one that I don't have any more, the one that the gym should have canceled? Ya, that one, was used in 2009, when I was not there!

    You want to satisfy my needs Alex? NEVER call me again, one. Next, send a certified (since your company seems to like demanding certified letters as they ALWAYS miraculously loose those that are not) letter that has been notarized stating that I owe you and Anytime Fitness NOTHING!

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  • Al
      28th of May, 2010

    I do realize that having to take care of something you had already before is in no way a pleasant thing to do. Most health clubs prefer a certified letter because this gives all parties involved tracking that this request took place.

    Why your membership record was sent to ABC by APEX as an open account? I do not know. - However, documentation showing your account was closed through them would clear everything up.

    I'd be happy to review your memberships with ATF and The Edge and send you the documentation you are requesting. Please feel free to contact me directly at 1-888-622-6290 Ext. 1804 or by email at [protected]

    Thank you,

    Alex Mena
    ABC Financial Services, Inc.

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