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LA Fitness InternationalLoud music

These people have no common sense, there employees said that they have a mandate to have really loud music at their Esporta Facility in Orange City, Florida. I mean that darn music is crappy and it drowns out the headphones that I listen to my music through. They just started with the blasting music and it makes me want to scream. I spoke with others there and they feel the same way. These people are very ignorant of what their customers want and talking to them about it, is like talking to a broken record with a stuck needle. And they need to do is turn down the music so my ears stop bleeding. The Operations Manager there is beyond help and the guy I talked to at Esporta was worse. I sent the CEO of the corporation that owns La Fitness and Esporta and got nothing. No wonder they are in bankruptcy!

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    LA Fitness InternationalAnnual fee and membership fee [protected] Marlena Harper

    I cancelled my membership back in June due to the pandemic mask mandate and then was baited by your company to have a free temporary hold placed on my account until I was ready to return. Now I am being charged the annual fee and the monthly membership charge when I was never disclosed that. This is a crooked way to charge people fees so that you can get away with stealing from people during a terrible financial time. I will never be a member of your gym again and I will make sure to let everyone know not to use for gym. I even called the customer service line and was told by your rep basically too bad that it was disclosed in that first baited email. I will be contacting my lawyer.

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      Nov 16, 2020

      LA Fitness International — Fitness trainer not available stood up multiple times: poor company response

      11/16/20 I have made multiple attempts to resolve the following issue with L.A. Fitness without success and...

      LA Fitness InternationalMembership sale

      Extremely disappointed with the very shady sales department at LA Fitness in New Brighton, MN. I purchased my membership over the phone and not until I agreed to the membership/credit card charged did I find out the the sales rep was not honest with me regarding the details of my plan. Not until the contract was emailed to me, did I find out about the annual membership fee and also that my insurance did not participate in the program. I called back the sales agent to complain as he told me Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN did participate in the program and he made no mention of the annual fee. All he said was, "Oh, I thought you knew about the annual fee" and "I thought your insurance was in the plan" Apparently, all he wanted was a sale and was comfortable not divulging all the details of the plan - super disappointing
      Thank you for your time
      Amy Jo

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        Aug 27, 2020

        LA Fitness International — Sexual harassment

        My daughter works at LA Fitness in winter park FL. She talked with one of the managers that her boss wa...

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        Feb 11, 2020

        LA Fitness International — discrimination

        The most horrible service and severe discrimanation LA fitness on sheppard and younge, Toronto Canada. I...

        Jan 20, 2020

        LA Fitness International — visit service

        Hello, I was trying to get my membership tryout at Seattle Aurora Ave North. I met with Heather Penor, who...

        Nov 13, 2019

        LA Fitness International — multiple breakins, @ old national hwy atlanta location

        Good evenining, I am just sick and tired of the rash of vehicles and lockers breakin on a daily basi...

        Oct 20, 2019

        LA Fitness International — membership fees

        La fitness fraudulent charges after membership cancelation for 21 month!!! I'm just warning people so...

        LA Fitness Internationalunexpected charges

        Dear Sir/Madam,

        When I was in Duncanville, Texas, in June, I went to a local LA Fitness to get a one-month membership. I live overseas, in Singapore. They sold me a two-month membership, saying that's the lowest they can give. Now, I am back in Singapore, and they've charged me again in August. Please take back the charge and also clear my account.

        Thank you.

        Andrew B. Spurgeon

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          Aug 26, 2019

          LA Fitness International — off duty trainer

          I went to La fitness on a Sunday as I usually do. Since I am a woman and I don't like when guy's stare at me...

          Jul 28, 2019

          LA Fitness International — cancel membership

          I contracted an engagement for two years for me and my girlfriend that the man Peter Warren at Irvine...

          LA Fitness Internationalswimming & shower facilities

          I used to be a member me and wife back in April of this year was when we walked out. Seemed like complaints flowed down hill and nothing ever done either perhaps money are lack of concern and end of complaint. Well here it is July new manager that's A + however the pool and shower areas is in need of cleaning and proper maintenance still remains as it did. Some one from Corporate needs to do an unannounced inspection and get this place up to speed. Since leaving LA joined Active & Fit and so we thought beings this is an open membership to sign up with any Fitness facility around San Antonio we would try this LA again well it has surely not Improved. The LA I speak of is at 522 W. 1604 N. San Antonio, TX. 78251. The bad thing about it all this facility is pretty new. COMPLAINTS : Swiming pool is dengze looking inside in many areas and around the walls, the outside flooring is filthy. The SPA seating area and wall around is in need of cleaning and last but not least replacing THE SHOWER HEADS other than the hose shower need to be replaced are cleaned out and replaced.

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            • Updated by George Tanner · Jul 04, 2019

              No further complaint at this time.

            • Updated by George Tanner · Jul 04, 2019

              Apologize address is And zip code [protected]

            Jun 19, 2019

            LA Fitness International — assault by team member

            To Whom It May Concern, I'm composing this letter to explain an alarming incident that happened at one...

            LA Fitness Internationalcleanliness of pool and locker room

            Today I visited the pool at the West Oaks La Fitness Location in Houston, Texas. Although the staff was very friendly and nice, I am very concerned by the cleanliness of the pool and showers from the health viewpoint.
            When I walked from the locker room to the pool, the first thing I noticed was the handicap electric pool chair that allows entrance to the pool for individuals who need this. I have never seen a piece of equipment with soo much rust on it and it looks like there was mold growing underneath the seat. I did not test the chair out, but it does not look like it is working in ADA compliance.
            Next, I got into the pool from the edge. As I placed my hand on the side to get in, my hand was touching GREEN ALGAE that was forming on several areas of the side of the pool. Green algae is a high risk for bacteria, parasites and viruses. This concerns me the most because the amount of elderly adults who were in the pool for exercise class and putting their health at risk due to the pool not being kept clean. It was very obvious that the tile on the side of the pool is not cleaned on a daily basis which is extremely important when maintaining a pool that is used by several people everyday.
            Even the lane ropes in the pool had build up of dirt on every single part of all the ropes in the pool. The lane ropes are not cleaned or properly maintained.
            The hot tub water color was green and had dirt along the edges. I saw several people getting into the hot tub without showering first or leaving the sauna extremely sweaty and then getting in the pool. I can not imagine the germs and bacteria growing in the hot tub and it does not looked like it is being maintained daily. There is also a handicap electric chair to enter the hot tub that was just as rusty and dirty as the one at the pool entrance.
            After being in the pool, I went inside the locker room to shower. The shower I went into had a lot of dirt and build up on the metal handle, there was trash and balls of hair on the floor and it was obvious the tiles and handles are not cleaned thoroughly and daily. I was very disappointed because I have visited less expensive gyms such as Planet Fitness and I have never been in a planet fitness that was this dirty.
            I worked out for close to 2 hours in the women's only area and never did I see a cleaning crew/ person go into he men's or women's locker room. This disappoints me because even at fast food restaurants, it is required for employees to do an hourly restroom check and pick up trash and clean up and that was very evident it is not happening in the showers.
            As I was leaving the gym, I took a look at the small metal lockers that are hanging on the wall by the front desk for personal belonging and even that looks as it is not cleaned daily.
            The main reason for my email is because I know what I saw today is not the standard for LA FITNESS gyms as a whole. I have visited the LA Fitness in Sugar Land and the pool is very well kept and clean and I even saw someone cleaning the tile as I was there. I really want to bring everything I mentioned above to your attention in hope that the staff at the West Oaks location can become more informed in pool and shower maintenance in order to prevent bacteria and viruses and to know how the immune system of the elderly is extremely weak and they shouldn't be exposed to this uncleanliness at a pool they are paying to access.
            I look forward to seeing positive changes and I appreciate you acknowledging my email.
            Thank you,

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              LA Fitness Internationalthreat of fellow member and false accusations

              Hello I am Jason P My phone nunber is [protected] I am being threatened and harrassed by one of your memebers. I and my family are long time members. This person harassing me is named John Anthony Lopez: his phone number is [protected] and who's phone number is at the top left of my provided screen shots, is physically threatening me via a recent phone call, and is calling the gym facility and spreading false rumors and accusations against me. I want to attend Your facility in peace. Please revoke His membership so I can feel safer, and so he doesn't cause any disturbances at Your facilities. He is a Googleable professional fighter and again I DON'T want a disturbance at your property nor have my father cancel everyone's membership that he pays in our family also. Please and thank You. I am very offended of his false abusive actions, and fear for my safety while I'm at your property wheras it's the easiest way for him to find me. Thank You very much.

              threat of fellow member and false accusations
              threat of fellow member and false accusations

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                LA Fitness Internationalla fitness in cerritos bad customer service jasmine manager

                MARILYNA NGUYEN
                Email: [protected]


                Dear reviewer,
                My fiancé and I are the members of the LA fitness for 5 years. In the LA fitness at Cerritos address 10802 ALONDRA BLVD., CERRITOS, CA 90703, I complain the lady whose name Jasmine for very bad customer service and not consider customers' health. She has tried to confine many customers in the small dance room (compared to ratio of huge people working out in the room) by closing the doors. She says that the music is too loud. Well, we come to the Gym to exercise because we want to be healthy. Music is the motivation and we come here mostly just for Zumba dancing, but we cannot tolerate the doors being closed with different smells from people working out with a lot of sweat, farting, flu, coughing, sneezing inside the room. Even those with the air condition, it is still not enough to remove all smells from a huge people that are working out. When we work out hard like Zumba dancing, we produce a lot of heat and all smell from sweat, farting, flu, coughing etc… It is unhealthy if we breath in hard our own waste smells during workout. And again, we all come here because we want to be healthy but not want to get sick. It is very poor ventilation when the doors are closed with many workout people. I feel so uncomfortable when working out with being confined behind the door and subjected to all kinds of smells like that. Even though I explained to Jasmine who told herself as a manager there, but she does not care about it. She should not be in that position because she did not know what the healthy should be and she lacks knowledge about health, physiology... and especially, she is very bad customer service. She was together with the guy who works there that names Stevedore, to close the door despite of the complains of many customers whose were working out in the dancing room. I think the company should review her behavior and having an action because we don't want to pay and get treat like that.
                Thank you,
                Marilyna Nguyen

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                  Mar 28, 2019

                  LA Fitness International — cancellation fee - barcode # f31883570

                  Hi team, I have cancelled my membership with the club on feb 6, 2019 and I was informed in the reception...


                  LA Fitness InternationalLA promotion

                  I received an email in Dec offering a 10% gift card offer for any gift cards purchased. I received the email confirming the $150 gift card, but never received the $15 gift card as promised. After calling and verifying all my credit card info, advised all was set. Weeks later, still no $15 gift card. Contacting LA Fitness once again which unfortunately resulted in days of calls, requests for me to submit proof of the offer (they never heard of it). I had to show proof.. you guys arent familiar with your own pormos? Really? It was absolutely painful. After 7 weeks, I received the gift card and was offered $1.61 in credit as a courtesy. Really $1.61? So insulting. For all the time I spent, I feel I should have gotten alot more in credit than that. I have been a member for 8 years and feel I was not treated well at all. I feel I was totally disrepected.
                  Thank you in advance for your c onsideration.
                  Flo Teitelman

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                    Jan 19, 2019

                    LA Fitness International — customer service and cleanliness

                    Firstly, I've complained numerous times to management about the women's washroom and women's workout section...


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