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Yes I am having a problem with ABC Financial Services, Inc. late fees, unable to quit Body Xchange Sports Club. The membership was bought for my son. My son unable to go to the gym. I also had my credit card stolen. I canceled the card and for got to notify the gym. For November 24, 2008 a charge of $27.00 past due then a late charge of $9.50 then service charge of 19.50 for a total of $56.00 dollars. I call ABC financial on the phone to get out of the contract was $159.00 (the contract ends in either march or february) I stated I wanted to see the billing on the contract and the person for ABC Financial state to go to the web site. The web site was useless. I was unable to pull up any info. The ABC Financial person also stated part of the $159.00 was for gym up keep and a automatic renewal service charge. What's up with that. The only way to get the automatic renewal was to go get a cancellation form from the gym manager. I will try that to day and add to the complaint later I also thing that a law suit against ABC Financial Services would be a good ideal...I will also make sure to check on any other contract company on the web before I do business with them...kay...

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  • Li
      Jan 22, 2009

    ABC Financial is a total scam, their mission statement is to get as much money out of clients as possible daily, their fees are ridiculous, worse than loan sharks! The manager at Golds gym says there is no problem with my membership and I am up to date, and she has had similar problems with other members, but I have been harrased and hassled by numerous letters threatening collection and recorded phone calls as they try to collect from my membership that is current but I am trying to cancel and not even listening to manager who is involved. I am ready to take to news, report this scam and sue this company, please contact me if you also wish to sue, at [protected]

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  • Ku
      Feb 03, 2009

    I've a probelm with ABC Financial. I moved to Philadelphia from Chiacago and called ABC to cancel my membership in October. They asked me to send a postal mail along with a proof that I moved and that too they need a notice of 60 days. I sent a postal mail requesting them to cancel the membership along with a utility bill. But in January I saw ABC still charging my bank account. I called them up again to find out that they haven't received the postal mail. I was shocked and this was a clear sign of Rip off. Al the major banks, credit card companies work through phone either to cancel the account or to open an account. ABC has a clear strategy to exploit as much money as you can from a customer. If anyone is up to sue this company then I'm in.


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  • Da
      Jul 27, 2009

    I totally agree with you and I'm middle of the same process will update you within a week as how it goes.

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