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When I was unable to make my payment to ABC Financial for my gym membership at Fitness Edge, I called to cancel due to financial hardship. They instructed me to call ABC Financial to cancel my membership. Which I did and was told that I would need to pay my past due amount and that the membership takes 30 days to cancel and it must be in writing and that I would be responsible for the past due amount and the next month ahead. At that time, I was unable to pay both months, so sent my cancellation letter along with a check in the past due amount. I had many conversations with representatives at ABC Financial about my financial hardship and that even though it was a mere $68.50, times are tough and I cannot pay it right now. ABC took it upon themselves to NOT cancel my membership and continued to charge me $68.50/month. In my opinion, that is ROBBERY!!!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • ABC Financial Services's response · Jun 27, 2011

    We regret to hear your recent experience with ABC Financial Services was not a satisfactory one. I would like the opportunity to review your account and see that proper action has been taken. We strive to address all consumer feedback, positive or negative, and want to make your situation was handled properly.

    I was not able to locate your membership with the information provided in this post, however, should you have additional comments you would care to discuss, please email me at [email protected]
    Stephanie Cook
    Data Research Analyst
    ABC Financial Services, Inc.

  • ABC Financial Services's response · Oct 15, 2013

    We regret to hear your recent experience with ABC Financial Services was not a satisfactory one. I would like the opportunity to review your account and see that proper action has been taken. We strive to address all consumer feedback, positive or negative, and want to make sure your situation was handled properly.

    Unfortunately, I was not able to locate your membership with the information provided in this post. Please email me at [email protected] with either your 9 digit agreement number or the home phone number on your account so that I may look into this for you.

    Stephanie Cook
    Customer Relationship Specialist
    ABC Financial Services


  • Ro
    Roy Walthall Jul 13, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I finally canceled my bank account because of ABC Financial and Idaho Athletic Club for similar unethical conduct.

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  • Sl
    slicer50 Jul 13, 2016

    I have tried for 4 months to cancell a gym membership and each time I am told I must complete yet another step. First I went directly into the gym and explained to them why I would be leaving they were very understanding and told me to contact abc directly. I did I called them and spoke to a rude tech who said there was nothing she could do I must send a letter in writting to close the membership. This is just what I did sent a letter. Only on my next months statement there was yet another withdrawl on the account. So I called again and to my surprise I spoke to yet another rude tech who said oh well we did not recieve your letter so if you want to cancel you should e-mail us. IF I WANT TO CANCEL I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO NOW FOR 2 MONTH!!! So I sent the e-mail and to my surprise yet again I recieve in the mail a letter saying I still owe another month and my account is still active and will continue to be billed every month until this payment is made. WHAT PAYMENT 2 LETTERS 2CALLS AND I STILL CANNOT CLOSE THIS ACCOUNT. On top of thius my debit card which was originally used for this account expired I did not give the company the new card info due to this account should have been already closed but they somehow got the info and are still withdrawing from my account. This has left me with overdraft fees and other issues. I intend to see the bank as my next move to shut down my account completely so these people can not continue to take advantage of individuals who did the right thing over and over again but still am being taken for a ride. I would not trust this company and I am telling everyone that I know NOT TO ASSOCIATE WITH THEM!!! Also I will be turning info over to a lawyer maybe then they will get the message that I DONT WANT THE CONTRACT AND FEEL THAT AT LEAST $130.00 SHOULD BE RETURNED TO ME!!!

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  • Na
    nanybanany Mar 27, 2014

    My name is Sandra Melendez i would like to cancel my member ship at wow gym my email is [email protected] my account number is 8522, 20930 pkease cancel my membership as soon as pissible.

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  • Pa
    Paulsuhguygdcg Aug 06, 2013

    Paul Slottke


    Reason Leaving Schedule change at work.

    Please discontinue my membership at Blast/ Ballys efective imediately

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  • Ta
    takeresponsibilityidiots Oct 16, 2012

    It's shady club owners that give this business industry a bad name! Sorry to those who have had issues!
    If you sign a contract stating you will pay 12 months, then that is what you will be responsible to pay. To get out early you sometimes have to pay a fee like with any other contract.
    If you freeze your membership, then the time and payments are added to the end of the agreement. THIS IS A COURTESY!! You don't have to pay for months you don't get to use the gym. You still agreed to pay for 12 months, or whatever your term was.
    AUTO-RENEWAL program is in ALL CAPS bold font size 18. It is on the first page. Most gyms have you initial next to it.
    The late fees and service charges are printed on the first page of all of the hundreds of agreements I have seen.
    Cancellation and freeze procedures are located on the second page. Is a 30-60 day notice really such a bad thing? You signed it.

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  • Wa
    waddsworth Jul 07, 2011

    It is clear from these comments/complaints that ABC is a morally and ethically challenged company. Yes, contracts need to be honored. But, so does honesty.

    To all the "Data Research Analysts" (what a bs title, BTW) representing ABC, a few questions:

    -Is there any functional or rational purpose to the requirement that members must send hard copies of their request to cancel to ABC? In this day and age, there are no services or utilities I can think of that have such an archaic requirement. I can cancel a credit card, my cable service, electric service, country club membership, yacht club membership, (reputable) gym membership, etc. all with either phone call or through their web-site.

    -Do you expect people to believe that you fail to receive as many hard-copies of cancellation requests as you claim? By the time a member realizes that you (conveniently) haven't received their request (when they inevitably discover another month charged to their account on their banking statement), you've got them on the hook for another month's fee - and by that point, they have no recourse to dispute, except to re-submit, and put their faith that the request finds its way to you. You cannot deny that any reasonable person would conclude that this is by design - and is an essential part of your sh**ty business model. My only hope is that enough people eventually raise their voices and your fraud is exposed - and you are forced to experience the misery you cause to your members.

    -Are you honestly proud of where you work, and what you do? Companies find success when they offer something that people WANT to pay for. You, on the other hand, make money by taking it from people who have few options of preventing you from doing so.

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  • Vi
    vikingsfan007 Jun 30, 2011

    I have now spent 2 hours on the phone with "Cherish" very rude and should not be talking with consumers who pay good money for services expected. I CAN AND WILL GO TO ANOTHER GYM. My medical insurance provider has yet to recieve any information that I have a membership here. Thus they can not give me my discount. I talked with Cherish a supervisor by the way and no knowledge of how customer service works. I was informed, at firtst thay ABC has nothing to do with this, then I pointed out the fact that ABC bills me and when my medical provider reimbuses me ABC get the money and deposits it back into my account. She seemed flabergasted that I had done enough reseach to knoew I knew more than she did. She then informed me that I must talk to the manager of the gym, I said " No that would be your responsability I don't haqve the time due to the managers limited hours and I have a job". I was then informend that ABC was not responsible for the billing from the club, I informend her that the club uses ABC software and is ABC trained and that they are directly responsible. Anyway, has been the worst company I have ever dealt with with no customer servec training and ignorant about how their system works. Would not recommend to my enimies.

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  • De
    Deanna123 Jun 27, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I moved to another state and was aware of the cancellation fees, which were $50 + 10% of unused services. I only had 2 months left, so calculating 10% of those fees was not too difficult, but when I called to check on my last charge, it took a long time to settle on the correct price. They originally tried to overcharge me by $40, and after waiting for about 10 minutes, they acknowledged that they were incorrect and gave me a new price, which was still $12 over. When I asked them to explain the charge, they would only say that that was the price that their supervisor came up with. I explained to them the math ($50 + 10% of $70 = $57), and had to be put on hold for another 10 minutes so that this could be discussed with the supervisor. They finally came down to my price.

    Why should I have to call and not only do the math for them, but argue with them about why their arbitrary number is not correct?? If I had not been so on top of things, I would have seen a $100 charge a couple days later with no explanation. I'm not sure if they are just really bad at math, or are trying to pull some sort of a scam, but either way, this should not happen with a company like this.

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  • Ro
    Rocking Lillian May 23, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I sat in Anytime fitness with the Owner, the week of Thanksgiving, and said "im moving in two days, we don't know where, just the area and I must cancel my membership because I do not know where I am moving to and if there is an Anytime fitness where we are moving to" I handed in my key card to get into the gym to the Owner and said i would pay the last month or whatever crazy thing they ask for when you cancel. and I was told that because I did not know my future residence that my account was cancelled and that if he needed any other information from me he would contact me. ok, well now it's 6 months later and luckily someone stole my credit card last month. Because someone stole my credit card last month, this past week ABC finical called me to say "oh we can't take money out of your account for your gym membership" and I said "I canceled my membership in November" and they said, "oh no you didn't and you owe us 68 dollars." So after I spoke to 4 different people including a manager I've been told I won't be charged anything else as long as the Owner who told me in November that my membership was cancelled faxes them some kind of letter saying that my membership is cancelled. My problem, with aaaaaaaaaallll of this is that this should have been done in November when i sat in the office with the Owner and handed him my keys and he told me that my member ship was in fact cancelled. so this is some fun stuff. Right now I'm trying to contact the owner and have him email me the fax he is sending to ABC finical to tell them i have cancelled my membership. Now I've lost at least 160 dollars not to mention my overdraft fees i didn't know why i was going into because I didn't know ABC was taking money out of my account every month. So be weary of this SCAM, because this is what it is, it's all a he said she said stupid thing that is beyond ridiculous. Yes, i should have checked my drafts every month and thought "what the hay is ABC and why are they taking 40 dollars every month" but In moving and starting a new job and trying to live life i didn't think that I would be scammed out of so much money by a fitness place, somewhere that is suppose to help people live healthy lives. Be weary.

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  • Kn
    knowseverything Apr 29, 2011

    Some idiot stated above they keep charging you even after canceled. Well duh, you most not have canceled properly or you still have a payment due in order to cancel. Sure you absolutely have the right to block payments from your bank, after so long if your payment is past due with ABC Financial we ARE going to refer you for collections. Have fun getting an even bigger mess straightened out then. You people need to stop complaining to us about things YOU signed! The people who signed you up aren't there to hold your hand and walk you through reading the agreement and making sure they told you everything, put your big boy adult pants on now and read what you sign, idiots. People like that give consumers a bad name. And NO, the customer is not always right :)

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  • Co
    Concernedinwisconsin Apr 21, 2011

    So you signed an agreement and then you defaulted and you feel that that is unfair? Its ashame that some people feel that even though they make agreements with people and businesses that they are not required to follow thru on thier promises. I have a hard time believing that your "financial hardship" prevented you from coming up with under $100 dollars. I can bet you that if we were able to see your actual finances we would see that you spent your money on other non essential items such as restaurants, bars, movies and the like instead of paying your obligations. People like you make me worry for our future, you have no ethics or morales its all about you.

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  • Gr
    greyhounds Apr 18, 2011

    My son moved back towards home (400 miles) called to cancel and filled out the paperwork, his acount continues to be charged today (11 months later) they claim they did not get his paperwork so he sent it again. I'm going to small claims but it looks like a class action is in order

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  • Absolutely Stay away from any gym that uses ABC Financial Services, Inc for billing. Read below and online for all the horror stories.

    I have been billed for my monthly membership after the gym has gone out of business. Then for two weeks I was told they could not cancel my membership and that I must go to the gym to cancel (the same gym that does not exist at this point). They are now telling me they will bill me again during the 30 day cancellation period as this is what I signed in my contract. VERY, VERY UNETHICAL COMPANY!!!

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  • Ke
    ketter Jan 26, 2011

    ABC Financial is absolutely awful to work with. I am trying to cancel my membership because I have moved and everytime I call there are more fees added to my balance. This gives all gyms a bad name. They should be ashamed of themselves to operate this kind of arm twisting company. It is a disgrace.

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  • He
    heppest Jan 07, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm trying to cancel my membership with Gold's as well. I'm moving to another town, and will not be able to afford luxuries such as a gym membership that I don't use now that I work out at home. I also became unemployed, so I cannot afford to pay the $50 fee every month for something I don't need anymore. I called, and the lady said I'd need a pile of proof of residence, and a written letter stating why I need to cancel. Or, to pay 25% of the remaining balance or $50, whichever is higher. A lot of people I know that tried canceling their membership had issues with ABC Financial still charging their accounts even after they paid the termination fees and everything. When I pay my 25% of my remaining balance, I'm going to call my bank and let them know if Gold's Gym or ABC Financial tries to take money out of my account, it's not allowed, I don't give them permission. Any one of you complaining that they're taking money out of your account without your permission can do the same. All banks allow that (except Bank of America, I've had that problem with them..even after I told them this company called CCA took $223 out of my account, they still allowed it, twice.)..just give them a call after you pay your termination fees and let them know that your gym or ABC Financial is not allowed to take money out of your account anymore, as you've paid all the necessary fees and took all the necessary steps to cancel your membership and they'll do it. At least my credit union/bank does. My bank did that when I opened my account for the first time, then when I started using them again. If all else fails, just ask for a new account and new card, but my suggestion should work, since it's theft if they try to take money out after you've taken all the steps to cancel. If anything, print out all receipts and keep copies of all emails and things sent to them so you'll have proof of payment of cancellation.

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  • Sp
    sps2009 Jan 05, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely agree! We cancelled our account and when we noticed we were billed for the following month, we called ABC financial. They refused to refund us. The automatically enrolled us again in September when our contract was not up until November. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. This company is completely unethical. My next stop is the gym. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS- BEWARE WORLD GYM USES THESE CROOKS!

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  • Ch
    chpsimpson Dec 06, 2010

    ABC is a crooked organization. Make it hard to cancel--and prove your cancelled. I will never join anything that involves ABC again. Lesson learned. Crooks.

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  • Gl
    glteam99 Dec 01, 2010

    This is still going on... I have a pending bill with them due with them including the month of November and also a cancellation fee. My account has been "frozen" since august, something like three dollars a month. They claim I signed a document to cancel my membership November 15. No problem, pay the last month and a cancellation fee and everything is good...
    Not quite... I lost my license in august and it is impossible that I went to my gym to cancel my membership. Therefore my account is still frozen until February as initially agreed to.

    Their documents are not always correct which makes it that much worse that they are using "its in the contract" as their main defense.

    They initially claimed they had my signature on something that was simply not possible.

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  • To
    towhomitmayconcern Nov 03, 2010

    maybe it would be wise to read over the terms of the agreements before signing. if you sign a one/two yr agreement then you will expected to pay, just like any other agreement. so quit complaining and take responsiblity

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  • To
    towhomitmayconcern Nov 03, 2010

    maybe it would be wise to read the agreement, before signing.

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  • Bo
    bologna54 Aug 18, 2010

    WOW is part of this financial institution and they screwed me over completely. They omit very important things. Always ask what the yearly fee/rate lock in fee is and what the cancellation fee is. They failed to tell me both and can only say "sorry, they should have told you", but they didn't, so now what?

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  • Al
    Alex Mena Jun 29, 2010


    ABC Financial's primary purpose is to bill members for their monthly payment. This relationship is established at the time you sign up for your membership and provide the information you wish to be billed, on a monthly basis.

    Your agreement lets you know what is necessary to close the account. Like any other service, if payment is not made in a timely manner, a late fee is assessed.

    If you believe your account was not properly handled, I would be happy to review your situation and rectify any damage you believe was caused.

    Should you have further comments please feel free to contact me at [protected] Ext. 1804 or by email at [email protected]

    Alex Mena
    Data Research Analyst

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  • Dr
    dragao11 Jun 28, 2010

    same problem here they ran me around so that I had to pay for an extra 3 moths and late fees. The best thing I ever done was cancel the credit card and file for fraud, because this ABC Financial is a fraud company, we can do something about it lets all get together and sue for fraud I think we have a case. I toke me 4 months to cancel and they still billed me $89.98 after my contract expired for 3 months. If that ever shows on my 760 credit score I will sue because I only make a bill knowing I can pay for it that's why I have good credit.

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  • If
    ifiin Jun 23, 2010

    I agreee they are Crooks. Called in February to cancel and they told me it would be effective in 60 days. They continued billing me and when i called in june they saiod it should have been in writing. I asked for a manager and was placewd on hold for over 10minutes without anyone getting the phone. I was astounded. My account is still not cancelled. DO NOT JOIN RETRO FITNESS!!!

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  • Al
    Alex Mena Jun 17, 2010


    I'd be happy to review your account with you if you feel ABC did not listen to your side of the story. Multiple factors would could have resulted in delayed billing, but without your information I am not able to give you a detailed explanation.

    If you gave a written request to Peak Fitness, they must have record of it and I'll gladly contact them on your behalf so we can settle your situation.

    Please feel free to call or email me directly.

    Alex Mena
    Date Research Anaylist
    [protected] Ext. 1804
    [email protected]

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  • Gi
    ginormousdrew Jun 14, 2010

    I had a year long contract with Peak Fitness through ABC. After a year, I stopped the contract (with 30 days notice) but after a few months I got a call from Peak that they were running a $25 a month no long term contract special.

    I signed up for the new membership, but about a week after that, I found out I was being transferred to a different city with no Peak Fitness facilities available. I gave my written cancellation letter to the General Manager of the Peak Fitness location (Morehead) and was told I'd have to pay that month's membership only.

    The membership fee was never debited (same card that I used to open the membership, so they had the right number) so I called ABC to find out what was going on. Left a message, never heard back.

    About 6 months later, I got a notice that the full membership amount was due. Seems that ABC billed me retroactively when they got the cancellation notice. Since they intentionally and fraudulently put my account in arrears, they were able to claim that I wasn't able to cancel the account because of the delinquency.

    The only reason I showed as delinquent was because of the fraud committed by ABC financial. I've spoken with them several times since then - they aren't interested in the facts of the case, they're just after my money. They have refused to discuss any details of the situation with me other than how much money it will take to get them off my back.

    ABC Financial is a crooked company. Stay away from any gym that uses them.

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  • Nj
    NJMom1 May 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a similar issue with ABC Financial - after completing my 12 month contract they automatically renewed my account for a month to month basis. I sent an email via the Retrofitness (the health club) website requesting to cancel my account. This was in March - they never responded. The card on file with ABC expired, so I didn't bother to give them the new one as I wanted this account closed. Late April, received a letter in the mail from ABC stating my account is past due. I called them directly to cancel my account. The woman I spoke with was nice and confirmed I completed my contract; however, then proceeded to state that I have to send a certified letter to them making the request to cancel, that it could take up to 60 days for the cancellation to occur (ridiculous!), and that charges will incur during that timeframe. I refused to pay. Sent out the certified letter first week in May. Yesterday, I received a statement from them stating I now owe them approximately $100 (contract was for $20/month - April and May payments do not equal $100) and that they A. will not cancel the contract until payment is made and B. charges will continue to accrue until payment is made. Yesterday I filed a complaint online with the Better Business Bureau and today I received an email from ABC with a new cancellation statement adjusting what I owe them to be April's payment of $21.39 and that's it. If you continue to have issues, I suggest going straight to the BBB and file a complaint.

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  • Da
    David_in_Atlanta Apr 22, 2010

    I was thrust into the hell hole of endless ABC Financial charges even though I did everything exactly as stipulated in my Anytime Fitness contract to end the contract and could prove it (with contract, photocopies of letters, USPS delivery confirmations, etc.). Thankfully, I had the foresight to use my American Express card and to keep photocopies of everything. I disputed the bogus charges with American Express by opening up a dispute on their website and then mailing an explanatory letter and photocopies of all the relevant documents to American Express. Upon receipt, American Express IMMEDIATELY suspended the charges that I claimed were bogus and told ABC Financial to IMMEDIATELY stop billing my card pending further investigation. After a month or so, American Express wrote me to say that the suspended charges had been made permanent and that ABC Financial had been instructed to NOT MAKE FURTHER CHARGES TO MY CARD.

    Some advice to anyone joining a fitness club or gym:

    1) Do NOT sign a contract that has any kind of automatic renewal. Strike out any clause that has automatic renewal and write in the margin, "No Automatic Renewal" and have the gym representative initial those strike-outs. Make sure the strike-outs are on all copies off the contract. If the representative won't go along with this then just walk out.

    2) Make sure you get a copy of the signed contract (with the initialed strike-outs) and keep it in your files.

    3 ) Pay for the entire year with a check. Don't give them your credit card number and don't use a debit/check card.

    4) If you must pay on a monthly basis for financial reasons, pay with a credit card from a company that will stop payment and reverse charges on behalf of those who can demonstrate that they are in the right (your contract, etc).

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  • Ti
    TIida Mar 25, 2010

    I agree that ABC Financial makes a practice of soaking customers for as much as they can get through the use of "unwritten" rules that do not appear in the initial contract. In addition, I believe that they count on the upheaval that tends to accompany major life changes such as moving or serious illness/disability to keep customers from noticing borderline fraudulent practices on their part. I joined a gym on a three-year contract, and approximately a year and a half later, had to move out of state. When I spoke to the gym about cancelling my membership, I was told that I needed to contact ABC Financial in writing at least thirty days in advance of the move. I did so, and received an email from the company several days later saying that in order to cancel my membership due to relocation, I had to provide proof of my move...within five days of receiving this email. Since I had to give thirty days' advance notice that I was moving, how, exactly, was I supposed to provide a copy of a utility bill or new driver's license, etc., reflecting my new address three weeks before actually moving? However, when I consulted my contract, I saw that this WAS stated there, so I decided to suck it up and pay for the extra month.

    Once I moved, I scanned a copy of my lease for my new apartment and sent it to ABC Financial along with a second letter asking them to cancel my gym membership. This time I was told (via email) that email correspondence was unacceptable when sending proof of my relocation, and the lease with my name and new address on it was insufficient proof that I had moved. So I wrote yet another letter and sent a hard copy, along with a copy of my new driver's license and a utility bill with my name and new address on it. During all of this back-and-forth, ABC Financial continued to electronically debit my bank account for monthly membership fees. In my third letter, I expressly stated that I would pay the cancellation fee necessary to terminate my contract as soon as I was informed of the exact amount due (20% of my remaining contract). Finally I received an email stating that my cancellation was "pending" and would be complete when ABC Financial had gotten my cancellation fee of $119.00. I sent a check for this amount, along with a copy of this letter, in the mail the day after getting their email.

    Two weeks later, when I checked my bank account online, I saw that my bank had put a hold on an electronic payment to ABC Financial in the amount of $154.00. When I called ABC Financial to ask what in the hell that was about, they told me they had made an "error" and "accidentally" billed me for both the cancellation fee of $119 and my monthly membership fee of $35. Someone please explain to me the logic of charging to continue and cancel a membership at the same time? The customer service representative was very friendly and promised that the error would be corrected and the payment would not be deducted from my account. Two days later, I got a letter from ABC Financial requesting me to update my bank account information with them, because they had been unable to process a payment. (Yeah, ABC, because my bank is smart enough to spot a scam when they see one.) They were demanding that I update my account information so that they could "collect on a debt" and threatening to turn me over to a collection agency if I did not do so promptly.

    I called ABC Financial again and was told that my check for $119 had been received and deposited the day before...and yet my membership had still not been "officially" cancelled. And if I hadn't called and brought it to their attention, the company was apparently going to both deposit my check and debit my bank account electronically for the same payment--effectively taking it from me twice. Supposedly my membership is now 100% cancelled, but just in case, I'm going to contact my bank and request that they not process any more transactions with ABC Financial.

    In conclusion, either this company thinks its customers are the stupidest people alive, or its employees actually ARE the stupidest people alive. My advice to anyone looking to join a gym is to find out in advance who handles the billing, and to boycott any club that deals with ABC Financial. Not only that, but let the gym employees know WHY you won't join a club that deals with this company and subjects its members to ABC's unethical and/or incompetent business practices.

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  • Kr
    krispavao Mar 16, 2010

    Anyone that has been scammed by ABC financial - go to the Better Business Bureau. I had a complaint and felt I was being scammed by this company. I went to the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint with them and the issue was resolved. Go to the BBB's website and you can file the complaint online! It worked for me - as I am sure that ABC financial doesn't want the negative rating.

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  • Bi
    Big123 Mar 15, 2010

    ABC Financial Fitness Scam company !! ABC Financial is a Fitness Scam company !! This ABC Financial Company is a scam!! You are not allowed to cancel their agreement!! They will continue to bill you or try and destroy your credit! I was told by one of there reps... " If you close the bank account that we bill you from we will send you paper bills and report you to collections!" ABC Financial Fitness Scam company !! Every time you forfill their requirements to cancel, they bill you again and say they did not receive your documentation or they have something else you need to send them !!! ABC Financial Fitness Scam company!!! This was for Peak Fitness Charlotte NC !! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!

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  • What is needed is a class action lawsuit by a willing law firm to stop these scam artist. Also if you completely bombard their fax and e-mail maybe that would get their attention.

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  • Ph
    Phyllis Jernigan Jun 13, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @disgruntled client of abc financial Completely agree, how can we find a law firm that will be willing to stop this madness?

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  • Ab
    ABCFinacialsucks Jan 20, 2010

    I was a member of Work out World and lost my job. Since I was unable to cancel my membership because I could not pay the cancellation fee, they allowed me to switch to a lower grade membership that would half as much. The cancellation fee I was told was $100, and my new monthly fee was $10/month. Come January, I'm billed $40 that I find out is a "rate-lock fee" I was never informed about. When changing my membership I was asked to sign an electronic tablet similar to when you sign for a credit purchase at a store. When I asked what it was for at the time of signing, I was informed it was just to acknowledge my change in membership and there would be no other fees. Long story short, an employee at Work out World and the Manage both states that the employee that had handled my membership was fired for doing this multiple times. I tried contacting ABC Financial with this information and they tell me that because I signed it I have to pay the fee. Problem is, they put my signature on a document without my knowing it, which is what scammer and frauds do. They told me they would "investigate" to see if I was eligible to my money given back, but was doubtful. I've recently filed a fraud claim with my bank as putting a signature on a electronic document that someone doesn't know about feels the same way as if someone where to forge my signature on an actual piece of paper.

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  • Ka
    KAITTTT Dec 21, 2009

    I have agreeed I tried to cancel my membership because of medical reasons and i moved away from my original address and they won't allow me to cancel it. Also when I signed up for the membership they said I could cancel it anytime and there won't be any complication and now they are trying to tell me I can't cancel it. DON"T JOIN ANYTIME FITNESS ABC FINANCIAL IS A RIP OFF.

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  • Ha
    HannBann Dec 10, 2009

    I agree a contract is a contract...I signed a 12month contract but moved over 1700miles away with 2 months left on my contract. I paid my last two months membership fees and thought after my 12months were over that it would stop unless I signed a renewel with my gym (this is how my tanning membership is so I assumed my gym was the same). I was wrong, my bank account was drafted again for membership fees. So I called my gym right away, they told me it was fine...I signed a 12month 'open-ended' contract so all I needed to do was call to cancel on their end but that I would need to call ABC Financial to see if I could be refunded the fee's they had just drafted from my account. So I called ABC Financial and was told 'Oh, we can't do that!' they would need documentation from my gym if they drafted in error. I didn't want to deal with it...I figured it was my fault for assuming my membership would just stop so I was out that money. I did give the lady from ABC Financial my new address when I told her the reason I wanted to cancel was because I moved. She said I could fax them a request to stop drafting from my bank account but she would have to wait for a cancelation request from my gym before she could actually cancel my account out completely. Okay, so Im good to go...I thought. I had my gym cancel my membership and ABC Financial said they were just waiting for a notice from the gym.
    Well...the next month I noticed my bank account was off by about $35, I checked and sure enough ABC Financial drafted from my account again. I called my gym to find out why they never canceled my membership as I had requested. I was told that in their system my membership did show canceled and that they don't send anything to ABC Financial. The person from the gym said I just need to call ABC Financial and tell them I signed a 12month 'open-ended' contract that is now up, and that they only needed my reguest to cancel over the phone and nothing else needs to be done. So I call ABC Financial, and was told the same thing as the first time I called them. I was frustrated so I told them to forget it and called my gym back. My gym said they would "look in to it" and let me know if I needed to do anything else. The person at my gym also suggested that I put a stop on my bank account just to make sure ABC Financial wouldn't be able to draft from it anymore, so I did.
    Another month has gone by and last night I received I nice little letter from ABC Financial stating that I know owe them $68! This may not sound like a lot, but it's the holidays and I am counting pennies everyday to get by. I was outraged when I saw this! I called ABC Financial immediately...and spoke to an Andre. He told me the exact same thing the first lady did "We need documentation from the gym before we can cancel your membership billing account". I told him everything that had happened, then was asked if I could hold. I was on hold for over two minutes and was then disconected. I called right back and spoke to a Myron. He again told me the exact same thing...I told him I just wanted to speak to a manager or supervisor so that I could get this straightened out. I was on hold for several minutes before I was transferred to a supervisor named Sherry. I spent over 27minutes on the phone with Sherry, to have her tell me I actually have to go into my gym and sign paperwork to cancel my membership. She gave me an address and number of another gym close to my new address that could do this for me. I asked for a good phone number to call in case this other gym has no idea what she is talking about just like my first gym had no clue. I went round'n round with her before she finally gave a new number to me. After speaking to Sherry I called both the gym my membership was with along with this new gym and left messages for both.
    Well, after a full 24hrs and no callback from either gym, I just decided to call the new gym. I was told by this gym's manager that I don't need to come in and sign anything...I just need to send him an email with my gym membership number and that I want to cancel. He told me that in 30days my memebership would be canceled. I am not paying for another month! This is soooooo ridiculous! I'm getting ready to send the email to cancel to this new gym, so hopefully this will be the end of this ordeal!

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  • 19
    1969JoyCA Dec 04, 2009

    I agree that if a contract is signed, then you must oblige to what the contract entails. However, with ABC Financial, they create their own rules outside of the contract. For example, if you move should cancel your membership for any reason. You have to submit proof to them within 30 days, rather this be medical, relocation, etc. There will also be a cancelation fee of $50-$100. However, the contract does not say that if you have an un-paid balance, you must pay the unpaid balance by the due date, otherwise your services will NOT be canceled and billing will continue. This should be in the contract and documentation should be easily available to the consumer.

    What ABC financial does, like a lot of crooked companies, is the 90 day hold method, which means that they hold your account for 90 days without notifying you via mail or phone. After the 90 days they then forward your account to collections.
    It is not ethical, and in some states, not legal for them to not mail you a correspondence.

    If you encounter such practices, I would recommend contacting your local consumer advisor, attorney general, and better businesses bureau. We have to take a stance against these types of companies.

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  • Ug
    ugadawgbeast Aug 19, 2009

    I understand that conditions change in a 12 month period, but its about personal responsability! A man is as only as good as his word! When you sign an agreement managed by ABC financial you are agreeing to make a certain amount of payments. If your account is frozen and you are not making the payments then its frozen in time as well. I am the owner of a gym that uses ABC and ultimately the GYM has the control over the decision of your agreement. If you know your going to move and you still have 6 months left on your agreement, well you still have to pay for that 6 months, but just make it in writing that you want to cancel at the end of your agreement. Most contracts are on a auto renew program that renew month to month at the end of the original agreement. It still takes a 30 day "WRITTEN" notice to cancel. Go to the club and make it in writing and just get a copy that was signed by management/ownership for your records. If money continues to be drafted then you have the documentation to proceed with legal action. ABC is usually not to blame, although sometimes they are! Usually its the club management or ownership that drops the ball or is misleading! I always tell my club members the ways to correctly cancel the agreement. It's shady club owners that give this business industry a bad name! Sorry to those who have had issues! Always try to deal with a non franchise gym! usually you can get to the top person to take care of you!

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  • Kr
    Krispav Jul 22, 2009

    I had the same terrible experience with ABC financial. I signed up to use the gym - three months into the membership I found out I was pregnant. I stopped working out and froze the account. My husband and I moved out of the state before the freeze was scheduled to be over and I called to cancel the account. I was told that I had to come in to the gym and fill out a cancellation form - obviously can't do that because I now live 18 hours away. I called ABC financial and was told to fax in a copy of my new license to cancel the account. I did that and was told they never got it. I mailed a letter with a copy of the license - they didn't receive it again. Now I'm getting calls from them saying that I have to pay the monthly membership fee, plus a cancellation fee - plus late fees. It all adds up to over 100$ and growing. I can't tell you how many phone calls we are getting - now from collection agency that says they have numerous complaints similar to mine. I can understand people need to be responsible and read the fine print, but this is ridiculous. You can't always plan out what is going to happen over a 12 month period in your life. Any suggestions on how to proceed with collections would be appreciated!

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  • Sa
    SAD Apr 24, 2009

    I moved to another estate a month before my contract was over, I called them 4 months later to pay that last month, they told me my contract was renewed because I never send a cancellation letter.

    I call collections (Vision Financial Corp ) after the Gym send me there, I tried to settle...two girls tried to pressured me to pay...right that second...I told me...YOU SEND ME A LETTER TO MY OLD ADDRESS I moved to another estate...send me a new that I have it in writing...GAVE THEM MY ADDRESS...never got again...the girl said...YOUR CHOICES ARE...FAX/ EMAIL...I said...I said...I want it in writing...she manager said we can't...hahaha...I law you are supposed to...things went from bad to worst...then I called again...the same girl said...fine give me your address...AGAIN...then she you have to pay more...the 180 I told you was an offer if you paid right that second...WHAT...again things went not too good..I said...lets start by you sending it to me in writing...and we go from there...AFTER 3 CALLS...AND ABOUT 3 WEEKS...WITH NO LETTER...I call the gym...I said...people keep giving me a different number...the gym gives me one...the collections give others...who do I pay...never heard from the collection offices again...THE GUY SAID...(MIKE)...YOU PAY 180 AND WE ARE DONE...I CALL...AND WE TAKE YOU OUT OF COLLECTIONS...I SAID...LET ME CALL THEM...I DECIDED TO PAY THE GYM...TRUST THEM...ANYWAY...collections never send it to me in writing...I said...I'll trust the gym...even when I have nothing in writing...I call the gym next week...I ask for mike...another mike comes to the phone...THE GENERAL MANAGER ON THE GREENWICH GYM...HE PULLS ME INFO...and said...what number the the other person gave you... said...180 something...and so did collections...HE SAID...NO YOU HOW 500...OR MORE...I said...NO WAY...but I don't even live on the estate for about 9 months...I said...just last week they gave me can this be..? So...I WAS MORE CONFUSED THEN EVER... I CALLED COLLECTIONS...THE GIRL WHO ANSWERED WAS REALLY NICE...Heather...SHE SAID...WE JUST SEND YOU A SPECIAL OFFER TO SETTLE FOR 143...I SAID...BUT THE GYM JUST OLD ME THIS...she pay now and you are fine...I said...can you send me an email?...she said...yes...she did...I pay her...she said we are settle...I call the gym...I said...I settle I I send you that cancellation letter?...the woman...I had just speak to her manager less then 2 hours...VERY RUDE WOMAN...ALEXANDRA...she said..."you payment to collections was owe us info was not updated...we just updated...AFTER I SPOKE TO HER MANAGER...MIKE...he said..."I am the general deal with me..or collections...there is no one else here above me to deal with..."...I said "fine if I have a choice no to deal with you...bye..." and hanged up...I called collections...same girl Heather and her manager both were nice...took my complaint...TOTAL MESS...SUCH A BIG DISORGANIZATION...DON'T EVEN CALL THE CORPORATE OFFICES...I CALL 30 TIMES...EVER FEW SECONDS UNTIL A LIVE PERSON ANSWER THE PHONE...WHO KNEW NOTHING...AND DIDN'T CARE...


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  • Se
    self server Apr 22, 2009

    They are a complete fraud.

    I moved from the gym area to another part of the state so I had to cancel my Anytime Fittness. I just went out and bought a treadmill and weight set for myself. It was cheaper.

    Sure I SIGNED the agreement but I also paid the cancellation fee, and I am still fighting them on charges to my account.

    A contract does not absolve them from completely inept, misleading and outright fraudulent behavior.

    A contract is a contract, but remember FRAUD IS A BAD THING.

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