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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved charged me fees they weren't allowed to

I had so many problems with ABC Financial during my 2 year contract with Gold's Gym. I was supposed to...

Resolved health club membership

I signed took my son to NY Fitness because of a coupon in the Clipper Magazine that stated "No Startup...

Resolved cannot cancel

Biggest corporate run-a-round I have seen in my life. I fulfilled my anytime fitness membership and tried to...

Resolved armed services cancellation

I have been trying to get out of the last four months of my gym contract for more than a month because I leave for Army basic training in a week. I have talked to both the gym owner and ABC financial several tmes each and both are running me around in circles telling me I need specific orders that I won't get until I get to basic where I won't be able to conduct business - my Army contract isn't enough? ABC told me the best I could do is pay the two hundred dollars left on my contract before I leave so I can cancel the automatic renewal that I didn't sign up for. My recruiter told me there is a Soldiers and Sailors Act that allows any service member to get out of a contract (including leases, car payments, etc.) when they join the service. I am finally just going to write the Better Business Bureau and stop payment to ABC but even that will cost me $25. Don't support ABC or any gym that uses the service.

  • Dr
    dragao11 Jun 28, 2010

    I know how you feel and you still go out and fight other countries for companies like ABC Financial

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charged unlawfully my credit card

It's beyond imagination what ABC Financial Institution does to people in this country. You are not ALLOWED to quit the gym. If you want to change your routine, or just go your way, they won't let you. Can you believe this BS? They practically start controlling your life and desires from the day you innocently subscribed to the gym. Even after your "so called contract" is over, they'll still keep charging your credit card without fear or shame. Even if you send a letter explaining to them why you can't go to the gym anymore, they’ll still keep charging your card every month, and if they can't charge your card, they will start sending bills at home. If you still don't want to pay them, they will forward everything to a collection agency and damage your credit. In other words, they are playing MAFIA games, scamming innocent people, in United States of America, without fright of rules and control. If you want to talk to them on the phone they will put you on hold, up to half an hour, expecting you to hang up, and if you don’t, you mostly will have the chance to talk with a sarcastic customer service rep., who will keep telling you the same phrase repeatedly, "That's the rule sir, if you don't pay we'll send everything to a collection agency". You attempt to have a logical conversation with them, and it’s impossible because they will hit you with the same phrase over and over again until you decide to hang the hell up. They practically stick their hands in your pocket in broad daylight, calling you a fool down the road because you had the regrettable inspiration to subscribe to a gym. Some people might call it a bagatelle only fifty bucks, monthly charge, but for an honest citizen of this country who never dared to swindle anyone, and firmly condemns the practice of any possible scam, from one cent to one hundred mil, every dollar taken unlawfully from that person represents a matter of personal nuisance and stress, it infuses a feeling of harassment and victimization, it drives that person to believe that indeed it’s nothing good left in this place and shuts down all your good intentions and benign imagination. Every single dollar fraudulently taken from that honest person equals at least one thousand dollars in fraudulent gain for the scammer. Can you imagine these sleazy, stinky rats on earth with chutzpah and arrogance? I would say here, before we start doing anything our way, let's see if it's any legal way, in United States of America, we can get these charlatans, because I'm not giving up on it. If you're an employee of the company with a gram of honesty and morality, I urge you to quit working there as soon as possible. If you are a citizen of the United States thinking to subscribe to a gym facility in the near future, please make sure the gym it's not affiliated with ABC Financial Institution, if you don't want imposed control over your life, financial loss, headaches and personal stress.

Thank you for reading

  • Va
    Van Pham Apr 07, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was trapped into 3 days free membership. When I tried to cancel the membership, ABC first stated that they will stop the automatic payment. However, they continue to withdraw the money out of my account. When I submitted the doctor recommendation that I am under treatment and not allow to exercise any fitness class.
    Their response is that the certificate is not accepted, unless doctor state that I am disable and cannot move !!! When I am trying to talk to them, their response is that customer have to go by their rule !!!
    Please help protect senior citizen trapped by this fraudulent company. Instead of helping seniors to get healthier, ABC is trying to rip off and cause them stress, unhealthy condition and bad time !!

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Resolved horrible company

I signed a contract in Dec 2008, as a minor, with ABC Financial to join a local Powerhouse Gym here in...

Resolved refuse to remove unauthorized charges

I cancelled my gym membership with Gold's Gym in Sparks NV in April of 2009. ABC Financial continues to bill me because they SAY they cannot stop billing me until they receive authorization from Gold's Gym. Both parties say it's the other one's responsibility. I have filed complaints against both ABC Financial and Gold's Gym with the Better Business Bureau.

Resolved over billing

Trying to cancel a membership with Gold's Gym (or the parent company ABC Financial) is a chore at best. The practice of allowing you to get a membership for a year paid up front then they threw on an extra 6 months. WOW, what a great deal... Until you try to quit.

What kind of scam says that the only way to cancel your membership is to write a letter and send it to somebody (certified so that it can be verified). Wow a phone call and an e-mail won't work in the year 2009???

You'll understand why when you look at ABC Financials mission statement:

"Our company mission is two-fold: to be the resource for cutting edge technology in the health and fitness industry, and to collect the most money from the most members, every day."

This in alone tells you why you can't cancel your membership in a timely manner.

When we called ABC Financial, thier "Customer Service Representative" told my wife that they e-mailed her, unfortunately he didn't account for her not having a job since 2/2009. Because the e-mail would have bounced back. Then of course the "Customer Service Representative" manager told me that it doesn't send reminders to anybody very often. (What is very often?).

Not only that but the local Gym added on an additional month to our contract due to a promotion with our company. ABC Financial didn't have the updated paper, however our local Gym did.

I plan on fighting these charges with our credit card company and will be contacting the BBB both locally and nationally. If I have to pay the money (which coincidentally our monthly charge went from $42 a month to $65 a month roughly a 150% increase.

I urge everybody who has to deal with these people to fight them and make them spend $100's for every dime they recoup.

As for people who are looking at Gym's please investigate and stay away from ABC Financial, Gold's Gym and all the rest that they own.

  • Wi
    WirelessMike Aug 10, 2009

    Here is my story:

    I have made 5 phone calls to their customer service since late May concerning my cancelled membership and yet they continue to bill my credit card.

    I was a member of Escondido Workout on 409 W. Felicita Ave in Escondido, CA, since January of 2003. I went to the gym one day in late May and it was gone - literally – the building was completely empty and a “for lease” sign on the building. I went to another gym to see if I could find the owner to cancel my membership and the person there told me I could continue going to their gym if I wanted and they would transfer my membership. I told them no thanks; their gym was 10 miles from my house and was not the kind of facility I would ever want to join. They gave me ABC's phone number and said ABC would make sure that the membership was cancelled and not transferred to them. I then called ABC and the person I talked to said they would take care of it.

    However, on my next credit card bill, I was billed again by ABC. I called them on 6/15 and the person I spoke with apologized and said it would be taken care of and my June billing would be credited. I asked for a reference or cancellation number to be sure, and she gave me #208358.

    Then I received my July billing and I was again billed by ABC. I called ABC on 8/3 and went over the whole situation again with one of their service reps. She said that the only way I could cancel is to go to the club and submit a cancellation directly with them. I tried to explain to her AGAIN that the club doesn’t exist anymore, that is why I cancelled. And the previous two times I talked to ABC they said they had taken care of it. She said she didn’t know what to tell me, so I asked to speak to the manager (Margaret). I explained the situation again to Margaret and she said she would take care of it and be sure I was credited for the last billing. But she said she had to email the club to verify it and then she would call me the next day. I asked her how she could contact the club SINCE IT DOESN’T EXIST ANYMORE and she said she had to do some verification but promised to call me back the next day. She did not call me back. I waited 3 days and then called again on 8/6. I spent considerable time with another representative going over the same old story. She said at one point that my membership agreement stated that if the club transferred my membership to another club within 10 miles, that I had to go to the new club and couldn’t transfer. That is totally bogus; I have the contract in front of me and it says no such thing. In fact, under Membership Cancellation, it says that I “agree to give notice at the club of enrollment” which as I explained several times no longer exists. I asked to speak to Margaret again and the rep said she wasn’t available and put me through to her voicemail. I left a detailed voicemail asking why she didn’t call me back as promised and to please do so as this is now bordering on fraud in my opinion. She has not returned my call.

    In addition to my many phone calls, I have now sent an email and a fax demanding that they cancel my membership and refund my prior billings and have received no response from them.

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Resolved billing

I cancelled my account with Anytime fitness but because of fraud on my credit card, my final payment wasn't made. I called to make a payment over the phone and these crooks billed me a late fee of $19.50, half of which they would agree to credit back, and then a $5 processing fee to take my payment over the phone. But because my account was closed, I couldn't avoid their $5 fee to make my payment. This company is a bunch of shysters. If I join another club someday, and ABC Financial is involved, I'll walk away and the club will know why.

  • Ch
    chad4089 Aug 11, 2009

    I recently renewed my bank card, which disable anytime fitness' ability to collect their monthly fees. I figured this out after only being 2 days late. WHen I called to clear up the matter, they tried to charge me a $20 late fee and a $5 "convenience fee. I argued my point and had a heated discussion with their collection department, after which all fees were waived. I think these types of business practices should be made illegal. There needs to be better protection for consumers and common sense installed into our financial systems.

    -1 Votes
  • I agree... I hate the high charges for late fees.

    If you are late making a mortgage payment, car payment and/or call to make your utilities payments over the phone by credit card = they will charge phone convenience charges and/or late fee... But thats 'ok'???

    C'mon... EVERYONE has the fees you speak of :)

    GOOD NEWS... Pay as cheduled and on time and all is good.

    1 Votes
  • Tp
    tptools Sep 28, 2009

    Blaming the Club or ABC (billing Co.) for what you state is "Credit Card Fraud" on behalf of some crook somewhere out there, is completely rediculious. I am surprised you don't try blaming the Owners of the club you joined for taking part in the credit card fraud as well.. You are rediculious. Place blame where it is due... and that is with the actual crook(s) that performed fraud on your credit card, along with YOURSELF. You yourself hold the FULL responsiblity of notifying any automatic withdrawal's or EFT agreement companies (ABC) that your credit card was cancelled or compromised... News flash!: That is YOUR RESPONSIBILTY... or do you expect your banks, mortgage Co.'s, finance Co's. or ABC or the club to have psychic people on staff constantly plugged into your world!... Your complaint is unjustified and merely a frustrated rant with your attempt to blame someone other than yourself, or an unidentifiable crook that compromised your credit card.. I agree with the above "Pay as cheduled and on time and all is good." and if you know your credit card or checking account has changed in ANY WAY, take some accountability and notify the seperate billing CO (ABC)... of this ... That is unless you are just trying to get out of your contract/membership or a last payment, I suspect the case is here.. Kudo's to the club or the finance Co. for crediting back half of the late/insufficient funds fee to this person when you didn't really have to.. Sounds to me like you are a "Stand-up" Company... I don't know of any other finance companies or banks that would do that.. As far as the person above that "Renewed their Bank Card"...You did more than just "Renew your Bank card", that you are not letting us know about here... You had to change your account number and/or routing number as well for it to possibly bounce back from the billing company... and you obviously failed to share that info with your billing company (and us in this forum)...Nice try but you are being rediculious as well.

    1 Votes
  • Tp
    tptools Sep 28, 2009

    Come on here people!! ... get real!... If I am having my car payment automatically taken out of my checking or savings account at Bank-A Inc... and latter I decide to move my checking and savings accounts down the road to Bank-B Inc. and I don't let the Finance Company that gave me my car loan know anything about this.. Come on!
    You folks just want to have a face or place to blame, other than yourselves, for your lack of responsibilty and accountability. We all make mistakes and forget things that have adverse affects, but the wise person realizes this, and by doing so lessens the chances of it happening to THEMSELVES again..

    1 Votes
  • Th
    thatchman1 Mar 11, 2010

    This company has been an arm wrestler when it comes to resolving billing issues. This company auto debits my monthly gym membership fee. Early this month my debit card was compromised, the bank cancelled it and replaced it. There is no easy way to approach, fix and resolve this issue with this company.<br />
    <br />
    The auto debit attempt occurred before I had a new debit card. The company also waited 9 days to tell me that their debit was unsuccessful. Upon receiving an automated call from "ABC Financial", I contacted my local gym to ensure this was a legitimate call, being that ABC, Inc sounded like the most generic name and would be perfect for a scam. <br />
    <br />
    The same day I called ABC to give them the new debit card number. I entered it in the automated billing system, and checked my balance and billing history.<br />
    <br />
    1. The automated computer system told me I had no billing history<br />
    2. The balance due was $20 more than I suspected it should be.<br />
    <br />
    Having a perfect credit history and with them, I contacted a person who waived the $20 fee (supposedly), confirmed that my billing information was updated, and said the next bill would auto draft the next day.<br />
    <br />
    The next day I got another day from the automated computers system. It seems that my auto debit didn't happen properly.<br />
    <br />
    I called the company again, spoke with a person, and was told that I would have to pay a $5 fee to make a payment over the phone. Given that I'd had the fee waived and updated the information, this seemed ridiculous. They told me I could pay the balance online at with no fees, so I hung up and proceeded to register at the website.<br />
    <br />
    The website would not accept the account number that ABC had given me over the phone just moments earlier. So I called back in.<br />
    <br />
    Upon calling in, I was told that the auto debit was set & ready to go the next day. I still haven't seen an attempt on my card. <br />
    <br />
    The same day, I received a letter from ABC. essentially reiterating the problem they took 9 days to report to me, and as well, adding some very nasty verbiage at the end referring to the "unpaid debt". Certainly not a customer service friendly company who is appreciative and respectful of customers, by any means. <br />
    <br />
    Upon calling in again, the amount I owed went from $34.xx to $74.xx. I was told that they were now billing me for two months, though next month's payment isn't due until April 1st. This makes no sense whatsoever.<br />
    <br />
    I can't believe that debit cards never expire or get compromised and replaced. I can't believe that this is an abnormal occurrence for this company. I can't believe how incompetently their systems have handled trying to update my billing information, have an accurate amount listed as what I owe, and the ability to draft it and correct the issue.<br />
    <br />
    If they'd stop making phone calls and sending letters for a moment and focus on making their systems work better, they could save a lot of money on the phone calls & letters. The people who answer the phone were ok, but the system is incompetent.

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  • Th
    thatchman1 Mar 12, 2010

    A day later, ABC did finally debit my account, but for $9.50 more than they agreed to the day previously. It seems after waiving a $20 fee because I had perfect payment history with them, they tagged on another fee of $9.50 before they charged me.

    Shady practices, indeed.

    Another phone call in, and allegedly this amount will be credited to my next month's bill. We'll see...

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  • Al
    Alex Mena Apr 21, 2010

    We regret to hear that your experience with ABC Financial Services was anything BUT Fast and Friendly. We are aware that each individual situation differs from the next, however, all consumer concerns are taken very seriously and we would like the opportunity to review your situation and thoroughly satisfy your needs. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and would be happy to rectify any inconvenience this may have caused you.

    Should you have additional comments you would care to discuss, please email [email protected]

    Alex Mena
    Consumer Relations
    ABC Financial Services, Inc.

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  • Bc
    B Collins Jun 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After finding Alex Mena's responses show up on multiple complaint sites, I called him about the problem we were having canceling 3 accounts. This was after I had a very hard time with ABC's customer service. I must say, Alex was very helpful and got things resolved to our satisfaction right away. In fact, he got us a month's charges refunded.

    Mr. Mena is an asset to ABC Financial, and they need to hire more people like him. The funny thing is, I don't think that's his primary job, but he does customer service better than the folks in customer service.

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  • La
    LatitudeAdjustment Jul 11, 2010

    ABC Financial = "Predatory Billing" These guys are definitely bad news. You cannot cancel your gym membership via the club or over the phone. To cancel membership requires a written letter and 30 days to "process". I wrote a letter as instructed stating my reason for cancellation. When my local post office saw where my letter was going they recommended sending it return receipt. The fact that the post office is aware of the business practices of this company should be a clue. I did eventually get the receipt but the membership was not cancelled. I finally changed my credit card account number to stop the automated payments. Of course I had to change the number with all the other accounts that bill against my card. Now the ABC billing machine is sending the bills to my home. This week I will be filing a formal complaint with Consumer Affairs and with the Better Business Bereau. I am also considering legal action and potentially a class action suit.

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Resolved membership cancellation

This is a letter I recently submitted to ABC Financial (I will keep you posted on outcome): I have been a...

Resolved billing

The golds gym i attend the highest priced gym in my area, FYI runs its billing through ABC financial...

Resolved unapplied payments

I have an auto payment setup plan for knuckleup fitness center. The problem is that after a phone call to ABC Financial Services which took about a 20 minute hold before even speaking to a representative, I was assured that the matter would be resolved when the system updated . This first call was in February. However this month I received another statement that said the payment had not been received, even though my bank statements show that it was cleared on Feb. 2, the same date as the membership payment was received which they do credit to my account. I called again tonight after about 15 minutes of holding I was told that they still show no credit of the payment and was told that I would have to send a copy of my bank statement to prove that I made the payment. My bill was paid on time. Now I have to go out of my way to copy my statement, write a letter explaining what their mistake was, stamp it and mail it to them. No wonder so many customer service representative jobs are being outsourced to other countries! This company needs to update their payment program and get better service representatives. This is the second time I have had a dispute with this billing company, no fault of knuckle up, but they need a billing company that is up to date with payments received. There is nothing more irritating than to pay your bills on time and have to deal with this sort of incompetence.

  • Al
    Alex Mena Apr 21, 2010

    ABC Financial Services regrets to hear that your experience with our organization has been anything other than satisfactory.

    As a consumer myself, I understand the frustration in having to do additional work to demonstrate you have made a payment to your account, when everything has already been done correctly on your end. Each situation differs from the next, however, all consumer concerns are taken very seriously and we would like the opportunity to review your situation and satisfy your needs.

    Please be assured our company will take the necessary steps to rectify your situation and aide in growing your relationship with KnuckleUp Fitness.
    Should you have any additional comments you would like to discuss, please email [email protected]

    Alex Mena
    Consumer Relations
    ABC Financial Services, Inc.

    0 Votes

Resolved abc financial

I have been trying to cancel my membership at work out world gym for two weeks i have been unable to get through by telephone. I have been on hold sometimes for 30 minutes or more. Just want to cancel. financially hard times right now.

  • Lo
    lori Feb 10, 2009

    I have the same experience as you have. I tried to get hold of ABC Financial to cancel my membership of Anytime Fitness so many times, but I could not. Then I sent an email few times. Six days after, I got an email that I could not cancel no matter what reasons except "relocation" and "doctor's documentation", which is not acceptable and fair. I just want to CANCEL. The officer of the fitness center did not mention anything about the cancellation.

    0 Votes
  • Co
    complaintsrus Apr 14, 2009

    Read your contract to see if you fit within the acceptable cancellation policies (disability, relocation, etc...) Cancelling a contract just because you don't want to go/pay anymore is not a valid reason. I know for a fact that if the hold times are over five minutes when calling that company, it gives you the option to enter a callback number and hang up. The queue holds original place in line, and when your call would have been answered, the phone system will automatically call the callback number you entered. Easy peasy, no more waiting on hold.

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    Mason Morris Oct 28, 2009

    You have a responsibility to read before you sign on the dotted line. Yes it is frustrating that you cannot cancel for the reasons you thought, but don't just take the word of the club, read the print. Did you read your mortgage paperwork or your car note, there are stipulations in all contracts. ABC Financial is handling the billing for many clubs, they only enforce what you agreed to when you signed your gym contract.
    It is always easy to state you could not get thru but companies like this have new integrated phone systems, not like years ago. You can leave a message if you don't have time to hold.

    0 Votes

Resolved fraudsters and cheaters

I joined a Lady of America Fitness center with a 1 year contract. Along with the 1 year, there was an additional 2 years available for renewing at the same price. After joining, I read some bad reviews on this site, or one similar about National Fitness (the previous company name that handled the gym's financial stuff) and the problems that people were having when they tried to cancel, and not renew, after their contracts were up. So, when my year was over, I sent a written notice of non-renewal. I sent this letter CERTIFIED, so there was no question down the road. Oh, but was I wrong! They have tried to get around this in every way possible. I have had to EMAIL bank statements proving my EFT withdraws from my account, because they have no records showing I paid the dues for 12 months. Well, if they are doing automatic withdraws, isn't it their responsibility to take the money?? So, the emails were somehow never received, so I then FAXED over copies with, again, another request for a cancellation confirmation letter. I then receive, not a confirmation letter, but an email stating the EMAIL I sent could not be connected with any of their accounts, and asked if I would AGAIN send my account number with the bank statements (FYI:my member number was in the subject line of the email). So, this I did. I actually sent this email repeatedly, about 5 or 6 times. Waiting patiently for my cancellation letter, I decided to check my bank account, and sure as ###, they EFT'ed my account for a 13th month! At this point, I am getting ready for battle. Please do not do business with ABC Financial or National Fitness. They are scammers!! I will also be going to the gym and making this public knowledge to any prospective gym bet your ###!!

Resolved scams, late fees

Yes I am having a problem with ABC Financial Services, Inc. late fees, unable to quit Body Xchange Sport...

Resolved golds gym cancellation

All I wanted to do was join the newest workout club in town. I did not realize that I should have consulted...

Resolved scam and cheating

My daughter and I have a gym membership and the payments go to ABC financial. Mine is taken out through my credit card, I pay my daughter's with a check. I am receiving letters the last two months that I have not paid August's, and September's dues. They state in letter that it is a collection letter. I sent a copy of my August check and now they say my Sept and Oct amount is overdue and I have sent them. I am getting very upset over this and will call them again I did talk to them before.

I do plan on canceling my membership, both of ours due to this issue. I am also going to let the gym know the problems. They are dealing with a very unscrupulous company. I would advise no one to sign a contract if they know ABC is involved. I am just hoping to get this matter settled.

  • Pa
    pacitizen Mar 22, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I advise you to get everything in writing, send certifed letters, and don't trust a word they tell you on the phone. They will lie about not receiving cancellation notice, and continue to charge you month after month. File complaints with the BBB, state attorney general's consumer affairs division, or contact an attorney. This company has very deceptive business practices.

    0 Votes
  • He
    helpingthescamed Mar 29, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree. The BBB they do not care about! It is most important to contact the state attorney general, it is easy to do just go to their web site and fill out a form. They say that gym memberships are their biggest complaint.

    0 Votes

unable to cancel

Warning!! Warning!! Warning!! Warning!! Warning!! Warning!! Warning!! Warning!
According to abc financials rules, to cancel myh membership I had to send a certified letter requesting cancellation. I did this over three months ago. Monthly fees continued to come out of my account. I contacted my local gym and explained my problem. The manager asked for my proof that I sent my certified letter and he would get the problem solved. Gullible me! I gave him the green card and waited for a call. Finally tired of waiting I called the gym and find the guy does not work for the gym anymore. I got a call from golds in a different town and was told that without the proof (the proof I gave to my local gym) they cannot cancel me! Now I have to resend the cancellation 'request' and wait for yet another payment to come out of the bank and pray that it really will be cancelled this time.

Save yourself the problem and sign up somewhere else!!!

Warning!! Warning!! Warning!! Warning!! Warning!! Warning!! Warning!! Warning!

  • Jo
    Jo Oct 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am currently going through the same thing. I have been unable to cancel my membership with Gold's. WARNING: READ THE FINE PRINT ABOUT AUTO RENEWAL!!! I fulfilled my 12 month obligation in June of '08 and I am still getting billed, even though I have sent them a cancellation letter months ago.

    0 Votes
  • Iv
    ivanaw Mar 18, 2009

    I am experiencing the very same problem! I cancelled in November and I am currently still being billed! Worst Gym in the world!

    0 Votes

Resolved scammed

When I was unable to make my payment to ABC Financial for my gym membership at Fitness Edge, I called to...

cannot cancel membership

I have been trying to cancel my Golds Gym membership for the past two months and have been unable to. They...