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ABC Financial / billing

1 Orting, WA, United States Review updated:

I cancelled my account with Anytime fitness but because of fraud on my credit card, my final payment wasn't made. I called to make a payment over the phone and these crooks billed me a late fee of $19.50, half of which they would agree to credit back, and then a $5 processing fee to take my payment over the phone. But because my account was closed, I couldn't avoid their $5 fee to make my payment. This company is a bunch of shysters. If I join another club someday, and ABC Financial is involved, I'll walk away and the club will know why.

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  • Ch
      11th of Aug, 2009
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    I recently renewed my bank card, which disable anytime fitness' ability to collect their monthly fees. I figured this out after only being 2 days late. WHen I called to clear up the matter, they tried to charge me a $20 late fee and a $5 "convenience fee. I argued my point and had a heated discussion with their collection department, after which all fees were waived. I think these types of business practices should be made illegal. There needs to be better protection for consumers and common sense installed into our financial systems.

  • Co
      16th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I agree... I hate the high charges for late fees.

    If you are late making a mortgage payment, car payment and/or call to make your utilities payments over the phone by credit card = they will charge phone convenience charges and/or late fee... But thats 'ok'???

    C'mon... EVERYONE has the fees you speak of :)

    GOOD NEWS... Pay as cheduled and on time and all is good.

  • Tp
      28th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Blaming the Club or ABC (billing Co.) for what you state is "Credit Card Fraud" on behalf of some crook somewhere out there, is completely rediculious. I am surprised you don't try blaming the Owners of the club you joined for taking part in the credit card fraud as well.. You are rediculious. Place blame where it is due... and that is with the actual crook(s) that performed fraud on your credit card, along with YOURSELF. You yourself hold the FULL responsiblity of notifying any automatic withdrawal's or EFT agreement companies (ABC) that your credit card was cancelled or compromised... News flash!: That is YOUR RESPONSIBILTY... or do you expect your banks, mortgage Co.'s, finance Co's. or ABC or the club to have psychic people on staff constantly plugged into your world!... Your complaint is unjustified and merely a frustrated rant with your attempt to blame someone other than yourself, or an unidentifiable crook that compromised your credit card.. I agree with the above "Pay as cheduled and on time and all is good." and if you know your credit card or checking account has changed in ANY WAY, take some accountability and notify the seperate billing CO (ABC)... of this ... That is unless you are just trying to get out of your contract/membership or a last payment, I suspect the case is here.. Kudo's to the club or the finance Co. for crediting back half of the late/insufficient funds fee to this person when you didn't really have to.. Sounds to me like you are a "Stand-up" Company... I don't know of any other finance companies or banks that would do that.. As far as the person above that "Renewed their Bank Card"...You did more than just "Renew your Bank card", that you are not letting us know about here... You had to change your account number and/or routing number as well for it to possibly bounce back from the billing company... and you obviously failed to share that info with your billing company (and us in this forum)...Nice try but you are being rediculious as well.

  • Tp
      28th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Come on here people!! ... get real!... If I am having my car payment automatically taken out of my checking or savings account at Bank-A Inc... and latter I decide to move my checking and savings accounts down the road to Bank-B Inc. and I don't let the Finance Company that gave me my car loan know anything about this.. Come on!
    You folks just want to have a face or place to blame, other than yourselves, for your lack of responsibilty and accountability. We all make mistakes and forget things that have adverse affects, but the wise person realizes this, and by doing so lessens the chances of it happening to THEMSELVES again..

  • Th
      11th of Mar, 2010
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    This company has been an arm wrestler when it comes to resolving billing issues. This company auto debits my monthly gym membership fee. Early this month my debit card was compromised, the bank cancelled it and replaced it. There is no easy way to approach, fix and resolve this issue with this company.

    The auto debit attempt occurred before I had a new debit card. The company also waited 9 days to tell me that their debit was unsuccessful. Upon receiving an automated call from "ABC Financial", I contacted my local gym to ensure this was a legitimate call, being that ABC, Inc sounded like the most generic name and would be perfect for a scam.

    The same day I called ABC to give them the new debit card number. I entered it in the automated billing system, and checked my balance and billing history.

    1. The automated computer system told me I had no billing history

    2. The balance due was $20 more than I suspected it should be.

    Having a perfect credit history and with them, I contacted a person who waived the $20 fee (supposedly), confirmed that my billing information was updated, and said the next bill would auto draft the next day.

    The next day I got another day from the automated computers system. It seems that my auto debit didn't happen properly.

    I called the company again, spoke with a person, and was told that I would have to pay a $5 fee to make a payment over the phone. Given that I'd had the fee waived and updated the information, this seemed ridiculous. They told me I could pay the balance online at with no fees, so I hung up and proceeded to register at the website.

    The website would not accept the account number that ABC had given me over the phone just moments earlier. So I called back in.

    Upon calling in, I was told that the auto debit was set & ready to go the next day. I still haven't seen an attempt on my card.

    The same day, I received a letter from ABC. essentially reiterating the problem they took 9 days to report to me, and as well, adding some very nasty verbiage at the end referring to the "unpaid debt". Certainly not a customer service friendly company who is appreciative and respectful of customers, by any means.

    Upon calling in again, the amount I owed went from $34.xx to $74.xx. I was told that they were now billing me for two months, though next month's payment isn't due until April 1st. This makes no sense whatsoever.

    I can't believe that debit cards never expire or get compromised and replaced. I can't believe that this is an abnormal occurrence for this company. I can't believe how incompetently their systems have handled trying to update my billing information, have an accurate amount listed as what I owe, and the ability to draft it and correct the issue.

    If they'd stop making phone calls and sending letters for a moment and focus on making their systems work better, they could save a lot of money on the phone calls & letters. The people who answer the phone were ok, but the system is incompetent.

  • Th
      12th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    A day later, ABC did finally debit my account, but for $9.50 more than they agreed to the day previously. It seems after waiving a $20 fee because I had perfect payment history with them, they tagged on another fee of $9.50 before they charged me.

    Shady practices, indeed.

    Another phone call in, and allegedly this amount will be credited to my next month's bill. We'll see...

  • Al
      21st of Apr, 2010
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    We regret to hear that your experience with ABC Financial Services was anything BUT Fast and Friendly. We are aware that each individual situation differs from the next, however, all consumer concerns are taken very seriously and we would like the opportunity to review your situation and thoroughly satisfy your needs. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and would be happy to rectify any inconvenience this may have caused you.

    Should you have additional comments you would care to discuss, please email

    Alex Mena
    Consumer Relations
    ABC Financial Services, Inc.

  • Bc
      10th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    After finding Alex Mena's responses show up on multiple complaint sites, I called him about the problem we were having canceling 3 accounts. This was after I had a very hard time with ABC's customer service. I must say, Alex was very helpful and got things resolved to our satisfaction right away. In fact, he got us a month's charges refunded.

    Mr. Mena is an asset to ABC Financial, and they need to hire more people like him. The funny thing is, I don't think that's his primary job, but he does customer service better than the folks in customer service.

  • La
      11th of Jul, 2010
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    ABC Financial = "Predatory Billing" These guys are definitely bad news. You cannot cancel your gym membership via the club or over the phone. To cancel membership requires a written letter and 30 days to "process". I wrote a letter as instructed stating my reason for cancellation. When my local post office saw where my letter was going they recommended sending it return receipt. The fact that the post office is aware of the business practices of this company should be a clue. I did eventually get the receipt but the membership was not cancelled. I finally changed my credit card account number to stop the automated payments. Of course I had to change the number with all the other accounts that bill against my card. Now the ABC billing machine is sending the bills to my home. This week I will be filing a formal complaint with Consumer Affairs and with the Better Business Bereau. I am also considering legal action and potentially a class action suit.

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