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Went to Taco Bell on 8/31/18 to replace an order that was wrong on 8/29/18. The girl running the cash register was new, stated that she had no idea how to handle my request and instead of calling someone to help me, just went on to take the next person's order! I leaned over the counter and asked the woman taking Drive Thru orders if she could help. I explained my order was screwed up from 2 days ago and that Jivaie told me to come back and it would be replaced for free. But since I didn't like 2 of the 3 items I had gotten, I would like to order something else and would happily pay extra for those items. This involved a total of 3 people from behind the counter who kept insisting I had to order the exact same food. I continued explaining I didn't like the food and wanted different food -- this was only a total of $6.30 - how hard could this be?? Finally, in a time crunch, I said "Whatever, give me the food then. I'll eat the food I didn't like the first time." They took my original receipt behind the counter. A wonderfully pleasant girl came to the counter and said "You really wanted 2 Burrito Supreme's correct?" I said yes. 5 Minutes later, the cashier who was new and apparently, didn't know any of her co-workers names (I asked!), handed me my bag and said she checked to make sure the food was correct. I looked in the bag and noticed my receipt was missing. I asked the new girl where my receipt was. She said "They won't give it to you." I told her to please have someone come up and give me my receipt. She goes back, gets a girl to come up and says "We aren't giving you your receipt back, our GM said we shouldn't." Just as I was about to go crazy, the wonderfully pleasant girl comes up to the counter, doesn't say a word and hands me my receipt. The entire incident took 20 minutes to resolve. All because Taco Bell screwed up my order the first time. I mean seriously -- clearly, none of these workers have proper training and ZERO customer service skills (other than the wonderfully pleasant girl). Every day for the past year, they have signs all over indicating they are hiring Management employees. CLEARLY, they need to hire BETTER SKILLED employees who understand how to deal with the public. I have contacted Taco Bell Corporate about this and will post on all Social Media. It was ridiculous and unnecessary what I had to go thru all becuz instead of giving me a Burrito Supreme that I paid $3.79 for 2 days ago, they gave me some stupid burrito off the Dollar Menu. Their fault yet I had to pay!!!

Aug 31, 2018

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