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own modem

This is an attempt by a debt collector to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose
Account :
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Name : ibn ali
Cpa reference : [protected]
Zip code : 80247

Account status : paid in full
Creditor : comcast communications
Creditor address : po box 34227

Seattle, wa [protected]

Original current
Item count : 1 0
Item amount ($) : 99.99 .00
Service amount ($) : .00 .00
Collection fee ($) : .00 .00
Total amount submitted ($) : 99.99 .00
Return check charge ($) : .00 .00
Paid amount ($) : .00
Balance ($) : .00

To print a copy of this account for your records, use the print command from your browser
Copyright & copy; [protected] cpa, l. P. All rights reserved
This isp charged me $99.99 for my own modem. Though I did contact them thru phone, e-mails, live chat to tell them this is an owned modem, and their promise to remove this discrepency, they did not for about two monthes and their collecting agent said he reported the amount and my name to the ncb. But when I e-mailed mr. Richo office on a saturday, the amount was taken from my account on the next monday morning. It appears here as if I paid the amount in full. Let me make it clear for everybody: I paid nothing for the claimed debt because originally there was no such debt and anyone who claims otherwise, let him prove that I paid that amount.


I order cable T.V. from Steve 1sh on 3/16/09 at 1012 amfor 60.93per month which is cable 39.99 + T.F.C 11.99 + DVR 8.95 A few days later a bill arrvied for 83.25 I call and talk to Sylvia and she reduced the bill to 62.95 which I'll paid4/10/09. The next day I recieved a bill mark PAST DUE FOR 166.50 I call and talk to Cerissa on 4/10/09 she says pay the full amount or cancelled the services which I did. as she transfer me to robb 1r4 at 1455 he xcel the services and schuled a pickup for 4/13/09 with no funds due on account. no pickup up was made I call and talk to donna fdd she reschuled a pickup for 4/20/09 did not happen call again schuled p/u for 4/30/09 again did not happen call and talk with Lee ffe schuled for p/u on 5/4 Postal Express p/u at 1305 . than a bill for 536.70 arrvied I call and ansked for a superviser Lee ffe came on the line and says the is to be paid. I own this complany nothing and thay could refund my 62.95 and say sorry.

  • Lm
    L.M. Dallas Jun 22, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do not bundle with this company. I made that mistke, believing what I had been told about the $99.99 bundle package. From April 15, 2012 to une 11. 2012 my bill is $600.00. My first bill was over $300.00. No one can tell me why other than to say it was prorated. As a senior citizen on a limited income, it is imparative there be no hidden charges. Needless to say I returned to Centurylink where there are no hidden charges. What am I doing asbout this? Well, the FCC, the Better Business Bureau, an attorney and word of mouth is quite effective as well. I will never do business with Comcast again.

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hit-and-run damage

A Comcast van sideswiped my parked car on 3/27/2009, and kept on driving. Witnesses saw the accident, and saw the van leave the scene, but did not get the plate number. I filed a police report (report #040557, First District DC Police), and I've been in touch with the following people at Comcast:

Marlene and Harold at customer service [protected]), damage claim #1158320
Mark Allen - [protected]
Stephanie Wilkins - [protected]
Jason Grimes - [protected]

I continually get a run-around. It seems people think that no plate number means no responsibility. Someone at Comcast better step up and help resolve this situation, otherwise I will continue pursuing the issue via publicity on the web and elsewhere, through the police investigation, and through small claims court.

My blog about the problem is here:

  • Fr
    FreddieFootsteps Feb 20, 2010

    They have to check their vans... I am sure there are a ton, but someone at the company knows about damaged vans.

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awful service

A mentally ill man I care for recently ordered phone service from Comcast. He called the company to place his order for the phone service but I spoke with the customer service representative to confirm the details concerning his service. I always do that for the gentleman to make sure that the information he is provided is correct.

The phone service was scheduled for April 4th between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM. The technician was late. He was excellent in his demeanor and I have no complaints about him or his service. The young man called Comcast to inform them that the technician was late. As a result of the fact that the technician was late he was entitled to a $20.00 discount off his bill. He was promised a $20.00 discount by the CSR from Comcast. I documented everything because I wanted to be prepared in case there was a problem.

The young man received his Comcast bill a few days ago and guess what...the $20.00 was not deducted from his bill. Today we called Comcast and after about a 20 minute wait on the phone he spoke with a CSR. The CSR he spoke with at Comcast was professional and courteous in his demeanor. He informed him that the request for the $20.00 deduction from his bill was never requested by the previous CSR we had spoken to. That made me feel quite frustrated because were it not for me checking his bill with him he might have never noticed that he did not get the deduction and a promise that was made to him by a CSR at Comcast might not have been kept. The gentleman we spoke with at Comcast today did put in a request for the deduction and the $20.00 will be taken off his bill. And you can be sure that I am going to check his bill to see that the $20.00 is taken off his bill. And it is not the matter that it is only $20.00 which is a small amount of is the principle...when people who work for a company promise their customers something they should deliver what they promise.

This is not the first such experience I have had with the Customer Service department at Comcast. I am very disappointed with how the Customer Service Reps at Comcast provide incorrect pricing information, billing information and make promises that are not kept. Or they make a promise and then the only way you can get the management to keep the promise is by calling the company back and requesting what it is that they promised the customer in the first place. This is not right.

I am going to follow up with the Customer Service Management at Comcast and inform them again of the problem they are having with their Customer Service Department so that hopefully they can educate their CSR's to provide accurate information to their customers as well as to do what they promise when they make commitments to the valued customers.

  • Ro
    Robert Wang Dec 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you ever had any chance of winning me back as a customer, yesterday pretty much killed it.

    There was a massive snowstorm here in late October that knocked down trees and ripped utility lines from poles and homes. I was already a former Comcast customer by then, but your cable was still attached to my house. A piece of it still is. When my power returned, I contacted Comcast via the Web requesting that you either remove or repair your line and included full contact data.

    The response? It should have been "we'll schedule a technician to come take care of it". Instead, I was told to either visit my local office or call the 800 number. The wire, or at least a piece of it, has now been coiled on the pole by my house for over a month.

    I visited the local office on a Wednesday afternoon only to find a horrendous wait time. I finally asked one of the overworked, and understaffed, customer service reps for the 800 number and burned some cell phone minutes. A technician is finally scheduled to come to my house. Had your service been on a par with the repair technician I spoke to yesterday I would still be a Comcast customer.

    What do I want you to do? For the sake of the customers you still have, get some useable customer service. Start taking repair/service requests via internet instead of just overworked stores or annoying 800 numbers. I am now paying more for a FIOS connection, which I can ill afford, but it's worth it to be rid of you. Second, remove the wire, as promised. A reply would be nice, but I'm not expecting much. Comcast doesn't deliver much.

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overcharged/poor product

I signed up for Comcast internet at one of these kiosks in the mall and was told it would cost $25.00 a month...

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I've had nothing but trouble since swicthing over to comcast internet services. It's always done, your techs are lousy, no help at all. The main reason I'm complaining is that Dennis the night supervisor, badge #[protected] is the rudest person, definitely not a helpful customer service rep or people person. I explained the situation that the internet is always down and I started online classes tonight. I told him I was a 100% disabled vet and cant walk or drive. He said he could cares less about that I'm a disabled vet and I have no priority. That's funny because my handicapped sticker lets me go to the front of any line any where. I thought that was rude and unprofessional. He did schedule me for maintenance on Friday, by then I will miss 3 days of school. If your company likes to hire rude people that's on you. But now I shall go to Senator Kyl's office and file a offical complaint. Is there anything your company can offer me in services? Will my internet ever work? I want Dennis fired! Can't someone come out earier.

lied about cost - bait and switch

I have been a Comcast customer for 10+ years. I have called a few times over the years to see what deals were...

service and security

Comcast is a horrible company! Not only is the customer service bad (both rude and untrained), but also they don’t protect personal information or security. They let someone access my account and change my service. This person ordered two cable boxes, upgraded to the highest cable TV package possible and added playboy to my account. Comcast actually distribute equipment to someone. As soon as I received a $300 cable bill, I called them to figure out what was going on. They said that my husband had made the changes. Too bad I am single. They did even have a name of the person in their records. The person was able to just tell them he was Mr. (my last name). Turns out all you need to know to change an account is the address and a phone or account number. Not real secure. I hope criminals don’t know how to read the phone book because that is all they need. Comcast offered to add a PIN to my account for security. I’ve called three times since the pin was added and not one rep has required it to access my account. They still have not refunded my money in full. Needless to say, I am cancelling my service. Bad customer service is one thing, but this is a whole new level of incompetence. Avoid Comcast at all cost.

  • Truth and Justice Dec 15, 2010

    "Frustrated" logged his/her complaint over a year ago (2009). First, I am not a Comcast customer. I have been trying to have Comcast correct their records/mailing list(s) concerning an erroneous addressee and possible identity theft. The frontline of what is termed "customer service" tows the corporate line well. During two seraparte telephone contacts, I was informed in monotone that corporate policy precludes sharing or revealing any customer information. I am pleased to know that, at least in theory, such policy is in place and adhered to. However, in my case, I provided Comcast's representatives with the name in question and the address wrongly attached to the address. All I needed was for them to direct me in how to correct their erroe. Instead of the representatives transferring me to a department or providing a corporate policy/approach to addressing the specific issue, they tried to sell me a package. Wouldn't common sense dictate that I be transferred to a supervisor who, theoretically, would be able to respond to the issue about which I was providing notification? Subsequent to my telephone contacts with Comcast reps, I sent an email to the general electronic contact address. To date I have not received a response to my inquiry/notification. I have absolutely no confidence in an entity or its agents when the simplest of matters has no procedural redress. Until Comcast tightens it's approach to customer service, including prospective customers, and makes customer service an "out loud" priority as opposed to a merely whispered suggestion, I will not consider becoming a customer and I will share my experience in all appropriate venues.
    Truth and Justice

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comcast rips me off!!!

I purchased the NHL sports package through Comcast. They decided not to show the playoffs, even thought that is included in the package they sell. After an hour of trying to explain what the problem was to 3 customer service buffoons, I finally talked to an upper level supervisor. She placed me on hold while she contacted someone to clarify the problem. In the end, she explained that Comcast didn't have enough channels to air the NHL playoffs, so they chose not to show those games, even though I prepaid for those. In other words, they sold me something and failed to provide what was promised. Rip Off!!!

  • Mi
    MIAMI CUSTOMER Jul 23, 2009

    I'm in miami, fl the comcast service is SUCKSSSS.It's sad i have been without T.V for 2 day and i have a child of 3 years old that is sick just because THECNICAL PROBLEM.I WILL CONTINUE THIS MESSAGE JUST TO OPEN OTHER PEOPLE AND WARNING THEM TO USE THIS SERVICE that is a NIGHTMARE call them 305 2662278 comcast

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false advertising

Comcast is still playing the $100 Cash Back for digital Voice but after you order they say that your vendor does not support the $100 rebate. That is false advertising.
When I write to them they respond with nonsense e-mails that make no sense. They said they were sorry that I found their ad offensive. What does that mean?
I want to join in a class action suit against them for false advertising.

  • Co
    comcastvictim Apr 20, 2009

    Comcast told me that I should have read the disclaimer on the bottom of the ad. I would like to know if anyone can read that? They are liars, cheats and will advertise false statements to trick customers into signing their contracts.

    Although to order on the ad it says to call 1-800-Comcast but they told me that they don't give rebates. The third party advertisers do that. Well, actually they don't . It's a trick. Anyone fooled by Comcast false advertising please file a complaint with the Attorney General of your state.

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  • Ch
    Charles W Mar 01, 2011

    i received a new channel lineup guide from comcast in the mail, i called about the new channels listed under my plan and the customer svc rep told me that is not true and that i will continu to receive the channels i am currently receiving.

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  • An
    angelwithpigtales Dec 14, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When I signed up for this package I was told that I got channels that I have never been able to access. When I call the CSR tells me yes I should have the channels and calls out a service guy. Then the service guy gets here and sais no they do not have those channels for my tier, and handed me another paper different from the one the CSR sent me. How can they say they offer more channels with a package then local say that it is not part of the tier? That is False Advertising. It would be like buying a car with a V8 then finding out its a 4 banger. I recorded my last call with the CSR saying I should get the channels. So maybe I can get somewhere with the next service guy coming in 2 days.

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over charging customers

In 2008 my promo ran out because I did not pay attention to the date. I ended up paying a nice size cable...

failed to receive $150 amazon gift card

Submitted rebate form for $150 Comcast Double Play on September 22, 2008 and received delivery confirmation a few days later. Company claims processing time is 10-16 weeks and it's now been 27 weeks and I still have not received the gift card as promised. Two calls to Acceller resulted in a promise that a supervisor would contact me shortly to resolve the issue but never did anyone call me. My confirmation order for the initial qualifying order was [protected] and the rebate form and required copies of my Comcast bills were submitted IAW the requirements of the rebate form.

  • Ci
    Cindy in Mt Dora Jul 05, 2009

    I also submitted a rebate for the $200 gift card and still have not seen anything and it has been 20 weeks now.

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  • Ac
    Acceller Team Nov 02, 2009

    Thank you for your patience with us. We have sent your gift card in August of 2009. Please let us know that you recevied it.

    Acceller Team

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  • Mo
    monica nguyen Dec 16, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've signed up for Comcast double play for internet & cable service with a rebate of $200 on August 31, 2009. However, when I called comcast in October for furthar information about my rebate, the repersenative told me I had to use Comcast for at least 90 days. Since December would be my 90th days, the rebate paperworks should be sent home with my bill. I waited, yet I never received my rebate paperwork. So once again i called Comcast & the representative told me she would ask her manager to call me back for further information. I never got a call back so I decided to call comcast again, they transfered me to the rebate line & I was told my rebate has expired 60 days after I signed up for Comcast. I never got any emails about my rebate, & was informed the wrong information about my rebate. Is there anyone who could help me resolve my issue?

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  • Pd
    PDoyle Jan 05, 2010

    i signed up for the comcast triole play at Walmart mainly because I was handed a walmart gift card and was promised a $200 rebate. Now I can't my rebate because I don't have the employee verification #. I'M PISSED!!!

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  • H5
    h5584mng Jan 14, 2010

    I am also a victim of this scam. Every time I call, I get a new person who takes my conf# and says "We'll send your gift card out, you should get an email soon."
    No email. no gift card.
    I've filed a complaint with my attorney generals office.
    I've filed a complaint with Comcast.
    & I filed a complaint with Amazon (who wants to be associated w/ scam artists?)

    Comcast still uses this company to sell their services, and since they also directly benefit from this scam I included them in my report to the AG's office. Please send a complaint to your AG if you've been a victim of this scam!

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  • Ac
    Acceller Team Feb 19, 2010

    Digital Landing Complaints - Never Received Rebate

    If you have not received your rebate. Please do not hesitate to contact us at . There you can submit your concern and we will contact you in 1 business day. You may also contact us via e-mail at [email protected] We look forward toward resolving your concern.

    Customer Service
    Digital Landing


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there making me pay $800 to move there box out of my yard

My complaint is that comcast cable tv has a service box in my back yard right on the easement but in my back...

amazon gift card

Digital Landing resells Comcast and other providers promising rebates and gift cards when you sign up. I signed up in June 2008 and never received the Amazon gift card promised despite multiple calls and emails. They will promise to call you back but they never do. Avoid Digital Landing owned by Acceller.

poor service/overcharging billing/no support

Since august of 2008, I have been having problems with our internet and cable service. Comcast has sent out...

misrepresentation of pricing

Comcast's door-to-door salesperson misrepresented the pricing for the services he was offering and the savings I would be getting over my current provider. I even called Comcast's sales department to verify the amount. When I received my first bill, it was more than I was told it would be AND it was only a 6-month promotion after which the cost would increase substantially. This was NEVER disclosed by either sales person I spoke with. I contacted a Supervisor at Comcast and she told she could only put me into a lesser quality package with fewer services if I wanted to stay with the original prices quoted.

Comcast is dishonest and misrepresents their products to make them look like a good deal and to get you to switch from your current carrier.

  • Co
    Comcastcares1 Feb 27, 2009

    On behalf of Comcast, I apologize for the misrepresentation on our product's pricing. We would like to investigate this further. Please contact us at the email provided below so that we can obtain more information from you.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations
    [email protected]

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  • Rm
    RMS-TITANIC Nov 25, 2009

    Do NOT believe anything a Comcast 'representative' (see above) claims about 'investigating' or 'resolving' your problem. I SPEAK FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. I stupidly tried to "resolve" my problem (nearly the same as yours) when a Comcast representative (Richard Spence) called me following my complaint to the Department of Commerce). He asked me irrelevent questions, & made himself sound 'sympathetic' and left me with a promise to 'work something out to my satisfaction'. He not only never MADE me such a 'resolution', but he used the info I gave him to make false & misleading claims to get my DOC claim against Comcast dismissed (I have since asked & received a reopening of the case based on Mr. Spence's fraudulent & misleading in getting the claim dismissed-including the use of provided misleading info. which had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CASE.

    Don't provide ANY info. to a Comcast 'representative'. They will not HESITATE to lie & defraud you, & use it against you. Tell them you'll only communicate with them through your attorneys. They are the biggest fraudscam artists there are.

    I have seen this 'we_can_help' scam on other complaint sites. From what I've read, it's just another Comcast attempt to scam you (I've already seen the result of one complaintant who DID communicate with this e-mail addy, and he was sorry he did). DON'T fall for it.

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  • Wi
    willm1716 Sep 20, 2011

    I was looking to add HD service to my account. Comcast's website shows the products in my area (they ask for your zip to give you quotes). The site says it's $6.50 a month plus a $15 set up fee. When you try to order the service online, you're forced to chat with one of their so called 'customer service agents' who tell you the service costs $8 a month and the setup fee is $20. If you point out that they advertise otherwise, they tell you 'prices are subject to change'. What the hell? This is fraudulent, plan an clear - bait and switch advertising.

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Chris patrick of comcast cable told me over the phone that I could have interenet service and cable tv for...

terrible customer service

I have been a comcast customer over 3 years, paying almost 200 a month for cable and internet (which is too high anyways). I decided to upgrade my service and went to the Comcast store on Poplar to trade in my box for an upgraded one. I waited behind 27 customers for over an hour before being served and getting my box. I took it home only to find it didn't work. I spent hours on the phone Sunday trying to get it repaired, and finally they scheduled me for a tech to come replace my box Monday between 2-4. When the tech arrived at 5:15, he didn't even have the box I needed. I called Comcast again and after waiting for at least 20 minutes on hold, they said they would send the right box with a tech on Wednesday who was coming to install my phone line. Wednesday came and the tech called to confirm, and when I asked if he had the box, he said he had no idea about. I spent 3 hours on the phone getting transferred from person to person, was even given a fake number to call their corporate office, had supervisers say they would call me back and never did. Thankfully, the tech was a nice guy and went and got the box before coming to install the phone. He was at my house till 8:45 at night, and left before the box started working, and I found out later that night that the box he gave me was also defective. I had now spent over 10 hours trying to do a simple thing, get a working cable box. A supervisor told me all she could do was give me a 10 dollar credit for the inconvience and pro-rate my bill to account for the days I didn't have service..that amounted to less than 20 bucks. Since I couldn't afford to spend another 3 hours of my afternoon waiting on someone to bring me a box that probably wouldn't work anyways, I am going to have to disconnect the equipment myself, go to Comcast, wait in line, go home and install the equipment myself and HOPE that maybe on the 4th try I might get a box that works. And all of this headache is worth a mere 20 bucks or so off of a 200 dollar bill...Comcast doesn't care about providing good service to hardworking people who they overcharge monthly and provide bad service, my On-Demand channel works about 1/4 of the time...I'm switching carriers and I highly recommend you don't sign up with Comcast if you want quality cable service.

  • Valerie Oct 16, 2008

    I relocated to Florida after having an account with Comcast for over 20 years. I was required to initiate a new account. The installation was horrible. The technician broke my wall unit and left the cable wire exposed across my front lawn, walkway and driveway. After several hours the technician left my home with the job incomplete. It took more than 5 additional appointments for the installation to be completed and my television, phone and internet services to actually work.

    Throughout the process I would receive automated phone recordings to confirm appointments that I had never made. My attempt to contact their customer service offices were very frustrating. Long hold times and representatives who could not accommodate the simplest of requests. Repeated requests to speak with supervisors were met with assurances that they would phone me back when they could "fit me in". This, of course, was nothing more than a string of broken promises that caused further angst.

    After the service was finally installed (two months later) I received my first invoice for $678! I had already paid $207 at the time of the first appointment.

    This required further calls to the customer service hotline and more frustration when they acknowledged the billing error but told me that they couldn't fix it! They unbundled my service for pricing and were unable to calculate an accurate bill.

    I was required to pay to keep the services on with the assurance that they would correct the issue and provide me with the appropriate credit. Finally, 3 months later I received an additional invoice for $480 and phoned to complain. I refused to pay it. A supervisor, once again, acknowledged the error and promised to fix it. This was just days before they turned off my service.

    Today I filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission, the Better Business Bureau, and have posted here and sent a letter to the editor of the local Sun Sentinal in South Florida. I am sure that I will eventually receive the credit due but would warn any buyer. The service is inadequate and the employees demonstrate the utmost in apathy furthermore I found everyone from the entry level phone rep to the supervisors to be incompetent. Unfortunately, they have a monopoly in Parkland Florida leaving no alternative.

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  • Wg
    wglippert Nov 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My mother was taken to proctor hospital by the rescue squad may 1, 2017 and to the bel wood nursing home may 17, 2017 to present. I have made several attempts to cancel comcast communications, to no avail, even though there is not a t. V.In the house. I now get a threatening over due account notice. May be that the all caring machine that does the billing was not informed. Please cancel the poor service.

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  • Ol
    oltimer Jul 01, 2009

    I am having the same type of problem with them, I call and call and call about the phone line going down and I told them that my wife works from home doing hotel reservations and ALL they can say is "I am sorry for your inconvenience"...I pay them $250/month...if my wife has trouble getting paid because she is not on the phone all day do you think Comcast will accept that for an excuse for not being able to pay them? They would shut us down in a heartbeat.
    When you call them they cannot even keep their stories straight...I am so fed up with them I really wish there were another alternative because Verizon is just as bad and DSL REALLY!!! stinks.

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  • Ap
    APolazzo Nov 11, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was transferring my service from Weston Florida to Hollywood Florida I scheduled the appointment online 2 weeks in advance was told I would be able to keep same boxes they would just reprogram. so Friday the 30th I wait between 8-11 and noone shows Up I call and they say the tech left a door tag no door tag. I fight with them they set up an appointment for Halloween between 11-2 at 2pm on the dot the tech arrives we walk through i explain what we need he doesn't have my basic Digital boxes so I have to pick them up at a locations if I want them mind you Im transferring service same amount of boxes etc. then he ask me if I have a drill cause he didn't bring his I of course allow him to borrow my drill. then he ask me if I know where a home depot is cause he doesn't have a drill bit. so we both leave me to get the boxes him to get tools. I am of course giving a problem at comcast center cause they are 2 different accounts until the tech calls boxes in or some bs. anyways i get back to the house the tech is hooking everything up 4.5 hrs pass he has to go up on pole finds the tap in on the pole is broken so he calls his service center which informs him to call the line supervisor darryl which tells him to unhook someone else from tap and hook me in so he can close the call that the neighbor that loses cable will call in and they will eventually send a line team out please remember I wasnt on phone this is just what the tech told me. after that the supervisor calls back and tells him to forget the first idea and just split from the tap in with a splitter. so we then go back inside where my modem and one basic digital box isnt working and he doesnt know why so he tells me monday I can go get these replaced and then hook them up and everything should be working fine. monday i go to center and they wont give me modem a tech needs to come out after fighting 3 days later a tech comes out and gets my cable hooked up. when the first tech left I had a cable wire hanging down below 4 feet in my backyard. everyone I talk to says sorry and they will be calling me back still nothing. so 2 days ago on my flat screen i started to see a greenish purple line scrolling through tv I thought it was my tv going bad so i bought a new one come to find out its the cable maybe its cause a pole team still hasnt come out and my service isnt really working but trying to get some answers is like getting wisdom teeth pulled. and Im getting false bills for the install charging me for 6 outlets when tech only put in 4 but also i didnt get paperwork that day. Thats my comcast customer satisfaction survey

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fraud and scam

In 2003 I sold my condo and bought a house. I called Comcast to transfer service and they informed me that I would have to close my account and then open a new one and also drop the box off at their local office.
I opened the new account, closed the old, and dropped off the box.

In 2006, I decided to refinance my home. My credit score came in low so I ordered a report. Sure enough, Comcast is on it. I call Comcast and spend at least 4 hours dealing with them. No one knew which department handled it. Finally someone said that they would fix it for me. They placed the mark on it because they said I didn't return the box. The rep said I just needed to bring the receipt in showing that I returned the box. I said fine, but I wanted a apology letter and a letter stating that is was wrongly put on my credit and also for them to fix the mark.

I get to Comcast and after waiting in a seriously long line, I was met by a attitude ridden employee. She makes a copy of the receipt and says they will send me the info later. I try and talk to a supervisor to no avail. Now, 2009 rolls around and I get a credit report and there is comcast again. They never fixed the report nor did I ever receive the letters requested.

  • Valerie Sep 26, 2008

    I live in northwestern New Jersey in Oxford and last night my cable(tv)went out partially, though not the internet. I called and got a quick response over the phone but my service wasn't restored for hours, permanently anyway. It would keep going in and out while interrupting the programs I was watching. Tonite, it went out again twice. I called 4 times to report this and was on hold for a staggeringly unbelievable 35 minutes 2 of those times and NOBODY answered my calls. I hung up in frustration each time waiting for a "customer service rep". Never got a hold of anyone. In my opinion Comcast ***. This isn't the first time I've had problems with my service and this is completely unacceptable. Luckily, we have the option in my area of Verizon services and I will be looking into Verizon internet and tv service because of this. Shame on Comcast!!!

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  • Ri
    Richard Jan 06, 2009

    I am a person with a severe disability. My disability leaves me without family and friends to speak of (or with). I sometimes don't hear my own voice for days. So, my TV is an absolute necessity to help maintain my sanity.

    Comcast has no regard for their low-income customers. And these customers probably make up a good portion of their customer base. I have Comcast's basic analog service at $56.95/month. I live on $650/month, and this cost of cable is a hardship, but again, a necessary one. Of course, I've had to consider limited basic and even antenna TV, but I could not live with the limited choice of channels. As it is, the number of channels worth watching on my basic cable service is shamefully few.

    Cable TV should not be a 'luxury' when the alternatives are often not satisfactory. I did begin the process of switching to DirecTV, but canceled the installation when I was charged $149 for equipment before the installers were even due to arrive at my apartment. They should not charge for equipment when it isn't yet determined if I could receive a good signal at my location. I've since read way too many horror stories online about the poor business practices of the two satellite dish companies to risk monetary loss, poor installation, or poor service.

    No other options such as FiOS or XOHM seem to be available in my area, not that I could afford those services either. So, as a monopoly would happily have it, I am stuck with Comcast, and their inconceivable prices which they plan to increase yet again.

    Notice that if you take away the letters, 'c', 'o', and 't' from the word Comcast, what remains are the letters that make up the word 'scam'...

    Keep in mind that the definitions of 'scam' are: A fraudulent business scheme; a stratagem for gain; a swindle.

    Comcast's business practices often fit that definition. Their 'scam' would seem to be cleverly disguised by adding three letters to their name.

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  • Ro
    Robert Mar 02, 2009

    I have Comcast and for 3 years have been telling the Albuquerque NM office that in the evening my reception becomes snowy and I have 3 outlines of one person. One in Yellow, 1 in green and the last in read, plus I have shadowing. I use to work for a cable company in the early 80's so I know what I am seeing. Well they have come out in the day when it is not happening, and 3 times given me a number to call at night. Well called those numbers and they were either disconnected, had changed, or they answer and say noone works evenings.

    They say my signal is weak as I am at the end of a trunk line and would need an amplifier, but that would cost so nothing is being done. All together I pay $179 for cable tv and internet. They do not seem to care but once they did jump when they thought I was the Comcast President Brian Roberts as my name is close to this. Even had the president call once. But this latest problem has been happening for 3 years... and they do not care!

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rip off

after seeing an ad on tv last month about comcast internet. I called and was told it would be $14.99 a month...