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horrible service/horrible customer service

I have had continuous problems with Comcast for 3 months. I pay monthly for in-home service and the technicians will not show up. I requested that a supervisor be sent to my home and the supervisor failed to show up.

The service is too expensive, the service fails all the time and I am fed up. Sooo---

---In the state of Texas, the Public Utility Commission issues (and retracts) licenses for companies like Comcast. I just wrote to the PUC in Texas asking them to retract Comcast's license to operate in this state because of all the problems I am having with Comcast over the last 3 months.

I suggest everyone do the same. In Texas the email address for the PUC is: [protected]

Contact your Public Utility Commission and Complain!!

  • Mr. Gregorio Oct 09, 2010

    Comcast cable has reached it point of going from an OK company to becoming a joke of the telecommunications business and television business. Even very poor rated companies such as AT&T have surpassed them even their customer service which is very very poor. Comcast board members may know about this but don’t have the power to make any changes. This a company that one or two people make all of the calls step on their managers feet and over rule them on most issues that might improve the company but will increase cost. To Bad ---

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terrible tech support never resolves issues promptly.

Tech just left and did not resolve issues. We are an IT company and they still try to bluff to get out of here. Can not explain why we have packet loss and high latency. yesterday down for 5 hours due to area issue but our issues today are unexplainable. 4 times they came out in 5 months and every tech tries to leave without fixing the issue. This clown just replaced my modem and said everything is good to go even though he just wiped our internal lan and nat config. Could not fix the issue said give a call to his supervisor...

  • Gr
    Gr8r Technology Jan 26, 2011

    There's a solution for that., click on "providers", then click on "Comcast".

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ireesposible technician and terrible customer service

I am comcast customer for a while for cable as well as internet. 2 weeks before while their technician was working on my neighbor they cut the cable to my house and it took a week for them to come back and fix it even after numerous calls to customer service and 2 supervisors. They don't care if I have service or not. After fixing it the next technician who came to bury my neighbors cable broke my cable again and I was left with no service for another week.
What I don't understand is why does it take 1 week to correct some mistake they originally made and then do the same mistake again? Are these technicians robots or humans. I cannot live without internet due to the reason that I have to connect to my work and take care of things.
For comcast if you need to contact me my account# is [protected] and you can contact me at [protected]

  • Dc
    DCMac Sep 06, 2009

    We have been dealing with comcast for the last 2 weeks as a new customer. They have seriously experienced, with complete honesty, the worst customer service I have dealt with. To make it worse, the technicians they sent out were as incompetent as it comes. We are cancelling our service. They managed to run us off before we even became paying customers. They have been a joke.

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  • Bi
    Bisuj Sep 11, 2009

    Comcast sucks...We are comcast Internet customers for more than 4 years. After they increased the internet speed (they saying)connection is gone in every 2 -3 hrs. We both are working from home and our works totally relayed on Internet. Once connection going our VPN disconnect and cannot work. We called comcast servel times and they asking to restart modem. Still no change. Once one Technician came and said now number of customers are increased in our area .That's why disconnection frequently. I can't agree with that logic. We are paying $55/month only for Internet.This is too much to accept..Their Advertisements are not real...It's ridicules as what they say..

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  • Gr
    Grrrrrrrr Aug 15, 2012

    One of my neighbors has apparently decided to steal Comcast services by putting an illegal connection from our neighborhood hub to their house. Problem is, they have now twice removed MY connection to do so. In each case, Comcast has given a me repair window of 4-5 days! Needless to say, this is a problem, especially as I use my internet connection, in part, for work.

    I find it UNBELIEVABLE and UNACCEPTABLE that I have to wait that long for a simple repair from a company this large! This involves nothing more than putting up a ladder and and switching the connection. I am fuming! I've contacted their executive complaint office, and am waiting for a call back as I type this.

    What I don't understand, is why these neighbors (newcomers to the area) were not reported the first time this happened. The Comcast rep who came to fix the issue told me point blank that the ladder was still against the pole, and that this crime is a felony. The ladder is up against the pole this time too, by the way.

    So why are these ‘neighbors’ doing it again? Apparently, the rep did not report them as he said he was supposed to, or no one at Comcast took the time to follow through.

    I hope I will not be forced to take matters into my own hands, this should be the company's responsibility. They should not be forcing a customer to put themselves into a legal dispute over Comcast's services, possibly even putting their customer in danger of retaliation.

    After huge amounts of angry screaming over the phone, they finally told me they would send someone this morning (the day after the complaint). I cancelled a doctors appointment to be home, only to be called and told that they were able to move the appointment up from Saturday to Friday! Really? They can't send someone over to do a 10 minute repair until Friday?

    Even if this is all resolved today as promised, I am left wondering if a 4-5 day wait for a repair is in my permanent future. PATHETIC Comcast! REALLY PATHETIC!

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amazon gift card complaint

Hey Everyone,

I'm not going to go into all of the details of my experience. My story is the same as all of yours. If anyone reads this, go to and file a complaint.The more complaints the Federal Trade Commission gets, the more attention it will get, hopefully. Also, be cautious about believing these comments that claim that they had great service and that they received their gift card codes. I doubt it. This place DOES NOT give gift cards and has their employees (who are going to HELL, by the write fake comments as if they are customers claiming that all is good.
Any one who was smart enough to Google this company before signing up with them, DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE, IT'S A SCAM - YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR GIFT CARD!!!




Received multiple collection notices from credit protection service that money was owed on an account with Comcast. Received a call from credit protection service on the phone, hostile call which he demanded money in the form of credit card to settle a debt with comcast. Notified Comcast account was listed in good standing and closed and even received a check from comcast because of overpayment. Comcast was suppose to do research, however, 5 weeks have passed with 3 more notices from Credit protection service! And another call to comcast and another rep passing the buck with another research ticket on an account that is paid in full and is in good standing.. Credit protection company should have there license revoke and Comcast should have a legal fine imposed for dealing with these people.

  • Ar
    Area Sick Aug 21, 2009

    Here is an idea, if you paid your bill if full, prove it! Show the ageny your proof of payment and it will be over with. That is, if you have proof.

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lack of customer service

August 13, 2009 Comcast 10 River Park Plaza St Paul, MN [protected] Re: Account # XXX XXX 1035 Dear Sir or...

disconnection of services

My payment was late and I received a notice to pay by August 5th to avoid interruption of service. I called and PAID my past due balance on the 4th (I was out of town taking care of sick grandparents, and my house-sitter told me about the notice). On the phone the customer service rep informs me that everything's already been shut off with sort of a "too bad so sad" type attitude. Thinking it was ridiculous, but understandable since my bill was paid late, I went ahead and paid ANOTHER $205.00 for installation of new service (note the cost of service WENT UP from what I had before). We set an appointment for 8/08/09 between 8-11am for installation. When I got home I saw that notice indeed said that I had until the 5th to pay. I called Comcast back wanting to keep my old phone number, and was informed that they didn't even have an appointment set up! I could hear the woman LAUGHING at me over the phone. She thought it was hilarious and refused to send someone out on the original date of my appointment. My account has been debited $535.00 and I have NO phone, internet or cable services. Hopefully I don't have to call 911 during this time.

*Services were disconnected BEFORE the date on my due notice
*Home phone number was given to someone else (I must change numbers)
*The package I had has now gone up over $10.00 a month in price from the one I was GUARANTEED for a year
*They are charging me installation fees when no new installation should even be required
*I currently have been charged for services and yet have none.

This is just as if they stole the money out of my account. They have taken my money and provided nothing that they were supposed to. This is completely unfair and they only get away with it because they are practically a monopoly here, and they know that there is just absolutely no accountability for the way they treat their customers.

inappropriate previews

It is horrifying to me that when I go to turn on children's programming for my 5 year old, the previews that are shown in the upper right corner of the On-Demand screen are often violent, sexual or otherwise inappropriate for my son.

Comcast should communicate a way to either turn previews off, or even create G, PG, PG-13 or R-rated options for previews. They should not assume that everyone wants their children exposed to adult media content.


I’m writing this after Comcast put me thru 48 hours of hell but it really started over a year ago. I am an avid football fan so I decided after over 15 years of basic cable with Comcast to get a DVR. I researched the DVR and found that it was limited in recording size by a 160 gig HD. There was no option to upgrade it internally or externally. Comcast had also made sure the customer could not offload any recordings to a computer or get a different DVR. Everything was no no no. I decided to live with it expecting Comcast to eventually allow customers to upgrade. About two weeks ago with football season approaching I decided to revisit the DVR situation. I was surprised that it was identical to last year. Comcast has disabled or blocked every possible way to get more recording space. My DVR can record only 20hrs of hd. One HD football game lasts 4 hours. I could almost fill this DVR up in one weekend of football. This was when a co-worker mentioned I should get TIVO. The more research I did the more I found the answers were yes yes yes. The TiVo was highly upgradeable in every way. There was one problem. There is a multitude of horror stories on websites such as and others of Comcast customers who have attempted and failed to get Comcast to do one simple thing (install Comcast cable card in the TiVo box). After researching the situation and considering I hold a Masters Degree in Information Systems from Kennesaw State University I figured I could walk a Comcast csr thru the process. I knew from my research I would be better off to go to Comcast and get the m-card because every part of this process could be done over the phone. It’s a simple matter of typing some numbers in a computer (m-card pairing) and sending an initialization hit from the vinings head end. I also knew that many of the service reps sent out have no idea what they are doing. I won’t even go into the trouble I went thru to actually get the m-card from Comcast. When my TiVo arrived I followed the instructions and made sure that the latest software was installed. On Monday night July 27th I was ready to make my first of about ten calls to Comcast customer service. The csr was named Pat. I knew from the online forums what numbers she needed such as host id and data ID. She said she didn’t need all those numbers that everything would start working in about 45 minutes. Nothing happened so I went to bed and started the next morning. I didn’t get the names of every csr I talked to but I know it was at least 8 and maybe 10. The fact that the first one I talked to didn’t set up a case file proves that their entire existence is a joke to Comcast. With a case file the eighth csr I talk to will know this. Asking them a question is equal to asking the guy that bags my groceries what to do about my cable TV. Some time on Tuesday afternoon on of the CSR’s mention that she could schedule a field rep to install my cable card the next day. I was exhausted so I reluctantly agreed knowing I may be paying 17 dollars for more misery. Lamont arrived at 12 noon today in a Comcast truck. I started bombarded him with technical information about Val:V missing and the Auth:MP problem. He didn’t know what I was talking about but he assured me he would get my cable card working. I took some notes. He called someone at [protected] using my phone because his was malfunctioning. He told them he was getting an illogical equipment message from the first person (the dispatcher) he called that could not help him. He said it was job number 681052. He switched the m-card I had received from Comcast with another one. He also solved one mystery. From the second I received the m-card I was billed for digital service a/o. He said the Comcast rep had charged me for an additional stb instead. These charges were on the bill I received on Tuesday. I was able to check the conditional access screen (which he knew nothing about) and see that the Val:? had changed to Val:V but Auth:MP still displayed which needs to be Auth:S . He said I was 36th in line to receive an init hit from the vinings head end. He said I should have all my channels within an hour and he would call back to verify. He assured me that if the init hit failed he would return to fix it. Indeed some unencrypted hd channels displayed as he was leaving. I commended him and told him I would keep checking channels until he called. He gave me a receipt and took my Comcast dvr and the original m-card I had received from Comcast. That was about 5 hours ago and no call. Below I have provided every piece of information Comcast may need to correct these problems. I believe it would take a person with basic knowledge of how to use a computer and telephone about 5 to 10 minutes to fix this problem.
The grief this has caused me has made a permanent negative impression on me concerning Comcast. What is the price to pay for that? Right now my options are limited. I have invested in a TiVo dvr and a year of TiVo service and football season is coming up. My personal knowledge of technology ensures me that a time will come in the near future that I can rid myself of this Comcast. Consider this: I intended to eventually have Comcast cable, Comcast internet service and Comcast phone service. Now I intend to eventually rid my house of all traces of Comcast.
In the meantime this is what must happen in the next 24 hours. I want every single channel that I am paying for restored and an email or phone call from Comcast assuring me that I have been refunded for the erroneous charges and that I am not charged one single minute for the dvr and m-card Lamont took with him. I also will not be charged for Lamont accomplishing nothing. Make sure the $17 is removed. Considering what I have been thru I should receive a month’s credit but I can assure you at this point with the time and money this has cost me that would be an insult. You will however give me what’s mine. I will not waste my time on the phone with another Comcast csr and I would prefer that no one else from Comcast be sent to my house.
In the event that all of this does not take place at 5:00 pm eastern on Thursday July 30th 2009 I will draft a cover letter and place that and this entire email in letters to the president and ceo of Comcast and every member of the board of directors of Comcast, the FCC, the governor’s office of consumer affairs and the BBB. I also intend to post this email on and any other websites or forum that will allow me. Next week I plan to start requesting meetings with the President, CEO and members of Comcast board of directors. These people need to hear in person what Comcast is doing to its customers.

Vincent Mark Hill
Cell: [protected]
Home phone: [protected]
Comcast Account Number: [protected]
Motorola m-card Numbers
Cable Card NO: [protected]

Host ID: [protected]

Data: [protected]

Unit address: [protected]

Card S/N: MA0847CAN012

nevr recieved my $200 amazon gift card

I signed up for comcast double play through this company and part of the offered was a @ $200 Amazon gift...

poor service, used inferior equipment

This company is a complete rip off, First they charge the highest fees around, then they provide used and refurbished equipment, that routinely breaks down. In the last 2 years, I have had 5 broken boxes. Then they schedule an appointment for a 4 hour period and never show or call.

When you complain they offer to credit you back for the time you were without service, which is something they owe you anyway.

cable not working

this is a fustrating joke this cable company and the nicer you are the worst service you get
I know that there are cosumers out there that are throwing there phones with this fustrating matter. I want to but I can;t afford to buy another phone. how can a company the services thousand be let to take our money this this fashion. the service is poor the reps are ignorant. I do believe that they were trained to ignor the customers to fustrate them where they say What Ever, this is not City Hall, so they can be faught they sure be acountable for this bad sevice and unprofessional bull s talk they give us on the phone and then we have to wait days for them to come fix the problem ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

no service, used deficient equipment

This company could care less about service. They charge exorbinant fees, provide used equipment/cable boxe...

false advertising and overcharging

I signed on with comcast two months ago for a one year contract for 29.95 including hbo.

Now two months later they cancelled my hbo and are charging me the same 29.95 and are basically telling me too bad we can do what we like.

I am taking them to small claims court this week.

Do not use comcast... They are theives!!!


Terminated my agreement with Comcast on May 12th and turned in all my equipment. On May the 18th Comcast hit my auto account for advance payment of $181.57. I was promised a refund within 4 weeks. Later was questioned about a modem which they already had received. Received a messsage 3 weeks ago with apology stating a refund check would go in the mail immediately. Following week a rep at Comcast told me he would contact someone in the accounting dept. and get me a check in the mail right away. The 3rd week beyond their 4 week deadline I spoke with a supervisor in the Sarasota office who assured me he would get me a check by contacting Atlanta speeding up the process and call me back. I never did receive a callback from him. Now today I'm told that a check was sent out June 25th but had to be cancelled because I never received it. Today I was told they would re-issue a check and I would have it in two weeks. I've been 8 weeks already on a 4 week refund which shouldn't have been deducted from my account in the first place. If the check arrives in two weeks as promised and I have my doubts it will I will have been at the least 10 weeks waiting on a refund check. Counter clerk where I turned in the equipment told me that if I stopped payment Comcast would fine me $50.00 so maybe I can get a $50.00 fine placed on Comcast for their late payment.

internet connection

Concast did it again!! First complain (May of 2009) I subscribed for internet services through Comcast. The...


Comcast offered a special where you get all three services for $139 a month. My first bill was $200 for the...

doesn't provide rebates they claim

They offer a great deal with rebates, but when you buy it and try to get the rebates, they are completely unaccessible. They hide the rebates deep in but you need to register with them and THEN you can order to get the rebates, something not mentioned even offered at all in the comcast advantage website. Basically it means the rebate offer is a huge scam.

  • Co
    ComcastGeorge Jun 05, 2009


    I am sorry to hear about your recent troubles receiving a rebate. I would be happy to have this reviewed further. Are you able to send me you account phone number, service address and best contact number/time?

    Thank you,

    George Lunski
    Comcast Corporate Office
    Comcast Customer Connect

    [email protected]

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  • veromark Jun 18, 2009

    Hi foolmeonce,

    I too am sorry that you're having a problem. I work at and can help get this resolved quickly. Please email me your confirmation code and the phone number that the service was ordered for. I can assure you that this NO SCAM!

    Mark Ballard
    [email protected]

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  • Tn
    t. nosack Oct 30, 2009

    I did the Comcast-Offerwire rebate, which sounded too good to be true because it was so much money; in fact it has been too good to be true, requiring five separate rebates to five separate locations with two different timing requirements. I made the sales person send me the forms before I would complete the transaction, because the silly site would not allow me to download them. I meticulously completed the forms, copied them and when sent in one was "lost" and one "lacked the original proof required" although it was taped to the form. I got the second issue fixed with a call - when I said I had a photocopy, they said, "gee it is right here" and processed it. The lost one would not process so I sent it in two more times - then it processed after I send a letter threatening to sue (I have cheap, good legal service available).
    I still have only received three of the five rebates, and each time I call they move alone the process another step - but not before. Oh yea - and the online rebate system has been offline more than half of the times I tried to track status.
    It has been a horrendous waste of time, with a process that is designed to lose people along the way (not a surprise) I am willing to bet you are able to maintain less than a 30% payment rate on the complete rebate package overall.
    I will tell you who I am because I am still missing two rebates (and they are after the wait time) and this has become a personal challenge. I am actually looking forward to needing to sue over a $50 rebate - if I do I will make it a complete, detailed accurate and entertaining story on a web site that gets offerwire, bridgevine and comcast noticed on search engines. I am kind of anal about details and documentation, so it would be really fun.

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  • Tn
    t. nosack Oct 30, 2009

    Above note from [email protected]

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  • veromark1 Feb 08, 2010

    t. nosack

    I'm sorry that you are having problems with your rebate. I'm an employee of Offerwire/Bridgevine and may be able to get this issue resolved for you. Please email me your order confirmation number and any other information that you may have and I'll personally look into this matter for you.

    Mark Ballard
    [email protected]

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  • Ja
    Jack38475 Feb 20, 2010

    Comcast is a bloated, corrupt, politically coonnected corpputing force.
    I stopped having anything to do with them. I had high speed internted and got the rebates.
    If you call and call and complain and complain - time consuming I know- you will win out.
    What I can suggest is call customer service, read a littany of errors, poor service, incompetence, greed, monopolistic impulses, and make fun of Suzanne Roberts. Then demand a check. And escalate it through the ranks, they will give in. I have gone up the chain alot when I had problems. Then when they call about selling more services tell them you will consider nothing until they own up to their other debts. Also, I have threatened to charge THEM a service fee for the time and effort I had to invest to resolve their problems. I say with greta frequency that I do not work for Comcast, and I am resistant in investing my time and money in enabling them.

    My motto with everything nowadays is to buy nothing. I have stripped my purchase on non-essentials - and face it- comcast in one GIANT non-essential.

    Vote with you dollars.

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  • Ri
    Rich45 Mar 21, 2010

    wow...I ordered Comcast (triple)...says it has a $250 rebate...that is the reason I am switching from
    Verizon/ I making a mistake. Please [email protected]

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  • Hc
    H.C Jun 20, 2010

    Please keep letting us know more about all the rebate scams that has been done.

    Why every rebate company is using the same dirty trick!!

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can't cancel service

I moved from my home 1/18/2009. I called comcast and place me service on vacation hold because there was a chance I was moving back to the address. I called Comcast back on 3/1/2009 and told them I was offically not moving back to the residence and they should cancel my account as of that date. After 4 more calls they finally cancelled my account, or so I thought. I received a refund for the amount they had taken from my credit card after the account was closed. The next month they charged my credit card again. I called they said it was a error and they would correct it. Each month they continue to charge my credit card for services that are not rendered. I've spoken now to 15 employees and have documented all thier id #'s. I still have no confidence that they will cancel the service at my prior address. I making a official complaint to the state's attorneys office but I just want to be done with these people.


I have read lots of complaints on this site about Comcast's lousy service, bait and switch pricing policies and deceptive sales practices. All in all it paints a picture of a company culture that rewards incompetence and cares more about acquiring new customers than taking care of the customers they already have.

My story is about outright corporate theft! We cancelled our Comcast digital voice account by phone on March 10th 2009, and returned the hardware March 24 2009 to the Hayward California facility. We have the receipt. Despite this cancellation Comcast continued to bill us for the Digital Voice service on the April statement. We contacted Comcast by phone May 9th and was assured the account would be cancelled, the amount in question would be credited and a supervisor would call to confirm.

You can probably guess what happened next: we received no call from a supervisor, and the account was once again billed on the May statement. We contacted Comcast on 5/21 and talked to 4 representatives, the last was a supervisor who said he couldn't help us. Each of the reps we talked to referred us to the cancellation department, which of course you cannot dial directly, so we were transferred telephonically and then were forced to sit in call hold hell for a total of nearly an hour. Each time we were disconnected without ever talking to a rep.

I suppose that when the June bill comes we will still be billed for digital voice service we no longer receive. Because we pay by an automatic debit from our checking account, Comcast is, in essence, helping themselves to $50.00 of our money every month while refusing to rectify the situation. Taking money from someone without providing anything of value in return is theft, which is a crime whether it's an individual who perpetrates it or a massive soulless corporation.

We posted a letter to the corporate VP of customer support at Comcast - here's that link if anyone wants to try it.

Because there is little in the way of any real competition, we are still Comcast cable TV subscribers. Our next move would be to cancel the automatic debit bill payment from our checking account. We certainly learned our lesson there.

I say "we" throughout this missive, but it was basically my wife who was pursuing this. She is a customer support manager for a small health technology firm and knows the ins and outs of how customer support works. She insisted on handling this in the belief that a calm, cool and professional approach would get results. She made all the calls as if she were dealing with a company that took customer support seriously (like her company does). After the last contact with Comcast she was nearly in tears. So now I'm trying to take care of this. I am not nearly as controlled and businesslike about things like this as she is. If I have to call Comcast, someone's ears are going to get blown off.

Comcast has been basically stealing around $50.00 a month from us. We have taken efforts to stop this, but the behavior continues. Comcast would have me arrested and take steps to ruin my credit rating if I tried pulling a similar stunt on them.