Citizens Bankno drive up teller window

T Aug 02, 2018

This citizens bank in Aspin wall pa has been remodeled and they removed the drive up teller window!!! on lunch break trying to take care of business in a rush, had to park walk in and wait while one teller was available...I questioned "why?" and was told most banking services avail on line or on the walk up teller/machine available in lobby. That does not work for me who is doing her 90yr mothers banking for her, i do not have a banking card for access to her accounts...What ever happen to customer service? if there is away for citizens bank to take one more person off payroll that is what they will do...But i do believe life goes full circle and when the banks return to customer service/person to person-that banking institution will grow in accounts and wealth--- give it time----all those baby boomers with money in their retirement accounts will go for customer service!!!

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