F Dec 17, 2019

CitiBusiness is full of people that racially profile African Americans citizens. I was a victim of scam and reported it to their fraud department. Once they heard my voice, they did everything but helped me. It seemed like they were trying to help the person that scammed me by making sure I do not have access to the information that I asked for/ needed in order to get my money back from the scammer. Under 2 days I was surprised that when I called to follow up, they told me that the case was closed. They said that they investigated the case and were unable to retrieve the money from the scammer because the person withdrew all of the money from their account. I asked them to send me a document in writing stating what they told me orally because a place I filed a complaint asked me to upload proof of what my bank said because the scammer was giving contradictory information. I called CitiBusiness Fraud department several times and was given different conflicting information every time. I spoke to several different staff eg. Janette with code TRT071 who is the manager of the fraud department, Rosa TRT012, Rosa TRT017, James who is the supervisor of the customer service department. They all gave contradictory information that does not match what the person before said, which is a proof of bias. This bank has racist employees that discriminates and preys on against African Americans. They run the bank like a prison facility when it comes to African American customers. They are not trustworthy, and I urge any African American individual/ entrepreneur who wants to establish any account with Citibank to consider other banks. Most of their staff are Hispanic Americans, who are totally biased and have nothing but natural hatred and disrespect against African American people. When you complain about racial profiling or racial intimidation, in order to make the racial aspect disappear, they will counter you by bringing the one black staff they have on the phone, who will further intimidate you by saying they themselves are black and continue harassing you. This is the new Jim Crow. CitiBank is trying to make the claims of racial profiling go away by any means necessary. I urge you to look into other banks.

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