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Resolved beware

I took over my 83 yr old mother's affairs & discovered she had been paying on a Sears credit card that belonged solely to my deceased step-father. I sent numerous letters & placed many calls to no avail. I went as high as the Office of the President. Finally today I got a call back & they said they cannot refund any payments. She had also been paying Chase but they refunded her $4k+. They were only able to go back 6 yrs & were apologetic about it. You would think Citibank, being in the same business & exceptionally large co., would/could do the same thing but they said no way. To anyone out there listening, I would highly recommend using Chase over Citibank. At least they were compassionate about helping a "little old lady" who wasn't business savvy in the ways of the world.

  • Kh
    khurdjj12 Feb 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree, I have been a faithful customer of Citibank Credit card for about 5 or 6 years now. I always make my payments on time for the whole time I have owned the card, I don't think I've ever had a late charge. This holiday season, I helped a friend get gifts for people, and we charged it on my card cause she had a mix-up with her bank, which needed some time to figure out. So, once everything was going again, she offered to pay what she owed on the card, and I wanted to add her debit card, but Citi doesn't take debit cards, so we added her checking acount to my online accout. Doing so, we missed a couple of digits in her account number when I added it to my click to pay account, so when we made a payment with that account, it came back as the account was unknown, the routing number was correct but not account number wasn't. Citi calls this a returned check, and they charged me a $39 charge for a returned check, and they locked my click to pay account down for 30 days so they say. There is nothing I can do to get that $39 refunded, they don't want to hear anything, and they are very rude, have been hung up on by their customer service department. So yes, I agree Citi is a horrible bank to deal with. They want you to pay for every mistake you make. Now they made a mistake and had to take bailout money from the Government, the government should have taken a page from Citi's own book and said, just as in both these cases - NO.

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Resolved scam artists

I was solicited for a Citibank American Airlines credit card with an annual fee with an incentive of a...

Resolved i'm angry

I recently learned that National City was Millions of dollars in debt and now these overdraft fees are making more sense. And ***, they really kick you when your down. I have never had a 36 dollar fee forgiven, even though some were banking errors. If anyone wants to get a group together with proof of unethical banking, I’m all for a class action! I have a lot of print outs to argue the case as I’m sure many of you do. Anyway, the representatives on the phone are extremely rude, I asked to talk to a manager this morning and the guy hung up on me.

  • Ba
    Barbara Jul 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    National City Bank is unethical! They STEAL, LIE and CHEAT from their customers! Their NSF fee policies are borderline extortion!
    I have proof of their unscrupulous behavior. I seen them hold onto deposits and put them through last, just for the sake of hopefully bouncing, as many items as possible, in my account, I have seen them hold the SAME transaction in both pending and in posted items, AT the SAME time and their customer service is DEPLORABLE at best!

    What can we do??

    I pray that they are stopped before they continue to ROB from their customers! (While NCB shareholders laugh all the way to their off shore bank accounts!!)

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  • Mi
    Mike V Aug 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm having the same problems. I have been with this bank for over 4 years. Over the last 6 months is seems that they go out of their way to hit me with over draft fees. I used to be able to talk to the bank manager when I was hit with one of these. But oddly enough, none of the managers that I used to deal with work there anymore! I mean they really do lie over these things. Can't someone stop them?

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  • Dd
    ddean80 Jan 10, 2009

    My frustration with this bank grows larger and larger every day. I've tried for the past 2 months to work my direct deposits, ACH debits, and anything else I do through this account so that I couuld close it and be done with the embasals. However, in the past month they have taken $30 in "advance to savings" fees simply because I had set up for $100 to be taken from my checking and placed in my savings 3 years ago, when I had the extra money to do so. This option was not a problem while I was still banking with them, but now that I don't keep any money in there it has become a problem. I would have closed the account two weeks ago, but my monthly car insurance payment had already started to process, so I had to wait. I ate that $15 fee. But yesterday when I called to close the account over the phone the rep. said because I had $5.69 still in my account I could not close it over the phone. Sadly by the time I got to the bank the transfer to savings had started and the customer service rep. would not do anything for me. Needless to say I left there acting like a raging lunatic. I felt shameful, but still discouraged because I'm unemployed and $15 is grocery money for my family of 6. I called the 800 number and the rep forwarded me to the complaint department who advised me to put $94.31 in my account to prevent from being charged a fee. Well...SURPRISE, I wake this morning and check my account to see that they have still charged me the $15. Now, I'm just plain FURIOUS. If there is anyone who is starting a class act lawsuit let me know. This bank has caused so many people frustration and stress. They need to go out of business!

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  • Se
    SEXIMAMA8787 Jun 29, 2009

    they stole all of my money right out of my account without notifying me and the only reason i found out was i was out of state in tenn with my 2yrold and trying to get money out to go back home to ohio. they took 800.00 out all of my money i was stranded with my son. when i called loss prevention & told them what they did and that i was stranded us completely broke with no place to stay and no way to get home she said "that unfortunite" and hung up. lost our house cause no rent money now were staying with my mom. can they get away with that?

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Resolved very poor way to treat customers

I was informed by Diners Club that the Diners Award points that I had accumulated over the last 8 years have...

Resolved bad service

I was scammed by Cambridge Who's Who and shortly thereafter I did some research and confirmed it. I called Citibank immediately to cancel the charge and dispute it. They gave me a conditional credit for this charge. Two months later, the charge has been reversed in favor of the scammer company despite my attempts to contact them with no response regarding this charge. Citibank does not offer any buyer protection at all and I'm canceling this card after I get the final statement! They can kiss my business goodbye!

  • Re
    Renee Jul 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Citi send us a statement after several years of not using their card stating we had a $20 credit. After receiving this a second month, I used the card to make a $50 purchase and then received a bill for $55 with no mention of the previous two months credits of $20.
    I paid it and then received a bill for $71.30, paid that and am now receiving harassing phone calls and bills ranging from $17 to $47?!?!
    No reply to letters concerning this matter although I did get a letter telling me I must request a form to cancel this account. I did that, got the form, mailed it in and the bills still continue to come with phone calls.

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cancellation of home equity loan

My husband and I had a $60.000 line of credit with National City. Our home is paid off and worth approximately $175, 000. We currently owe about $6, 500 on this line of credit, have prepaid thousands of dollars ahead of schedule and are very conservative consumers with little additional debt. My husband forgot to make the May payment - we were 13 days late and National City cancelled the line of credit with a very nasty letter. My husband tried to call them (he is a relatively mild personality) - the first woman hung up on him. He called a second time and was told "Tough - you are delinquent". When he explained that he prepaid the loan and was actually ahead of scheduled payoff by thousands of dollars he was told that he did that for his benefit, not theirs.

We are not just customers of National City Bank, we are also shareholders. I can guarantee you that we will be neither in the near future. This company sucks and I hope they go bankrupt. What a stupid way to run a business.

  • Da
    Dave Jul 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same exact situation on the frozen home equity line with the same explanation that values of homes in my zip code had dropped significantly.

    In addition, I always had a ten-day "grace period" in which to submit my HELOC payment. I just submitted one in July late but still within the grace period and received a letter that said my account privileges were terminated and my loan was revoked. I spoke with "Michelle" at the Default Mangement office and received the worst treatment I've ever received from any customer service rep in any business.

    I asked if my long-term relationship with NCM or my good payment history or excellent credit meant anything to them. She said that was all "irrelevant."

    Now I see at the Mortgage Lender "Implode-O-Meter" site
    that National City is going belly up...

    So that explains why they're trying to drive all their customers way and call in their notes...National City is no more.

    No wonder Michelle had such a bad attitude.

    Count me in on a class-action suit!

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  • Da
    Daniel Aug 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sub: To verify and to update all my loan particular’s in your system.

    This is for your information that I Mr. Daniel Mathai has taken personal loan from Citibank for amount BD 1400 (One thousand four Hundred Bahrain Dinar) in the month December 2005, the bank suggested to repay with interest Amount 2001.612 BD. (Two thousand one Dinar and six hundred fills). I started paying my loan amount 52 BD and 674 fills from month of December 2005 to till date regularly with any discrepancies.

    Here I want to bring to your notice that in spite of paying my regular Installments.
    Your staff is calling me every month and asking to pay my monthly installments. This I can accept as there duties they are reminding to pay my monthly installments. But in my regular payments there is one payment which your Bank has not updated in your system and showing one installment outstanding against to my regular installments. I visited to Citibank Manama centre in the month of February 2008 and had discussion with Mr.Hameed, Manager by carrying all my bills. He called one lady to assist me and to clarify and to update all the information. I explained very briefly the scenario by showing all my monthly bills. She agreed that in system for the month of March 2007 it was not updated and she assured that she will update and clear. Before I left from Citibank I requested Manager Mr.Hameed to look into the matter and do needful. He too assured that they will solve this issue and he himself said that he will call me back on my mobile, but there was no response from the Manager till date.

    But in the month of March 2008 again I got a call from Citibank and asking to pay me my one month outstanding Installment. I stated that lady very clearly about the things happened unfortunately the Lady I met in the bank only called me she recognized and apologized for giving call. I feel very ridiculous stating this that in such big organization this mistake is repeating still now, every month I’m receiving the call from Citibank and asking to pay my outstanding one month due. This shows that how better you are giving service to the customers.
    Hence I request to the higher authorities to clarify and to make sure that this erroneous mistake’s cannot be repeated in future to any customer’s and I request to give reply for my letter in order to make me assure that I can be happy in my future as a Customer to continue with Citibank services.
    I would appreciate if some body can reply for my mail.

    Best Regards. Account No. 1076385906
    Daniel Mathai.
    [email protected] (or) [email protected] Mobile No: +97336055852
    Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

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  • Al
    Alex Sill Oct 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree that National City Bank is conducting itself in an unethical and dishonest manner in its effort to reduce the number of Home Equity Lines of Credit on its books. Last month National City Bank received and held my line of credit payment (without processing it) for 23 days so they could claim that I made a late payment and terminate my $100, 000 line of credit. In the 4+ years that I have held this line I have never made a late payment. I generally pay my bills twice a month. All checks that were mailed on the same day as the National City payment all cleared my account within a week, all except the National City payment. What happened to the National City check? On receiving National City's termination letter I immediately called National City and explained that my payment was mailed to them several weeks earlier. They claimed they did not receive it so I assumed my payment was lost in the mail. I immediately remitted another (large) payment. National City Bank received my new payment and immediately deposited BOTH the new check together with my old check that was mailed to them 23 days earlier. Over the last 4+ years all my National City payments have been processed within 7 days of mailing. Why did this one check take 23 days to process? Why did National City deposit both checks together? Is this simply an unfortunate coincidence or rather a dishonest tact by National City being used to reduce the number of Home Equity Lines of Credit on their books? Personally, I enjoyed an excellent low interest rate on my line of credit and never had any issues with National City, until now. I would like my line reinstated. I would be willing to take legal action if I could prove National City used this same unethical tactic to terminate other customers’ Home Equity Lines of Credit. Please email me at [email protected] if you had a similar experience with National City Bank. A class action lawsuit could conceivably restore the low interest Home Equity Lines of Credit that National City dishonestly took away from its customers.

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  • Jo
    JoanR Oct 18, 2009

    I had the exact same thing happen with my equity line of credit. I was 9 days late in payment for the first time in 7 years. They terminated my account. My line is $60, 000 and I have $500, 000 equity in my home and excellent credit. Count me in on a class action suit!!!

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conserned citizen

I am concerned citizen reporting a ring of fraud happening. Dante Richburg who resides at 11360 S Ada has been participating in identy theft and having cards sent to 328 W 106 pl Chicago, IL60628. I happened to stumble upon a card he dropped and was concerned because he is not the owner and brags about stealing peoples idenity. I feel obligated to report this because I never want someone to steal something I worked so hard to establish. The card I found is issued to Shaunee Baisten the number is [protected]. Hope this help you in finding these criminals. Also I found that he had also dropped his Id and social security card the # is [protected]

scam and fraud!

I am finally closing a HELOC with National City, they are the worst company I have ever dealt with. During closing when I sold the house with financing from them, they would not disclose the payoff amount to the title company. They would also not disclose the payoff to me over the phone claiming it was illegal, which is not true I even asked the agent to tell me the statue and of course she couldn't. They also required additional documentation from me to prove that the account was for a property that they hold a lien on, are you kidding me? Talk about incompetence!! I should have refinanced the loan when I moved because they would not change that billing address because I could not prove that I had moved out of the house.

  • La
    laura Nov 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also have a HELOC with natcity. They have charged me fees based on bogus reasons for my payment being late. for example they have made me unable to access my account either on line or by phone causing my payment to be late more than once. They claim these were mistakes or Glitches. They also keep changing the due date on the account. these little problems cost me 40 bucks each. I am going to find out how to file a complaint because this really seems like fraud.

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  • An
    Andy Giovanni Nov 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer




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Breach of contract for promotional offer

I opened a checking with direct deposit, under promotional code "MVS4" in january, 2008. At the time...

conning on personal loan

Hi team,

i am sudhin from indiranagar..today my friend got a call from citibank personal loan dept(indiranagar) from an exe bharath who informed my friend that they are giving loan with 0% interest. he was surprised and did check again with exe. the exe reconfirmed saying it is 0% interest. so my friend gave his details and referred my name and number to the exe. after 10mins i received a call from saravana another exe who called and conveyed the same. he took my details(personal, bank & professional) and told me i am eligible for loan up to 3lacs and my rate of interest would be 18%. i did ask him then why did you tell that it is 0%. the exe immediately transferred my call to his supervisor pooja. she took over the call and started the conversation with me. when i told her that the exe did give me a different picture she replied saying “sir the exe would have given a wrong picture to attract customers”. this would clearly state that the bank is aware of the conning what the exe do to get leads. i am not sure how many customers are in the same trap by the same agents. i would appreciate if someone can take necessary action on this and stop conning customers.

Thanks in advance

  • Gl
    Glory Nov 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am your citibank personal loan customer, its my fifth loan from your bank. I had apply top up loan on 15/09/2008 from Khamla Branch, Nagpur after call from this branch. They fill the application of loan and taken my document for process. And made verification also from office, friend. After this they not intimate about loan. When I ask them they not applied me properly after that I call customer they told to meet Branch Manager Mr. Nitin Mishra I did that also, but Mr. Nitin Mishra is also not replied properly. I made email also for that I get reply through letter ref. no. SQ/15589500/C6071 dt. 06.10.2008 in that letter you mention that the allegation raised by me is incorrect. What you investigation made with your concerned department you clear it. Then why till my case in pending. Atleast you shift my case from Khamla Branch to Dharmpeth Branch, Nagpur.

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  • Co
    compl citibank Nov 11, 2010

    Citibank, they are mother [censor]ers ever seen, they do business by sending their mother, wife and sisters. Take the loan enjoy the money pay for 5-6 EMI's and then say bye bye... We have to teach a lesson for Citibank's big mother [censor]er, daughter [censor]er CEO/Founder.. I think he looted money so called mother [censor]er. Hahaha you know onething dear friend current 2008 interest rate 21.04% till date that is Nov 2010 (I dont mind calling them as a mother [censor]ers) This is our Government problem they dont have capacity to solve these problems, our governemnt should learn a lot from US Uk and other contries... WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING TO THESE [censor]ERS JUST PAY INTEREST, and henceforth never take personal loan from Citibank, Credit card from HDFC... Guys get loans from our banks not with MNC Banks

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predatory bank practices

My 23 year old son & I have checking accounts with National City. Since my son is in the Army, we linked the...

citibank deducted my money from my account without any information.


I have an account with Citi Bank and am a customer of Citi Bank from more than an year. My (the then) employer Thomson allows me to have a salary account only with Citi Bank, Hyderabad Branch (read to know why). I am fine with that.

Whenever I call Citibank India I receive a very good response over phone but issue resolving quality is a bit poor.

I resigned Thomson and left to Canada due to aome unavoidable reasons and back home in the month of March. During my stay in Canada I was paying all my bills (credit cards, phone bills and other loans) online using online transfer facility with the banks I have accounts in.

I was expecting final settlement amount from Thomson and I noticed few bucks being credited in my Citi Bank account and these are credited by Thomson. Because the amount credited was much less than what I was expecting, I queried Thomson by sending an email to the HR department saying that I have received F & F (Full and Final) money from them and I requested a break-down of my F & F and have not received any reply from them.

When I logged on to my Citi Bank account to pay a couple of debts through online transfer, I noticed that my Citi Bank has zero balance and all the money I had was deducted by Citi Bank. Comments for the transaction are "Reversal of Salary amount which is credited erronously". I was greatly dissappointed as they have not sent me any communication regarding the adjustment and I was left with no funds during the last dates of the debts payment notice. End result being I had to take an another loan from a non registered money lender paying huge interest rate for the payment of bills which are on the neck.

I sent an email to Citi Bank asking what's the reason behind not informing me before or after deducting my account? I would have made necessory adjustments for the payment of my credit card and other bills. They replied my mail saying this was an erronous credit of Salary and they made an adjustment entry (where as, my request was regarding not informing me before or afterdeducting my account). I also received a lot or vague answers from them.

I am not bothered about money being debited from my account. My concern was they would have infromed me before or atleast after they passed this irresponsible adjustment, which is just and adjustment for them.

Upon my series of email I received a scanned copy of a Thomson letterhead where they requested them to deduct my account for the amount which is credited for salary by mistake. My reply was "did Thomson requested you to not to inform me before or after deducting my account? And if these kind of (so called) transactions can happen on a third party's (Thomson's) request then I have a couple of friends who owe me and have Citi Bank account. Will they deduct their account and credit mine if I provide necessory document proofs and back-ups to them, and that too without keeping them posted?" Reply was "no". Then why they did this with me?

Is this the advantage of having a Citi Bank Suvidha (Salary) account?

If you too have a Citi Bank Suvidha Account, please be prepared for these kind of shocks and customer care replies.

Have a pleasant day.

Syed Anwar.

credit card fraud-citibank

Hi, I am Vimal Jain from Visakhapatnam, have been using Citibank credit card since the past 2 years, recently i had received ING VYSYA bank credit card, and bank has offered me Citibusiness instead of my JetCiti Gold card, both cards have a limit of Rs.1, 50, 000 & 75, 000 each. i want to bring to your notice that on 6/10/2007 at 16.22 hrs I received a call from Citibank (ph number [protected]) a person named Satish claiming he is from Citibank said there is an offer on my card for upgrading of card limit for today i.e on 06/10/2007. for which he wanted my address, date of birth and mothers maiden name were required for confirmation. After giving him the details, he said it would be done in 24-48 hours and i would be getting a message and call from bank on for the confirmation. I called the bank the next day i.e on 7/10/2007 to check on weather i was offered for any limit upgradation, bank said there was no such offer on my card. On suspection, I asked the bank person to block my card to avoid further misuse (it was not). Yesterday, i.e on 9/10/2007 I called the bank to check the status of my card but the bank person has refused to give any details saying details which i have given is not matched what was available with them. I did not understand what went wrong, on having argument with the person he said he would help me but will not disclose what and where the transaction have taken place, he has given me only amounts and dates. Later, the bank person said my card has a balance credit of Rs 236 remaining and the rest has been used up. I was shocked on hearing this, he informed me there have been a transaction with Air Deccan on 7/10/2007 and on 8/10/2007 there are several more transactions for mobile recharge for multiple amounts of Rs 1, 111/3, 300/1, 500/ and so on on both my cards. Thereafter, I instructed the person to send me the details, he replied that it will dispatch the same would be send via mail. on confirming my mail id, it was found that mail id was tampered . That’s when the bank said they would ship the hard copy to my address. On confirming the address, it was found changed, ditto with the mobile number. NOW THIS IS SERIOUS TROUBLE, the ING card was never used, how could transactions be done on it ? And if there are multiple transactions on a single day, what was the bank doing? Is it not the responsibility of the bank to check with the card holder? If any person calls for change of address, or any details is it not the responsibility of the bank to check and verify with the old number?

Now there is a suspicion, that the information was leaked and carried out from Citibank or an employee of the bank, otherwise how and who will have access to my card a person says he has card number he only required my date of birth and other details. On checking when the details were last updated, the bank person said the latest updates where on 7/10/2007. That’s the date from which my Telephone PIN, Internet PIN stopped working. coz earlier i have used the T-PIN and I-Pin to access my details.

Today i.e on 10/10/2007, I tried calling the bank’s Call Centre; they refused to answer my query as details available with them weren’t matching their records and they couldn’t reveal the data I requested. Instead, they said the conversation has been recorded. Then, I asked them to check the voice data on the date the details were altered. They began telling me that -" I need to cooperate but they will not cooperate, and i do not require to tell them what they are supposed to do " .

I was informed that Jet Citi business card has already been dispatched and should be reaching the updated address soon. I requested them to do something to stop it.

the shocking thing is if the banks says the address was changed on 7/10/2007, then how can they deliver new card on my old address which has a date of shipping on 9/10/2007, which was suspected to be deliver at wrong address.

I am certain this is a case of Identity Theft which has happened from bank, a bank employee is most likely involved.

I seek your help as the bank is not responding or cooperating in a proper way. Please advise me on what I must do now and if something can be done at your end.

Important details –

COMPLAINT logged with CITIBANK REF- REQUEST no.[protected]/ [protected]/ [protected]

Card no: [protected] - Jetairways Citi Gold Card
[protected]- ING VYSYA BANK CARD.
[protected]-Jetairways Citibusiness Gold Card.
I have last send you mail on 10/10/2007 and since then I am following with your call centre but I am not getting any response, I want this to be solved at the earliest, else I will have to take some other action on Customer IDENTITY theft charges on your bank. As I know that your person is involved in this activity.

  • Be
    Beverly Dargo Apr 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In 2006, I changed one credit card for another. #3181 had a $14.90 credit. It finally did not show up anymore. #0015 was where everything was going. In November 2007, my statement started showing that I had two open accounts. I told them that it should have been closed. No further problems. On 2/21/08, I made a $25.00 donation which should have gone to 0015 to
    be paid. Instead City Bank reopened #3181, (which I didn't know about). Then on 3/21/08, they told me that I owed $65.50.
    That is when I found about what they had done. I asked them to transfer the $25.00 to 0015 and delete the charges. They would not do it. They said for good will they would subtract some of the charges. It then went to $50.00. I told them that I was not going to pay anything that I didn't owe because of their error. They would not respond. Finally I wrote a letter, and sent it certified
    on 4/15/08. It was signed for, and received on 4/18/08.To this date 4/24/08, they have ignored the letter, and instead has now said that I now owe $75.00. Other wise, T. Wingfield, VP Citicorp Credit Services, Inc USA will turn it over to collections. I am 75 years old, and have been with Citibank for perhaps 25 years, and I have A-1 credit rating. I don't think they should be able to get away with this outrage. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

    Beverly Dargo
    P.S. the address is for Customer Service
    When I just printed this out, the code is 7547e I hope this is right.

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  • Ro
    Rolando Gorospe Jul 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i was a citibank visa holder before but my card was alrady expired and they did not gave me a new one. However i am continously reciving a satement of mu account untill now, and as a matter of fact i had an excess payment of 4, 100 approximately it always appear on the statement .
    i want an advise can i still get a new credit card from you. please let me know.

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  • Su
    S.U.ALIYAR Aug 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    August 12, 2008

    Citibank Card Centre
    P.O.Box 3131

    Dear Sirs.

    SUB : CREDIT CARD NO.5459 8740 0368 9026 – EMIRATES MASTER CARD
    4920 8700 1195 4018 – VISA CARD

    I, SEENI MATHAR U.ALIYAR, working as ASST.GENERAL MANAGER – FINANCE IN ETA GROUP OF COMPANIES for the past 27 years, and holder of above credit cards would like to put forth my tale story as follows :-

    I was on Vacation in India and “I received a call from my Banker (Commercial bank of Dubai) to my Roaming mobile number stating that I have issued a cheque for Dhs.149, 831.95 for which I am not having sufficient funds and we are returning the cheque”.

    On hearing this, I was really surprised & shocked that I have not issued any cheque for an amount of Dhs.149, 831.95. In the meanwhile while I was in India, I tried to use my MasterCard on various shopping places, but it always got rejected, which put me in an embarrassing situation in front of my people.

    When I returned from my vacation, I have noticed from my statement that the cheque amount deposited by your Bank was Dhs.149, 831.95 whereas I have made cheque payment for Dhs.14931.95 only. This has resulted in my cheque being returned for insufficient funds. Further, the same cheque was again presented by your Bank on 30/07/08 for the correct amount of Dhs.14931.95, which has got cleared.

    I would like to emphasize that the above transaction ( not only a total loss of Dhs.150/- for cheque return + Dhs.99/- Bank charges as interest for return cheque + your current statement shows Over limit charges of Dhs.115/- + Late fee charges of Dhs.115/- + Finance charge of Dhs.743.68 & totaling Dhs.1222.80) has clearly put my credibility into mishap with my Bank.

    I strongly condemn the ridiculous act of your staff for the above error, I appreciate a suitable compensation be paid to amend the damage entrusted upon me, apart from reversing the above charges, or else I may have to file deferment case against CITI BANK.

    Best Regards
    MOB: NO.050-4542062
    C/O. CARS
    P.O.BOX 5239

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they sent check to wrong place!

My rent check to my landlord, which I've been paying through online bill pay for nearly 2 years, got sent, somehow, to Bank of America. Bank of America, who I had a credit card account with, took the check, looked up my name I guess, and cashed the check - even though it was payable to my Landlord. Now you'd think if someone personally handled the check, which they would have had to, would have noticed the mistake and returned the check. Nope it got cashed by them and credited to my credit card payment. Citibank treated me like crap, gave me the run around, and never resolved the problem with a reasonable answer as to how my rent check got into he hands of Bank of America. Furthermore, I want to know why, when Bank of America got it, they didn't return it since it was not made out to them. After months of pursuing this Bank of America finally issued me a refund, but they CHARGED ME as cash advance fee for the refund. They also charged me an "over my credit limit" fee when the check was DEPOSITED (yes, deposited, not withdrawn).

There's more to this story than anyone will admit. I think someone stole the check out of my landlords mailbox and cashed it at the Bank of America bank in New Jersey, which was the mark on it. THERE WAS NO SIGNATURE on the back of the check. There is no way Bank of America would have been able to deal with that check made to my landlord and without any Bank of America account number on it.

I wrote to Citibank Corporate and got a crappy letter back, not even signed, and with no one to contact, saying that the matter was resolved. I never got anything from Bank of America.

And I'm out $1850 because I got it taken from my Citibank Checking, put into the Bank of America as a credit card payment, then refunded from Bank of America, but they CHARGED me $1850 as a cash advance for the refund check. so at this point Bank of America owes me $1850. Citibank refuses to handle it saying that they are "done" with their part and now I should pursue Bank of America.

bad customer support & inconsistency!

I have "Mastercard" with Citibank that i have to you becuase my company deals with this bank... I went to he bank yesterday to put 3000$ to extend my mastercard limit andwhat happened:

1- The employee at the counter put it in a wrong way so my mastercard will be clicked once this money appear in my account
2- The mastercard is blocked originally because of late fees (i never used it before & i never activated this card since last December 16).
3- I went to "Nasr City" branck and cleared all that and they confirmed it'll be solve by yesterday night.
4- I called citiphone 4 times and each time they are giving me different information & different feedback on my card status.
5- The shift supervisor in "citiphone" her name is "Alia Soultan" she has very boo customer service skills & she doesn't know about customer satisfaction or customer basic treatment... she clearly showed no responsibility towards that and I'm rescheduling my flight because they blocked my card.

I'm very sorry that i had to deal with this bank.

  • Ch
    Christie Connor Aug 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've had my credit card with citibank for 7 years. Recently I placed a lum sum payment on the card to clear previous charges. I then relised my credit card had expired & I hadn't received a new one.
    1) I called to get my expiry date which they wouldn't give even though I answered all of the security questions. When I checked the address they sent it to they advised they had the incorrect address on file. Funny that because all of my statements make it to me every month.
    2) I demanded they cancel the other card sent to incorrect address & send the new one to my correct address which was advised it would only take 4 business days.
    3) Now 6 business days later & no access to my credit card I am very angry.
    4) By the 4th day I called citibank to have a status update on day card was sent & they denied access to any of my account info as I apparently didn't answer the security questions correctly. Considering I answered the except same answers the previous week I find this completely unprofessional & fraudulant.

    I wouldn't use this credit card bank again as they charge extremely high fees, do not offer customer service even when you speak with management & treat their customers as idiots. No card has been sent & I have absolutely no access to my account. Scarely really isn't it!

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  • V
    v Aug 22, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have cancelled my credit card account with Citi Mastercard because of their poor customer service and lack of probleming solving skills. I recently got married in early June and that is when I called to put my spouse on the account. By July, we still had not received the card I requested but I did get a duplicate card with my name on it for some reason. I called numerous times, and I always got the same excuses, then they finally admitted it takes the ridiculous shipping time of 14 days to get the card. I stayed patience, even dealing with the occasional bad attitude. However by the end of August with no card yet I called for the last time. This time they blamed my postal service even though I receive Citi Mastercard bills. I talked to a supervisor, Mike, who just repeated what everyone else told me and promised me another 14 days for a card that should have already arrived. I told him to cancel my account because as a customer I could not abide such horrible service.

    Best decision I made this month!

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  • Np
    N. Porter Sep 18, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Citi Mastercard, three months in a row, has moved the closing date up, but still maintains the "pay by" the first of the following month.

    It averages 10 days to receive the bill from date of closing, leaving limited time to pay on time and not "Default", which I believe is their intent.

    Sears was doing the same thing by sitting on bills and not mailing them, thus penalties were imposed for late fees until I called them and raised a fuss. I will never use my Sears card again and that's where I'm heading with my Citi card.

    I believe all of this is intentional and unethical.

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  • Ro
    Rob Sep 23, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I hope Citi bank go's down they take advantage of poor people give them credit and then put high interest rates on them and if you get behind more and more fees they will threaten you and be little you trying to get your hard earned dollar DONT APPLY FOR CREDIT WITH THEM

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misbehaviour on demand of statement

This is to inform you that I am facing problems with your collection cell.I have been continuously requesting the concerned persons to send me the detailed statement for my card as i have been paying with due respect but the outstanding amount never stands to nil. So after paying continuously for 3 years i asked for detailed statements but no such requirements were fulfilled inspite there were calls for collection & the staff misbehaved when asked for Details of payments made.
I request you to kindly look into the matter & solve the problem as soon as possible.

hidden charges

Respected sir,
I m credit card holder of citi bank and I have strong complaint against there attitude n unnecessary charges against customers

I am using citibank card from last 1 year.in oct 2007 I didnt got statement from citibank, I reported this matter to customer care, they promised 2 send a duplicate copy to me, I paid the amount itz of rs 7097, didnt got statement till date, n nov 2007 didnt got statement again I report this matter (I was 117 mins) waiting time for me, then also I told the same.. I paid the amount rs.11158 sir I am into bussiness I have to travel all over india, I kept some signs cheque with my wife to make payments, earlier in may I paid amount twice the amount is off rs7717, in confusion I paid the amount and mine wife also did, just to over come this type of sitution I decided my wife will pay in future, n dec2007 the story is same no statement, I called my wife and said u pay rs 4000 in favour of citibank, after which I called in customer care they told me amount was some thing near 3850, n jan2008 I got call from indore, in very abusive language guy was shouting on me, with lot of evil words, asked me for a payment of 37240, was shocked my limit was 36000 only how come over limit, he only told me itz 54000, really surprize, guy told me we will wait till amount is rs 51000, then we will show u who we r? Sir really worried
Plz have a look

  • Vi
    Vishal Vora Jan 20, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have faced the exact same situation... no statements sent and then calls from their collections department at 7 in the morning and 10 at night. I finally got fed up and wrote to their Customer Service ombudsman. Got incorrect late payment and interest charges (over rs. 1800/-) reversed and finally got my card cancelled after receiving email confirmation from Citibank that all dues had been cleared.

    The collections dept. is the worst I have ever dealt with. When I told them that I hadn't been receiving the statements I was told, "Sir it's your duty to ask for the statement if you haven't received it."


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  • As
    Ashok Vyas Jan 24, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have also had bitter experience of worst collection procedure of CITI BAND Cards services. I had given a cheque of Rs.2000 in payment of dues against my Credit Card.

    The Cheque was payable at Mumbai Service Branch of State Bank of Indore. I got shocked when I saw that the said cheque was shown as dishonoured in my credit card's statement. I enquired on phone and also sent e-mail to know the reason of return / dishonour of the cheque. This was a surprising instance because ACTUALLY THE CHEQUE WAS NOT PRESENTED FOR PAYMENT TO THE PAYING BRANCH. After 10-15 days their Head of Customer Care replied that reason of dishonour was - "NOT DRAWN ON US". I requested them to present the cheque again and instructed them to be careful to present the cheque to the correct bank. They have not done so and the cheque was again shown as dishonoured in my next statement. I asked them about the banker who had returned the cheque. Again after a gap of 10-15 days, they sent me ( by e-mail) the copy (image) of Cheque Returning Memo.

    After viewing that "Return Memo" I did not get angry but Laughed at CITI BANK's Foolish collection unit. The Return Memo was sent by State Bank Of Mysore..!!


    I would quote one more bitter experience in my next message.

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  • Ni
    nisan Mar 04, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I use online bill pay for my citicard, but for the same reasons; late statements, but most importantly, I do not trust ANY processing center to properly post my payment. Mistakes happen often because it is done by machines.

    If you are able to pay online, I highly recommend it.

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  • As
    Ashwin Nov 28, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Citi bank Card people are the B*******

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  • Jd
    JD36 Jan 23, 2009

    They reduced my wife's credit line so that when she paid her Average of $60 per month her credit line would have been over the limit becuase not only did they reduce her credit line they increased her finance charge by 37% so now instead of 10% she had 47% interest rate!!! THAT SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW!!! If she had not noticed the change they could have also increased her interest rate by another 17% because now she would have been over the limit!

    I called them up, because I am an authorized user to pay on the account! and believe me kept telling each person on the line, NOPE I want to speak with your LEGAL Department, I am sueing your company! after about the 9th person who claimed to be a supervisor. I got the legal department and inform them that if they did not reverse the % rate and increase my wife line of credit back to it's orgainal amount I was going to file a claim against them for increasing % and decreasing amount without customer notification, per thier agreement which we still had on file and I read it to the person from the legal department. They agreed it was out of their plan agreement with my wife. I also informed them they were beging recorded. They corrected the % and credit limit.

    It's sad after over 10 years with them they would do something so shady with thier customers. I informed them that we were paying off my wife's account and closing it.

    It's no wonder they need help. What goes around comes around.

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I have a complaint with Citibank Philippines Credit Card Company... First, Girl A has been a cardholder of...

worst experience ever!

Just to give you a taste of the level of discomfort i had during my stay, here are some of the issues:

- Language problem.
- Loud noise from the disc below.
- Uncomfortable round bed..
- Pillow covers not clean.
- Showers not working properly - No hot water - everytime i had to call reception.
- No proper english or Hindi channels... All channels were south indian.
- Its says 24 hour restaurant service but its not true... closes at 11:30pm

  • Sa
    Sanjeev Kumar Dec 26, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just to clarify,the above complaint is about the THE CHECKERS HOTEL in CHENNAI, INDIA.

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Resolved please be warned!

To Whom It May Concern:

Below is how Citi Bank (via their Citi Card) took advantage of my family.

In March of 2003 I joined the military. The following November, my wife and I welcomed the arrival of our second child (a daughter). However, within days of her birth we discovered she had a very rare condition which required constant medical attention and equipment. My wife had to quit her job in order to receive the necessary training to take care of her if/when she was able to come home. During this time we used a Citi Card to assist with our normal living expenses and to help with the added expenses associated with our new reality. At the time I was stationed in Monterey, CA but our daughter was in Neo Natal Intensive Care in San Francisco (2 hrs away). Therefore, my wife maintained a residence in downtown San Fran while I maintained a residence at my duty station (no choice). I would travel quite often to and from San Fran to ensure my wife could get away and clear her head from the stresses associated with our situation. In May 2004 our daughter passed away. During the 6 months of her life, we accumulated $9,100 of Citi Card debt. In Dec 2004 we requested Citi Card close our account and stop interest accrual so we could financially recover and get our lives back. NOTE: We also had two other credit cards with separate companies that we used during this time. On my meager $16,000 a year military income, we couldn't dig ourselves out of this debt without some sort of relief.

Our other credit card companies gladly obliged and we were able to pay them back within two years. However, Citi Card refused to consider anything. We enrolled with a credit counseling company which specialized in negotiating deals. Citi Card ignored them while continuing to jack-up our interest rates (29%). By Jan 2007 we were nearing a $17,000 debt. After selling a home in May 2007, we offered Citi Card $9,000 cash and requested an option to make payments on remainder. DENIED! September 2007, offered $4,000 cash and requested an option to make payments. DENIED! Finally, in October 2007 when our debt balance was $20,000, they accepted $4,000 cash and agreed to monthly payments of $350 (at 5% interest).

PLEASE BE WARNED!!! Citi Bank/Card has no room for relief when life throws you an unfortunate/desperate situation. Please note, my wife and I took our financial obligation to Citi Card seriously and had/have every intention of fulfilling our obligation. However, we do not feel Citi Card dealt fairly. Additionally, continuing to charge nearly 30% interest without accepting any offer from us to settle this debt is quite unconscionable. Well done, Citi Card! You sure took me there.