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fraudulent practices

Through an credit alert I found an account had been opened in my name with Citibank, and with Spectrum CBSD; neither of which I had requested.When I called Citibank, they said they had no account in my name despite I had an account number to give them. I felt especially warm & fuzzy when they asked for my SSN.

I have never heard of Spectrum before this. Apparently they don't work on Saturdays. I don't know where to go from here, other than writing a letter to these agencies, as well as to all the credit-reporting agencies.

  • Valerie Oct 15, 2008

    Earlier this year, I was approved for a student loan from Citibank. There were 2 disbursements scheduled, the first one in January and the second one in May 2008. I used the first one, but then I started attending less than part time, which made me ineligible for the second disbursement, and the school subsequently canceled it. However, Citibank denies the cancellation and holds me liable for the second disbursement. I have a statement from HESC (Higher Education Services) that shows the cancellation, yet Citibank continues standing its grounds. I paid off the first disbursement in full, but this is not good enough. Citibank holds me liable for the balance that was canceled. My numerous calls to the customer service, letters, even BBB complaint have gotten me precisely nowhere. Too bad I don't live in the state where Citibank is located; I would have filed a complaint in the court of law in no time. This can ruin my credit history, let alone my potential future student loans. At this point, I don't know what else I can do, but to post on this site.

    Everybody, beware of Citibank's practices.

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This is more of an inquiry than a complaint. Who would complain about winning one million british pounds sterling in a lottery? I would like to verify the authenticity of this letter and an immediate response would be very much appreciated.

Marie Yvette Jaramillo

Direct Tel: +[protected]
Direct Fax: +[protected]



You are welcome to CITI BANK LONDON . The payment Bank for UK NATIONAL LOTTERY. We are pleased to be at your service. We are Regulated and Stipulated by the Financial Service Authority (FSA), the financial institutions that govern all financial activities in the United Kingdom.

In receipt to the transferring of your funds worth the sum of £1, 000, 000.00 (This funds was said to be a winning funds drawn by the UK Sweepstakes International Programme ) so congratulations. As per your question, The funds is expected to be transferred to your country, you cannot keep the funds in our Bank as a current account because you contacted us for the transferring of your funds, so the funds is said to be a transferring funds.

In every successful transfer of funds especially in this regards, it is an essentiality that you activate a premium account with the bank that can accommodate and transfer such an amount of money. Transferring the Sum of £1, 000, 000.00 here in the United Kingdom need utmost care and confidentiality at course of transferring the funds. So you need to be guarded with policy and rules regarding the transfer. By so doing, you are expected to act in accordance to the policy here.So, to commence with the transfer of your funds, you are expected to activate a Premium account for the transfer.

The cost of activating a Premium account is £150.00 GBP (One Hundred And Fifty Great Britain Pounds Sterling) which will be added to your account balance when your winnings is transferred to your account.

After the activation of an account, an account will be activated and the logins forwarded to you which enables you login and have access into your account online via our website from there you can carry on with the transfer of your funds to any designated account number you deem fit.

So if you are ready to make the payment for the cost of activating a Premium account for your funds, you are expected to notify this office for the payment details.

CITI BANK LONDON, is committed to rendering qualitative services to you, Also you are advice to send us a scanned copy of your driver's license or your international passport for final verification.

Your urgent reply will be most welcome.

We look forward to serving you better.

Best Regards,
Mr. Kevin kessinger.
Chief Operation Officer Citi Bank London
The Approved Bank for UK NATIONAL LOTTERY.
Copyright © 2009. All rights reserved.

**Citi Bank United Kingdom, Registered in United Kingdom Registered Office: 332 Oxford Street, London, W1C 1JF Regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
Confidentiality Note:

The information contained in this message is confidential and/or privileged. This message is intended to be read only by the person named above.The unauthorized use, disclosure, copying or alteration of this message is strictly prohibited. If you are not the addressee, (or responsible for delivery of the message to the addressee), please notify the originator by return message and destroy the original message.

  • Pa
    palmira Jun 12, 2009

    Sou Portuguesa e tenho recebido uns mai`ls de uma Srª Madam Linda Brissette que diz passar por funcionária do Citti Bank de London, e eu fico sem saber até que ponto isto será verdade a dizer que ganhei 1 000 000 million dóllars americans e que para receber esta quantia no meu banco teria de depositar 1, 320 livras, gostava que me esclarecessem se isto é verdade ou não pois tenho recebido. Agradecia uma resposta V. e peço desculpa por escrever em Português.

    Palmira Patinha

    Meu mail: [email protected]
    telm. 964175311

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  • Pa
    palmira Jun 12, 2009

    Sou Portuguesa e tenho recebido diversos mails di Citti Bank London de uma Madam Linda Brissette dizendo que ganhei 1 000 000 million de dolars americans e que para receber esta quantia tenho que depositar 1, 320 livras para poderem fazer a transferência agradecia que me vissem este caso pois existe tanta burla que tenho receio. Agradeço a V. atenção e disponibilidade e gostava de uma resposta V. urgente porque isto acaba por ser um dilema para mim. Desculpem escrever em Português. Bom trabalho.
    Palmira Patinha

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fraud hiding

Three years before, Citibank Dubai Global Consumer Bank Head, Rajeev Kakar, while hiding an Internet fraud...

false advertisement

I have kept all correspondence between myself and these companies. My first correspondence wa son Nov.27, 2008 at 0731 p.m. with a Rev. Larry Smith E-Loan lender who described the demographics of the company and the information I needed to send in.
My second correspondence was on Nov.28, 2008 at 0852 a.m. and the subject was loan agreement/conditions and repayment schedule in which I had no problems with the laid out plans and when I attempted to fax over the information requested the fax number did not work and the recording was that the cellphone number that I was dialing was not in service. I called the +[protected] number and did not reach any one however when I e-mailed Rev.Smith and told him of the recording he wrote on Nov.28 at 1037 a.m. there is a problem with our fax and I was advised to send everything via mail or call them using the office mobile number. On the 29 th Nov I was sent a letter to send in the insurance fee for the loan amount of $300 in which the company shared co expenses and after the loan amount has been insured in my name Rev.Smith states he will immediately send me the LOAN INSURANCE CERTIFICATE. Dec1 0437 a.m. I was instructed to go to Western Union and the Receiver's Officer's Name: Mrs.Mercy Lawrence
Receiver's Address: London, United Kingdom. After the payment is made I was to provide hm with a scanned copy of the receipt of payment and at the bottom of this correspondence it reads; be rest assured as soon as the payment is made as the payment confirmation is received your loan will be insured and a copy of the insurance certificate will be sent to you for your upkeep and your loan transferred without delay and it will only take 48 hours. Of cousre after I sent in the money and sent the information requested I received another correspondence reading top of the day madam, this mail is to inform you that we have receive the payment for the insurance fee and it has being duely utilised. The loan has being insured, so you are to contact our affiliate bank immediately for the immediate transfer of your approve loan. Bank Name CITI BANK ACCOUNT OFFICER; KEVIN KESSINGER EMAIL CITI.[protected]@National-Champs.com. When I contacted him he instructed me to contact Mr.Marthin Botha e-mail [protected]@live.com telephone +[protected] in order to purchase the C.O.T. code. Now I was given an account number and a pin number but ran into this wall saying I needed to purchase this code . When I sent the monies for this there was another charge and I asked for my money back and to cancel the loan in which they offer less monies that I would have to send in and I told them no and I want a full refund of cost to send through Western Union and the fees themself. No where in the process was I informed of additional cost for codes or anything.

  • Br
    Brad Jan 05, 2009

    Hi, Truth be told,

    This is a classic scam, you are now the subject of a "scammers list" and you will be targeted repeatedly, I;m sorry to say. You should consider changing your email address immediately, and also get some advice on things like this. Western Union is the preferred method of money transfer by international fraudsters as it cannot be rescinded. The one thing I would like to point out is that you say your first correspondence with this company was an email where they told you all aobut their demographics. I can bet you it wasn't the first correspondence. Did you respond to an unsolicited email or did you click on an ad somewhere for a loan with really good terms? That's usually how they get you.
    Sorry to hear you got caught out, but please get some advice to stop these people targetting you again in future.
    Have fun

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  • Mi
    mizzjoyce Jan 22, 2009

    i also have been taken by this man named rev larry smith. i was the same stuff also. i was i had looked this up before then... boy do i feel stupid...Joyce

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I have several complaints regarding my business with Citi Crdit Protector.

When I opened an American Airlines miles rewards card with Citi credit they offered me the free introductory trial offer to credit protector. Following the trial period I opted to retain the service as I am in the Army National Guard and the possibility of deployment was apparent.

Sure enough, June 2006 I was deployed to the Middle East for a 16 month deployment.

I immediately called Citi credit protection who asked that I provide a copy of my orders, which I did.

In Sept. 2006 I was told by my wife that we received a "nasty-gram" from Citi for non-payment since June.

Following several phone calls to Citi from overseas (using precious phone card minutes) I was told they would do nothing other than to start my Credit Protection benefits at that time. I still show late payments on my credit report as a result of their incompetence.

Hold on it gets better...

Upon returning from my deployment I called immediately to advise Citi credit protection that I was back, and to cancel my service with them as it didn't really "protect" my credit.

Long story short, I have called repeatedly since them to cancel my service, which they haven't, even after I had cancelled the credit card itself. Citi Credit protection has cost me a lot of money needlessly, not only for charges for a service I wanted cancelled, but also for increased balance fees, over balance fees, etc.

The outsourced (India?) lady on the phone again assured me that an investigation would take place and that $60. would be refunded.

Bottom line, don't get hooked up with this scam of an organization that not only fails on their promise, but also continues to scam dollars from you any way possible.

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rude personnel/harassment

After our harrowing experience with citibank, I strongly advise everyone, don’t get a citibank credit card! This is quite a long read, but I hope you take heed.

When we started having financial difficulties, I called citibank to inquire of any arrangement we can avail of that would allow us to pay my father’s outstanding balance on a reasonable installment basis. But I was told that no such arrangement was available.

Failing to make payments for a few months, the account accumulated. Paying only the monthly minimum amount incurs huge financial charges and even more penalty/service charges if not paid on time. Citibank personnel started calling us at the office, house and on mobile even as early as 6am or as late as 10pm. If unable to speak to the cardholder directly, these people threatened anyone who took their calls. Not even children were spared from their foul language.

As soon as we raised enough, we made arrangements with their designated collection agency (Law firm a) to pay the account in full at a discount. After signing the appropriate agreement form, we paid the agreed amount at an authorized bank. We faxed the payment slip to the law firm and they confirmed receipt of the payment by citibank.

We requested for a clearance letter certifying payment and closure of the account. We were told that this letter will be sent to us directly by citibank. After not receiving the letter as promised, we repeatedly called the firm and were always told to just wait. We were also advised to disregard the statement of account we continuously received after full payment. This is machine generated and will eventually stop, they said.

To date, no certification has been received. Payment was made in 2007! Instead, we received a letter from another law firm demanding immediate payment of the account after we, as they claim, continuously disregard their reminders and offers of assistance. Alarmed, we called law firm a and were told that they will communicate with the law firm b to clear the matter. We were also advised to just say the account has already been settled should anyone else call.

Today we receive yet again another letter from law firm b demanding payment for the same account. They even enclosed an advisory stating the new rule promulgated by the supreme court “that aims to speed up disposition of civil cases”. I have emailed them advising of payment. Hopefully after faxing them the agreement form and payment slip, they would stop harassing us.

Again, don’t get any citibank credit card!

  • Sa
    sanjayjiya Jun 18, 2009

    Mr. self Sanjay Kumar i am credit card holder in citi bank my card no.- 5546198927677007 we have taken a persional loan since last 5 years back of Rs. 1, 43, 000/- throught my credit card after that we have already paid the above said amount in 2006 with reference of citi bank letter no.-6705599667360/910173 dtd. 19.04.2006 of Rs. 1, 10, 000/- (as per letter)

    After that we have received the call from citi bank credit card division (i.e. Mr. Sachat Rai) regarding o/s loan amount standing in your credit card. in previous week(i.e. 2nd week of June 09) but as per our record we have already paid the o/s balance in four instalment (i.e Rs. 30000+ Rs.30000+Rs.25000+Rs.25000) but letter is mention payment in single shot.

    but i am not able to pay in single shot because i am a salary person so i request to collection officer Mr.G.C. Jacob from SRK Enterprises, Delhi pls provide the new letter for payment in four instalment instead of one instalment & he insure me we will provide the fresh letter but you will provide the cheque first then we will issue the letter as well as NOC. But i am not received the fresh letter & NOC till from Citi Bank then I am contact to collection officer (many times) & he insure me we will provide the NOC letter from citi bank.but I am not received the NOC from citi bank. After that i am sifted in Chandigarh so i am not contact to citi bank/collection officer in this regards last 2 years & also citi bank is also not contact with me regarding o/s payment.rd co

    So pls look into the matter & resolved the matter.

    Thanking you

    sanjay Kumar

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  • Na
    natuturete Aug 12, 2011

    Hello readers! I once a credit card holder... that is CitiBank credit card... One time i wasn't able to pay the bill which i received for the month... somebody called me from citibank... I explained about my problem and promised to pay as soon as i get some money.. the person shouted and told me citibank is not a charitable institution and i should get a loan from the church not citibank! he warned me to pay or else...! My God... I was so depressed that time and I had difficulty sleeping... If you will ask me what is that thing that I have done that I regret most ... I will answer you... GETTING A CREDIT CARD!

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fraud processing

In August, I noticed a $361.00 charge on my account that I did not make. I had been at the Merchant during the time the transaction was made, but I didn't make it. I immediately called CitiCard to report the activity as fraud and have them reissue my card. They started and investigation and received a package of information from the merchant. The package included copies of 2 sales receipts. I am not disputing one of the charges which clearly have my signature on the receipt. However, the second does not. The name signed isn't even my name. CitiCard sent me a letter stating they needed more detail to why I'm disputing the charge ... more than the fact that I've already told them that I didn't make it and it has a different name on the credit card slip. The letter they sent stated they needed a reply by 11/20. I wasn't able to reply until 11/21. They're now telling me that since I didn't respond by 11/20 they have closed the case and I'm liable for the charge. I can't believe what the fraud representative told me ... btw she also said that signatures on sales slips aren't required or used. I'm still going to fight this since per reading the FTCs website which states ...

Reporting Losses and Fraud
By law, once you report the loss or theft, you have no further responsibility for unauthorized charges. In any event, your maximum liability under federal law is $50 per card.

  • Bo
    bothsides Oct 06, 2009

    You are correct, "By law, once you report the loss or theft, you have no further responsibility for unauthorized charges. In any event, your maximum liability under federal law is $50 per card." However, you didn't report loss or theft... you reported a dispute. That is a different thing entirely.

    Your correct course of action would have to been to report the credit card number stolen then filled out a declaration of unauthorized use (affidavit).

    On the billing dispute, if you would have called back they should have advised you write in requesting the dispute to reopened (calling does not preserve your dispute rights), however they may not have given you a conditional credit, but the amount would have been exempt from finance charges.

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  • He
    hewey Mar 24, 2010

    Okay, Citicard just cut me a deal on my credit card payements. I recieved a certified letter sent to my house. And if I pay within 90 days then I am in the clear. I am trying to figure out if this is a scam.

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worst bank

NOTE: The following comments are my opinion, based on my personal experience in dealing with National City...

citibank lost its way and it is overcharging its customers

I've been a Citibank client in the US since 1995, and overseas since the early 80's. I have always concentrated all my business on Citibank, including checking accounts, credit cards, investments, etc.

Even when Citibank closed all the financial centers here in upstate NY and transfered my account to M&T Bank, I went online and opened the current account I have.

In the last 12 months I haven't used my Checking Plus (overdraft protection) account. Due to the current financial difficulties we are all facing, I had to resort to it for a few days. For my surprise, Citibank now is charging me a $10 fee every day I post a transaction to it, on top of the usual high interest rates.

I just called Citibank's phone support, and I was informed that this is a new procedure that started this month, and the only way to avoid it would be to call in advance and have them transfer the money from the Checking Plus account to my checking account, instead of using the automated process.

This is pure nonsense. In times when all the banks and clients are looking for improved efficiencies and gains of productivity, Citibank finds a cheap way of taking more money, and increasing the burden on its clients.

What is the point of this? Why this was not widely advertised? Why I did not see any communication on the several times I logged into Citibank's web site in the last few weeks?

As a loyal customer, I feel cheated and disrespected by the bank.

I would like this complaint to be escalated within the bank, to someone who is sensitive to the client's needs and the current financial environment.

If I don't hear a reply that addresses properly those issues and concerns, I will take my business elsewhere.

  • Pa
    Pat Dec 03, 2008

    I completely agree with the absolute absurdity of this new fee. At a time when they are getting huge loans and guarantees from the government to protect their business the have the audacity to levy and/or increase fees on a service that I am would be willing to bet is making them more money than ever before as more and more people are feeling economic pressure.

    I have complained to their customer service representative but I fully expect that it fell on deaf ears and that no one at Citi is listening or cares. Why should they? They can act with near impunity. Even though I have been with them for almost 15 years and do not relish the thought of all things I will have to change to do make the move I am looking for a new bank. One that behaves honorably and thinks twice about and cares for their customers before doing something so stupid as adding insult to the economic injury that had a hand in creating.

    The person who made the decision to start charging $10 on top of the nearly criminal interest rate they charge on checking plus accounts should be fired.

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  • Co
    concerned-for-the-future Jan 30, 2009

    Call all of your elected officials and give them your feelings at http://www.usa.gov/Agencies/Federal/Legislative.shtml. Banks are borrowing money at record low prices and we are paying record high interest rates. All this will kill what is left of our economy and some of us have the only choices of getting government to do something or stop paying which could mean more bailouts and highter taxes becuase you didn't think it would effect you. Bank of America and Chase are the two that have done me and my business the worst.

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  • Tb
    tblazin Oct 05, 2010

    This is a complaint on Citi that I'll be taking to the highest level and plan to sue if they don't return my funds to my account properly. I have been a customer since 2008. I have never been late and in great standing. Every month they have been deducting from my available balance. I do not use the card I'm just making payments. This month my finance charge was $47.18 and it was deducted from my available balance..Added to minimum payment as well as my current balance...Which it should only be added to my current balance not DEDUCTED from my AVAILABLE CREDIT..Let me break it down for you..Yesterday my available was $1077.00 Today (new statement) my balance available balance is $1029.82. Min payment $123.18..$47.18 plus $76.00 equals $123.18..The fiance should have been added to current balance ONLY..They are double dipping..If I'm not making any purchases and only paying off the card, how is it legal for them to deduct finance charges from what I have available...I have paid over $3200.00 to Citi and have $1029.00 available ..This has been going on for some time and I'm taking this to the CEO, BBB, My Congressman, and my attorney...MY AVAILABLE BALANCE SHOULD NOT BE DEDUCTED UNLESS I HAVE MADE A PURCHASE AND I HAVE NOT...I HAVE CALLED THEM SEVERAL TIMES AND EACH REP SAYS THIS IS CITI BANKS PRACTICE TO DEDUCT FINANCE CHARGES FROM THE AVAILABLE BALANCE AS WELL AS ADD IT TO THE CURRENT BALANCE AND MINIMUM PAYMENT...IF THIS IS NOT DOUBLE DIPPING (STEALING) I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS..

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unauthorized charges

This is part of my ongoing mess with StoresOnline. When I discovered after the three day period one had to rescind with StoresOnline what a disreputable company they are no matter what complaintsboard says about them, I obtained a provisional credit from Citi.

They mailed me correspondence requesting more information. They mailed that letter on June 22, 2007 and it arrived on July 3, some 11 days in transit. Note, I live one state to the west, CA.

They gave me FIVE days to respond! I guess I should have used very expensive overnight delivery with FedEx or something. I thought it was postmark time stamp, but no, they wanted it in their hands in five days. The IRS takes postmarks, but not Citi.

They sent us another letter for us to give them more information regarding the dispute recently, but it was the wrong account number!

During my 90-day window to dispute the charge they told me:
- sent to wrong address (a lie)
- they gave me a working fax number, but it was the wrong one for disputes.

We are seriously thinking of taking them to small claims court.

  • Sh
    Sharon Lewis Mar 03, 2009

    I just received a letter from an acquisitions company who bought my credit from Citibank, and they are offering me a deal. The thing is, I don't have any nor have I receieved any credit in my life from CitiBank. What is this, this is fraudulant. How can this happen.

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internet scam

I was told that I was a beneficiary of a Mrs. Margret Edward and was asked to send in c/o Western Union...

1 comment London Banks

fraud and cheating

I am a Widow, who has been diagnosed with Severe, Rheumatoid Arthirtis in each, and every joint in my body. This is added to the two herniated disc's in both my lower back, and in my neck. Also, I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy in both feet, Serious Irritated Bowel Syndrom, Sleep Apenia, Severe Depression, and Anxioty, Panic Attacks, and I have Short Term Memory, Difficultly Concentrating, partly caused by having over 100 Grand Mall Seizures from age 19 to 26 years of age. I am also awaiting tests to find out if I have a Learning Disability.

I live with Excruciating Pain day in, and day out. There is not much that can be done, other then some risky surgery's. I have already had surgery in both hands, do to Carpal Tunnel, a Total, Emergency Hysterectomy, and several other major surgery's. I do not want to have anymore surgery's, and I worry about how many times I have had to be Ex-ray's, MRI's, Catt Scans, that I glow in the dark.

All this makes it very hard to keep track of all my paper work. It's kind of like, 'Out of site, out of mind', with me. Plus, we have so much paper work, that ends up getting plied on the kitchen table, so if I can't see it, I will forget. I even forget what day it is, or the date, all the time. I walk from one room to another, and cannot remember what I was going to do. I understand that this happens to everybody once in a while, but it happens to me constantly.

Anyway, I have been here in Dayton, since March 2003, and I hired a lawyer to assist me in getting S.S.I. and, now I filed by myself for S.S. Disabled Widows Benefits, which I'm still waiting for. In fact, I am awaiting a Hearing before a Judge, but it's taking forever. They told me that I need a Bank Account so that when it is approved, it will have a bank to be sent to. I have been receiving Disabled assistance from Job, and Family Services. It's a whole $115.00 once a month. Several times, when I got an Overdraft on my account, I had to pay large sums of money to put a stop to the Daily Bank Fees, to stop them from charging my $8.00 a day. And, again now, they have charged me with $500.00 in Late Fees. I don't understand why they keep approving any purchases that exceed my account balance? I went to talk to them Thursday, and they wouldn't even let me close my account. So, again I asked them what I can do to stop it from adding up more. And, I was told that I owe them a whopping $500.00! Now that may not sound much to some people, but for me it might as well be $510.00! I asked her what I can do to stop these daily charges? Not only the $8.00 a day, but they actually charged me 20 times, with amount's like, $75.00 to $510, in just 20 days. I Pled with her for something I can do to stop any more Fees? She told me she would cut my card, and then told me to call Loss Prevention to get my account closed, and that I can work it out with them, because they would not accept the small payments I wanted to pay, like only $15.00 or $20.00.

I did call, just yesterday, and they told me that the ONLY thing that can be done, is to, 'Report me to a Collection Agency, who will send me something in the mail, and then I can try to work it out with them? Not only do I worry about not having the money, but it is going to hurt my credit score as well. I don't know what my score is, because every web site I use wants to charge me something. It's not Free, like they claim to be, but I know its pretty good, because when I was looking into an onling business to make some cash, the man told me, 'Your credit is not as bad as you thought it was.'

I am just so upset about how they keep doing this to me, when they are quite aware of my circumstances, and that I only get $115.00 a month? Why do they keep approving any purchases, if they know it's under already? Plus, they are quite aware that I am unable to pay that kind of money? A few times, when this happened before, when I reminded them that I am waiting to receive S.S.D.W.B, and will have a large retroactive payment, and I need a bank to put it in, they worked something out with me, so way can't they do it now? Oh yea, and she told me she was, 'Putting something on my record, so that I won't be able to open a bank account, ANYWHERE! Is this normal? How can it be right? Even one of the tellers whispered to me, 'I know. It's a shame, because they do it to the people that don't have the money to pay it!

  • An
    Andy Giovanni Nov 21, 2008




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  • Si
    Simon Apr 02, 2009

    I obtained a motorcycle loan through National City on June 5th of 2008. I handed them the title and I was told they would be taking care of registering the bike. After a month I called to find out where my title is and they said it was on the way. This went on for months. Finally in December of 08 they had admitted the lost my title right away in the beginning and they had no clue where it was. At this moment I decided I was going to take all my money out of the bank and pay the loan off. After numerous phone calls and numerous lies I was finally helped by a manager named Ed. He contacted the previous owner of the bike who took his own precious time to go to the DMV to make a duplicate. Fortunate for me, he was trustworthy enough to not report the bike lost or stolen considering I did not own the bike and National City was not the lien holder. Simply put, I was paying for and housing a vehicle I did not own and that could have very easily been reported stolen. I paid the amount due every month to National City for a vehicle I did not own and was not able to operate due to their negligence. After I contacted the previous owner we set up a time to meet so I can get the title and try it again. After receiving the title, I was told that I would have to pay the money due in order to get it registered. If this were the case I do not understand why the ever kept the title in the first place if it was my responsibility to get it registered. After this happened, I took all my money out, transferred the loan to another bank and have attempted to close my accounts. I went into the branch on Moreland Blvd on 01/08/09 to close my accounts and I was told it will be officially closed during the next cycle. It is now two months later and my account is still not closed. It took me nearly 9 months to receive my title but in no way should it take more than a few days to have my accounts officially closed. I have gone into the branch on more than one occasion and I have been told everytime to just give it a few more days. A few more days has gone and passed numerous times and I am fed up with getting the run around and need this to be taken care of. I should not be able to access my account online anymore. There is no reason why this should not have been able to be resolved in person but I am starting to understand this is how business is done at this bank.

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  • Wa
    warrenhooch May 18, 2009

    National City lost the title to my car as well. I puchased the car in 2003 and have paid it off and they have no idea where the title is. They more or less said it is my problem. They gave me a number to call to get a replacement. However they did not offer to pay for the replacement. Like I said they don't have a problem, they got their money so no problem for them. To bad for me. I will never get a loan through National City Bank again.

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  • Js
    jstack Oct 23, 2009

    city bank is sick people up for their money, national city bank stole $3, 000 from me and they are being investigated for their action, I advise anyone not to bank with them and yes there customer service is not great at all.I know one thing that bank needs to be put out of buisness.

    please dont bank with them.

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  • Lo
    lostcauzz Dec 27, 2010

    (Scenario: National City Bank bought out my bank 2 weeks earlier) On a friday, I deposited my weekly $400.00 paycheck On Saturday, I wrote a check to cover $11.00 for dinner for my son and I. On Sunday I wrote a check to $10.00 to the same place for the same reason. On Monday I deposited A paycheck for $400.00 from my second job. On Tuesday I deposited a $200.00 child support check . On Thursday my account was negative On friday, I told them I was not depositing any more funds until they straighten this out... The following Monday I asked them to close my account. $21.00 worth of dinners cost me $1000 and now, 4 years later I am getting harassing phone calls saying I owe $600.00+ from PNC (the bank that bought National City)

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thought it was only me! had account but did not order checks.started having bounced check fees . also...


CitiBank NRI site is very unfriendly and slow. The customer service is very poor. They are unfriendly and unhelpful.

  • Co
    concernedcustomer1 Nov 24, 2008

    You're right. I am from Melbourne and everytime i call them it is diverted to India. The service is very awful. The operators keep disconnecting the phone during conversations. The operators have very little knowledge about banking and are not trained well.

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  • Su
    Suffered by CITI Jul 01, 2010

    CITI NRI is like a Mouse Trap.
    You can only send money to India.
    There is no way you can get it back.
    Even though Reserve Bank of India made simple rules for repatriation, people working in CITI will intrepret those rules in a most complicated way and make sure that you will not get any thing back.
    They are spoiling the image of the bank and causing enough heart burns to the customers.

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  • Ja
    jayaram.123 Dec 14, 2010

    Citibank NRI home loans is run by a bunch of [censor]s, who are not from the banking world. The customer representative is a joke.Unprofessional, unaware irresponsible people. No wonder CITIBANK is under loss. The customer rep I spoke to had no idea as to how the loan works and here is the best part the Country Manager in India is a novice too, looks like CITI recruited a "smart" 23 year old MBA to head the company, man he is CLUELESS. I wihs they stop providing their "SERVICES" bah !! service is a joke. Hope they fire all the Managers who handle this loan in the US and India tooo.. Word of advice do not deal with them!!!

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dishonest business practises

Citi NRI is the worst website ever built. For one the login is kinda goofy. You have a complex 16 digit login...

unauthorized charge

$179.95 was charged to my Citibank credit card as a purchase of Essentials Gold. I have no knowledge of this purchase. When I called the Essentials Gold phone number listed on my Citibank bill, the voice recording indicated Essentials Gold was a membership program. I had never heard of it nor had I ever signed up for it.

I called Citibank and insisted the charge be removed from my account. I told them that a search of the Internet indicated that this was a scam in which Citibank knowingly participated.
The operator (in India) agreed to remove the charge.

I am going to very carefully read each charge to my credit cards.

  • Ja
    JACK66 Aug 21, 2011

    We're also scammed by a charge of 19.99 per month on our cc bill. We called essential gold and they couldn't explain this, said we weren't on their list and didn't know why we were being charged. Canceling account now.

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beware of these movers

Earlier this year, I was approved for a student loan with the Citibank, and 2 disbursements were scheduled. However, I used only the first one, as I became ineligible for the second one. I subsequently paid off the first one in full, and the school I'd attended, cancelled the second one. Citibank, however, took a strange position of denying that the cancellation of the second disbursement has ever taken place, and holding me liable for paying it. The school provided me with the statement from HESC that shows the cancellation. My numerous phone calls to the customer service, letters, inquiries, even a complaint to BBB have gotten me precisely nowhere. Citibank still claims that I carry a balance on my student loan. I contacted a school official who placed a call to Citibank, and the Citibank employee claims to be unaware of the status of my loan (even though this name was on the letter from the Citibank).

This can negatively affect my credit history, let alone my eligibility for the prospective future student loans. I don't know what else I can do, except posting on this site.

Everybody, beware of Citibank practices.

I did not apply for this credit card

I received a mail with a credit card today from Citi. It stated that I had previously been sent a mail letting me know that my Home Depot consumer credit card is now a Citi MasterCard. First, I never received an mail, phone, etc communication from HomeDepot or Citigroup about converting my Home Depot card to a Citi MasterCard. Second, I did not have a consumer credit card with Home Depot, I had an instore consumer card/line of credit. Third, my limit was around $800.00. I called [protected] and spoke with a young lady who said that she could not help me. I asked to speak to her supervisor. Keith answered. I explained the above to him. He proceeded to sell the benefits of having the card. What? I told him that I never received prior communication. He said they sent it to the same address as this mail. I said "What if it was lost at the post office?" Am I still responsible? Is this as if I said Yes, I want a Citi Mastercard?" He said Yes. I then asked him why was my credit line/limit $3000.00 when my HomeDepot consumer card was only $800.00. He then tried to tell me that their plan/card was more flexible than HomeDepot and if I wanted he could lower it. He said that there was nothing he could do and did not offer any other options. This is unfair. With the state of the economy, credit ratings are very important. I have worked diligently to keep a good rating now to have a $3000.00 hit against my credit liability on my credit report. I want this removed off of my credit report. I am sure that other Home Depot consumers have no idea the ramifications of what this letter stated. I called the automated system to cancel my card. It stated that it will be closed in 5 to 7 business days.

credit card application

I wish to complain citibank telesales unit (mtts) / cpp acquisition sales global consumer group for not...


In the past i have made mistakes and had to pay over draft charges. In the past i knew i made a mistake and i never had a problem paying the over draft charges. Today though I look at my account and at the end of the day on 10/14/08 I had a positive balance in my account. Today now all of a sudden i got 8 over draft fees on my account posted on the 14th. How is this possible Im asking myself? I reviewed my account and can not come up with anything wrong. After going to my branch and talking to the branch manager I was even more disgusted with this company. He had no awnsers for me except this in not a banking error those fees came from something that is pending today. Well today is the 15th not the 14th and I STILL had enough money in the account to cover todays, except for the overdraft fees that just decided to pop up out of no where on the 14th. Well after arguing with the manager and getting know where i demanded to speak with someone else. Guess what that person was even a bigger ### then the bank manager and still could not come up with an awnser for me. I have no clue what happened here and no one in this company is willing to exlplain it to me, all i keep hearing is that its not a banking error there is nothing we can do. Believe me people this is a banking error I have never seen this happen before on my account and I know exactally how much money i had in there. These people are a bunch of ###s and if anyone has any information for me to how i may be able to get this resolved or how to go about getting something done please let me know. As far as im concerned though this companay is the worst I have dealt with in my life.

  • Mb
    mbolt05 Oct 15, 2008

    In the past i have made mistakes and had to pay over draft charges. In the past i knew i made a mistake and i never had a problem paying the over draft charges. Today though I look at my account and at the end of the day on 10/14/08 I had a positive balance in my account. Today now all of a sudden i got 8 over draft fees on my account posted on the 14th. How is this possible Im asking myself? I reviewed my account and can not come up with anything wrong. After going to my branch and talking to the branch manager I was even more disgusted with this company. He had no awnsers for me except this in not a banking error those fees came from something that is pending today. Well today is the 15th not the 14th and I STILL had enough money in the account to cover todays, except for the overdraft fees that just decided to pop up out of no where on the 14th. Well after arguing with the manager and getting know where i demanded to speak with someone else. Guess what that person was even a bigger ### then the bank manager and still could not come up with an awnser for me. I have no clue what happened here and no one in this company is willing to exlplain it to me, all i keep hearing is that its not a banking error there is nothing we can do. Believe me people this is a banking error I have never seen this happen before on my account and I know exactally how much money i had in there. These people are a bunch of ###s and if anyone has any information for me to how i may be able to get this resolved or how to go about getting something done please let me know. As far as im concerned though this companay is the worst I have dealt with in my life.

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  • Pc
    pcal Feb 01, 2009

    National City Bank of Cleveland is run by white collar criminals who steal from customers any way they can. I never had an account with them but my daughter jus now experienced the same thing folks on here are talking about.
    I recommend to every one, put out the word to any one that listens, post where ever you can about it on the internet and yes write your Congress Person and U.S. Senator and dont stop. Lets put those thief's out of business and set an example that we will not get ripped off without consequences to those thief's.

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  • Gm
    gmwrick May 12, 2009

    They did this to me and I had no choice but to close my business account. I was a day late the following month in my National City Visa, and they closed my account. If that's not retaliatory enough, they quintupled my payment and jacked my interest rate up over 30%. They violated several laws under FCRA in collecting the debt. I filed a complaint with the FTC & AG's office. I'm getting a lawyer and you should, too. This bank has already been in trouble for wrongly insuring loans as FHA- they were fined. This is organization of opportunists and bullies looking to exploit their consumers for profit.

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  • Ma
    magnum Jul 09, 2009

    We have a loan with National City. Last month I called NC and advised them we would be late on the payment. NC agreed to the late pay. Starting July 01, 2009 to this date we have received 144 documented calls from NC. We did talk with 3 reps and they stated, "we will call you everyday on the 1/2 hour or every minute until the account is paid. We are less than 15 days late. Evidently, calling and making payment arrangements was wrong.

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