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Circle K Stores Inc.

1130 W. Warner Rd, Bldg B
South Carolina
United States - 85284

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1877(Lithuania) 5 0
8800 555 4647(Russia) 4 0
+1 602 728 8000(Arizona) 257 129
+1 813 910 6800(Florida) 110 95
+1 330 630 6300(Great Lakes) 40 36
+1 850 454 1070(Gulf Coast) 53 38
+1 331 251 7300(Heartland) 28 30
+1 812 379 9227(Midwest) 72 45
+1 919 774 6700(South Atlantic) 38 25
+1 704 583 5700(Southeast) 109 69
+1 972 537 5885(Southwest) 49 41
+1 951 273 1175(West Coast) 42 27
+1 800 268 5574(Western Canada) 3 2
+1 888 999 9301(Central Canada & Quebec) 6 0
+1 800 361 2612(Eastern Quebec & Atlantic Division) 3 2
+1 506 382 8575(Moncton, New Brunswick) 2 0
+45 70 101 101(Denmark) 1 0
+372 675 7777(Estonia) 1 0
+353 12 028 888(Ireland) 5 1
+371 80 009 005(Latvia) 1 1
+47 22 962 000(Norway) 1 0
+48 222 552 255(Poland) 1 0
+46 84 296 300(Sweden) 1 1
Arizona Division
Po Box 52085, Phoenix, AZ 85072

Florida Division
12911 N. Telecom Parkway, Temple Terrace, Fl 33637

Great Lakes Division
935 E Tallmadge Ave., Akron, OH 44310

Gulf Coast Division
25 West Cedar Street Suite 100, Pensacola, Fl 32502

Heartland Division
550 Warrenville Rd Suite 400, Lisle, IL 60532

Midwest Division
Po Box 347, Columbus, IN 47202

South Atlantic Division
305 Gregson Dr., Cary, North Carolina

Southeast Division
2440 Whitehall Park Dr., Suite 800, Charlotte, NC 28273

Southwest Division
1199 South Beltline Road, Suite 160, Coppell, Texas 75019

West Coast Division
255 E. Rincon Suite № 119 Corona, CA 92879

Western Canada
№ 400, 229 – 33 Street NE, Calgary, AB, T2A 4Y6

Central Canada & Quebec
4204, boul. Industriel, Laval (Québec) H7L 0E3

Eastern Quebec & Atlantic Division 
825, Lebourgneuf Boulevard, Office 304, Quebec (Quebec), G2J 0B9

Moncton, New Brunswick
100, Cameron Street, Office 3000, Moncton, New Brunswick, E1C 5Y6
Borgmester Christiansens Gade 50, 2450 - Copenhagen SV

Circle K House, Beech Hill, Clonskeagh, Dublin 4

Duntes iela 6, Riga, LV-1013

J. Jasinskio str. 16A, 03163 Vilnius 

Schweigaards gate 16, 0191 Oslo

o. Puławska 86, 02-603 Warsaw

Marata St., 69-71 A, Saint Petersburg, 191119, Russia

Circle K Stores Complaints & Reviews

Circle K Stores / Service/Coffee

Jul 17, 2019

To begin with, I come to this location every morning for coffee and everytime I go in the hot latte machine either needs to be serviced or replenished, everytime I've asked either the manager or the woman whom primarily runs the food counter, I am given attitude as if I'm the one causing...

Circle K Stores / Service

Jul 17, 2019

You have a bunch.of kids running this location and they could care less about providing fresh coffee. Every time I go in their around 1:30 pm there is only dribbles of nearly cold, and muddy gray coffee. If I ask they will make a pot, but they look put out by it and I don't always have...

Circle K Stores / customer service

Jul 16, 2019

I stop at this gas station at least 3 times a week because of proximity to my home and I travel a lot. Each time I need to get gas they always claim to never have cash? How is that possible for a gas station on such a busy road. I had a 100.00 and needed 40.00 is gas. How can you run a...

Circle K Stores / customer service rep

Jul 16, 2019

I walked in around 2:05 a.m. to purchase cigarettes but before that i always get the cashier to do a price check on the biggest Beenie babies because I had one ring up for 4.99$ the other day so 25$ vs. 5$ heck yea I'm going to always check them. Tammy the lady at the register immediately...

Circle K Stores / chocolate bar

Jul 15, 2019

Bought two large Kit Kay chocolate bars open on the way home from Orilla to Midland my wife and I experienced a horrible taste we were half way home from Orilla to Midland decided to take to Circle K store in Midland we were told they couldn't do anything about the chocolate bars because...

Circle K Stores / no refund

Jul 13, 2019

I went to the Circle K number MW_32 I said I want 8 packs of Marlboro lights, and she said you should just get a carton. I then asked if I would get the discount for 2 packs, and she said yes she rang up 11 packs of Marlboro. I pay for them and then look at my receipt. I said you charged me...

Circle K Stores / store manager akeem

Jul 13, 2019

The general store manager at this store is absolutely rude, not only to some customers but to his employees as well. He stereotypes customers with tattoos and that wears certain clothing types. He is very rude to one of his employees in particular. She works overnight 5 nights a week. Ive...

Circle K Stores / minors buying alcohol

Jul 12, 2019

I have seen many times minors being allowed to purchase Beer. The Asst. Manager Allen is the person that does this. I go into this store very offten getting gas at night time. This night I got a soda and while at the soda station Allen was making fun with a young man and I overheard that...

Circle K Stores / store being locked

Jul 12, 2019

Every night this doors locked Yalta pound on the door and hope the attendance is there why is there not a buzzer on the door to be let in I understand having two employees cost too much money but if your advertisers 24-hours your door should be opened 24 hours I stood at the door in my...

Circle K Stores / chocolate covered raisins

Jul 11, 2019

I went next door to my local circle k to get myself a snack for work. I checked out and was eating them at work when I bit down and hurt my tooth and cut my gums on what was a chocolate covered piece of wood. Now I'm bleeding from my mouth at work and wondering what the hell I just paid...

Circle K Stores / price

Jul 11, 2019

Chardon Ohio you're not honoring the purchase a polar Pop and get the Reese's king size for a dollar is not price that way in your system but yet there's flyers all over the door and polar pop machine indicating difference 440.904.0155 email. [email protected] I'm adding words because it...

Circle K Stores / poor customer service

Jul 11, 2019

I stood in line for a bit while the clerk Johnny stood there scratching lottery ticket and Ruben handles the line I can't remember exact day but I did tell ruben that I was gonna report it . Everytime I go in melinda assistant manager and claudia ruben are always working crew leader Edgar...

Circle K Stores / management

Jul 11, 2019

I am 8 months pregnant I had just stood in a really long line to buy some coffee and a muffin with the little money I have. I had to stand there and re try my card about 6 times before it went through and my card worked just fine because I payed with it, it was a system error and the guy...

Circle K Stores / filth

Jul 11, 2019

7/10/19 This store is the filthiest store I have ever seen. The garbage cans are always overflowing, all the creamers are out (didn't matter because there was no coffee made), no cups available. The floors have a months worth of grim on them. Everything is out of stock. The store smells like...

Circle K Stores / fountain soda machine

Jul 10, 2019

The fountain soda machines are disgusting at this store. There is some weird residue on the metal ice dispenser handle as well as along the caulking securing the machine to the counter. This location is very convenient and the cashiers are pretty friendly for the most part, but I worry...

Circle K Stores / cashier attitude about sale items

Jul 10, 2019

I was in the store today 7/10 at 530-545 and I attempted to purchase 2 large packs of Doritos and 4 packs or red, white &blue trollies, a pack of hotdog buns, and a pack of miscellaneous Candy. Several of the items were marked with huge sale signs for instance 2 for $3.00 on the trollie...

Circle K Stores / attitude of employee

Jul 10, 2019

I stop in at the store at 1115 san pedro very often. I have gotten a simply cup for coffee refills at the promotion price of $0.99. The associate, Jo, seems to have a very difficult time charging me the correct amount. Even after countless times of telling her. When I tell her the price it...

Circle K Stores / rj roylinda abney, kim hunt

Jul 09, 2019

Roylinda abney (rj) is the rudest most foul mouth person i've ever heard that works for a comperation and gets away with it while on the clock shes been warned about a certain situation envolving someone in the community that is a loyal cutomer of circle k talking about her personal life...

Circle K Stores / parking lot/gas

Jul 09, 2019

I parked at a pump with a trailer to pump gas but had to go to the restroom first the manager i guess idk who he was came yelling at me move your truck you are hurting my business i told him i am about to buy gas i just need to use the restroom he said move it first or pump gas i told him...

Circle K Stores / customer service

Jul 08, 2019

I went into the Timrod st & alvernon location around 6:15-6:30pm on 7/8/19. When i got pulled into the parking lot i noticed a female cashier outside on her phone & also talking to a young man in the parking lot. I went inside to purchase alcohol. I was helped by a older male...

Circle K Stores / customer service "manager'

Jul 08, 2019

I drove 12 miles out of my way to the circle k on hwy 41 in charleston sc to get a car wash. The car wash menu/box was out of order, so I went inside the store. The clerk "sold" me a car wash (which I paid for!), but could not get a code to use it. She called over her 12 yr old bo...

Circle K Stores / service

Jul 05, 2019

I was recently working at your 2755 kettering store and i was fired yesterday (07/04/19) because of my allergies. I am allergic to grass and cleaning chemicals. I asked the store manager brandon would he like for me to bring in notes that certifies my allergies and he replyed no and still...

Circle K Stores / lottery

Jul 05, 2019

Hello I wanted to share my experience at one of your stories witch was 5929 new cut road Louisville Ky 40214 at around 5:10 am at 7/5/19 I came into the store to buy a lottery ticket from the lottery machine I put in two dollars and the machine wouldn't give me my ticket so I ask the lady...

Circle K Stores / wally employee at store located at skipper rd and bruce b downs

Jul 05, 2019

I went into the store to purchase pretzels and beer when i got to the register a middle aged man named Wally (unfortunate, I know) refused me service says my ID was "mutilated" because it was slightly bent. I then asked my girlfriend in the car to purchase the items for me less than one...

Circle K Stores / manager at haverwood/ tollway store

Jul 04, 2019

This morning I was getting a coffee for my son which I normally do, I put a few creamers in and took 5 extra just in case my son wanted more and the cashier, Ali, told me that in the store I cannot have that many creams it was bad for my stomach and next time no cream for me. He...

Circle K Stores / my check

Jul 01, 2019

My name is kiara calvin. I work at circlek on Indiana nd Vicksburg ms. I haven't received my check and I been askin about it every since last Thursday when I suppose too got paid I have heard back from anyone at it and it seems like I'm working for free I'm late I'm paying my bills because...

Circle K Stores / racial discrimination lawsuit

Jul 01, 2019

My name isJoseph despenza. I'm an ex employee that was ran off from the circle k oak harbor branch in Slidell La. I was ran off from working for you all Buy a racist manager by the name of Kat and a racist customer the reason why I am claiming that she's racist is because the customer...

Circle K Stores / service

Jun 30, 2019

My son went into circle K and proceeded to get an icee and the light did not indicate it was ready or not ready. The cup overflowed with liquid/solid mixture, forcing all the liquid to rise to the top and overflow. The clerk on duty at 8:15 on 6/30/19 at the location on highway 90 in...

Circle K Stores / the cashier

Jun 30, 2019

Tracy an employee at store 4966 on kingsfield told me after I asked what her problem was that I always make a mess and I don't. Also refused to give me complaints number and said not to come back to the store yet and started acting like I was being rude. When I was just trying to get a...

Circle K Stores / problems with service

Jun 29, 2019

On June 29, 2019 approximately 3:00 pm, I arrived at Circle K, 5445 Capital Circle SW, Tallahassee, FL 32305 to purchase a $.79 Any Size Fountain Drink. After standing in a long line watching one employee busy herself with stocking an already stocked food area while one employee worked the...

Circle K Stores / cashier at store - rude (eric)

Jun 29, 2019

At store 10701 Unser Blvd NW, ALBUQUERQUE Very RUDE cashier-ERIC to everyone in his line. Treated customers w/absolutely no respect. He was dressed sloppy, no name tag, greasy hair, angry acting like he hated his job but he should not take out on customer @your store. He should be fired...

Circle K Stores / employees

Jun 28, 2019

Hello, I have a very serious complaint about the employees at Circle K, Mount Pleasant. UNACCEPTABLE and UNPROFESSIONAL situation!! I was embarrassed! And the employees at this location have NO education in serving foreign clients!! Please contact me ASAP, as I want to talk to someone...

Circle K Stores / cheated out 20.00

Jun 28, 2019

6/27/19 12:27 PM ORDER NUMBER 335599 CIRCLE K 6301 REGISTAR 1 on the above date i pullin to pump 5 went inside got a few items and went to checkout i purchased 20.00 in gas total bill 31.73. which i paid with my visa when i got to the pump inserted the hose no fuel just a see cashier on...

Circle K Stores / ice coffee

Jun 27, 2019

I go to this location that is a little further from my house specifically because they have a ice coffee machine, and it is open 24 hours a day. Well for atleast the last two months when I have gone there (which is atleast a few times a week, if not every day) the ice coffee machine ha...

Circle K Stores / harassing my child

Jun 26, 2019

I would like to file a complain against one of the store circle k on 3010 Buena Vista Rd Columbus GA 31906 it like ever time I send my son to the store they always harassing him and calling the police on him and they tell him he is ban from the store it always happens when he go at night...

Circle K Stores / I am employee

Jun 24, 2019

Hi my name is Donald Berdine And my fiancé Meghan Dawson. Our boss Jamie of the Circle K in Patterson PA put words in my mouth yesterday calling me saying that me and my fiancé said the N-word to a coworker that we work with. This coworker called Jamie after my fiancé walked out due to her...

Circle K Stores / poor customer service

Jun 24, 2019

Circle K at 7802 S.P.I.P store 1505 has 2 employees that were so rude to me Saturday at 11 oclock Customers were ignored by both clerks Ms. Sue and Miranda. They didnt acknowledge us in store and were talking bad about their co worker Jake. They complained in front of customers. Another...

Circle K Store / assistant manager jaime

Jun 23, 2019

I was at the location at 6306 E. Riverside Dr. and Montopolis Dr. Austin, TX. I was tempted on purchasing 2 packs odd Marlboro Lights Special Select cigarette that are on sale for $4.94 per pack when buying 2 packs. The cost would be $10.78. The Assistant Mgr. Jaime did not give me the...

Circle K Stores / regular gas pump #1 far east side.

Jun 22, 2019

Saturday June 22nd 2019, at approximately 6:45 am, I paid cash 40 dollars to the attendant for regular gas for my boat. I preceded to complete my transaction and enjoy my day. My boat had 5 to ten gallons in it prior to get gas from your company. After put the appropriate 16 gallons of...

Circle K Stores / gas

Jun 22, 2019

I was at the pump getting gas i let it fill up while looking at my phone. It reached 15.00 then stopped it self. (I was paying with a card at the pump) i wanted 20.00 so it pulled the switch to pump more ot put about another dollar then stopped again. It continued to do this until at 18.00...