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Circle K Stores Inc.

1130 W. Warner Rd., Bldg B
United States - 85284

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 602 728 8000(Arizona) 157 51
+1 813 910 6800(Florida) 3 1
+1 330 630 6300(Great Lakes) 1 0
+1 850 454 1070(Gulf Coast) 1 0
+1 331 251 7300(Heartland) 1 0
+1 812 379 9227(Midwest) 1 0
+1 919 774 6700(South Atlantic) 3 0
+1 704 583 5700(Southeast) 4 1
+1 972 537 5885(Southwest) 0 0
+1 951 273 1175(West Coast) 1 0
Arizona Division
Po Box 52085, Phoenix, AZ 85072
Florida Division
12911 N. Telecom Parkway, Temple Terrace, Fl 33637
Great Lakes Division
935 E Tallmadge Ave., Akron, OH 44310
Gulf Coast Division
25 West Cedar Street Suite 100, Pensacola, Fl 32502
Heartland Division
550 Warrenville Rd Suite 400, Lisle, IL 60532

Circle K Stores Complaints & Reviews

Circle K Stores / employee

MelodyB12 on Apr 27, 2017
On Saturday April 22, 2017 and employee by the name of Janay Matthews refused my service because she doesn't like me over something that happened at another restaurant here in my home town of Brewton al. She called me out of my name several times in front of customers and a police officer...

Circle K Stores / filter tip black milds

Raniqua on Apr 24, 2017
This is a complaint is for the circle k on Main Street in Engelwood 45415. Every time I walk in this store it's never any Filter Tip Black n Milds. Then to top that off the employees wants to get smart about it not being any Filter Tips. The comment an employee made was "Do you see then up...

Circle K Stores / Bad service experience

Mooreson on Apr 23, 2017
I went to the Mesa Dr and university location in Mesa Az. The store number is 1994 if I'm not mistaken. ( I asked an employee) The reason for this is I was walking out of the store the other day and I walked over to where my car was parked on the side of the building and when I looked over...

Circle K Stores / Horrible customer service /employee name Sierra

Laura Tomblin on Apr 22, 2017
On Saturday 4/22/17 around 5 pm I walked into circle k in Gretna at 929 Lafayette st. Female employee was mopping the floors. I walked to the cooler and then to the counter and waited for the employee to ring me up. She proceeded to slowly continue to mop her floor as I waiting for her. I...

Circle K Stores / Car wash and circle k staff

Joe Dawson II on Apr 20, 2017
I purchased a car wash at Circle K 2705183 located at 7901 Garners Ferry Rd. Columbia SC 29209 Telephone 803 783 7219 wash code 1714, with my fuel. My vehicle was not cleaned throughly with the $14.00 wash. The brushes didn't operate with the last two cycles either. I went in to speak with...

Circle K Stores / Drive thru employee

Kruger69 on Apr 20, 2017
His name was ted from store #5626 in canton ohio and he was rude and pushy i was askin my wife what all she wanted and he just keep rushing me and interrupting me even though i was the only one in the drive thru. If thats how customers are treated then this is unacceptable and needs to be...

Circle K Stores / Manager

Joseph Barksdale on Apr 16, 2017
I am a 62 year old male and got into a argument with a women about a handicap spot that I was legally parked and she parked illegally beside me and when I went to complain to manager to have them to explain to the women that she was wrong I was attacked verbally and told to get out. I need...

Circle K Stores / Breaking a hundred dollars bill

Nichole Christian on Apr 15, 2017
I went to buy a pack of new ports with a hundred dollars bill and the cashier said they are not allowed to do this and I asked her in a low voice can't u drop from the safe because I worked for circle k as a manager for 10 years honorably before I left.she rejected me again and said once...

Circle K Inc / customer/bad management

London6767@hotmail.com on Apr 12, 2017
I am a regular in this store and in a nut shell within the past two years, this store has become the most unpleasing place to be. I had a rude encounter with the manager herself. She had a line of people yet told the co worker "the male that works there", to put his sign up and do...

Circle K Inc / Customer

Badmanagement on Apr 11, 2017
I love right down the road from this store so I'm there multiple times a day. I have dealt with each employee including the manager. I'll start with the manager. I refuse to go there when she's there and instead shoot across the street to the other store. There was a line to...

Circle K / service

Sandragon on Apr 10, 2017
The Circle K on 44th Street and Camelback has the worst customer service ever. The register attendants are chatty Cathy's that seem to be irritated when they have to stop and actually do their jobs. I been going there for over 3 years since I work across the street and dealing with the...

Circle K / Young rude employee

The circle K located at 5018 Sunset Rd. Has a very rude employee. Every time she's working she always has an attitude as if she hates her job. I never complain but Friday night 4/7/17 pushed me over the edge with this young lady. Around 9:10p.m I am assuming she was off the clock by her...

Circle K / Falling in their parking lot

cat55new on Apr 8, 2017
I fell in a circle k parking lot in Shepherdsville ky I went in this was Monday the april the 3 I went in gave the lady all my info and told her depending on how I felt later as too if I would go to the hospital I was hurting bad the next day ankle knee hip they put aircast on ankle...

Circle K / Coffee

Fernow Angelica on Apr 7, 2017
I stopped at the gas station around 11pm. I really wanted some fresh coffee after my double shift. There was no coffee made, so I decided to just get some cappuccino. After I proceeded to try 4 of the 8 types, they all came out clear meaning there was none in the machine. I had to drive to a different store 4 miles away just to get a cup of coffee.

Circle K / Employee unprofessionalism

yomomma2017 on Apr 7, 2017
Circle K Store #2708821 10685 US Hwy 98 W, Miramar Beach FL 32550 Employee on duty at 12:31:51 pm at register 2 was first complaining about another employee in front of customers, then rudely told the woman in front of me that she couldn't take her hundred dollar bill instead of getting...

Circle K / Polar pop machine

Laura Olds on Apr 6, 2017
I was getting a polar pop when i realized that there was a black gel substance that was hanging out of the nozzle!! I put my finger inside the nozzle and out came a VERY large ball of black slime!! I brought it to the clerks attention and i was treated rudely! I am a truck driver and i...

Circle K / Charging for ice bringing in own cups

Nobody.anonymous on Apr 5, 2017
I am a daily customer at the Circle K/kangaroo/BP in Chelsea AL. I buy gas there, I buy donuts there, I buy Gatorade there, sometimes milk when I don't want to go to Walmart, and my children drink about a gallon a day. My point is, I spend money there DAILY. Since Chelsea is a small town...

Circle K / Nasty fuel island / parking , fuel pumps work intermittently

Tim Hill on Apr 3, 2017
Circle K Fl-10, Chaffee Rd N & Chaffee Rd S Jacksonville, FL 32220 I am not one to submit these type complaints but rather just go somewhere else. Circle K purchased this store approx a year ago. I was happy to see that. Recently I began to dread stopping there. The fuel island is nasty...

Circle K / Horrible management, threats, harassment

User1491209467 on Apr 3, 2017
Okay, I may not have worked at circle k long, I lasted 5 days, but that was 5 days too long. I took this job because where I live employment is scarce. I couldn't find anything in my expertise, so I had to settle because money doesn't grow on trees. This job is the absolute WORST job I...

Circle K / F'real milkshake machine

Trinity Martha-Rei on Apr 2, 2017
I went in to get a milkshake, and after using the machine, I found little black pieces of something in my milkshake! That is absolutely horrible that your employees don't care enough about health standards. Not to mention, the machine made a horrible sound and took about probably half of...

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