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Circle K Stores Inc.

1130 W. Warner Rd., Bldg B
United States - 85284

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 602 728 8000(Arizona) 206 97
+1 813 910 6800(Florida) 61 45
+1 330 630 6300(Great Lakes) 21 16
+1 850 454 1070(Gulf Coast) 26 14
+1 331 251 7300(Heartland) 14 13
+1 812 379 9227(Midwest) 47 24
+1 919 774 6700(South Atlantic) 21 11
+1 704 583 5700(Southeast) 64 33
+1 972 537 5885(Southwest) 33 26
+1 951 273 1175(West Coast) 28 10
Arizona Division
Po Box 52085, Phoenix, AZ 85072
Florida Division
12911 N. Telecom Parkway, Temple Terrace, Fl 33637
Great Lakes Division
935 E Tallmadge Ave., Akron, OH 44310
Gulf Coast Division
25 West Cedar Street Suite 100, Pensacola, Fl 32502
Heartland Division
550 Warrenville Rd Suite 400, Lisle, IL 60532

Circle K Stores Complaints & Reviews

Circle K Stores / the employees

Disappointed coustomers on Jan 19, 2018
I asked in a respectful manner about the new store in millbrook/prattville if they were going to do breakfast like the old store used to and I was told in a very rude manner that there was a jacks right across the street that I could go to. I was very shocked in how I was talked to by thi...

Circle K Stores / employees allowing panhandling

Jonathan1549 on Jan 19, 2018
I went to the store on 19th Ave and Grant in Phoenix Arizona. It was closes and convenient. As I was at the check out counter, a young boy became real close to me and made me uncomfortable. As I left he followed behind and once outside began to call me sir and then asked for money for hi...

Circle K / gas/service station air machine at a brand new store

Vickie Benak on Jan 17, 2018
A Circle K opened up just a couple of months ago in Schererville IN 46375 My very first and only visit was to use your air pumps. There are two. One said out of order, the other would not take payment. Tried for 15 minutes in the bitter cold. Went inside and was told " machine don't take...

Circle K Stores / circle k pizza

Mmmmmm17 on Jan 16, 2018
I ate the circle k pizza last night. And the next morning it made me so sick. I have diarrhea, nausea, and feel like throwing up. My stomach is also hurting very badly, it feels like it's cramping up. This is not the first time it has happened to me. My friend also ate it as well a few...

Circle K Stores / service

Stormydani on Jan 16, 2018
Hello I live behind chevron in Ashland.. The circle k on hwy 66 Ashland or.. 541-488-4863 its 11:45pm and just shop there every day spend alot of money there.. Anyways the older heavy set smoker is always very very rude and now the little girl that looks 12 cashier was extremely rude! I...

Circle K Stores / payment not received

Karib on Jan 12, 2018
on December 8, 2017 I was at circle k store 01299 and bought $850 in Itunes cards and at the register the lady told me that my cards all declined and I looked at my credit card and I have been charged $850.00 and I have been calling Heather the manager at the 01299 store and she says it i...

Circle K Stores / pending debit card transaction - hold when no purchase made

HayleyCamber120 on Jan 7, 2018
I went into the circle k location in holden Maine on Jan 7th 2018 @ 6:15am. I attempted to purchase a 50$gift card using half cash, half chime bank card. The cashier told me it didn't go through on my card for the attempted amount of 22$. I ended up paying cash for gas and not buying g the...

Circle K / service of an employee that always has issues with every customer no matter the situation

Gary claypool on Jan 6, 2018
Every time I come in to this location don't know what it is or y it is but this lady/cashier seems to find issues with something no matter the situation. Can't seem to understand y and to me she is doing things under her way not the owners way and costing the store lots of potential money...

Circle K Stores / debit card pending charge policy

Joe Spell on Jan 4, 2018
Customer Beware! 12/28/17 Purchased $12 of fuel. Debit card assessed a $ 50 charge pending reconciling the actual amount. Held the money until 1/4/18 after I contacted Chase Bank and had the charge removed. Circle K held $38 of my dollars for 8 days, would have been longer if I had not...

Circle K Stores / employee was very rude and said and he hit me

Lisa brownwst on Jan 4, 2018
The New Year's Eve 2017 I was in Circle K on Bellaire and some not talking with manager about rudeness of employees Kathy push me across the counter and mo start laughing and the manager said they would talk to her I find it very rude and insulting then on January 3rd at 6 p.m. I return to...

Circle K Stores / check out clerk erica norman

GA@@@ on Jan 2, 2018
1/2/18 I have been going to this store for over a year and all the cashier clerks were very customer oriented until this lady erica norman who has never been at the store on washington road, augusta ga since i've been going there. I know there have been some new people over the holiday...

Circle K Stores / paypal prepaid card

Scuddmissle on Jan 2, 2018
Huachuca City circle k, Regarding : Kimberly, and mike Last Friday night I purchased a PayPal prepaid card in the amount of $500. I was actually going to buy 2 of them for that amount, but considering I have never received my $500 on my card I decided to wait. It is now 5 days later and I...

Circle K Stores / the manager and a customer service of the store

Marlin abdo on Dec 31, 2017
Yesterday was December 30th and I have happened to be driving by and decided me and my husband that we were going to get a Mega Mill like we usually do and I wanted it for 10 drawing what number multiplied by 2 the cashier print it out turn 10 numbers when drawing and which is $30 anyway I...

Circle K Stores / this is more of a huge thank you

Granny Rose on Dec 29, 2017
I have been going into the circle k located at 2505 w 8th street here in Yuma Arizona for 8 years now. Just about every day. When I found out that the manager Esmeralda was transferred me and quite a few regulars were upset. IDK who that was that had replaced her but she was rude as hell...

Circle K Stores / fuel pump # 4 diesel

Mike Yosha on Dec 28, 2017
We have been using this service station for about a year or so fueling our box truck, we arrived today at around 3pm and began to fuel our truck and noticed that the pump was running slow enough to encourage us to use another station and pay more to save time as it took about 10 minute...

Circle K Stores / clerk behind the counter/courtney

Jannmann on Dec 27, 2017
I walked into the Circle K and stood in line behind one person as I was next in line the clerk Courtney called next in line looking at the other line I asked am I invisible she said she was next in line I said ma'am I just walked in I think I was next in line she got up set started...

Circle K Stores / customer service

Ms. James on Dec 26, 2017
I attempted to use the air/vac machine located on the property of your 2501 hope mills rd, fayetteville, nc 28306 location. After putting in my money the last quarter got stuck (Visible, but not within reach). I reported this to your attendant on duty this day 12/26/2017 @ 3:50pm. A young...

Circle K Stores / employee and management

Angel Cabrera on Dec 25, 2017
On the evening of the 23rd of december this month at around 530 pm, phoenix arizona near 19th ave and peoria my older brother and I had walked to circle k to get some drinks. We walked in, were minding our own business. I was feeling ill and just got a water bottle. I didnt want to fallow...

Circle K Stores / I was charged twice for the same transaction.

Ashley Mccloud on Dec 25, 2017
I would like to knoa ahy there are mannagers in your stir that claim they were not trained on how to do a refund. I went in the store and was double chagered. Then I was told that if I came back they would fix it. When I got there apparently they werent trained on how to fix there mistake? There was no attempt to rrsolve the issue and that is not okay.

Circle K Stores / employee complaint

brancourt on Dec 25, 2017
Hi, my name is brianna Rancourt and I work at store #7213 in ossipee, NH. I am writing this because I have a concern about my safety traveling to the store during snow storms. I have asked to transfer to the Union store because it's closer to my house. My manager told me no. I have already...

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