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Circle K Stores Customer Service

989 Reviews

Circle K Stores Inc.

1130 W. Warner Rd, Bldg B
United States - 85284

Customer Support Phone Numbers

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+1 330 630 6300(Great Lakes)
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+1 850 454 1070(Gulf Coast)
49 36
+1 331 251 7300(Heartland)
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+1 919 774 6700(South Atlantic)
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+1 704 583 5700(Southeast)
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+1 972 537 5885(Southwest)
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+1 951 273 1175(West Coast)
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+1 800 268 5574(Western Canada)
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+1 888 999 9301(Central Canada & Quebec)
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+1 800 361 2612(Eastern Quebec & Atlantic Division)
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+1 506 382 8575(Moncton, New Brunswick)
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+372 675 7777(Estonia)
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Arizona Division
Po Box 52085, Phoenix, AZ 85072

Florida Division
12911 N. Telecom Parkway, Temple Terrace, Fl 33637

Great Lakes Division
935 E Tallmadge Ave., Akron, OH 44310

Gulf Coast Division
25 West Cedar Street Suite 100, Pensacola, Fl 32502

Heartland Division
550 Warrenville Rd Suite 400, Lisle, IL 60532

Midwest Division
Po Box 347, Columbus, IN 47202

South Atlantic Division
305 Gregson Dr., Cary, North Carolina

Southeast Division
2440 Whitehall Park Dr., Suite 800, Charlotte, NC 28273

Southwest Division
1199 South Beltline Road, Suite 160, Coppell, Texas 75019

West Coast Division
255 E. Rincon Suite № 119 Corona, CA 92879

Western Canada
№ 400, 229 – 33 Street NE, Calgary, AB, T2A 4Y6

Central Canada & Quebec
4204, boul. Industriel, Laval (Québec) H7L 0E3

Eastern Quebec & Atlantic Division 
825, Lebourgneuf Boulevard, Office 304, Quebec (Quebec), G2J 0B9

Moncton, New Brunswick
100, Cameron Street, Office 3000, Moncton, New Brunswick, E1C 5Y6
Borgmester Christiansens Gade 50, 2450 - Copenhagen SV

Circle K House, Beech Hill, Clonskeagh, Dublin 4

Duntes iela 6, Riga, LV-1013

J. Jasinskio str. 16A, 03163 Vilnius 

Schweigaards gate 16, 0191 Oslo

o. Puławska 86, 02-603 Warsaw

Marata St., 69-71 A, Saint Petersburg, 191119, Russia

Circle K Stores Complaints & Reviews

Circle K Stores / service from manager and employees

Melinda Thorn on Nov 12, 2018

I go to circle k in kingwood WV numerous times a day. Several times to purchase polar pop snacks and hot food. I purchase there daily up to 4-5 times a day. For past several weeks I have been told by certain employees and others that I have been whispered about and accused of doing thing...

Circle K Stores / the additional fee tacked on to the price of gas.

Rhonda Hanson-Formosa on Nov 11, 2018

Pulled up to stores Gas Sign said 2.43 per gallon. When I got my receipt there was an additional $.18 cents for Use Fuel Rate???? Which was charged to me also. I have lived in Arizona and have never, ever scene this or been charged this ridiculous fee for gas. I was expecting $2.43 per...

Circle K Stores / I am complaining about the circle k manager, lateka davis who work at the circle k location at 401 east screvens street, quitman, ga

Quit Woman on Nov 9, 2018

LaTeka Davis, a manager for Circle K at 401 East Screvens Street, Quitman, GA, lied to the Quitman Police Dept. to get me trespassed. She was holding a grudge about a complaint I made to her supervisor about her behavior at Circle K. It included LaTeka being rude, sarcastic, and having a...

Circle K / human decency

Catherine McRae on Nov 9, 2018

A lock on the bathroom door is necessary. Heroine Addicts and Crack heads and Meth Addicts constantly overdose in the bathroom, leave needles, clog the toilet, and cause an unsafe work place for the employee (only 1 per shift), and an unsafe environment for other customers. The junkie...

Circle K Stores / refunds

Geo Williams on Nov 9, 2018

I have been waiting for a refund since 11-2-2018 on a purchase that was made at the circle K on Power rd. and Southern ave. in Mesa Arizona it only takes 30 seconds to withdraw from my debit card why do I have to wait 2 weeks to get my money back on my card, I will NEVER shop at another...

Circle K Stores / lazy manager, no shoes or shirts required

Dale12345$ on Nov 8, 2018

312 W Brownlee St in Starke Florida. Every time I am in there and the "Manager" is working there are always 10 or more people in line at a single checkout while she is sitting on her fat butt in the office. When she's not there there are always 2 register's open and things move quickly. Also...

Circle K / cashier

SamLucio on Nov 8, 2018

There is a cashier here by the name of Miriam M. That is rude to some customers and extra friendly to the men! This person is a homewrecker and should not be working in a place like this at all!!! There has been complaints about her already but she is still working there! I don't think...

Circle K / terri cashier

brookstiff2 on Nov 6, 2018

My daughter has had been in the Circle K going on the second time this morning when she proceeded to go into the store to the restroom she got to the girls door the lady scream from behind the counter across the store with multiple customers inside the store at my daughter that she was in...

Circle K Stores / cashieartitide.

Diamonde on Nov 1, 2018

I tried to purchase cigarettes earlier and the cashier rang up he wron kind. When I pointed this out she got rude with me and tried to charge me the price of the first pack she rang up. When I commented that there is a price difference she said "since when" I said there always has been so...

Circle K Stores / attitude of cashier on duty

Anna on Oct 30, 2018

Store 8341 in Lake Charles on Prien Lake Rd around 3:10pm I pulled up to a pump on the North side of the building and went to the door that turned out to be locked. There was no sign on the door and the cashier was at the register. I tapped on the window. She motioned for me to go around...

Circle K Stores / gas station selling food covered in mold

Reedster on Oct 29, 2018

The circle K at 4048 Charleston Hwy, West Columbia, SC 29172 Is selling sausage biscuits that are covered in mold there is no excuse for that at all I bought 2 sausage biscuits this morning and ate the first one that looked ok and then opened the second to find it covered in mold then spent...

Circle K Stores / bad gas

Tudaizeu on Oct 29, 2018

My husband fueled his pick up at the dothan, Alabama Montgomery hwy store 3 days ago. His engine has gone out on his truck. He bought premium gas but the machanic says it was desiel. I am filing a greivence case for this as this has cost me a 7800.00 truck. I will be glad to work with you...

Circle K Stores / refused to purchase item

Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv on Oct 28, 2018

I was refused for Tabaccoo product because I have a temporary paper id which is what Illinois gives you till plastic comes in mail it's just as valid and they tell you that when you buy your id I have gone to this store on pamala dr in Bloomington Il 61704 before with same paper id and...

Circle K Stores / hot food section

MrsFrazee on Oct 28, 2018

I walked in to order a pizza in circle k and the lady working wanted to go home and told me I could not order a pizza, as a pizza was coming out of the oven. She had a pizza in the display and i asked if i could purchase that pizza and she proceed to tell me no, she needed to sell it by...

Circle K / service

DeSpain on Oct 26, 2018

10/26/18 I'm a 42 year old mom who to the Circle K on Palo Verde near Milton in Tucson Arizona. I had my 14 year old daughter with me as I proceeded to the counter to buy a pack of cigarettes. When I was met buy a rude Punk who thought he was going to "school" me on the...

Circle K Stores / employee that cussed at me today

RoseMald on Oct 26, 2018

I came into one of your stores 520 east prien lake rd, Lake Charles Louisiana 70607.Your employee called me a bitch after I told her I was going to report her for mis treating me .And she continued to cuss all out in front of other customers this happened around 740pm.I hope you take care...

Circle K Stores / employee

Rhreen on Oct 26, 2018

Hello my name is Marla I'm writing you in reference to a specific employee in your keansburg New Jersey store. I have over the past 3 months had to use your store being that is the closest to my home but as of last week I now walk 5 blocks to the 7 11 to avoide confrontation with an...

Circle K Stores / customer service

Carol Vooght on Oct 26, 2018

Store location: 12045 Bryant Street Yucaipa, California. Time: 8:40 AM October 26, 2018 Entered location to fill up my SUV with fuel. Store FILTHY! No; ketchup, mustard, napkins, filthy counters!! Purchase $100 in fuel and a Starbucks coffee. *The cashier was actually wearing a headset with...

Circle K Stores / incorrect diesel price display

Ajmarkin on Oct 23, 2018

On 10/22/18 at 13:23, I pulled into Circle K 2720104 at 4835 Hope Valley Rd in Durham NC Where the fuel prices showed diesel at $3.09 gallon but when I was pumping I noticed the pump showed $319/ gallon I went inside to ask about it and was curtly told that the sign had not been updated...

Circle K Stores / associate

....!# on Oct 23, 2018

This lady is rude and has harassed me and my family more than once when it's suppose to be a public store. She is rude and has no respect and walks away when she has customers. Has stopped someone of my family physically from leaving the store even after things were paid for. She doesn't...