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Circle K Stores Customer Service

773 Reviews

Circle K Stores Inc.

1130 W. Warner Rd., Bldg B
United States - 85284

Customer Support Phone Numbers

233 110
84 68
+1 330 630 6300(Great Lakes)
30 27
+1 850 454 1070(Gulf Coast)
35 31
+1 331 251 7300(Heartland)
18 22
62 31
+1 919 774 6700(South Atlantic)
25 19
+1 704 583 5700(Southeast)
87 50
+1 972 537 5885(Southwest)
37 31
+1 951 273 1175(West Coast)
34 20
Arizona Division
Po Box 52085, Phoenix, AZ 85072
Florida Division
12911 N. Telecom Parkway, Temple Terrace, Fl 33637
Great Lakes Division
935 E Tallmadge Ave., Akron, OH 44310
Gulf Coast Division
25 West Cedar Street Suite 100, Pensacola, Fl 32502
Heartland Division
550 Warrenville Rd Suite 400, Lisle, IL 60532
Midwest Division
Po Box 347, Columbus, IN 47202
South Atlantic Division
305 Gregson Dr., Cary, North Carolina
Southeast Division
2440 Whitehall Park Dr., Suite 800, Charlotte, NC 28273
Southwest Division
1199 South Beltline Road, Suite 160, Coppell, Texas 75019
West Coast Division
255 E. Rincon Suite #119 Corona, CA 92879

Circle K Stores Complaints & Reviews

Circle K Stores / Employee

Mary Batson on Jun 23, 2018

Im not sure the employees name but he works the night shift at the lake hamilton florida store. I went in to buy 2 cartons of cigarettes totaling 109 and some change and this man sat there and kept saying oh no oh my gosh for like 5 minutes i asked him if there was a issue he said no none...

Circle K Stores / Many times I have been to this locations I never witnessed anything like this

Tottianna Gray on Jun 23, 2018

Need serious improvement. I paid 15$ For gas at a pump that didn't work which no one put a note on, tried to get a refund instead it took 25$ and the girl at the register didn't know how to fix it and she called the manger 10times and no one picked up which had me standing there over...

Circle K Stores / Employee abuse

Frank Scott on Jun 23, 2018

I may or may not be doing what I feel is right. For over 2 months now that I have continued making my morning stop at your store located at 8110 highway 64, in Bartlett. Where I have watched this store go from the worst to the best. I as well as all my co workers have witnessed this one...

Circle K Stores / Management abuse

Ernest Cox on Jun 23, 2018

I am a frequent customer to the store at 8110 highway 64, Bartlett tn. I am in this store several times a day. Each time I visit the manager is taking her problems of other workers out on the one true worker she has. She is cussing, fussing, and threatening this cashier. This cashier i...

Circle K Stores / harassed by cashier

Daniel Beck on Jun 21, 2018

Regarding the Circle K on Garden and A street in Pensacola, Fl. I had been going in to this store for 5 years almost every morning to get a cup of coffee. I had gone in one early Sunday morning back in March with a used Circle K coffee cup to get theses expensive refill price. I went to...

Circle K Stores / manager

Pumpkin1 on Jun 21, 2018

I was racially profiled at circle k in cary nc. Store location number 1032. Now lets go back a few months. I had approached the same manager for a part time job several months before. I moved from ny to cary nc several months ago and have a well paying job but just wanted to work part time...

Circle K Stores / circle k

Jay Mend on Jun 18, 2018

Ok where to begin my name is Jason Mendoza. over at 1406 W Broadway Rd Tempe AZ 85282 there is this worker named Valerie Vizcarra she goes outside to buy Cocaine and Medical off a guy named Bobby Hernandez. And she does them drugs in the parking lot i recorded it on my phone and put it on...

Circle K / harassment and defamation of character

Lizdillo85 on Jun 18, 2018

Hi I live in Luling, tx where my incident took place at Luling, tx circle k 104 mangolia street. I worked across the street and for some odd reason my husband's boss came across the street twice to talk to my boss. My husband couldn't say anything . Because he feared retaliation from her. Not...

Circle K Stores / customer representative

Shary E on Jun 16, 2018

Hi, my boyfriend and I were tonight at the Circle K by the E. Tallmadge ave in akron oh, I do not know the store number. I was buzzing for more than 5 minutes I think and the cashier didn't show up, when I was walking to my car another customer call me back because she finally wa...

Circle K Stores / worker

Amber leigh hart on Jun 14, 2018

Christian white whom ive never met before yeslled at me in a store full of people and threatned to call the police on me and wouldnt let me purches the drinks i jad alrrady made. When i asked her why what did i do she said"because your a theif amd a nasty person" i javr never been...

Circle K Stores / unethical behavior

SHDriver on Jun 13, 2018

While I appreciate that this store is in a very convenient location for me and thus received all of my default business for gas, quick fixes, ice cream, milk and eggs, Gatorade, etc. I have noticed a steady decline in its value to me and to many of its other customers. Many of us are now...

Circle K Stores / gas

Anne Crawley on Jun 12, 2018

On June 7, 2018, I pumped $25 worth of gas using my debit card (entered my pin#). I went to another store to purchase food but was told I had insufficient funds to pay. I went back to the gas station and was told Circle-K didn't take extra money out of accounts. I learned this i...

Circle K Stores / employee


A Cicle K employee Mr. Kieth Evens in uniform came into my establishment to move his corporate phone into a consumers account. He was irate and would not listen to what we had to tell him. He was extremely rude and uncooperative! Please advise your employees that our company is doing...

Circle K Stores / customer service

Thomas1990 on Jun 10, 2018

Circle K of Umatilla employees are very rude and unprofessional. I was in Umatilla to visit my mother and came to buy cigarettes yesterday on June 9, 2018 when I was walking back to my car I saw a Circle K employee yelling and screaming at another Circle K employee cusing the one sitting...

Circle K Stores / unprofessional and socially unacceptable behavior

AnonymousCFC on Jun 10, 2018

To whom it may concern, I am a regular Patron of Circle K store number 6773. On three separate occasions I have witnessed one employee in particular named Thomas verbally assault his fellow employees in front of a store full of customers and nothing has been done to remedy his behavior. He...

Circle K Stores / cashier refusing service discrimination

Korrell Penn (Kpeezy) on Jun 9, 2018

I always have some type of problem with a certain cashier but tonight she was just so nasty and rude to me. I went to the ATM, withdrew 40 dollars, went to make a frosty, got her long line and waited my turn at the counter. When it was my turn I placed my frosty on the counter, pulled out...

Circle K Stores / rude company employee

T m baker on Jun 9, 2018

Went in your circle k store in Chattanooga Tn on amnicola highway. At approximately 12:00am central time. I went in with my own coffee cup. Employee had 3 of the yellow slippery when wet signs up in front of the coffee station because he was mopping. I stepped around the yellow signs to...

Circle K Stores / customer service

Hailey Cooper on Jun 8, 2018

The lady had a register is closed sign so I went to the other side. She then snapped and was like uhh i'm over here. So I went over there an she was rude the whole time of course. Then as I was walking out she was like nasty [censored]. Y'all can't need help that bad that you will hire any...

Circle K / i'm a employee who is being mistreated

Sandrajean65 on Jun 8, 2018

Flashfood store 182 Not being paid at all. been there for a month bullied mistreated . Lost wages due to computer work not being done I have phone records were I called and talked to cooperate I was never in the system. can't clock in manager not doing job 7068182181 hayley hood a...

Circle K Stores / I paid for 15.00 of gas and 3.49 for a drink inside the store and I was charged 78.64

AmeliaDaven on Jun 8, 2018

I paid for gas and a drink inside of the store I walked out to put my stuff in the the car and I got a bank alert they took 78.64 out of my account. I went back inside to find out what was going on and to get my money back. They couldn't tell me why nor did they put the money back on my...