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Ordered some chicken to go and paid extra for white meat. I got home and realized that there was only one piece of white meat and the rest was chicken drums. I called and spoke to the Manager, Ricardo to inform him of my discovery. I asked if he wanted me to bring it back but he suggested I come back the next day to pick up the order. All I had to do was bring in my receipt and the staff would be informed of the incident. I wen in today to grab the chicken and the cashier was unaware of the incident. At first she informed me that there wasn't any original chicken. Then she called Ricardo and asked him about the situation on hand. They spoke in Spanish and while on the phone she tells me that if I wanted chicken, only the spicy one was available. If i wanted original, then I would have to come back in 2 hours! So first, there was no chicken, there there was only spicy and now come back in 2 hours. I informed her that I didn't live near by and my commute to this location was at least 20 mins. She didn't seem to care. I have ordered chicken a number of times from Churches and you're telling me that when they don't have any original chicken, it takes 2 hours to make it? Here's the kicker...I literally saw a new tray of original chicken come out and ready to fill orders. She still insisted I come back at 7pm and what I was promised by the manager, was there in front of me. She continued to argue with me so I finally just left it. Will never be visiting that location again.

Ticket # 46
Time and date of order: Oct 5, 2019 @ 6:23 pm
Cashier: Cassandra

Oct 06, 2019

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