Chrysler2014 dodge ram 1500

I bought this truck used and did not notice the bubbling all around the edges of the hood. The hood is aluminum and the paint is not sticking to the primer or metal.
These pictures are just a small area of the hood.

In talking with Dodge they said this truck was built for Canada. They also stated that they are permitted to use substandard materials for vehicles in Canada and that is Canada's choice.

This Truck is not under warranty anymore. I guess that is what you get for $40, 000.00 Dodge as a company obviously believes that a vehicle of that price should only keep its paint for 5 years.

This certainly is a sad statement for American car companies. They may at one time have been a quality
company but as they say "this too shall pass" Sadly we are witnessing the end of both, quality and ethics.

Perhaps a good European truck like Toyota :-) Good bye Dodge, we'll miss you :-(


Oct 02, 2019

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