Chryslerclinton auto group

C Jul 28, 2019

My Town And Country broke down on July 19th. We had Roadside Assisstance come, and they had it towed to Clinton Auto Group in Clinton Iowa. In the meantime, we rented a vehicle from Enterprise. Our van sat there for 6 days before they even looked at it. Come to find out, the only thing that was wrong with it was a battery, really after sitting for 6 days? When we picked it up, it cost $644.00 for the battery and the car rental. Really? I was in shock! I can't believe it was that much. Needless to say, I will not be taking my van back there again. I have taken my van there for all of the oil changes,

and a couple of times it needed repairs. I would like an explanation for this charge.

Gloria Sheldon Dan Sheldon [protected]

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