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Choice Home WarrantyHeating System

I have paid in advance for six years which expires in Sep. 2024. Now the motor of the Heating Furnace don't work as per the Technician they sent. They are denying the claim. This is most unheard warranty. I had call from their office and they are very reluctant to accept their responsibility and commitment. They are just trying to rip off the people. Must be investigated for their business practice.
My Claim #: [protected]

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    Choice Home WarrantyAir Conditioner

    After having been a member for just about a year my AC stopped cooling and was freezing. I called CHW up and someone came out the next day.
    The technician said that the unit is leaking in the coils outside and he will put in his recommendation that the unit needs replacement and they should cover it, due to the fact that it appears to be normal wear and tear. They got back to me with a denial because the unit showed "rust and corrosion" And if you read the contract AC section D, they don't mention that you have to scroll to section F to find that loophole.
    So you have a unit that sits outside in Florida for 13 yrs it's bound to have some sort of rust on it and that will automatically void the claim. So what's the purpose then of having a warranty company?
    I asked for them to send me the pictures so I can see it and to send someone else out, the technician even told me to appeal it because it's normal wear and tear and they still denied it due to rust and sent no pictures. I set up a callback for today at 10:30 am to further discuss and no one has called me back. They said the most common source of system failure it's a leak in the coils, and yet if your machine has any rust on it, a unit that sits outside, has basically lived its estimated life span of 10-14 yrs. they won't cover that most common cause of system failure.
    They sell you on the idea of peace of mind and when they deny your claim you're left scrambling trying to figure out how you're gonna pay for this, especially during these tough times .
    At least pay for half, they just leave you high and dry and ignore you hoping you'll just give up an go away

    Air Conditioner
    Air Conditioner
    Air Conditioner
    Air Conditioner

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      Feb 24, 2021

      Choice Home Warranty — Broke contract - scam!

      The company has failed to meet the obligations promised in their calls and policy, policy number [protected]...

      Choice Home WarrantyHarassing Calls

      I requested a quote while shopping for home warranties over two weeks ago and I have been contacted countless times; email, automated calls, in person, etc.. after third time I was contacted I said I was not interested and please place me on do not call list. I have since been contacted upwards of 2-3 times daily. I have filed a complaint on FTC site each time I have been contacted and each time explicitly said "Do not call me and place me on the do not call list." I have also blocked each call which of course originates from different number each time. I was finally told this past time from a "manager" that until I placed a complaint or had that claim processed with do not call registry they could continue to contact me. What can I do to stop this harassment??!!

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        Choice Home WarrantyRefrigerator

        Just another complaint from the numerous customers of Choice Home Warranty.

        Ultimately, the problems with CHW arise from its reimbursement practices. The reimbursement to vendors is poor and slow. As a result, only 3-rate vendors are available to them. Good ones refuse to work with CHW.

        Took 5 days for the repairman to get to my house. Not good when you have a failing refrigerator. He got approval to proceed with repairs. It's now been 16 days and I'm informed the parts are still not in. That's really funny because I found 10 listings on Amazon for that part and most could be delivered the next day or within 3 days.

        The technician says repairing these refrigerators is a matter of elimination. He tested nothing. He checked nothing. All he did was vacuum behind the refrigerator after it was pulled out. Of course, he used our vacuum. He's simply guessing as to what part is problematic. If his first guess doesn't fix the problem then I'm afraid we'll be waiting another 2 or 3 weeks for him to attempt repairs based on his second guess as to what's wrong.

        The bottom line is, DON'T USE CHOICE HOME WARRANTY. The customer service is terrible. The repair technicians are 3-rate, at best. George Foreman should be ashamed of himself for being the face of this company.

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          Choice Home Warrantywill not install replacement dish washer

          *choice home warranty company
          *Spoken with Crystal Green supervisor about our dish washer being replaced after numerous calls to resolve install issue. She would not concede to have new replacement dishwasher installed at my residence when the existing dishwasher was not operational and kept repeating herself. Not knowledgeable about this policy in this situation. Why would you have low level personel argue with customers about Choice Home written warranty which is clear she was wrong. Ms. Green would not give her supervisor / direct report name or hone number.
          Customer is first when resolving any issues and how can come to an agreement. Clearly this was not a priority.
          Cannot recommend this organization based on service and operations persons.

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            • Al
              alwaysno18 Feb 24, 2021

              This is how they operate... they refuse to escalate, provide management support and bank on upset customers to give up.
              Reviews and awards are mostly purchased. Look at BBB... they have class action lawsuit, the state of AZ filed lawsuit for fraud. Get your state general attorney and insurance commission involved now. You are one of THOUSANDS dealing with this same situation. This company is a SCAM.

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            Feb 17, 2021

            Choice Home Warranty — Failed to schedule a technician to repair refrigerator & microwave

            On January 25, 2021, I filed a claim for my refrigerator (icemaker water would not stop running) and my...

            Choice Home WarrantyWill not replace covered door parts on 2 year old refrigerator

            Called for repair of refrigerator. Tech came out stated its a known problem, ordered parts but Choice Home Warranty decline to pay for it as they state that It has been determined that the door hinges and french assembly are broken and require replacement. This is not a failure that occurs under normal wear and tear conditions. Since we have no kids and no one hang on the door, and its normal use - it has to be defective and covered, they should do the right thing and pay for it.

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              Feb 10, 2021

              Choice Home Warranty — Cancelation — refund

              I signed up for a 3 year package on January 2, 2021 and cancel the agreement on January 4. This was a 3 year...

              Choice Home WarrantyRefrig and microwave

              My complaint sounds like all the others. I paid premium in Full. They would not nor could they get a tech who new what they are doing. I waited two months and refused to pay for new frig, sent me a partical payment., Micro would not take their techs word refused to pay. When I went to cancel they deducted what they sent me for repairs from my cancel payments and told me tough luck

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                Choice Home WarrantyNo reimbursement

                The last two times I used choice home warranty they were not able to get a tech for my problem. They advised me to contact one on my own and they would reimburse me. The last tech they issued me canceled 2 days later because they said they were too far out of their area (they were to fix my water heater) I got my own tech and they could not fix the water heater because they could not get parts. I ended up buying a new water heater from them because I had gone close to a week without hot water. I know I was to get the ok from choice home warranty but I needed hot water. I am not expecting total reimbursement from them {$1300) but I think it's only fair I receive some compensation policy # [protected] 1/20/21 james willard work done by mw robinson wooster, ohio

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                  • Da
                    David Newton Feb 25, 2021
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    i have the same issue they want me wait to mar 1 2021 jest to have some one to check the water heater and i know it needs replaced they dnt let me get some one to replace now i callefd a lot of company they said they can do now.can atty sue then i have a healt ploodem afther this i got high blood pressure afther thisi called on feb 23-2021 they want me to wait to mar 1 2021

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                  • Pa
                    pat Ivory Feb 09, 2021
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    same thing happened to me. Largest scam going. Millions a day going to CHW and they still collected from the PPE

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                  Feb 09, 2021

                  Choice Home Warranty — Warranty coverage

                  If I had to give Choice Home warranty (CHW) a rating it would be zero. My first claim with the the company...

                  Feb 08, 2021

                  Choice Home Warranty — Not honoring home warranty per policy!

                  Hello, Policy #[protected] Claim #[protected] I have had Choice Home Warranty for my home since April of 2019...

                  Choice Home WarrantyTaking over a month to finish simple exhaust fan in bath room

                  We have called 36 times to resolve this and cant get a single phone call back paid a year in advance for nothing told them I wanted a refund they don't give one they are untrustworthy they have taken advantage of us senior citizens and disabled vets and were fed up with the wait its caused a lot of worry and stress from waiting on them to call us and the time they waisted of ours has been 20 plus hours all for nothing

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                    Feb 04, 2021

                    Choice Home Warranty — Unethical / unfair practice

                    In november 2020 my subzero refrigerator water dispensor stopped working. I filed a claim #[protected]. The...

                    Choice Home WarrantyCustomer service and the repair techs

                    I filed a claim back in November when my nest thermostat had quit working, the tech they sent out said he would have to get with them and never showed back up again. They sent another tech out in December and he said he had to order a new nest controller and it would not be in till first week of January. He did put a generic thermostat in but pretty sure he wired it wrong as the heat runs all the time and the outside unit never comes on.. Well i called the tech back the second week of January and he said the new nest had just come in and scheduled a time for his to come and install. well he never showed up or called. He finally called the next day and rescheduled for the following week. well he never showed or called and hasn't returned my call since. I called choice to let them know and now i have to file a new claim and pay the new service fee. So now my electric bill has been over 100 dollars more than average and i have to pay a second service fee. i think this is crap and the customer service people don't care even though I've been a loyal customer for the past 5 years.

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                      Choice Home WarrantyRepair of 2 ceiling fans and repair of double convection wall oven

                      Signed on with choice home warranty and had ceiling fans quit from electrical failure 3 months 3 different electricians and still not fixed so I bought the 2 fans hire my own electrician to replace them and asked for compensation since in 3 months choice home warranty failed to repair fans then I quit their service they refuse to send me $1500 check to replace double wall oven they could not repair and we settled on that amount while I was still under contract with them and that took 4 months to settle with no work or replacement ever done they stalled and had excuse after excuse plus to replace would cost #3000 not $1500 their excuse they had buying power and when I asked where to buy oven like mine for $1500 no answer. I would tell everyone they are a fraud and big scam company want the monthly payment provide no service and use bad repair people

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                        Choice Home WarrantyService no shows

                        We filed a service request for a clogged kitchen sink. Had to wait 4 days for someone to get scheduled. That technician was a no show/no call. Waited another 3 days for the next appointment, which again the technician was a no show/no call. Receive an email from Choice telling us to find someone local which we did. Repair made the next morning. Now Choice does not want to reimburse me anything for having a local technician complete a repair which they could not find a technician to do. Beyond frustrated.

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                          Feb 01, 2021

                          Choice Home Warranty — Declined claim

                          I bought a house in central Florida and because of the age of it's 11 year old HVAC system I prudently...

                          Choice Home WarrantyWater heater

                          On 1/23/21 my water heater was leaking. I called Choice Home Warranty. They issued me a claim number ([protected]) and informed me that they would have a technician contact me. On 1/24/21 I was informed that they could not find a technician to come and look at it. Choice Home Warranty informed me to find my own technician. I did that. He gave me an estimate for $1850. I submitted it and was told that the water heater was not covered. I paid to have a new water heater put in.
                          On 11/1/19 I renewed my policy for $2100.00 to expire 1/16/26.
                          I want to cancel my policy and be reimbursed for the remainder paid.
                          I have received no response from Choice Home Warranty.

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