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Choice Home Warranty Complaints & Reviews

Choice Home Warranty / non-coverage of a/c evaporator due to fraudulent practice

echutson on May 25, 2017
Choice Home Warranty Legal Department and District Attorney: My overall position is that: 1. Choice advertising leads any reasonable person to believe that a very old Air-conditioner will be covered, when in fact their very real hidden policy is never to cover ANY old A/C evaporator coil...

Choice Home Warranty / a/c compressor

Ann Carr on May 24, 2017
On Saturday, 20 May, my A/C kept kicking off the circuit breaker in my home. I contacted CHW to file a claim. According to them, they send out a request and who ever responds first is who you get. A company replied within 20 minutes, I was like "awesome" until I called "said" company and...

Choice Home Warranty / dishwasher

Robert Lennon on May 18, 2017
I had written a positive report earlier today on the expeditiousness in the handling and diagnosis in the above repair between 5/16/17 - 5/18/17 However, since the appliance tech told me that he could have had the part in and repaired today however, he was told by CHW not to order or buy the...

Choice Home Warranty / repairs not made & they had no intention of making a repair

Gail Kitzis on May 16, 2017
Run from this company. They are frauds. When I requested my money back (Half a year left on $375 policy along with $45 for tech visit without fixing my refrigerator). They said they would give me $75 back though half a year remained on the contract and this was my first and only claim. To...

Choice Home Warranty / water heater claim

jeibin on May 15, 2017
Called CHW Thursday May 11 after noticing water by the water heater. The water heater is a covered item. Tech came the next day and determined the water heater needs replacement. CHW denied the claim since they do not cover the tank, How can you cover the water heater and not the tank...

Choice Home Warranty / a/c leak

Hollidayre on May 15, 2017
Greetings, On May 12, 2017, I submitted a claim for my A/C. I explained there was no cool air blowing from my ducts. I received the claim number 622822129. As a lasting and hopefully long time future customer, I would like consideration into my non-repairable A/C leak issue that has been...

Choice Home Warranty / ac unit

john cotten on May 12, 2017
My ac quit working on 5/8/17 called choice home warranty they sent ac tech out on 5/11/17 he stated the ac compressor is bad and he would talk with the warranty company and they would contact me, they sent email for me to call them I did, they denied claim #62241844 replacing ac compressor...

Choice Home Warranty / Refused to service/replace A.C. Unit

dvg4 on May 4, 2017
CHW is a ripoff company..Do not use them! They will make up reasons to deny claims especially if the appliance needs to be replaced. Please heed my warnings..just look at all of the complaints. CHW is claiming that my a.c. unit is broken due to rust or corrosion. I had 3 different...

Choice Home Warranty / All their services

JoseAleja on May 4, 2017
This company is a SCAM!!! If you are thinking on getting this insurance, read the fine print in their contract first. At the end, you may be paying an expensive insurance that covers almost nothing. We had two claims and both were denied. They advertise that they will replace your appliance...

Choice Home Warranty / washer/air conditioner

Dawn Schwarz-Gay on May 3, 2017
Policy #: 392215642 We have owned our home for a little over a year. My washer went out in March. I contacted Choice Home Warranty. It took almost a week for a technician to come out. He checked it and said he needed to order parts. I waited and waited for the parts he finally came and...

Choice Home Warranty / Air conditioner unit

Dannett Olwin on May 2, 2017
For years I've had my a/c serviced by choice home warranty . The first time the system breaks down and isn't able to work any longer despite replacing an obsolete part on the unit. I'm being told we cannot help you in replacing your 25 year old system but we can only pay for the part which...

Choice Home Warranty / beware of the small print. and if you do try them only for one year and pay monthly if you can.

Vinkag2 on Apr 27, 2017
this sounded like a good deal so I decided to test this out . I have a tenant and cant always accommodate the repairs . The sales rep convinced me to get a 3 yr plan. after one year i put in a number of claims, of which only one was approved for repair. after a year and some denied claims, I...

Choice Home Warranty / These ### are using powerful marketplace to bombard our young son with spam

user1661846 on Apr 27, 2017
Fortunately we live in south africa, but this despicable thieving company are using a company called powerful marketplace to bombard our sons email address with over 100 spam emails a day advertising their useless ###ing choice home warranty ####!!! We are taking legal action against these...

Choice Home Warranty / Air conditioner

Bonnie22 on Apr 23, 2017
April 10 AC stopped working. They sent a tech out next day. I don't even think he was licensed, did not tell me what was wrong only that I needed a whole new 4 ton unit and that I had mold (which is illegal to say without 3rd party testing ) and needed a blue light. He said choice...

Choice Home Warranty / Warranty

Mckicker on Apr 21, 2017
To Whom it may concern, Myself and Syed Imtiaz have been with Choice for several years now and I paid in full for Insurance with Choice. I recently made a claim about an ongoing issue with my upstairs air conditioner. 1. The first person that came out I am not even sure he was certified...

Choice Home Warranty / Yet another disappointment with choice home warranty

Lon Annis on Apr 20, 2017
After being with this company for several years I have only had one claim that they paid only partially. This week a tech came out to check my air conditioner. He showed me the problem was where the wiring short circuited on the outside unit. The panel was black from the insulation on the...

Choice Home Warranty / Air conditioner compressor

Margie Eades on Apr 11, 2017
I took out a policy with Choice Home Warranty in December 2016 . The heating unit worked great in my home . We had some very hot weather come through. When we turned on the air conditioner, it would not come on . I filed a claim for them to check out the unit. A tech came from a company 50...

Choice Home Warranty / Refrigerator, maytag washer, and heat pump

Don Bham on Apr 4, 2017
After 6 years with American Home Shield during which I was very impressed with their service, we changed to Choice Home Warranty a year ago. I signed up for the total coverage including a second refrigerator. We are learning that Choice Home Warranty was an enormous mistake. First call wa...

Choice Home Warranty / Customer service

Thedc on Apr 1, 2017
While talking to a rep on the phone she was very pushy about wanting me to buy their product today. After I told her that I was still shopping she told me that prices would probably go up. I told her that there seemed to be plenty of competition in the market and I didn't think that there...

Choice Home Warranty / Home warranty

Gaygour on Mar 31, 2017
I purchased a home warranty last year and I called to let them know that the washer door was not closing. The sale person told me that the warranty covered the washer but not the washer door. She also told me that it covers appliance but not the appliance door. What is the use for a...

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