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Choice Home Warranty Complaints & Reviews

Choice Home Warranty / Home warranty’s

Edward In Dallas on Feb 21, 2019

Choice is a scam. They take your money then focus how not to pay for repairs. They have loopholes in contract to refuse payment for anything. Their repairmen are the worst in the industry. So far they have refused to repair or replace my refrigerator, shower valve, dryer vent and washing...

Choice Home Warranty / not paying us as a vendor

Riffles hesting on Feb 15, 2019

Ive been worrking with the for over 3 years the lsdt 3 checks I have not recied at all they owe me a totalll of arounf 9000! All at once its a e365 day deal. Hold! What a scan now inm out of bussines copletely! They have ruin my career! No pay and no reason what heart break we should be...

Choice Home Warranty / service on refrigerator and dishwasher

Mendie Loveland Elit on Feb 14, 2019

Do not buy this warranty program! What a scam! I submitted a claim on 1/25 for our refrigerator and dishwasher. The vendors they sent missed their first appt on the 28th. When they did show up the guy didn't even know how to turn on our dishwasher much less fix it. A second vendor wa...

Choice Home Warranty / company and repair service

srgtslady on Feb 12, 2019

My 15 year old refigerator broke down so I called choice and after a few days the repairman showed up and said I needed3 parts and compamy will call as to fix or replace. After 2 weeks with no info from anyone I bought a new one and the salesman said why fix something that old. I waited a...

Choice Home Warranty / garage door not operating

James Rosania on Feb 9, 2019

Garage door not opening; cables were disconnected. Called Home Warranty and said they would dispatched someone ASAP. They responded they could not find anyone and offered me a reimbursement option. Upon selecting this option CHW would stop working on finding me a technician to service my...

Choice Home Warranty / ac/heating

Bill W. Montgomery on Feb 4, 2019

The web indicates Choice is one of the top Home Warranty companies. But those opinions are ads from Choice themselves. After I bought in, I asked around and many of my friends said stay away from Choice. It was too late and I hoped for the best. The first service call was for a a/c issue...

Choice Home Warranty / they do not pay the vendors they contract with

Ingramandsonplumbing on Jan 30, 2019

We have done work for this company for 2+ years, follow all protocols, and abided by their contract as well. They decline most claims that they send us out on (drains are declined if you must get on roof to clean them out/ water tanks are denied as rust causes them to leak and they do not...

Choice Home Warranty / home warranty services

wiggbone on Jan 29, 2019

STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS!!! I put in a claim on Friday because my furnace stop working and the smell of gas. I called Washington gas and they red tagged it and shut it off. Contacted choice and they only could arrive on MONDAY...They sent a contractor out in a Volkswagen Jetta to service...

Choice Home Warranty / replacement warranty offer

Jim Ballantyne on Jan 25, 2019

This is copy of the notification I received from Choice Home warranty after they determined that my washing machine could not be repaired on January 23, 2019 Claim #: 72127975 Great News! We have received the diagnosis for claim #72127975. The cost of repair exceeds the cost of replacing your...

Choice Home Warranty / im attempting to file a claim for my washer,

Jabez5 on Jan 23, 2019

I called on today 1/23/19 to file claim for service to my washer. Received call back from a vendor (ars) that they will be here on 1/28/19. I called back and spoke to belinda about the extended wait time. After speaking with belinda and asking her to call their vendor back she advised that...

Choice Home Warranty / no heat-no help

Marie Latori Tatesure on Jan 23, 2019

Jan 20, 2019 the coldest day of the year we had no heat. Choice told us it was not considered an emergency since they were a maintenance company .After nine hours they advised us they could not find someone to service us and we could have someone repair it but they had to call them to get...

Choice Home Warranty / terrible service

John Kyllonen on Jan 21, 2019

I've been waiting over two weeks for them to respond to an electrical problem. Someone needs to light a fire under their rear ends. I talked with the electrical contractor who is scheduled to come out. First, he said he was available on a Wednesday. Choice Home Warranty said he would come...

Choice Home Warranty / a.c. problem

Ponytale7 on Jan 18, 2019

When we talked to the choice rep on the phone they told us...if it breaks or goes bad...we replace it...well...our HEAT doesnt we call...viola...EVERYTHING we're told that theyll have a guy come look at the tune of $65(not mentioned in the sales pitch)...and...

Choice Home Warranty / self cleaning wall oven

TGalert on Jan 17, 2019

BOY OH BOY, JUST READ THESE REVIEWS. LAWSUITS AGAIN PEOPLE CLAIMING OF HOW THEY WERE WORKED OVER BY THIS COMPANY. If I stopped there that would be good enough for anyone to know NOT TO have anything to do with this warranty company. Do you think that these people just make up these stories?...

Choice Home Warranty / contractor

Tjackson27 on Jan 17, 2019

Nonpayment from choice home warranty for all the jobs we contracted with them and completed when they said 30 days payment from their office. Those 30 days turned into 45 days - still no payment. We are now in 60 days - no payment. Could I please have the corporate telephone number for chw...

Choice Home Warranty / holding money

Martha Williams on Jan 10, 2019

We contracted with Choice Home Warranty to perform plumbing repairs for their insured customers then they shut down our account and said they would hold our funds for 365 days, they also stated we would receive payment net 30 days which they did not do they are very nast people who are...

Choice Home Warranty / repair a heating problem

Tina Fancher on Jan 8, 2019

on 12/30/18 I called Choice home warranty in regards to my heat not working. They sent a plumber out to look at it and it was diagnosed as needing a new motor. They submitted it to CHW and they were to order a new motor for me. I have called at least 7 times now and it is now a week later...

Choice Home Warranty / home warranty

Kenneth Singel on Jan 8, 2019

On 11 Dec 2018, I filed a Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaint against Choice Home Warranty for failure to properly service my A/C system. The technician they sent was incompetent and failed to properly diagnose the problem. Choice, as a result of that technician's analysis, denied the...

Choice Home Warranty / failure to pay contractors as agreed and withholding what they owe

Al Brookins on Jan 4, 2019

We have found a great attorney in Jersey. They have went over the contract and Choice is indeed in violation. The contract states net 30 on payment which is 30 calendar days not 30 business days which means due tho their violation they can not enforce any portion. Here is his contact information it is a large firm in 5 states Johnson and Associates, PC

Choice Home Warranty / warranty coverage for an electric range

Robert Schellman on Dec 29, 2018

First the good points….. Choice Home Warranty responds very well and promptly to service calls. Additionally, . The service technicians are prompt, courteous and have the technical expertise needed to fairly assess the situation. They also promptly report the results to CHW and CHW respond...