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American Home Shield [AHS]lack of service and timeliness

I called about issues with my stove and fridge on 12.21.20 and after several back and forth calls and complaints they finally sent out a contractor to my property. The contractor informed me that both my stove and fridge were not repairable and he would let American Home shield know these needed to be replaced. It is now January 15, 2021 and he has not made one call to inform them. In fact he has ghosted not only us but American home shield as well. I have been calling American home shield requesting a new service persona come out and each time they say they will look into it but nothing gets done. It is absolutely ridiculous! I not pay only to have this policy but I also have to pay every time I request to use this. This company doesn't have any standards of professionalism and cares nothing about about their customers.

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    American Home Shield [AHS]Washing Machine

    My name is Kim Redfearn and my account phone number is [protected]. I am writing in reference to a washing machine that has been out of commission sine October 2019. In October a Sears representative cam e to the house to fix the washing machine. I was told at that time, the part for the washing machine was no longer in circulation. For the last three months I have run into road blocks from the AHS saying that Sears is still looking for the part. Even up till today, I am still getting the same message. I have made several calls to both AHS and Sears

    In December, I spoke to a manager at Sears who indicated to me again that the part is obsolete and that he would send another email to AHS indicating that.

    I called Sears again today, and was told that they would forward the email again to AHS.

    Can I please get this rectified, it is costing me a lot of money and time to go to the Laundromat and pay AHS monthly.

    Thank you
    Kim Redfearn

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      Jan 05, 2021

      American Home Shield — Unpaid invoices on jobs completed

      I am a contractor for American Home Shield and my rep Zoe Ruchti had agreed to get 16 unpaid invoices paid...

      American Home Shield [AHS]My LG Refrigerator’s sealed cooling system needs to be fixed on site.

      A disconnect between AHS Customer Service and AHS dispatch service. Our refrigerator stopped cooling before Christmas and the one tech who came to our home said that he would not be able to work on the sealed cooling system. The other dispatched company said the same over the phone. Dispatch has reassigned back & forth to these two companies. Please get someone to my home who can fix the cooling system!

      Michael & Donna Moore
      5166 Cold Springs Drive
      Foresthill, Calif. 95631


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        American Home Shieldserivice

        AHS hired
        sears to come out to fix my washer problem on December31, 2020. The tech called NEVER CAME and when I described the problem he said he could not fix it as there was a disconnected pipe to the washer and it also would not drain or spin. He told me to called a plumber, as he could not fix it
        I called a plumber on my own and had the washer and pipe fixed.
        sears never came out and they swear they did so they will not give me my $106.00 refund
        If he was really at my house he should be able to describe where the washer is and what I look like. He cannot describe nothing about the house AS HE WAS NEVER HERE

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          American Home Shield [AHS]Urgent Appliances Repair - Rated Zero (0) Stars

          Three weeks ago, after having two (2) appliances fail, we called to file a claim with American Home Shield to fix these two appliances and were told they didn't have any repairman in our area, Casa Grande, AZ. Located exactly halfway between Phoenix and Tucson, 25 minutes south of a big city.

          It's been 3 weeks now, and our house is being listed tomorrow. I am a disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran, I can't take care of my home anymore. It's too big for us, so we have to move to another smaller home. They had a service repair person, $75.00 just to come out. He told us it was the door switch on the microwave door, and the washer drum needs to be replaced.

          I am at a loss; I want help and never a return call after 20 calls for help.

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            American Home Shield [AHS]Pipe broke in attic

            2511 Spring Dusk Ln, 77373
            Combo Plan

            Dec 17: request date

            Tenant reported leak in the ceiling. Handyman went in to check and discovered broken pipes. Called in AHS to repair the plumbing leak. The plumbing company ( DNB) diagnoses that issue as if somebody stepped on the pipe and broke it. This is a pipe in the attic and this is absolutely not the issue. AHS has denied service on this.

            Contact owner as per contract.

            Pipe broke in attic
            Pipe broke in attic
            Pipe broke in attic
            Pipe broke in attic

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              American Home Shield [AHS]Home Protection Plan

              On 12/13/20 I filed for service for the first time with this company. It was for electrical problems, they sent an email with a contractor that does not work with them any longer. I called they send me a second that does not work for them any longer. It is 12/28/20, and I still am getting the run around. They want me to pay out of pocket for this repair, and they will reimburse me, I don't trust them to do that at this point. I can't understand most of the representatives, if they get frustrated with you, they hang up, or they are just rude. They have taken from my account yet another monthly payment knowing they can not get my problem fixed. They say they will call you back, no one ever calls back. At this point I think they are thieves and do not repair anything. I have had enough and I want all of my money back so I can pay for the repair work.

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                American Home Shield [AHS]Washing Machine

                I had a service person try to repair my washer but the parts are discontinued. I have called AHS a couple times and am told they are looking for the parts in other states. NO ONE has bothered to contact me for a few weeks!!! Am I to get the repair done or a relacement??? No word!!! I haven't been able to do laundry for over a Month. I need help and some one to tell me what the status is ...and have respect for me. I have been a customer for many years! This is wrong for AHS to ignore my desperate need.

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                  American Home Shield [AHS]Refrigerator not repaired. Waiting on Parts for 2 months

                  Repair technician came 10/06/2020 and ordered parts and it is now 2 months later, the parts are still on back order. AHS says they will replace the appliance after 21 days, yet they haven't taken action, saying they need detailed diagnostic reports for their Authorization Department before they can make that decision. Here is my diary of the recent calls that I have made:

                  11/30 Spoke to them for the 3rd time since last week. They said that Sears was asked to give them an update on the part within 48 hours. They also mentioned that repairs had to be made by 21 days which has already been passed.

                  12/03 Spoke with them again. They tried calling Sears to get an update. An email was sent to the Authorization Department. Sears sent a follow up email today. Apparently the Authorization Department has to make the decision about continuing to wait for the part or to replace the refrigerator.

                  12/04 Spoke with them again. He could see the email sent to the Authorization Department, but did not have a decision as yet. Told him I would call everyday until this issue is resolved.

                  12/07 Spoke with them again. 11/30 Sears sent email to Authorization Department. Sears followed up again with another email to the Authorization Department again on 12/03. Apparently, the Customer Service Representative that I spoke with is not able to confirm that the Authorization Department has received anything from Sears so she is going to have her supervisor call Sears to get to the bottom of it and she said she would call me back Saturday. I said I would call again on Wednesday that Saturday was too long and unacceptable.

                  12/09 An email has been sent escalating the issue with the Authorization Department and that I should be receiving an email with the decision by the end of the week.

                  12/15 They said there has not been a detailed diagnosis sent yet. The agent put me on hold and tried to contact Sears directly. I requested that a supervisor from American Home Shield call me and let me know what exactly they are going to do about my situation.

                  12/21 Checking to see if the detailed diagnosis has been received or not. There is no evidence that the Authorization Department has received the detailed diagnosis from Sears. They called Sears while I waited on hold. I called Sears (A&E Factory Service) [protected] and spoke with Janet and she said that she would send the detailed diagnosis to AHS and my email address. She confirmed that the part is still back ordered. 12:40 Still haven't received and email from A&E so I called them back. Spoke with Eunice and she said that an email with the detailed diagnosis was sent to AHS on November 24th and she said she would ask the offline team to send me that same email and I should get it within 24-48 hours. I got the emails and called AHS back and they transferred me to the Appliance Ordering Department. Hold time was over 1 hour. I waited.

                  12/23 Spoke with Carol and she said she would send me the detailed diagnosis. They had an error in the system two days ago. Should take 24-72 hours to get the email. She suggest I call back on Monday if I haven't gotten the email by then. Received an email that said "FREEZER NOT DEFROSTING PARTS HAVE BEEN ORDERED" Dana said that they have no idea when the part will be available and it has been on order since the technician was here in October.

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                    American Home Shield [AHS]Range

                    On December 7th I sent a request to American Homeshield because my stove stopped working. It is a 2000 Dacor range and the error message on the control panel is flashing. The panel needs to be replaced. I have called AHS every working day and have not gotten any answers. At first they could not find someone to do the job and after a week they allowed me to find a vendor. I found the vendor/service provider and they told me that they have worked on Dacor stoves like mine and have not been able to find the parts. This was on the 14th of December. It is now the 21st of December and AHS told me on the 17th that I would have my range fixed or another solution before Christmas. I called on the 18th and was told that this is not true and that they have 14-21 days to find the parts. At this point we are not able to use our stove and Christmas will come and go with no use of the oven. I've posted on Facebook, called, and waited. They have at no time reached out to me except when I posted on their Facebook page. I am expecting to be without a stove until the middle of January. I've been an AHS customer for 14 years and I feel like I am getting the run around.

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                      Dec 17, 2020

                      American Home Shield [AHS] — Consumer appliance support / dead email address

                      I have spent more than enough time on trying to have my washing machine repaired/replaced!!! This all...

                      American Home Shield [AHS]Warranty Service

                      This the worst Customer Service I had dealt in my whole life & on top of that the Escalation department is even worse than the CS. I opened the service call for my washer on 11/18/20 under service call number [protected] & I have been calling them for the last 2 weeks & the response I get is waiting for the parts & today I just spent close to 2 hours on the phone & the same response "waiting for the parts with NO ETA & I don't have any other options just wait". I will not suggest this company to any one as a matter fact I will post my experience with AHS to every possible social media.

                      Mohammad Ashfaq

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                        Dec 11, 2020

                        American Home Shield Home Warranty — My trane 4 ton ac/h unit blows air but not cooling.

                        I called AHS about my AC unit not cooling my home in West Palm Beach, FL. I told them that it's blowing air...

                        Dec 10, 2020

                        American Home Shield [AHS] — Heater

                        Customer: Janet and Mark Bryant at 151 Beryl Court, Hercules, California 94547 (single family residence...

                        American Home Shield [AHS]Refrigerator still not serviced

                        Sept. 26 2020 called for service request. Payed my $75.00 for service call. Sears scheduled call for 10/07.. Sears rescheduled to 10/21 day before original scheduled call! It has been over 2 months, no tech, several calls to ahs and nothing! One service rep hung up on me when I wanted to cancel my contract. Sears is apparently waiting on parts. Help!

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                          Dec 04, 2020

                          American Home Shield [AHS] — Customer support

                          Waited three weeks for the one-star contractor AHS hired to fix my fridge. After countless days of their...

                          American Home Shield [AHS]Home warranty

                          I opened a support request on 12/1 for a water leak on my water main that requires complete shutoff of water to my house. On 12/2 the assigned plumber called and said they are not available until 12/8. I called AHS 3 times on 12/2 trying to get service sooner - as per my contract and every call resulted in them telling me to wait 1, 4, and 6 hours and "someone" would call me back. They never did.

                          On 12/3 I have called two more times, the first agent "guaranteed" me a dispatch agent would call me within 4 hours. 6 hours later I'm on the phone with Jacob who cannot even converse in English aside from reading the words on his script.

                          The first agent I spoke with on 12/3 said if I was not called back AHS would authorize "outside authorization" which Jacob just wants to argue about. In the meantime, the only way to keep water from spraying everywhere.

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                            American Home Shield [AHS]Home warranty

                            I signed up for a home warranty to the tune of $71.61 per month. I paid an additional $75 for a claim on my microwave. Months later they still have NOT fixed my microwave. No service technician has even taken a look at it. I have spent countless hours on the phone to their customer service much of the time on hold. When their reps pick up they are all from Asia. They have not resolved the problem and refused to refund my monthly premiums all the while months go by and they still haven't followed through on my claim. When I call their local contractors, I have either been placed on hold for up to an hour, just to be disconnected, or been told that AHS has to contact them directly to schedule my service! This company is horrible. I have reported them to the Federal Trade Commision.

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                              Dec 01, 2020

                              American Home Shield — Refrigerator repair

                              I filed a claim on Nov 10, 2020, the contractor came out to my home 13 Nov 2020 to attempt to fix the range...

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