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June 24, 2009 fax & email
To: complaint board
From: cassandra etter
4429 coldwater canyon av unit 1
studio city ca 91604
[protected] or [protected]

Re: chase mastercard [protected]
Subject: unfair & unreasonable assessment of late fee
On my 07/08/09 I was assessed at late of $39.00 on a minimum balance due of $10.00. when I called to speak with a representative to negotiate this fee which was apparently inadvertently missed, I was told immediately that chase is not negotiating any late fee charges for any reason. I asked to speak with a supervisor patrice who condescendingly began to quote to me the terms of my credit card agreement.
I attempted to explain that I do not recall receiving the statement and that a review of my payment history would prove timely payments of $300 per month and that I certainly would never risk a $40 late fee on a $10 minimum payment due. patrice just talked over and through me and clearly was not amenable to any common sense review. she told me my only option was to close my account and go into default. my current balance is only $200.
I am now asserting that chase is engaging in unfair and unreasonable late fee charges. their representatives are being trained to refuse to even listen to customer complaints because they hold the power over us to destroy our credit.
But what angers me the most, is that this particular card was issued un washington mutual which several months ago converted to chase. however, I suspect that the only reason that I did not pay this bill at the time if received at all was because I believed this account notice was regarding my son’s chase account and because we share the same mail address I did not remember that my card is now billed in chase name.
This is what is most unreasonable about chase’ position on non-negotiable late fees: although at the time I applied for my card under washington mutual card, I certainly did not anticipate that this card would then become the property of another bank that would then change my account number and name of my card. this confusion probably led to this oversight and subsequent late fee assessment. again, the consumer is left being charged with the full responsibility for unforeseen changes that were made to my account agreement without my consent. reasonable confusion should have been anticipated by chase and a fair grace period allowed suspending late fees until customers adjusted to this conversion.
I would like an investigation into this entire method of conniving and deceitful business practices on the part of chase.


  • P
      Jun 25, 2009

    Chase is a dirty, vile, loan sharking operation. They did the same thing to me. Tell all of your friends and family not to do business with chase. If I find any class action cases against them I will let you know.

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  • K
      Nov 29, 2011

    I totally agree! Chase has terrible policies. This is a well written and pointed complaint. I love you mom. The best person I've ever had in this life. It's hard living everyday without you to call. I miss you, but I plan to make you proud this Sunday!

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