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Good Day

I would like to log a formal complaint for the 3rd time now

I have been having my bank account debited by Cell C almost every week now, this started with a debit of R199 on 3 Jan 2019 with reference number [protected], and on 25 Jan 2019 again Cell C debited my account for an amount of R792.93 with different ref no; [protected] and on the 15 Feb 2019 again Cell C debited my account for an amount totaling to R991.93 now splitting these into two. The recent one is now R1738. 98 on 26 Feb 2019 with Ref number: [protected]. I have made Cell C aware on numerous times that I don't have a contract with them and never had one. I have written the affidavit and sent through the documents as requested by your call center however my matter has not been attended to or even addresses instead Cell C keeps on debiting excessive amounts from my account and no one is assisting me or giving me a meaningful feedback on this case.

I have insisted that I would like to cancel all sorts of contracts that might have been illegally opened against my ID and now I am very frustrated by the fraud. Its been 2 months and no one is giving me any proof that I am indeed using whatever services that I am being charged for. Instead they keep on sending the Incident numbers and asking me to follow same process over and over again. The recent Incident number given to me is Incident: [protected]

I need action from Cell C as soon as possible, if Cell C continues to debit my account without giving me proof that indeed I opened a contract with them I will be forced to open a fraud criminal case.

Mbali Mthethwa

Feb 26, 2019
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  • Za
      23rd of Mar, 2019

    Cell C has been fraudulently debiting my account since January. They debited my account with R14 000 in January. I hadn’t received this money back by March and hence asked my bank to reverse the transaction. Furthermore I have stopped any access to my account from Cell C. I have called numerous times and have numerous reference numbers and for some reason was handed over to HP Attorneys in March. I owe Cell C nothing. #CellCisFraud

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