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terrible service

My cellc contract phone was stolen while I was at university, on the 11 february 2017. I blocked the number...

lied about the services they provide

I took up two phones on contract with the intentions that I would be getting all the services required I took up a 3g phone they didn’t bother telling me that cell c doesn’t have video calling services it has google but I cant even access it because i’ve been tolled that my phone is a new model and cell c dose not yet have internet settings for it, I have been tolled that I would be able to recharge my account even though I receive a 100 free call minutes which of course was blatant lie I have tried recharging several times on both phones but with no success cell c offers poor services even when you need to talk to a consultant you need to make sure you have all the time in the world because it takes a very long to be assisted I want out of this contract but their telling me that I would pay a penalty fee and pay for the rest of the months ahead why should I when they are the one’s who didn’t keep their end of the bargain they made fake promise and now I have to pay for their bad services… I am gowning to the media with this because I have tried to get some assistance from cell c but no one gives a dam! I don’t want to use their services any more I am disappointed and regret my disunion on taking a contract with them I want out they lied why do I have to pay for it?

Lindiwe sibanyoni

wrong delivery / cellphone

On 19th February 2009 my contract phone expired and was legible for an upgrade, Siyabonga Mkhize from Cee C called me and explained to me that I have to upgrade and I will receive a new phone, he then e-mailed me two kinds of cell phones to have a look and choose which one would I go for. It was a Nokia 3110 classic and a Samsung j750. I choose Nokia 3110 classic but to my surprise they delivered a Nikia 5000 which I dont want.

I e-mailed Siyabonga and told him that I dont want what they send cause that's not what we agreed about. He promised to call me back till now he is even not responding to my e-mails. Please help me get what I bargained for.

My name : MW Tjale
Contract number [protected]
contact number [protected]

[Resolved] contract cancellation

I have been trying to cancel my contract with Cell C now for more than two, almost three years. I have faxed...

no billing statement / invoices

i am an account holder with cell c and has been so for the past 13 months. i have received only two billing statements in this period which i have received jan/feb 2008. i'm afraid i pay an account but i do not have any proof...i also do not have a voicemailbox on my phone and has checked the settings millions of time activated it but all in vain.

  • Mi
    Micha Apr 16, 2009

    i have a new contract with Cell C about 3-4 months now, they never sent me any invoices since i opened the contract, i had to call them to ask for the invoices they sent me the last 3 month invoices and now im sitting with the same problem again! this month they made a debit order and never sent me an Invoice before they deducted. what is keeping them from sending the invoices i dont know, never in my life have i recieved such poor customer service! cell C needs to shape up in order for them to keep their clients!!!

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  • Th
    thulebina mazibuko Sep 11, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my name is thulebona dumisani mazibuko, i would like for you to send me my billing statements for last year (2008) as from january to july 2008.since january i have not been receiving these statements.i would kindly appreciate if you could provide me with these.my adress is still po box 10257 vryheid 3100.im currently using my sisters adress as i dont have access to a computer.my sisters email address is [email protected]

    thank you cell c, i havent lost faith in you.
    my cellc number is 084 9106 512

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unauthorised contract

My previous complaint lodge I have not include the cell no in question. As mentioned in previous complaint a contract was sold to me where I was under the impression that I was upgrading my existing contract held with another company which I am very happy with. After realising that a 2 nd contract was issued I have begged them to cancel it because I cannot afford 2 contracts and will not need to have 2, but unfortunately they ignored my request after numerous telephone calls and e mails and faxes. The cell number which was issued to me unknowingly is;
Cell no [protected]
Account no. [protected]
I have arranged with someone else to take over this contract. On 23/1/2009 I have sent them all the necessary documentation regarding the change of ownership and up to date no response was received from them. Numerous phone calls were made and I am put on hold for hours until the annoying voice of 'cell c for yourself" tape. Up to date nothing was received back from cell c connect regarding the change of ownership. This is definetly the worse company I have ever came across offering this kind of service.
Can someone please attend to this complaint by please phone me on
Tel: o458392008
Cell no. [protected]

Thank you again

Mrs a. S. Bouwer

  • Li
    Liza Kriek Apr 23, 2009

    Cell C sold a contract to me over the phone, which I received swiftly. But I never requested for the contract to be activated on a new number, which they did. I have sent a lot of emails, phoned several times and now I'm complaining on the second complaints board. I have received no service at all, no one is willing to help me. And all that needs to be done is the changing of a number! I have even received an email telling me that they are not able to help me! Cell C does not keep to their side of the contractual agreement and provides extremely bad customer service.

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  • Ed
    Edward White Aug 04, 2009

    Cell C Connect, have repeatedly phoned me for the last few month,
    every time this occurs I have asked them to remove me from their database and stop contacting me. They phoned me yesterday I asked to speak to a manager who assured me that they would remove me from their database and stop phoning me.
    This did not occur for today I received another call from them,
    I asked to speak to the Manager, they said all the Managers where in a meeting.
    I then asked to speak to the CEO (who is apparently called Shaun).
    I left a message for Shaun and was assure that he would contact me and resolve the situation.I have reported this Incident to ICASA and Cell C themselves to resolve.

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  • No
    Not Happy Chappy Feb 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My father was contacted by Cell C Connect Call Centre offering him this wonderful Cellphone Contract where he would receive this wonderful top of the list Cellphone with all the wonderful perks. He agreed to it telephonically and they promised to deliver his new phone to his work adress. He received the package that was delivered by RAM hand-to-hand couriers and made the mistake of not checking the parcel before they left. Much to his disappointment, when he dit eventually open the sealed package, the was a charger and an empty Nokia 1680 Classis box with only the charger inside. Since the 21st May 2009 when he received this package, he has being battling to get hold of these people. He does not receive any monty statements or invoices from them, but the debit order for the communicated amount of R140 continues to be deducted from his bank account. He is to scared to cancel the debit order, being afraid that his name will be black listed without the so-call cellphone company contacts him. Is he allowed to cancel the debit order and if not, how does he get this matter resolved if nobody wants to speak to him?

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  • Dr
    Drummer Oct 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Everybody should think twice before believing the promises of Cell c connect when taking out a contract - Oh the wonderful vouchers you wil get until xmas ect. They just did not tell you how difficult if not impossible it will be to obtain one. You are supposed to sms the word 'voucher' to a number and then you are supposed to receive a number! NO No - The message I received is that unfortunately my voucher period has ended. For the first month (August until now) I missed the first months voucher because Mervin, the telesales guy did not give me the correct instructions and when I phoned So music the last day of August - Guess what - They were OFFLINE! By the end of September I had the same problem and again my period has expired and SO music were offline again - nice pattern! My assistant spent the whole morning on the phone to sort it out and in the end it was sorted and I have received my goodies yesterday - thanks. Today is just a repeat of the whole procedure -again ' my period has expired' and again a whole lot of hours must be wasted just to redeem a voucher - I wonder how many people has just given up on trying to redeem their vouchers.

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  • Fe
    FELICITY PETZER May 11, 2011


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  • Ce
    Cell Help Jun 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Cell C Connect, If you have any complaints against this company, then this is my advice to you.
    Cancel your contract, giving a months notice on month 23 of your 24 month contract.
    You can do this directly with a Cell C store or via email on the Cell C website.
    You don't have to deal with Cell C Connect to do this.
    REMEMBER that Cell C Connect will CONTINUE to earn COMMISSION on your contract as long as the cell number is active. Every call you make or sms you send, Cell C Connect will earn a cut, even if you renew your contract at a non Cell C Connect franchise.
    Cancel the contract completely and take out a new one with someone that deserves it!

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no service

My sim card was blocked due to the incorect puk number being entered five times as I attempted to contact cell c but go no prompt to speak to a consultant.

I eventually found the number to type into the phone online and spoke to a consultant. I was advised to email my complaint. I received a reply stating that a new sim card would be delivered to me, at no cost.

The sim card was not delivered and I telephoned cell c and was told that it is "on the way".

I have sent about 15 emails to them and they have received my emails but, nobody replies to me.

I advised them that I was going to cancel my account and still received no response.

I have two contracts with cell c and last night, while attempting to make a call, received an sms advising me that my account had not been paid.

I sent them an email this morning advising them of the sms received and, that my account has been paid every month. The email was received and yet again, no response from cell c.

I have now canceled the stop order with my bank as I have had no service for 2 months and have been billed for it.

  • Ta
    Tazo Dec 30, 2014

    Its been almost a month since i received my new phone and after almost 5 phone calls A DAY to Cell C and putting my trust into a supervisors hands that he will assist me so that i dont have to deal with the call center and still i am not on my new contract and i get no feed back what so ever. No one in that company can tell me what the problem is or why it can not be fixed and in the meantime its costing me every week. Irate just doesnt explain my frustration and dealing with incompetent staff that clearly are not trained to do customer care leads to running around in circles and problems not being sorted out. Does Cell C not have a turn around time for sorting out problems. Why send a sms saying you have received my query and someone will get back to me once it has been resolved and no one ever does. I have a verbal recorded contract with Cell C and your company is in breech. Worst service ive ever received!!!

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sir, i had recieved a msg from gcn.promo last week claiming that my mobile number had won 800, 000 pound...

cant use my free sms

I got my new contract phone yesterday. I have the 25 free sms on the phone as per the agreement but it says that the expiry date is 12/12/2008 and I therefor can not use these sms's. Why and what is going on???

phone faulty

I took out a contract with cell c about 10 months ago, they offered me a j750 which I thought is a quite nice phone, but I had slight problems with it two moths after I got it.. I didnt think it was a big deal and just ignored it... Lastnight the phone just went dead... Im taking it in for repairs toady.. So I wanna see whats the verdict.

And from what ive heard the j750 gives a lot of problems, but yet they are still persuading the people that it is a good choice..

Cell c sucks, and samsung...

  • Cb
    CBX Oct 23, 2009

    Just took out a contract for my mom with a Samsung phone from cell C. Not even two months and she phones me this morning from cape town side, the phone doesnt charge and if it comes on then it dies within minutes. Its going to be intersting to see what Cell c is going to do as i did the contract in JHB and the phone is with my Mom in the cape...

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cell c refuses to terminate agreement and still charging supscription fees after ctc has been cancelled in writing

This is a formal complaint against cell c service provider for an agreement we entered into in september 2007. The contract was for 24 months and in beginning of the year (January/february 2008) I requested a migration from casual chat 100 to business 1000 which was granted subject to provision that my account was up to date. I later found out that cell c does not support blackberry and because of my job I had to take up a contract with vodacom on business 1000 and asked cell c to down migrate my package back to casual chat 100. I was told that due to the fact that I had defaulted in the past 3 months their system could not change my package to casual chat 100. At the time I could not afford the subscription of both contract and this was explained to cell c. I spoke to their call centre in june/july and got through to their legal department where they advised me that in order for them to change the package back to casual chat 100 my account should be up to date for the preceding 3 months. At the time I thought my agreement was due to expire in september and made an agreement to pay at least r1000 a month as I could not afford the bill. By this time my service was neither suspended meaning I could not make calls nor get my free minutes back. I understand that according to the agreement I got into with cell c that I am obligated to pay a subscription fee even if my service has been suspended.

September 2008 was the end of the minimum agreement period and I sent a letter to cell c to terminate my contract with them having made an arrangement with someone from their legal department to pay a r1000 a month until I finish paying what's due to them. At the end of november when I checked my cell c statement I found that they are still taking a subscription fee on a contract that's expired and on top of it a contract that's been terminated by sending a written notification of my intention to cancel. I then called the cell c call centre and was told that cell c cannot terminate the agreement if the account is not paid in full. I asked to be transferred to their legal department trying to explain the fact that I could not afford to pay the full subscription fee and that I had requested a migration down to the package I had initially which was refused. My argument was that if I make an arrangement to pay a certain amount every month and send through written notification of my intent to terminate the agreement after the 24 month period had elapsed, why would they continue taking a subscriptions fee for a contract that has expired and still take charge me a rate for business 1000 after my service has been suspended for over 6 months.
I spoke to a guy by the name of elijah from the cell c legal department who spoke to me with an attitude and was not helpful at all. He pointed out to me that cell c cannot terminate the agreement even though I have sent the letter to terminate the agreement until the account is paid in full and I asked for a copy of the agreement or the terms and conditions and he referred me to their website. As far as I am concerned a company should have a copy of the agreement on their systems to refer to and no stage was I ever advised of that condition. As it stands my account is sitting at r12700, with a monthly subscription fee of over r1500 including october, november and december which was after I had terminated the contract with cell c. I feel i’m being robbed and see this as a breach of contract from cell c. I managed to get hold of their terms and conditions (Please see attached) under no circumstances is it mentioned here that if my account is not up to date then my agreement cannot be terminated.
Clause 3.1.1 of the t&c states that a contact may be terminated by the subscriber in the form of 30 days calendar notice given to cell c and clause 5.3.3 stipulates that an "administration fee" will be charged if payment is returned or unpaid and at no point does it mention that cell c will not terminate the agreement which I find disgusting anyway that they would continue invoicing a client who can not afford the contract and who has notified them of the issue and has made an agreement to settle the amount owing to them. It is stipulated on clause 6.1 that ownership of the cellphone will only revert to the subscriber once the amounts due are paid in full.

I do acknowledge the fact that I was liable for the subscription fee before the minimum agreement period came to an end in september however I cannot invoiced for a subscription fee on a contract I don not intend continuing with and after I have advised cell c of my intention to cancel the contract. I never received any amendments to the contract within the term of my contract with cell c and believe none have ever been done on the initial agreement.

This is really frustrating, I just don't think this is a good way to conduct business and feel cheated and defrauded. The company has no integrity and does not practice fairly. Even dealing with their call centre wich I have been in contact with a thousand times and have confirmed receipt of all communication i've sent to them but lack professionalism and rude and just inefficient.

  • Wi
    Willem van Wyk Mar 12, 2010

    My account was suspended due to non payment, or so I was told, but yet my account was up to date and it has been handed over to the pre legal department.A lady by the name of Linda told me to call back about 6 hours later, after I emailed three proof of payments through to them to get my line activated.This has been going on for more than a month now and a joke is no more a joke.
    Maybe I should consider taking steps towards Cell C.
    I need some resolution on this matter as I am starting to regret going to Cell C. I think they are the worst possible network provider.Even virgin mobile is more professional and handle accounts better than Cell C

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  • Ja
    jabulile Mar 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My cell phone account was handed over to Legal by Cell c.
    They the listed me on ITC For the amount of R580.00
    I have made the payment after I found out that I have been black listed.
    I have never been able to get hold or speak to anyone in the legal department .
    Have email a cell C sore based in Maphonya Mall and even they are able to assist me
    Cell C have unfairly Treated me the only person I was able to talk to was a gentleman form the legal farm that they have handed me too
    I want to a settlement later from Cell c as I have made all the payments that I know about
    Have called Cell c but all they could do for me is issue me with a ref number REF NO 1103140000123113
    There is no way that I can follow up on the Ref number above
    This has became the worst nightmare and Cell C does not want to communicate with me regarding this

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  • Jc
    JCK9603 May 17, 2011

    Hi Jabulie,
    The same thing happened to me. I am still bleacklisted for an account that has been paid in full in August 2010. I cannot get hold of anyone in the legal department!! Do you have any suggestions?

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  • No
    Nolz Jul 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am also in the same boat. Cell c has not updated my payment profile and I'm struggling to get a job anywhere but I payed their account in full.
    Their legal department's phone just rings without any answer and I can't get a settlement letter from them. I tried emailing their customer service but they were of no assistance to me.
    I have run out of ideas on how to handle this matter.
    Cell c is honestly the worst network provider out there. They don't care about their clients and I will never do business with cell c ever again.

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  • Si
    Sidney Coad Williams Mar 21, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I entered into a contract with cell c for a computer connection.
    They gave me a router.
    The router could not be connected to my computer.
    I returned the router to cell c in walmer port elizabeth and requested immediate cancellation of the agreement.
    Despite numerous e. Males and phone calls cell c handed my case to their legal department. I am still waiting for the legal department to solve my problem sidney coad williams

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  • Va
    Vali J Nkwanyana Nov 02, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    • Had 2 contracts with Cell c, requested a commitment amount (settlements), payed it, by end of that same, month they debited my bank account, I need to mention this “I have a R1400 monthly contract with Vodacom since 2007 meaning I took this cell c handsets for my cousin and Uncle but took the sim cards out”, that means ever since, I used Cell C Simcards not more than 100 dial-outs”. When I call them claimed it was a short payment for year 2014. Through investigation I conducted and proof, cell c changed stories saying it’s an early cancellation fee, penalty(recorded) and refunded only one amount of R334.00 (R342.00 !! robbed) case was open with [email protected]

    • Next coming month they deducted my account again (April /May) when I call them story changes it was short payments for year 2014 and 2015. It took them more than 3 weeks to refund my account while they need their instalment payed on 25th of each month they forget other creditors/lenders wants that too and they complain if they don’t get their monies in time.

    • Around April or May I decided to change my banking details because cell c was abusing that privilege of getting money from it, and let them know. They insisted I owe R 343.00 which looks similar to the earlier commitment amount I paid earlier which was also R343.20. When I wrote an email to Cell c, a lady wrote back to me saying that was a mistake, but they charged me R70/ Month, which is debit cancellation fee. Got an email and attachment as proof, which means they charged me for 5 months and 1 week if I take a difference of R343/R70, while I had only one month payment as cash.
    Again they change their version of story with different excuse.
    • After I accuse them of been scammers or illiterates why are they changing stories after others, they removed that amount and added R559 which is my current instalment and their records shows I paid that amount which they claim it’s for August. I kept calling them for two month always tells me different version of they stories. Around July I decided to go the the branch to get the amount owing, took some snapshot to make sure I don’t make mistake a bank. I paid R579.00 for June, R1300+- of which I believe I was owing, for July and late August I payed R559.00 for August. Every week they keep calling me saying Payment for August was not received. If I give them a proof, story Changes to “ No those were short payment for year 2014 and 2015 because you been paying by hand which is true lies because I still got records from my nedbank Account since Year 2010 till to date, all debits were successful..

    • Last Month on the 11 /10/2016 they sold my account to MBD, got proof. I got a miss call from 0878450857 when I speak to this lady She said Cell C gave MBD my documents for collections/ Recovery then Later Cell C Call (MDB) back the very same date saying (MDB) must not Call me as my case is highly sensitive.

    The Total Amount owing to them, sent to me, last month (SMS’ed) is similar to the screen shot I took from the Cell C branch, but telephonically it’s different. Got proof.
    • Lastly today again a lady call me from this number 041 030 6496 at around 16H48 her Nhlangani/ Nhlakanipho She was so ignorant and sounded like She was never trained that the customer also got the right to ask question or maybe She never finished her high school classes. Recording attached... She never gave me even a change to ask questions I believe she always treats her customer as they stupid and poor financially who can listen or dance to any note she hits.
    • Sadly every time I listen to the recordings almost all references Cell C Rep is telling me they are not valid and I regret Cell C Branch warned me that if a customer is good payer they will not allow me to do early settlement and turned out to be true.

    • I took this matter a defermation of Character, if Cell C is failing to resolve this, even my ITC scoring has moved from 891 to 726 in the past two month which means I am a failure who can pay R1400.00 to Vodacom for a period of 11 years but fail paying R559 monthly for two years.
    • Almost all recording are ready to be listened to. Attached as well.

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  • Va
    Vali J Nkwanyana Nov 02, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Proof provided for above matter...See attached and tell me GUILTY OR NOT

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GSM Promo

I recieved the sms 'you have won 450000 pounds from gsm mobile and asked to claim for the same by...

abnormal charges

Hi, my husband took a contract phone from cell c, on behalf of me, they give me R100 free minutes every month, but I hardly use that minutes, when I listen to my balance, I always hear that I have no more minutes left, my phone is always over R700, this month is R800, for minutes thats I havent dilled, please help me about this matter because me and my hubby are fighting for over using the phone, which is not what I do.

  • Di
    Dineo M Feb 21, 2015

    Cell C are users, and they play with people's life it's a network that I would advise people not to use it nor take anything from them, last year they gave me a contract, they told me it was a Christmas special with 229 per month, and now out of they blue I have to pay 507 really now, they tell me about stupid minutes that I don't remember using, cell C is the biggest mistake I've made by joining them, and I am so tired and angry that they treat their customers this way, I will definitely rate it a 0 out of 10

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[Resolved] disgusting customer service

In March 2008 I ended my 2 year mobile contract with Cell C, which was expiring in June 2008. I had the...

false advertising & bad service

Three weeks ago I wanted to upgrade to a phone with GPS. I had my eye on the HTC's, but asked to see all the phones with GPS. I decided to go for the HTC-S710 as it was also in this batch. I also wanted to step down from the 100 anytime minutes to a 100 off peak minute contract. For this I was advised that I can take the HTC-S710 at a once of fee of about R400. When all the paperwork was done, one of the other counter people informed us that the amount is about R1000 and not the R400 as indicated. All of this took some time and so I decided to stay on the 100 any time contract so I can get going. When the phone was handed to me I was informed that it has a 85 day exchange warranty for any product problem not related to physical damage or water. In the following week I tried setting up the internet and found out it had no GPS. Eventually we got the internet set up, but leaf locate still did not work. With in the following two weeks I learned that leaf locate is only a map download facility. There is no map guidance on this phone. I also purchased a micro SD card for the phone and then determined the slot is not working. Two weeks after I received the phone, I took it back with the complaints that the internet is not working and the SD card slot is faulty. They took the next hour in setting up my internet and then booked in the phone, because the SD slot is faulty. This repair would take four to six weeks. I had to leave so I just let it go. When inquiring about the exchange policy and in the following week I was told that there is only a seven day policy and the contract can not be reversed, because the phone packaging was opened. This means I got a phone for more than I wanted to pay monthly that hasn't got the functions I asked for. In other words, they are getting my money, so why would they care. I asked if they could reverse the contract and I live out my current contract for the remaining 3 months with the hope of new releases with my requirements, but this was declined. Like I said. They are getting my money, so why would they care. This is the service you can expect from Cell C in general as I get very little feedback from the customer services. The store where I signed the contract is in Menlyn Park shopping center, the Cell C shop next to Standardbank.

[Resolved] unlawfully taking money off my account, pathetic service

I have never in my life experienced a service so pathetic in my life, Cell C has unlawfully taken money off my account, they refuse to pay the money back, i am still waiting after two weeks for them to pay it back, as for customer service, i will be a fool to recommend them to anyone, i will definately be warning anybody i come across about this service!!! They do not know what they are doing, they are incompetent, useless and i am extremely disgusted about this service!!! After reading the complaints from other customers about Cell C, I have realized how many dissatisfied customers there are and how many complaints are similar, I have had enough of their bad service, enough of them messing around with my money, with my living!! If this matter is not resolved I will be taking this further as i have grounds to stand on!!! I will Sue Cell C, That is not a threat, I am Telling who ever is in charge of that useless place!!!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Cell C's response · Nov 02, 2017

    Dear Mr. Kirsten

    Thank you for making contact with Cell C.

    Please email us your Cell C + contact number and any reference numbers you might have to [email protected]

    Our team will assist.


  • Ja
    Jacques Nov 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I feel just the same...

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  • Ja
    jahlady Nov 01, 2017

    I feel terrible, Cell c is full of crooks!!!

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paying for services and net getting it

a sales person from a third party mobile phone contacted me for a mobile contract. This contract included a l760 samsung phone with a cell-c controll chat 120 contract and a R2000 woolworths gift voucher. This happened in december 2007. its august 2008 and up till today ive not recieved my voucher. i only recieved the phone a mont ago. Now the R125.00 free phone call time is not working but they keep on billing me as if nothing happened. ive at this stage loged 30 e-mail driven complaints spoken to about 50 different people and still no joy. ive even spoke to richard the sales director and he is now just avoiding me.

i dont know what to do please help
cell [protected]

  • Pi
    pieter du toit Mar 12, 2009


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  • Ni
    NICK JOSEPH Apr 09, 2009


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incorrect amount quoted for contract & shocking service

This is a long one, but worth a read, trust me, it's almost entertaining if it wasn't so ridiculous! I have had terrible reception and call quality with CellC. On weekends, in particular, my mother (also with CellC) and I can frequently not get through to each other and yet, if I use my husbands phone to call her (he's with MTN), it gets through. One would think that they would encourage family members to be on the same network...

Due to this and the fact that their 'Casual Chat' contract doesn't provide any free peak minutes, I had decided to cancel my contract after the 24 month period came to an end, which I did. Shortly before the last day, I received a call from a sales consultant. He told me that I could get the phone that I wanted on 'Casual Chat' for R39 a month. (this after me telling him that I had already decided to move to MTN)

Shortly thereafter, I was surprised to see that I was actually being charged R69 a month. Now, R30 difference is not huge, but, on principal, I will not accept being quoted one thing and charged another. I logged the first query, which was closed without me being informed or given any feedback. In the query, I asked for a copy of the verbal contract and/or the opportunity to hear the call (they are all recorded) as this was my contract with them and I know that did not tell me about the additional R30 charges (for itemized billing and Caller line identity)

In their ad's, CELLC state that all contract amounts INCLUDE these two items, so I questioned why I was quoted an amount EXCLUDING them over the phone during my 'contract' conversation. As the first query was closed without feedback, I logged a second, again asking for the transcripts of the recorded call. After an extended time period (they promise to get back to you without 48 hours), a received an sms and an email stating: 'The R39 does not include itemized billing and caller line identity' What a joke? I had already worked that out for myself and that answer was not at all what I asked for.

I replied, repeating my story and the request. I phoned the call center on numerous occasions asking for feedback, each time speaking to a different consultant and having to explain the situation over and over again. (in one 50 minute phone call, I was put on hold twice, only to go back into the normal incoming call queue and had to repeat myself 3 times IN ONE CALL).

On another call, after being told to hold, I refused, saying that I wanted to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor claimed that he could not hear me very well and asked if he could call me back straight-away. That was a week and a half ago and I'm still waiting for the call...

Eventually, I went in to their offices in PE and spoke to someone face-to-face. She was the first helpful person that I have dealt with. She created another query for me. Today I received an email reply to my query stating that 'should I wish to cancel my contract, I would be charged R145 a month for the remainder of the contract and a R1000 penalty charge and that CLI and itemized billing are mandatory'
If this situation wasn't so frustrating, I would've actually laughed. Firstly, how can they charge me more than double what my actual contract amount is to cancel anyway? If I don't use my phone for the next 21 months rather, that would be cheaper for me to do, but the rocket scientists there obviously don't think like that!

So, yet again, they have failed to provide the simple answer to my question: to provide me with a copy of my telephone conversation/contract. If they can't show me my contract, how can they charge me a fee for canceling it?

This company is a joke, I've never experienced such bad service and I would strongly advise anyone considering CellC to think about it very carefully and read the fine print in the conversations that you have with them, as that's obviously what they expect you to do somehow!!!

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    nikki Aug 06, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I have NEVER experienced such shocking service and apathy in my life!!! I upgraded and renewed my contract recently (stupid me) and paid R1500 extra for an HTC touch handset. 3 weeks after i received the phone, it froze and i haven't been able to switch it on again. I phoned cell c (obviously waited for ages, was rerouted a couple of times etc...) and eventually they told me to take my ID and phone to the megastore in canal walk. I did this, only to be told by them that i have to get cell c direct to collect the phone from me for repairs. So I called them again and explained what happened after being on hold for 23 minutes!!! I explained my story to 3 or 4 people yesterday and wasted an hour of my life being shifted from one agent to another. I said i needed a manager to call me and the agent assured me i would receive that call first thing this morning. By 2pm today i had still not heard from them, so i called again and i kid you not - spoke to 6 different people!!! I had to explain my story EVERY TIME!!! One time, i got put through to "someone who could help me". I explained my situation to him and he told me to hold for a second while he checked something. The second turned into 10 minutes and guess what? There was someone new, asking me how they could help me!!! I have really had it with them. I don't want to have anything to do with them!!! I wonder if there are actually managers or if the whole company is run by call centre agents???

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On 30/6/2008 we fill in forms to apply for a samsung j700 at the cell c shop in brackenfell. The lady that assisted us was not familiar what was going on, she told us that we have to wait for 1 day before we will receive the phone, the next day I went to the shop and asked her again when the cellphone will be ready. She told me that it will take 2 days. This afternoon I went again to asked them what was going on. My daughter and I had to wait because there was a meeting and they cannot go into the office while the people are busy. They asked us to give them time, we went back and was waiting for 15 min before they went into the office to check if the phone was there, there was still nothing. The told us that they will phone us. The service are no good and why do cell c make promises that they can't keep.

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    Matthew Sep 08, 2008
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    What you need to know is that this store is not a CellC owned CellC store. It is a franchise store owned by someone, like pick n pay family store. It is stores like these that give CellC a bad name, when CellC doesnt actually have anything to do with the people in these stores.
    The only real downside of CellC is that the contract can take 1-3 days for approval as the credit vetting doesnt get down instore at most branches, so applications get faxed off. As for who ever working at this store, they probably told you that it will take a day as they dont want to lose a customer, especially as most these consultants work on commission. So one cant really say why does cellc make promises they cant keep as they are not CellC.

    i used to work at a CellC store... I was a CellC subscriber before I worked there and I still am. I have had issues with Cellc, but you will find the same issues with the other networks.

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cell c blacklisting

It's sad how even if you an outstanding amount, cell c will still not remove your name from itc & ldquo;cell c does not remove names on itc, however we only update your status”. If you pay something, especially if it's a measly amount like r700, why cant they take your name off itc. They have probably never had to struggle with getting finance.

It's a sad affair when a 'popular' company like cell c really does not give a rats ### when their clients are going through a difficult time (Even if they told them they would be late with payment).

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    nicole smiles Mar 23, 2009

    to whom it may concern

    i have a nokia E65 that i couldn't use for ove a year now due to the fact it has been blacklisted for no particular reason. even if i put another simcard in the phone it keep on displaying "simcard registration failed"
    please can someone help because we have been calling all networks even sent the phone back in to cell c and all they say is it has been blacklisted.

    please can something be done regarding this.

    my cell phone number is 0842467949

    alternative numbers 011-961 4811 / 0799917802 /0842697034

    nicole smiles

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