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billing problem never ending

I am a subscriber to Cell C for many years and I am rather desperate to cancel my contract with Cell C as it appears that the staff (supervisors included) are either not willing to assist customers or they are just incompetent in what they are doing. Unfortunatedly they do not speak Afrikaans nor do they understand plain simple South African English.

Since December 2009 I have added 1GB SmartData Bundle and 120 SMS Bundle to my Casual Chat 100 subscription. Inspite of having SmartData Bundle and a SMS Bundle my account appears to be abnormally high. I have already requested a reconcilliation of my account in order to determine the actual usage of data as it appears that I do not benefit from the data bundle or the sms bundle. I do not think that this is too much to grasp or to sort out.

Subsequent to that request I have made numerous enquiries either in person or telephonically in connection with my account. A minimum of 5 visits to the local Cell C shop were also not of any help to solve the problem. Each enquiry always ended in more promises made and excuses for the bad service and incompetance.

no stock plus late delivery

I am extremely disappointed with Cell C's service, particularly the George Garden Route Mall branch.
I went to the Cell C website and identified a phone and contract I wanted. I then went to the store on Monday 17 January and signed a contract with them. After everything was signed I was told that they're sorry but that they don't have stock of the phone I wanted. They said the stock would arrive by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. I heard nothing from them the whole week and on Thursday afternoon went to the store again to inquire. I was then told that the stock would arrive tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. I got a text message from the store on Friday afternoon saying that my phone didn't arrive with the stock they received.
How long does one have to wait for a product from this company??? And why do they lie about when the phone is scheduled to arrive, just to get clients off their backs or what??? It is pathetic and unethical.
I would advise anyone looking for a phone contract to consider MTN or Vodacom, they have more stores and surely better service than Cell C! Cell C doesn't deserve the business it gets.

deactivating my line without reason

Yesterday morning, while I am in a meeting, Cell C phoned me 3 times, left a voice message on my phone, phoned my husband and also my work land line. When I returned the call wondering what is going on, no one at customer service could tell me what the fuss is all about.

This morning when I needed to make a call I got the message that the number is barred. I phoned customer service to try to find out. Well needless to say after 3 phone calls and a different answer every time why my line has been deactivated (I am asking for a number transfer, my sim card has been loststolen) it is now their system who decided that certain numbers need to be deactivated. They have put it on the system to reactivate my line but do not know when this will happen because their system is slow. This is not the answer I want to hear.

The funniest of it all is that I have 2 contracts with Cell C and according to them both the numbers were deactivated. Unbelievable that the system has decided to deactivate both my numbers.

I am travelling more than a 100 kilometres from home to work and back and my cellphone is my instrument in case of an emergency and thanks to Cell C I cannot use my phone.

cell c error has given me a bad credit score

Last year I had a really bad experience where Cell C messed up my account with them completely:
- I did not receive my statements at all during this time
- They didn't capture my correct details on their system and causing numerous errors on my acocunt
- They were deducting money off the wrong account.

In the end I took this complaint to head office to demand some assistance with this account. It was during this process that I was told to shut up and listen to the gentleman, who in the end spoke a load of rubbish and admitted that they did not know what was going on with my account.

Infuriated I went straight to the top. They apologised for the problems, errors and poor service. They promised that this would all be corrected and the money I paid for the services would be refunded - fat chance as I am still waiting for this!
In addition my contract would be cancelled on the 5 January 2010. Funny how I ended up getting a bill for February!!!

this month I applied for finance on a car I wanted to get only to be told that I have a negative credit score and that no one will finance me - Cell C blacklisted me for their error!!! Useless...

  • Si
    Sipho Obev Mvulane May 16, 2012

    I need a clear detailed statement not the one that Vvm Attorney showed me, on how did you came up to the amount you say I owed off which I did pay.

    Now that I have paid (you) Cell c via Vvm attorneys Account reference: 01127253 call centre reference: 05794342 and I`m sure that you have received all my complaints, I have took two phone but on the contract billing statement there were three phones off which when I went back to north gate Cell c the shop assistant Mr. Fortunate Mkhize said its just error it will be fixed on the next billing statement but nothing was done until I landed to your Attorneys and on my complaints stated that the amount you have sent to them was too much for two phones that’s is why I still need clarity on that R11, 623.35 to total paid R16, 796.45 that you forwarded there! And I think you`ve seen them specially that I have made also clear to Vvm attorneys that I have took two contract phones with you in 2007 and the amount that I paid to your account too does it reflect. And please pull everything that may be helpful on my complained at Vvm profile surely by now they have handed the document to (you) Cell c.

    And I’m aware that Mr. fortunate was fired for irregularity into the business and some people came forward complaining with the same problem and was told to do the same however the case went to Vvm without any attempt to contact me, note: Vvm never solve anything to my complaints

    Looking forward to hear from you. email:[email protected]

    From unsatisfied costumer

    Sipho Obed Mvulane

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help delay

Hi Sir/Madem i do request a bank details, settlement amount, letter of settlement, removal of my name on transunion. i do want to pay fully the account which i was not aware that is still active, after my contract expired. i 'm prepare to solve this problem as soon as i got all details requested above. my name is George Mongolisi Lot, and contact number is [protected] please help me to resolve the matter quickley either sms the information on that MTN number above.

  • Ry
    Ryan Wood Jan 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    im on contract with cell-c.i have a sony ericsson k550i.i have a pre-paid vodacom sim as well.my phone works wonderfully with the vodacom sim.when i use the cell-c sim,my signals low,my GPRS comes and goes,mostly just goes.my sms's wont go through with cell-c at all,EVER.but they do with my vodacom sim. then cell-c has the audacity to tell me i need to bring my phone in for repairs? fugging idiots! improve your network biitches! if i ever meet one of those call centre biitches from cell-c, ima fugging egg them

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  • An
    Ana32 Feb 21, 2012

    I have 3 cellphone contracts with Cell C, and last year October i changed my bank details for the debit order, a simple change, so I thought. Since then they have messed up my debit orders. They debiting the incorrect bank, then they debit the incorrect amounts. And even though it is a fault on their side, they suspend my services, no body can sort this out, the managers refuse to speak to me. And every month i get told that all is in order and up till the January debit order they still took the incorrect amount off my account, not covering the full amount due on the account. Firstly my concern is that I will now have a negative credit record due to them being incompetent ans secondly, that I had my international call services suspended due to the default on the account which was through no fault of mine. This has been going on for 4 months now and no one returns my calls or replies to my emails sent and just keep defaulting on the debit order amounts going through on my account. Is there anything that I can do to get this resolved?

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paing for a contract that is not working

i have a blok on my phone, so ife asked cell c to take it of 4 months ago and since then my phone does not want to send an smsor call out. bu the best of all is that they are still billing me for sh... thats not working!!! so ime going to stop my contract, wont pay a cent and ime going to the papers!

  • St
    stickyfingers Oct 03, 2013

    Firstly the good news. On Sunday 28th September I went to cellc waterfront, cape town to get my upgrade and also change my contract. I was so impressed with the service. The assistant Tsra Benito was helpful, polite, friendly, accomodating and most of all knowledgeable and went out of her way to try and assist and resolve some of the issues we had.
    On the 26th September I went to cellc Pinelands, Cape Town for the same reason as above and requested an Iphone 5, 32mb which they assured me they would order and have in the store by yesterday, 2 October. I am leaving for overseas tomorrow(4th) so it was urgent that I receive it before leaving. I had my doubts and didnt feel confident that it would happen...just by their harry casual attitude. Instead I phoned waterfront, even on the phone they were helpful...went in and got the phone.
    Luckily I did, as today (3rd) I went back to Pinelands as wanted to download "my tools" on my old phone, and was told there was a problem, he did phone someone but they said they couldnt help. I gathered by this stage that my phone hadnt been arrived but was casually told that they weren, t able to get one. When inquiring why they never phoned me yesterday to inform me, they said they only knew late!!
    If I hadn, t gone to Waterfront, I would be travelling without my new upgrade.
    I, m sorry but this service is unacceptable and I do hope that those who deserve the praise receive it and those that dont...well I, ll leave it up to you!!
    Gill Liprini

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money taken from acc after contract cancelled

I cancelled my contract on 4th aug, my airtime was uploaded on the 15th as usual and money taken from my acc at the end of month.The end of sept another payment was taken from my acc but I wasn't given any airtime.I have spent hours on the phone and in their shops, I've sent numerous emails to no avail, yes they have admitted they should have either given me my airtime in sept or not taken a payment, but, still refuse to do anything about it.This as far as I'm concerned is theft pure and simple, I wouldn't think I'm the only one of their customers this has happened to, imagine how much money they are making from this scam it must amount to millions!!I wont give up though if only for the poor customers who don't have the time to spend on the phone etc., fortunately, being retired, I do.I suppose they just think eventually you'll go away.Shame on you cellc for stealing from people, we have to work hard for our money.

phone cover

I complained to Cell C red carpet, regarding a stolen phone claim that was rejected for unfounded reasons. This could not be resolved and as such I did not want the false benifet of cover any longer
It is now 22 days from my first complaint and 12 days from my second follow up complaint.
I have still not received any confirmation, feedback, or resolve on the matter.
What is worse is that I specifically gave instruction, on both occasions, not to debit my account for any C-cover, phone cover or warranty.
I do not want the service of C-cover on my line at all, as it is a worthless scam that is costing R37.19 with no benefit whatsoever.
I do not want the phone cover(R25) or phone warranty(R25) on my second line, as this is the phone that was stolen, black listed and for which the claim was rejected.
 They do not grasp that they cannot charge me for a phone that I do not have any more and which they will not replace.

This instruction was made with ample lead time before my account was issued, and should have been rectified as such.
Calling the Red carpet service only entails holding for hours and then being disconnected.
Cell C claims they are changing - if that is for the worst, there is a lot of evidence to proof this fact.
Luckily I only have another 5 months to suffer.

cell never returns calls on complaints and refunds

I refer to my previous compliants on hello peter website and confirm that I still have had no positiive response.

Supplier cell c industry telecommunications
Branch/area head office country south africa
Time / date 08:44 thu 18 nov person responsible mmakena
Customer erinethan view all reports by user 01
Problem feedback / response
Headline 1 month later & no resp on 2x deductions
The incident
Thu 28 oct

Hi my name is reshma haripersadh and I called in and repoted that both their collections dept polosa and cell c deducted monies from my account, cell c admitted that they were wrong and that they will refund me the amount that they mistakely deducted. They asked for me to e-mail my bank statement as proof so I did to [hidden web address] date no refund or response, I am totally disgusted. What kind of customer service is this?

My contact details are: [hidden email] and my telephone number is [protected].
Add a new cell c report find this report inappropriate?

Supplier response
Time: 13:00:56
Thu 18 nov 10

Hello erinethan,

On behalf of cell c, we extend our sincere apologies for the sub-standard service that you may have initially received.

Kindly note that I have escalated the matter to our legal team for further assistance. Please be advised that I will revert back to you with feedback once received.

[protected]@cellc.Co. Za

Customer's feedback
Time: 08:24
Tue 23 nov 10 indifferent: crystal called me on the same day and said that she will let me have an answer before the close of business on the 18th november 2010. I am still awaiting for the call or a response via e-mail. Thanks


Cell c fraud

they sell a service that doesnt work the way they say it would!

take your money

dont get back with any feed back on thier broken service

Dnt re emburse your money

lets your banking details lay around in the CELL C Sales shop so that others can steal.

Let you wastd R250.00 on cell phone calls to them & sales department allong with Head Office

Then when you get through you meet People that represent Cell c such as Zinsie a Sales Consultant & Vusi a Supervisor from MidRand who was no help after hearing my story claim that he dnt know me but an Hour earliar after spendin nearly an Hour on the phone with them.

My Cell c Supersonic Internet surfing Dongle 24gb Databundle R1499 Huawei E1752 was purschased on the 10/11/2010 6 days later i returned it cos it had bad recieption in my Area i stayed in i then returned it to the store where i was told my refund would be in my banking account the very next day from the Sales Manager ERIC from the Picbell Cell c branch in Cape Town.He also plasterd alot of lies apon lies just to clear him self where clerly Cell C does not EXCESICE THE PRIVACY ACT. i was told to forward my banking details via an sms to him on the stores cell phone i then did this 5mins later after call, i then did that only to find out that Mr Eric the manager left the store & no sms came through .I then phone again 5mins later the phone rings the store cell rejects my number (a voice on the call stating that the number does not exist)



i then repeated this a cuplor times Obveriously rejected all 7times i then dailed again from my cell i then hid my caller id it went through they pic up they heard its me they put the phone down in my face again.PHONED AGAIN asking them if they got my text they said no this after me sending 2 repeats getting no where.Cell c Sales Agents let my Banking Details lay in the Stores cell phone for a full Hour then after that they sms me stating that they recieved it.



THEIR service sucks...Cell C policy clearly states that no Sales Consultant nor Agent are allowed to have my banking details.But it was told to me by the Store Manager from the Picbell Store in Cape Town that my details will be safe...

Well Clearly it wasnt...!!!

Sad :-(

Im letting the world know about this becuase clearly dont care about their customers privacy.






-SABC 123



plus 3DEGREE


Every1 needs to know what Cell C got to offer & how bad their customer service are...





















  • Ma
    maghanee Dec 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Everything said here is true. I've got two cell c contracts and believe me their customer service is non existent. Their cell phone service is really "scratchy". They the biggest bunch of "piggy back" crooks around. Their 4G service is a scam. To be robbed by real crooks I can live with, but to be robbed blind by Corporate Business without shame, that is despicable. Their staff is untrained with no product Knowledge. They lie their way through the day just to collect their salaries. Cell C does not care two hoots for their customers once they've signed them up or sold them a product: all they want is your money not your troubles. THEIR CUSTOMER CARE SERVICE IS JUST A TAX WRITE OFF LIKE ADVERTISING.

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I am very disappointed in the way Cell C has handled me. My phone was stolen last year November. I contacted Cell C to advice them that I need to cancel my contract. I spoke to Nomathlube at Cell C. She said that I can not cancel the contract as I still need to pay the subscription fees until the 24 months is up.

It is now seven months since my contract expired and Cell C is still deducting subscription money off my account. I called Cell C today and queried why, I have spoken to Luchien and Robert and no one can help me they say it’s simply my problem and Cell C won’t refund my money. I have been transferred from pillar to post and eventually the phone got cut off – again!!!

Plus, I have advised Cell C that my phone has been stolen and for two months after, they still deducted money off my account for usage???? My phone is stolen and my Sim is not working, how the hell am I using airtime? I have notified Cell C then and my money has been returned bur now Cell C is taking more of my money from my bank and refuse to refund me.

  • Ts
    tshireletso mokono Feb 11, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Currently noticed that am sharing my number with somebody else.This is unethical and unacceptable, hope this matter will be resolve soon

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cell c staff is not qualified to handle the complaints

In August 2009, I made a double payment to Cell C in error. On 28.09.2009 I contacted 14302 to check my balance, was informed that the current unbilled call charges were R1140.87. Contacted Cell C customer care and spoke to Kevesh, who informed me that Cell C owed me money R25.40, when I queried the amount of R1140.87 he told me that he could not see anything on his system as the account had been 'closed' because of the double payment. On 16.10.2009, dialled 14302 again because, once again I had not received any account from Cell C, only to find out my balance is now R 1 486.58. Contacted customer care again, this time spoke to Pranalen(Kevesh was busy) who told me he could not assist with my query as it was an account query and it would have to be dealt with my credit control, however in order for them to assist, I would need to supply them with 3 month's bank staements... . Why do they have a customer care centre if the staff are not qualified to handle the complaints?

I hate dealing with cell c now, because none of their staff are properly trained

My phone was stolen, I reported it to cell c, gave them a case number and sent this to them on Monday I called in for feedback the next day and they informed me they could not read the form, . I re-sent the same form to them they can now read it but I still do not have any feedback from them, no call, no reply to my mail-nothing!!!.

I called in today yet again as I have done all week, I spoke to a katlego Kagiso who asked me for my banking details-I asked why he needed my banking details to verify me he hung up on me. I then spoke to Nwabisa Skepu I told her my whole story above and she said that because I sent my form yesterday I have to wait another 24-48 hours, when I told her I had sent the same form on Monday and that cell c was late she rudely replied 'If you say so'.

I hate dealing with cell c now, because none of their staff are properly trained, they are unprofessional and incompetent I have now been without a phone for 2weeks one of those weeks spent chasing my network provider for service-I pay my premium every month and yet cell c staff always treat me with nothing but disrespect-I want my claim resolved now with some sense of urgency and then I'm cancelling.

  • Gr
    Greg_M Aug 17, 2011

    I agree.
    The service I received was terrible when I claimed against a damaged (unrepairable) handset. Porting away to other network is the easiest remedy.
    Untrained and incompetent staff. Too few people employed in claims center (read Head Office- Jhb) to handle workload.
    VERY POOR attitude to communicating returning calls/communications when received.
    The only quick response I got was a call from the `Tell Trevor` email I sent. This resulted in a call from the helpline staff, but no action or resolution to the problem.
    I live in hope!
    Greg M

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sim card still not working

I had a SIM card registration failed error on my phone last week Wednesday (23rd September). On Thursday I went to the Cell C Shop and did a SIM swap (they said that the SIM card was 'broken' and it cost me R150), the Friday morning Lucky called me and said that the SIM card would be activated during that morning. Friday afternoon I called customer care again saying that the problem still persists, they then cancelled my contract and re-activated it again to see if it does not work. It is now Monday morning and the problem still persists. I went to the Cell C shop again and they called Customer Care. Apparently it is now a network error and I must wait between 24 and 48 hours. I got a reference number: 3636323 and the person's name is Luzanne. Please help me, I need my phone to be working.

  • Bh
    Bhongo Dlabantu Nov 27, 2013

    Attention to whom it may concern, i Bhongo Dlabantu have a problem i have accidentaly blocked my redbull simcard, and unfortunately ive even lost my puk number but i can still remember my pin number, i was wondering is the noway that i could regain my number (0843549110)without me buying a new sim card?

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free offer with contract not delivered

I contracted with a Cell C direct store for 2 contracts(casual chat)subject to a free offer of a 32 inch Telefunken LCD TV. The phones are 2 entry level Nokia phones at a monthly subscription of R145 each. The long & the short of it is, the next day after connecting the TV, I noticed the screen was defective. I immediately informed the store of this defect & returned it the next day. Both the store manager & owner informed me that the TV was to be returned to their supplier who was to replace the TV with a new unit. They couldnt say how long this will take & after a week had gone by I was told that the supplier does not have stock. They undertook to inform me as soon as they had word. Almost a month has passed & Im still possession of the TV for which I'm expected to pay for. No attempts were made by the store of sourcing another set from another store & when I suggested this as an option the owner said it would place his store second to others. I dont see how thats my problem???I lodged with customer services, to date haven't had any response. I contracted for these contracts purely with the intention of having the use of the TV offered. I want this contract cancelled at no cost!

  • Ma
    Makhosi Jul 31, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having a same problem, they promised to send me 2fones bt i only got empty boxes.i reported several times and now they are starting sending me satements of which is irritating.i hate cellc

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itemized billing on non-existent contract

I had two contracts with Cell C, but ported one of them to Vodacom around 6 weeks ago. My most recent invoice from Cell C still shows the ported number, with zero call charges, but an R18.86 itemised billing charge. The call centre can't even find the contract on their system, because it no longer exists.

I was transferred to the billing accounts department but was on hold for ages. I certainly am not going to pay for the call while I am on hold so that you can fix your mistake. Please get somebody to phone me to sort this out, I require a new invoice please.

can't access internet and cannot send mms

I am using the AG Bomshell phone that was supplied by Bayport in JHB. I can not access internet and cannot send mms and it says i have to subscribe for GPRS and no body can help me. It is not the good phone at all. I have phoned bayport and people spoken to do not know their products. For that matter i have stopped paying for this phone and now i am having a bad record cos i am not paying anymore. Other person told me that he will send people to collect it so it can be fixed, but that was never done. I have also gone to cellphone shops, but cell c and vodacom do not have the settings of this phone. It is a bad phone and Bayport cellular do not care about their customers.

paying for a contract I cant use

After Cell C offered a contract and I accepted, I recieved my delivery. I gave all the documents that was requested and signed all I was asked to. Now after almost 3 weeks I still do not have a registered sim. I registered online and was told it would be activated in 24 hours, 2 days laters I phoned in and was again told 24 hours. I have now spoken to at least 12 different people and been into a Cell C branch, I still have an unregistered sim. I have been told that the contract is with Cell C Connect but when I phone Cell C Connect I am told I do not have a contract with them. When speaking to a supervisor I am told to phone some one else. After phoning the following numbers I still have had no responce nor has my issue been dealt with or rectified; [protected] 084145 [protected] [protected] 140. As far as I am concerned Cell C are not only totaly incompetent but do not care for customers once they have our money.

took a double debit order of r688.28 from my account

Cell C cancelled my contract and they collect the phone and sim from me because of retrenchment. On the 28th of August, they took a double debit order of R688.28 from my account. First I want to know why a double debit order and secondly how can they take it, if the contract is cancelled?!

I do not have a income and my husband paid some money into my bank account to buy food for the house. As I needed the money, it was all gone, because Cell C took everything. I am not happy about this and I want my R1376.56 back!!!

I could not buy food for the house and it was our last money!! Really I am satisfy about this and because of Cell C, I can not feed my family this month!!!

cell c and vvm attorneys the worst service provider and legal firm ever.

I have cancelled this contract in around 2006 due to poor service and Cell C that did not met their part of the contract due to poor service and over billing. Beginning of this year 2010 I received a call from VVM Attotneys to pay an account of R23000. I have requested a full break down of this account. Because the amount I am charged with is ridiculous R23000.00 for cancelling of this contract. In the first place on cancelling of this contract I was not told that I am going to pay this amount. My Legal team has also tried calling VVM Attorneys and emailed them to sort this matter out but with no luck. Their contact numbers don’t work at all they don’t reply back on their emails or faxes. But you get screwed up to pay.This is going on for 6 months.

  • St
    Sthokozile Malinga Jan 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These people are absolutely inefficient, I have tried several times to contact them but no luck, I get emails of final demand of their client cell c's money but the banking are not matching, they have not reponded to the emails, yet my name is affected.

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  • Da
    Dappertjie Aug 02, 2011

    i did fail to pay my contract thats a fact. I took out a contract for my ex wife and she did not pay the monthly bill. i know i am responsible for this account but i did try to get hold of this firm for how long and after they called me once. now they keep on sending me sms with a number and ref. number but they do not reply on phone calls. this is unexceptable and poor service. MY Ref. number they gave me is 1644447

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