Carnival Cruise Linescancelled cruise


We were supposed to sail on the Fascination December 3 which was of course cancelled. We spent over a year planning this tr ip to celebrate our 20th Anniversary. After we booked this trip well over a year ago we immediately purchased a Faster to the Fun Pass. After many hours today, we were finally able to re-book our trip sailing the same week on the Breeze, but of course the FTTF are all sold out. This is incredibly unfair and we would like to request Carnival waive the number of FTTF allowed to give ours back to us. It's the least you can do after the manner in which we were treated through this fiasco. We are not complaining FEMA chartered our ship, we certainly understand the need, but we are appalled at how we were treated by Carnival through the entire process. Our new booking number is 8XF6K6.

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