Carl's Jr. Restaurantsdrive thru window employee dami & unknown male employee

M Aug 16, 2018 Review updated:

I used drive thru window to order Double slider box, 6 piece chicken nugget meal and order of zucchini. Employee repeats my simple order. Get to window and cashier is charging me only $7.66 which is only for the slider box. She quickly yells at the kitchen that she needs an order of zucchini and 6 pc chicken nugget order. She asked me to park because my order is not ready. I asked her if my order was not ready because she failed to add it to my order from the beginning. She shut the window while I was talking and asking her to remove the items that are not ready since I was pressed for time and needed to get to my kids swimming lessons. A guy comes to the window and I ask him if my order is not ready because the employee failed to do her job correctly. He was very rude while charging me for my order. Never offering to rectify the situation and he also closed the window on me.

People with no customer service skills should not be allowed to work at fast food places. My kids now have to go hungry till after their swimming lesson.

I need for district manager or owner to call me back regarding this situation.

drive thru window employee dami & unknown male employee


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    9wood Aug 16, 2018

    don't expect a call from them because you ask on here
    you should be contacting the manager and or district manager

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