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Just had an argument with the supervisor at my local crappy tire (Alliston, ON). I returned the paddling pool I'd bought for my 1 year old son for the second time due to it being faulty. In the middle of sorting out my refund, the assistant asked if I had my 30c canadian tire money. No, I said - what do I need that for when returning a faulty item? She said in that case, she'd have to knock 30 cents off my refund! I asked if she was joking and a supervisor was sent for.

Apparently, even though they give you the canadian tire money without you asking for it, they expect it back when you return an item, no matter why! I argued that as it was a free item they were giving you, they shouldn't expect it back. She said it was just the same as real money. What if it were lollipops they were giving away? I said. Would they expect them back, as the principle's the same? Apparently not. I left 20 cents out of pocket and an EX-CT customer...


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      Jul 03, 2007

    They GAVE you 30cents! You return the product you return THEIR money! How difficult is that to understand? If you were to save the CT money like most people, you would understand that you can actually purchase goods with the money they gave you, therefore it has VALUE!

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      Aug 23, 2007

    First like real money the Canadian tire money belongs to the mint, but in the case of CT money it belongs to the company. It is a bonus when you pay cash on a product. This complaint in my mind should be disregarded as it is silly and very ignorant. First of all its thirty cents(or twenty cents because you seem to contradict yourself) second there is printed signs in all stores that say for a return bring your receipt and share of CT money. Your postal code and address etc. may be collected to help prevent fraud, and finally if a dealer leases you a car and you bring it back without the engine and he says to you "I need everything that was given to you at the time of the lease" and you say " but that is silly I didn't even ask for the engine it was just given to me". IT IS THE SAME CONCEPT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Sep 02, 2007

    What an idiot! Read the back of your receipt next time douche bag

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      Oct 16, 2007

    First of all, it was 30 cents - the 20 cents was a typo (so no contradictions). Secondly, these are COUPONS. Even crappy tire management call them coupons. If when I went to Zehr's they gave me a $10 off my next purchase voucher as I went through the checkout, if I returned something due to it being faulty, would you expect them to ask for their voucher back or knock $10 off your refund? THEY ARE NOT REAL BANK NOTES! There are no signs anywhere in the store stating this policy. Third - I returned a faulty item (TWO faulty items in fact). Good customer policy should state that in such a case they should waive the coupon return. They didn't and with hindsight I should have asked for a refund on my petrol money due to me having to drive to and from the store twice.

    Fourth - Johnny C - no need for insults, is there...

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      Nov 17, 2007

    It clearly states on the back of the receipt that your issue of Canadian tire money is required for refund.

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      Dec 20, 2007

    I understand that people loyal to Canadian Tire have an issue with this complaint, but personally, I shop at whatever establishment offers the best deals.

    I agree with Lee Stansfield, Canadian Tire money is a reward for shopping at Canadian Tire stores, similar to being offered a coupon from another store. I don't ask for Canadian Tire money and quite frankly I don't have special spot in which I keep it. So, yes often it has ended up lost. If I were to return an item and had real money deducted in lieu of a Canadian Tire coupon I would be upset. Perhaps Canadian Tire should try to implement a program that has nothing to do with the customer's real spending dollars that is similar to the program at Shoppers. At Shoppers Drug Mart they give you points that can be used toward purchasing merchandise in the future which is separate from the money you spend. If something is returned, your accumulative points go down to reflect the amount refunded on your item. Your actual monitary refund is not affected. This system seems to make much more sense to me and would eliminate this problem all together.

    Having said this I have never had an issue with my service at a Canadian Tire store - in fact I have always been happy with it. However, I could hypothetically be upset if a similar situation arose to the one that affected Mr. Stanfield, particularly if the sum of money was greater. Even so, the principle is still the same regardless of the amount.

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      Feb 18, 2008

    I find no need to argue for 30 Cents. If i was the cashier i would have just thrown a $1 at you and told u to get lost.

    Yes that is rude but for one to argue for 30 Cents is just wasting time.

    However i understand where this argument is coming from. In contrast i've noticed that around the cash registers and the exit doors there is a charity box for canadian tire money. If one was to donate their 30 Cents to Charity and return the item, the 30 Cents would STILL be taken off.

    Yes one can argue that i donoted to Charity, however are you really going to argue for 30 Cents, especially if it was donated? I think thats rather cheap and greeedy of them.
    Personally i'd be happy that i had donated money to charity and forget about my 30 Cents.

    But then again, 30 Cents can buy us alot of things these days... (Just a pinch of sarcasam)

    On the other hand, the concept of Canadian Tire money would not be effective if it was not asked for during a return if cash or debit was used for the transaction.

    IF canadian tire did not ask for the money back that means i can buy something for $400 get $6 of canaian tire money, return the product and still keep the bonus i get.

    i can do this a couple times and have enough canadian tire money to buy a nice toaster or something.

    it doesnt make sense. Wheres the logic and business in that.

    Oh and before i conclude my comment, id like to point out that the store does not refer it as COUPONS they call it MONEY... Canadian Tire MONEY. Go look around the store or around the stickers by the cash registers which promote their OPTIONS mastercard. It will say " MORE canadian tire MONEY on the card"
    Keyword: Money.

    and to comment on ur last statement

    "I left 20 cents out of pocket and an EX-CT customer..."

    Canadian Tire will not lose sales or go out of business if a cheap individual is returning a $30 item and arguing about 30 Cents of canadian tire money becomes an EX customer.

    The managers and sales associate will just go along their day not even caring about how much that 30 cents could have done you good while u cry about it.

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      Mar 09, 2008

    Of all the complaints I have read here, this one takes the cake. All this over 30 cents? Look, if you buy something and receive "Air Miles" and then return the item for a refund, do you get to keep the Air Miles? Of course not. Why? Because there are cheapskates out there who would abuse and take advantage of the system. The same applies to CT money.

    Example: Buy an item worth $1500 and receive about $20 of Canadian Tire money. Return it and do the same thing at 4 other locations. Congratulations, you have just made $100! Now you can buy that microwave you always wanted absolutely free. Get it? Canadian Tire needs to have policies in place so people don't abuse the system. True it is only 30 cents, but how many refunds to they process ever day?

    Sorry, but there are more important things to complain about in the world.

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      Aug 03, 2008

    Good grief Lee,

    In the large picture of all the things a person deals with in life, I cannot believe you are making such a silly issue of this. I have shopped at the Alliston Canadian Tire for the past 13 years at their old location and now this one and have found the staff there very courteous and helpful.

    One time, I was looking for a paint stripper gun and the sales associate went upstairs, searched for about 20 mins, did not find the one I was looking for, came back with a better one with attachments in a nice case and the manager had oked it so I could purchase it for the same price as the lower one. I was astounded at this level of service as he could have just told me they were out of stock and saved himself and management the trouble.

    They gave you back the efund that you requested.

    It does say that for refunds, you must present the Canadian Tire Money issued to you. If you just toss it out, you are not taking advantage of it. Better just give it to the guy or gal in line behind you or the charity box by the till.

    It sounds to me like not too much would have made you happy that day and that you might have just enjoyed the confrontation.

    I do not know how much money the folks at Canadian Tire made per hour, but from the way your comment sounds, you were talking down to them and were very rude. No-one needs to take what you were dishing out. Rather than being proud of yourself, you should be going back to the store and apologizing for the rude behavour you displayed.

    You are very lucky that I was not behind you in line, I would have said to you what the clerk and manager, who were behaving in a professional manner, could not say.

    Linda Thomas

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  • S
      Aug 15, 2008

    I can't believe you Lee, all this over $0.30. I agree with most of the other posters, you can't keep the $0.30 because you're returning the product and getting your money back. If you keep doing that, Canadian Tire 'Money' would soon be discontinued. See what I mean?

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      Sep 28, 2008

    Canadian Tire has been issuing "money" since I can remember. Why is this suddenly a big deal?

    My complaint concerns customer service, or I should say the complete and utter lack of customer service. I have just this minute returned from my local CT where I went to purchase a replacement Dremel. I asked two clerks and neither one of them had ever heard of a Dremel. One clerk at least tried to find out, but the other one just shrugged his shoulders and went on his merry way. I then found a third clerk and asked to speak to the manager, she said "Oh yeah" and then walked away to go and gossip with a colleague. I was ignored. I then spent 20 minutes trying to locate someone who would and could assist me, only to have him repeatedly answer his ringing phone. I was finally able to purchase my Dremel, but the way I was treated left such a bad taste in my mouth that I am going back to CT tomorrow to return the Dremel, together with the 70 cents in CT money. This kind of lousy service seems to be the norm in the Chateauguay, Quebec store, at least for the English speaking customers. I shall just go to Rona from now on.

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      Nov 05, 2008

    I had a similar experience to the original poster; purchased something, then returned it and had the CT money deducted from my refund. I was highly annoyed - even wondering if this was legal, because they're essentially charging you real money for not having fake money.

    On their receipts and signs, it says you have to return the CT$ but it doesn't tell you what the consequences are - it doesn't say "...or that amount will be deducted from the refund." I think that is the primary source of my irritation.

    Now after reading the above comments, I see this all in a different light. Here I was concerned about my petty little $100 purchases and 50c in CT$, I never thought about buying/returning something worth $1500 and keeping the CT$ from that. So I guess I do now see the logic in requiring the return of the CT$ with the item. Thank you to David Beck for pointing this out.

    On the other hand, I still think their signs should have the consequences for not having the CT$ clearly stated.

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  •   Dec 04, 2008

    Watch out to where you go to change your seasonal tires! I went to the Canadian Tire in Brampton's Trinity Common last March and again in November 2008. It was suppose to cost me $26 and it ended costing me $145. They told me the wheel stud was spinning and had to be replaced. They also said that whom ever had changed my tires last, had over torqued the wheel nut. When I said they did it, they quickly changed their story. I've spoken to Service and Store Managers and they do not want to take responsibility for what happened. I will never take my car to CRAPPY TIRE again!!!

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      May 30, 2009

    i went to canadian tire store in mississauga dixie and there is a manager there and she thinks she knows it all and she should not be working with the public at all...
    she has bad customer relations with customers and does not know how to talk to them either ...She works in seasonal and also in houseware ...

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      Oct 04, 2009

    I went into crapass tire in Wainwritht Alberta the servus was rude and when i asked for a item that was in the flyer (for this week )... i was told they did not have that item *ucking stupid is that ###...this is not the first time it has happen eather and when did they stop giveing rainchecks on items...every time i go in to the store they never have it or it is discontinud or it isnt comeing in and they dont know if it is comeing in and the staff they hire needs to go to some sort of course to learn how to behave with the costomers and take some aditude classes to learn how to deal with the public ... as far as i am concerned i have gone into crapy tire in wainwright alberta and if i go to any others ity will be a cold day in hell...sincerly Tony B W Ward

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      Apr 12, 2010

    I went into Canadian Tire today, in Gananoque Ontario. There is an employee there i feel is harassing me, this is happening due to something that happened off work campus, and i don't feel it should be brought to work. I don't even want to go into Canadian Tire anymore, due to the way i am treated by this girl, and other employee's when she is around. I was wondering if there is anything that can be done?

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      Jun 19, 2011
    Canadian Tire - Bad service
    Canadian Tire

    I attampted to purchase a stack-on safe at the Canadian Tire in Windamere in Edmonton. The safe is in the exit area of the store and was on sale for $499. I needed to talk with three different people before I could actually try and pay for the safe. I was told to go to the loading doors around the back to have it loaded into my vehicle. I waited for over 30 minutes. When staff finally came to the door they told me that they didn't have any safes left. I asked if they could call another store and was told that they are all independently owned so I wouldn't get the same price. They offered the floor model to me but they didn't have the combination to the door so they 'could try phoning me next week if they can find the combo'. (I'm not kidding - they thought I would take it home without any way to get into it) I then had to back around to the front of the store to get my refund. That's when I noticed a sign saying that Canadian Tire will meet any competitors price. Apparently they can't even their your own bloody price across town! After this 45 minute shopping 'experience' I will be sure to avoid Canadian Tire at all costs in the future.

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      Jun 19, 2011

    hahaha they straight up lied to you, i worked at ct for over 8 months and i know for a fact that if their out of stock even though they are independantly owned they can get stock from another store and sell it to you for the same price, they just have to show proof (sale tag or shelf tag) of what their instore price was. Im so glad i quit working there, they dont even know their own rules :P

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  • J
      Jun 28, 2011

    UPDATE: After emailing Canadian Tire, the message made it's way down the store owner in Windamere. He more than compensated by tracking down a safe somewhere else in town and delivering personally to my house. It turned out to be about the best customer service I've ever received! Thanks Jim! (I had to post this update in comments as complaintsboard won't accept my password, won't email a new one and there doesn't seem to be anyway to contact them.)

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      Oct 24, 2013

    Does nobody except the original poster see that if Canadian Tire is scamming 30cents off of each return, every day, throughout the entire country, they are clearly STEALING money from consumers and keeping it for themselves? Lee is right, despite calling this 'money', it is a coupon for a discount off a future purchase. It's not legal tender, protected by the mint, and cannot be charged for.
    What makes matters worse, is that Canadian Tire has no process in place for refusing the money. This is a mandatory program to enrol in with no option to opt out. A definite scam that needs to be dealt with. Don't be fooled by the low consequences of 30cents. I argue it is far more common that Canadian Tire is stealing from consumers, than it is that people are buying and returning thousand dollar items purely for the purpose of Canadian Tire money.

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